31-Year-Old Man Invited 89-Year-Old Neighbor To Live With Him So She Could Spend Her Final Days With Company

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A heartwarming story has got the internet feeling all warm and fuzzy this week.

Chris Salvatore took neighborly compassion to the next level.

His neighbor, Norma, was eighty-one and living alone with her cat. The two became friends and, eventually, Chris asked Norma to move in with him so he could help care for her.

“She couldn’t be happier that I asked. I was over there visiting most days anyway. The only other option was for her to go into a facility. I just couldn’t do that to someone who is like my own grandmother,” Chris told Today

But, as time passed, Norma’s health began to deteriorate and her medical bills began to add up. That was when Chris decided to step up once again.

He raised over $30,000 on GoFundMe to take care of Norma.

But it wasn’t just money – he also donated his own time no Norma, socializing with her and offering his company at all times.

4 years after the unlikely besties met, Norma sadly passed away.

“She taught me to love so much deeper than I ever could imagine possible. Norma opened the hearts of so many people during a time when it was desperately needed. She was a truly powerful woman who had the ability to bring people together who may not have crossed paths otherwise,” Chris explained.

But it was thanks to Chris that the final years of Norma’s life were some of her best.

“Perhaps Norma’s lasting legacy is that her story helped the world to see the true meaning of love. Norma reminded me that we all are created to love and all desire to be loved.”

This pair’s story has captured the hearts of America – and the world.

And honestly, this is a story we could all take a lesson from.