31 Kitchen Gadgets That Might Have Been Invented By a Genius | 22 Words

There's no better place for gadgets than in the kitchen — when it comes to both cooking and cleaning, there are so many tasks that can be made easier with specialized gadgets. And they're actually fun to use! Luckily for me (and you!), the Internet is filled with incredible, handy kitchen gadgets to purchase, from a toaster just for hot dogs to a tool that lets you make potato chips in the microwave. I hope you find something that will give you that “perfect tool for the job” happiness!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Can Opener Is Basically the Ferrari of Can Openers

This is actually the can opener I have at home and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I’ve had mine for several years and it still works as well as the day I bought it! My favorite feature is the magnet that’s included on the end of the can opener. Once you’ve detached the lid, all you have to do is press the magnet against it and the lid is easily removed without having to worry about cutting your fingers.

Keep Your Knives in Tip-Tip Shape with This Knife Sharpener

As counterintuitive as it may be, dull knives are actually much more dangerous than sharp knives. Cut down on injuries and accident (and make cooking a whole lot easier) by picking up one of these knife sharpeners. Just a few swipes through the sharpening channels and your knife will be ready for action. This sharpener also features a non-slip base for added stability.

This Mug Warmer Cuts Down on Trips to the Microwave

I love drinking coffee, but it usually takes me a couple of hours to make it through my first mug of the day — and that means walking back and forth from the office to the microwave several times. This mug warmer plugs right into the wall and keeps your coffee (or tea, cocoa, or other hot beverage) warm for as long as it takes you to drink it.

This Hot Dog Toaster Looks Like So Much Fun!

Imagine what your life would be like if the only thing that stood between you and two ready-to-eat hot dogs was a couple of minutes. What a life that would be! It can be yours! This hot dog toaster cooks two hot dogs at once while also toasting the buns for them. All you have to do is provide the mustard and the mouth.

This Breakfast Sandwich Maker Makes Mornings More Convenient

If you have one of these handy things on your counter, a fresh breakfast sandwich is only five minutes away. It prepares all of the ingredients for you all at once — the eggs are cooked, the biscuits are toasted, and the meat is perfectly heated up. All the removable parts are also dishwasher safe, so even clean-up is easy!

The Whirley Pop Is the Best Thing to Happen to Popcorn Since Butter

We eat a lot of popcorn at my house and all of is popped in a Whirley Pop. Rather than shaking a regular pot around on your stovetop, the Whirley Pop has a built-in stirring system that prevents burning. All you have to do is pour in your popcorn, add a little bit of oil, turn on the stove, and crank the handle for about three minutes. It's seriously the best. (Protip: Try it with coconut oil! It's delicious!)

Want Some More S'mores in Your Life? Then You're Gonna Need This Electric S'more Maker

There's no reason anyone should go without S'mores just because they're not sitting around a campfire. Bring the fire inside and get cozy with this electric S'more maker! The electric flameless heater gives you a fire-free method of roasting marshmallows to the perfect golden-brown level. There are also compartments to hold the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. And it comes with two roasting forks — anyone else seeing the potential for an awesome date?

The Nano Glove Is a Duster That Fits...Like a Glove

This glove is made from a special "Nanolon" fiber which captures liquid, dust, dirt, and grime like a magnet — and without the use of any harmful chemicals! Just slip the glove on and wipe down your countertops, furniture, or practically any other surface in your home. The unique glove design makes it easier than ever to reach into corner and tight places to clean them up. You could also use it as part of your Oscar the Grouch costume!

The Splash Paddy Keeps Your Shirt Dry!

One of my biggest pet peeves ever is when you're doing dishes and you lean against the counter only to wind up with a big ol' wet spot on your shirt. It's not a huge deal or anything, but it's super annoying! The Splash Paddy is a clear, flexible splash guard that eliminates the dreaded splashback. When you're not using it, the Splash Paddy rolls up and stays out of your way until the next time you need it. It's so simple, yet so brilliant.

The Scrigit Scraper Has Hundreds of Uses

You know when you're cleaning a small area and find yourself wishing you had something tiny to scrape away the gunk? That's where the Scrigit comes in. Use this pocket-sized scraper to remove dried food, wax, grime, adhesive labels, or other sticky, stuck-on stuff that you wish wasn't there. The scraper is made from non-scratch plastic that won't harm your household surfaces and the whole thing is dishwasher-safe, too. There's also a pocket clip so you can always have one handy.

This Glass Scrubber Makes So Much Sense

Glasses are the No. 2 most annoying dish to wash (No. 1 is obviously spoons because they spray water all over your kitchen). This scrubber sticks to the bottom of your sink with handy suction cups. When it comes time to wash a glass, all you have to do is twirl the cup around the brushes and voila! Every nook and cranny is effortlessly scrubbed!

These Silicone Lids Have So Many Uses

First of all, they're heat resistant up to 550º F, so that should immediately clue you in on how useful they're going to be around the kitchen. Use them to keep your coffee or tea warm, to reheat food in the microwave (without it splashing all over the place) — even bake with them in the oven! They create an airtight seal against any smooth, rigid surface. Aaaaand they're dishwasher-safe. Just in case you still need convincing.

This Microwave Egg Cooker Works in 30 Seconds!

Just pop an egg into the domed container and cook for 30 seconds. Voila! You'll have a perfectly cooked egg without having to wash a single pan. You can use it to make omelets, scrambled eggs, or even a poached egg! You don't even have to use oils or butter. Were you wondering whether this amazing gadget is dishwasher-safe? You know it is!

This Silicone Loaf Pan Makes Bread Removal Super Easy

There's nothing worse than taking the time to bake a tasty treat...only for it to get stuck in the pan and refuse to come out. This silicone loaf pan puts an end to the madness. Simply bake your bread, cake, or meatloaf as usual, and when it comes time to remove your baked good, flip the pan over and flip your food out.

This Botle Brush Baster Is a Must for the Home Chef

The special design allows you to apply the exact right amount of oil, sauce, or marinade to your food. It also eliminates the step of having to dip your basting brush into your sauce — the sauce is right there in the bottle! Simply tip it upside-down so the sauce or oil can flow onto the brush bristles, and you're good to go.

This Microwave Potato Chip Maker Will Make All of Your Dreams Come True

All of the potato chip-related ones, anyway (that's probably a big chunk of your dreams, right?). All you need is a potato, a microwave, and this amazing piece of equipment. First of all, it has a built-in slicer for creating the ultra-thin potato slices that make the best chips. After slicing up your potato, set the slices in the grooves and place the tray in the microwave. After a few minutes — and without the use of any extra oil — you'll have potato chips ready for snacking!

This Soap Dispenser Will Get All Those Bottles Off of Your Counter

You need dish soap (duh), but it doesn't exactly come in stylish bottles that you want to have on display around the clock. Rather than keeping the unsightly bottles out all the time (or keeping them under the sink and having to reach for them multiple times a day), put the soap in this dispenser instead. Then, next time you need some soap on your sponge, just press the sponge down on the central button.

The Last Drop Ensures You Always Get Your Money's Worth

How annoying is it to shake out the veeeeery last bit of ketchup or mustard from the bottle? The answer is: very. Ideally, all condiment bottles could be stored upside-down so you could take advantage of gravity. Unfortunately, most condiment bottles are narrower at the top and don't balance upside-down very well. Until now! The Last Drop is a sturdy gadget that holds bottles upside-down and keeps all the stuff close to the dispensing part of the bottle. It's a simple idea, sure, but it'll make your life better.

This Syrup Dispenser Was Designed with a Similar Thought Process

Whoever designed this syrup dispenser clearly got sick of pouring syrup out of a bottle and ending up with a sticky mess on their hands (literally). Rather than tipping a bottle full of sticky stuff upside-down, this dispenser dispenses from the bottom. Totally brilliant, right? There's also a stand where you can rest the dispenser between uses. It'd also be great for honey!

This Sugar Dispenser Measures While It Pours

Every time you flip this sugar dispenser over, it will dispense exactly one half-teaspoon of sugar (assuming you've got it filled up, of course. It's not some kind of magical, infinite sugar source). You can also set it to "free flow" mode, which allows you to continuously pour. It's yet another very simple invention that just makes your life that much simpler — and sweeter!

This Teacup Brews Your Tea When You Tip It

If you enjoy looseleaf tea but hate dealing with all the mess, then you may want to consider getting one of these teacups. Simply load the tea into the little chamber, fill the mug with hot water, and tip the mug in order to steep the tea. Once it's done steeping, tip the mug the other way so the water is no longer in contact with the tea leaves. Then drink it! Easy peasy.

You Might Also Like These Silicone Tea Bags

They work just like a regular tea bag, only you get to fill them yourself with whatever type of tea you feel like drinking. Scoop in your looseleaf tea, seal the bag, and drop the whole thing in your mug of hot water. Once the tea has steeped, simply remove the infuser (just like you would a paper tea bag) and enjoy your tea!

The Tea Bag Buddy Is One More Must-Have Item for Tea Enthusiasts!

OK, I know I've already done a couple tea-related products, but this one was so cool I couldn't not include it, too. It has so many different uses! First, you can use it as a lid to keep the heat in your mug. You can also use it to secure your tea bag string and keep it from slipping into the mug. Then you can use it to squeeze out the tea bag when it's done steeping and place your used tea bag on it rather than getting a tea puddle on your countertop. Come on! So good, right?

This Water Infuser Pitcher Makes Water More Interesting

We all know the importance of staying hydrated, but plain water is...well, kind of boring. You know what makes water better? Flavor! You could just drink lemonade or soda, but that's not exactly the healthy option. This pitcher has a special chamber where you can put fruits, vegetables, and herbs in order to infuse some tasty flavor into your water. I love putting some orange slices in my water! Cucumber and mint is another solid combo!

These Stainless Steel Straws Are Good for the Environment!

Everybody’s talking about straws these days, huh? Do your part to cut down on plastic straw waste by switching to stainless steel straws at home! The oceans will thank you. This listing is for a 6-pack of straws. My favorite part is that they come with a teeny tiny brush that makes washing them a breeze (although they’re also dishwasher safe)!

These Dishwashing Gloves Look Like They'd Be Fun to Use

Sometimes, your hands work better than a plain ol' sponge. That's where these gloves come in. The palms of the gloves are covered with teeny tiny bristles that can be used to scrub dishes. Clean out a bowl with a swipe of your hand! Use your fingers to reach every nook and cranny of your most stubborn juice glass. They're also great for scrubbing fruits and veggies!

An Apple Corer a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I really love eating apples, but they can be a real pain to prep if you prefer eating them in slices (which I do!). This apple corer makes quick work of that! Just insert the corer over the core (duh) and press down firmly. Remove the corer along with the core, and press the release button to empty the core out into the garbage. It really couldn't be easier.

This Dough Whisk Is Apparently the Best Dough Whisk Ever

If you enjoy baking, you'll enjoy having this dough whisk in your drawer. Use it for everything from pizza dough to pie crust to pasta, pastries, sourdough, and biscuits. It's made with professional grade stainless steel and a very sturdy wooden handle that will last for generations. It also boasts nearly 2,000 glowing Amazon reviews!

This Can Crusher Makes Quick Work of All Your Soda Cans

Everyone should recycle their soda cans. It's good for the environment! But, depending on how many fizzy beverages you drink, your recycling bin may fill up before trash day. This can crusher crushes empty cans to approximately 20 percent of their original size, meaning you'll no longer have to deal with an overflowing recycling bin! Mount it to any solid surface and get crushin'!

This Batter Dispenser Eliminates Pancake Day Messes

Pretty much everyone loves homemade pancakes fresh off the griddle. You know what they don’t love? Cleaning up all the sticky drips of half-dried batter from the countertop. Unfortunately, there’s no way to make pancakes without the drips. Just kidding! All you have to do is load your batter into this nifty dispenser. Move the dispenser over the griddle, pull the handle, and voila! Form perfect pancakes without dripping batter all over the place. It also works great for filling cupcake tins!

This Fat Separator Is Absolutely Genius

Just in time for Thanksgiving gravy! This fat separator really couldn’t be easier to use. Simply pour your drippings into the top of the cup — the strainer catches all the large pieces. Then, hold the entire device over your gravy boat or other container and press down on the red button with your thumb. This unplugs the drain at the bottom and lets all the good stuff flow out while keeping the lighter oils and fats inside.

This Silicone Zipper Will Pry Off The Stubbornest Lids

Stop banging your spaghetti sauce jars on the countertop. Stop running those marinated artichokes under the hot water. With one of these brilliant little things, you just zip it onto that stuck-on lid, and give it a turn. You'll be feasting pain-free in no time!

This Collapsible Funnel Set That'll Save Valuable Drawer Space

Funnels are so useful, but so annoying to store. No longer!

These Silicone Baking Mats Are Basically the Best Thing to Happen to Baking Since Ovens

These handy mats eliminate the need for oil, cooking sprays, and parchment paper. They create a non-stick layer between your pan and whatever you're baking. They also ensure even heat transfer to the food.

This Kitchen Silicone Utensil Rest That Keeps Your Counters Clean(er)

Because there's a better place to put that sauce-covered spoon than your previously clean countertop. \"Find"}">

This Vidalia Chop Wizard That Does The Hard Work For You

This amazing product basically allows you to chop everything in your fridge in seconds.

This Prepworks by Progressive Berry Keeper That Protects Your Precious Berries

Berries are expensive, and they tend to go bad pretty much the day after you bring them home. This Berry Keeper ensures longer freshness and lets you wash, dry, and store in one container.

This OXO Good Grips Ground Meat Chopper That People Are Raving About

I didn't know ground meat choppers existed, and now I do, and now I've got one coming in the mail.

This Collapsible Microwave Cover That Prevents Gross Food Splatter

Because your microwave doesn't have to be a disgusting horror show.

These Jokari Baggy Racks That Make Life So Much Easier

File this one under I-always-needed-one-of-these-but-never-realized-it.

This Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin That Clears Out Your Kitchen Drawers

Need to get that perfect 1/4-inch-thick pie crust? This thing makes it easy.

Future You Will Thank You for These Stovetop Liners

Every time you spill some food on your stovetop, you probably think, "I'll get that as soon as I'm done cooking." But you don't get it. It gets baked on and next thing you know, you have to scrub your entire stovetop. Do yourself a favor and put these handy things on before the next spill. You can toss them in the dishwasher whenever they get dirty.

This Can Strainer Fits Any Standard Can of Food

This handy little gadget snaps right onto whatever can of food you have to drain. Then, you can flip the can upside down directly over the drain rather than getting slimy can juice all over your sink. Once the can is done draining, just pop the strainer in the dishwasher.

This Chef'n Slicester Cheese Slicer That's a Must for Cheese Nuts

Man, now I want some cheese.

These Dualplex Fruit and Veggie Life Extenders That Work Like Magic

I don't know how these things work, but trust me, they're game-changers.

This Garlic Peeler Works Like Magic!

Pop a few cloves of garlic in the silicone sleeve and roll it on a flat surface. Thanks to magic (and/or science), the peels will be completely removed after just a few seconds of rolling.

These Grill Mats Make Non-Stick Grilling a Reality

You put them directly on your grill which prevents morsels of food from falling through the grates and keeps your grill looking as good as new. The mats are thin enough to leave grill marks on your food, so you're not sacrificing flavor or appearance, either.

Keep the Prep Mess Contained with This Hanging Trash Bag

You can attach any bag to your kitchen cupboards or drawers, saving you multiple trips back and forth to the garbage can. When you're done, all you have to do is remove the bag and toss it. Easy peasy!

These Jar Grips Put an End to Stubborn Jar Lids

This pack contains three different types of grip, so you'll be prepared for any job. Don't let thoe pickles get the best of you!

Turn A Lemon into Its Own Juice Container with This Sprayer Gadget

All you have to do is cut the tip of your lemon (or other citrus fruit) off, then screw in this sprayer gadget. Now you can get citrus juice right from the source.

These Silicone Muffin Cups Are Adorable and Convenient

These muffin cups also eliminate the step (and mess) of having to grease your pan whenever you make muffins, cupcakes, or cornbread. They're totally safe to put in your freezer, microwave, oven, or dishwasher.

These Silicone Brushes Are Great for Basting

And unlike nylon brushes, they don't shed or remain greasy after use. These brushes can withstand temperatures up to 446º F, making them ideal for baking, broiling, and grilling.

These Silicone Baking Mats Are Basically the Best Thing to Happen to Baking Since Ovens

These handy mats eliminate the need for oil, cooking sprays, and parchment paper. They create a non-stick layer between your pan and whatever you're baking. They also ensure even heat transfer to the food.

This Kitchen Silicone Utensil Rest That Keeps Your Counters Clean(er)

Because there's a better place to put that sauce-covered spoon than your previously clean countertop.