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32 Beauty Products With Small Price Tags and Big Results

Whether you’re looking for a holy grail retinol that’ll turn back the clock or a lash-growth serum with amazing results, you’ll find the affordable solution in our list of 32 beauty products with small price tags and big results.

How small are the price tags, you ask? Nothing on this list is over $20, with most items costing less than a sandwich! But don’t be fooled by the fact that these beauty products are so cheap – they pack major punch and actually do what they claim to, beautifully well! Don’t just take our word for it: the die-hard fan followings and stellar results speak for themselves.

Editorial Note: We review everything independently. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission.

This Face Washing Brush Might Be the Cutest Part of Your Self-Care Routine

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This adorable little face washing brush is a great way to start and end your day with a smile. It makes washing your face more efficient since the foam sponge inside creates a great lather and the soft bristles gently exfoliate and massage your skin. And it’ll pay for itself since you’ll use less facial cleansing product!


This Lash Growth Serum Cost Less Than a Sandwich

Typically, these types of hair growth treatments cost silly amounts of money and produce lackluster results. Not this lash growth serum – it’s under $8 and the results speak for themselves! You can also use it on eyebrows, an added bonus for us notorious 90s overpluckers.

This Cream Blush Makes You Look Alive

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I’m all for easy ways to look like I haven’t been surviving on 4 hours sleep and mainlining caffeine since having kids. This cute cream blush looks amazingly natural, blends like a dream and a little goes a long way. To quote an enthusiastic reviewer: “Its not blush, it’s magic”. Just take my money, already!


These Makeup Remover Cloths Use Only Water

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As a skincare minimalist, whenever I can remove products from my routine I’m all for it. These makeup remover cloths take off even waterproof mascara and longwear lipstick with just water! They’re super convenient for travel, festivals and camping or just generally lazy people like me! This set of 2 comes with bonus hair elastics to make taking makeup off that much more convenient.

This Makeup Primer Works Overtime

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I have a love/hate relationship with makeup, mostly because it doesn’t like to stay on my face after I’ve spent hours carefully applying it. It wasn’t until I used this pearl powder primer that my eyeshadow lasted through the night. Its cruelty-free and lightweight formula enriches the appearance of skin, conceals discoloration, and balances complexion. Perfect for every skin type. I was so excited, I got the face primer too! If you don’t thank me now, you’ll Thank Me Later

These Anti-Aging Collagen Eye Masks Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

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These shiny gold collagen eye masks only look expensive. Simply pop them on for 15-30 minutes and they’ll give you firmer, lifted under-eye skin while banishing dark circles and puffiness. Less than $10 gets you this set of 30 pairs!

This Dermaroller Gives You Professional-Level Results

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While the idea of rolling a tool with microneedles over your face sounds a bit scary, reviewers are getting amazingly glowy skin, a more even tone and better skincare product absorption with this dermaroller. One reviewer said this little tool gave her the same skin-plumping results as pricey laser skin treatments, for less than $10!

This Body Brush Reduces Cellulite and Makes Your Skin Glow

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You can use this handy body brush wet or dry to sweep away dry, bumpy dead skin and reveal a healthy glow. Reviewers rave about the smoothing effect they see when using it on cellulite-prone areas. Gotta love a multitasking product that won’t break the bank!

This False Lash Effect Mascara Outperforms $30 Versions

This Internet-famous dark horse may be the holy grail mascara you’ve been searching for. Reviewers are amazed by what a coat or two will do – no clumping, no flaking, just oodles of lash volume and length. The best part might be the price: this under $5 mascara beats out brands that cost six times as much!

This Buttery Bronzer Makes You a Golden Goddess For a Lot Less Green

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The Internet is feverishly penning love letters to this bronzer for its incredibly natural glow and buttery smooth feel. It’s available in three shades ranging from light to deep so it works on many different skintones, and you get a lot of product for the price. Bonus: it smells like a tropical dream.

Your Frappuccino Costs More Than This Pore-Erasing Makeup Primer

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One reviewer called this face primer “Photoshop in a bottle” and they’re not wrong! It’s a lightweight silicone formula that dramatically reduces the appearance of pores, makes your face look baby smooth and gives makeup incredible staying power on even the oiliest skin. People are enthusiastically dumping their expensive primers for this unbelievably affordable face-saver.

This Dermaplaner Defuzzes in a Flash

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This multitaskting dermaplaner takes care of peach fuzz, trims stray eyebrow hairs and gently exfoliates your face to a smooth finish. It’s perfect for touch-ups between salon appointments and gives you instant results. Makeup looks better, skin looks smoother and your eyebrows stay on-point, everyone wins!

This Medicated Lip Balm Gives Your Pout a Glow While It Heals

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This mildly mentholated lip balm gets major points for providing soothing coolness and incredible hydration to your parched lips. What makes it a must-have is the subtle gloss and hint of natural color that’s perfect for makeup minimalists, or just people that enjoy looking more alive during the dead of winter!

This Dark-Circle Erasing Concealer Should Cost Much More

This undereye concealer earned a major “thumbs up from a total snob” who couldn’t recommend it highly enough, thanks to the incredible dark-circle coverage, brightening ability and longwearing formula. It also reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. Basically, get this if you want to look flawlessly airbrushed for pocket change!

These Shadow Shields Save You Time & Frustration

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If time is money, then these eyeshadow shields are basically free. I’m not the most skillful when it comes to applying eye makeup, and most of it seems to end up under my eyes and on my cheeks by the time I’m done. No more – these reuseable, stick-on shadow shields make the frustrating waste of time that is extra clean-up and makeup retouching a thing of the past!

This Inexpensive Moisturizer is a Makeup Artist’s Secret Weapon

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Makeup artists and celebs have been fans of this ultra-rich skin cream for years (seriously, even Rihanna uses it) since it instantly soothes dry or irritated facial skin. One beauty site called it a “natural La Mer”, which is perhaps the highest praise a moisturizer can earn. It’s been a lifesaver on my sensitive skin since I’ve been experimenting with retinol, and the herbal scent smells like I imagine a European spa would.

This Makeup Brush Set Covers All Your Bases

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This set of 12 makeup brushes, including multiple kabuki styles, eyeshadow, contouring, blush, foundation, highlighting and tons more, also comes with a brush cleaning tool and bag for less than you’d pay for one brush at a beauty boutique. Reviewers rave about the high-quality feel of the brushes, the super soft bristles and amazing blending ability.

These Makeup Sponges Have a Huge Fan Following

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This set of five makeup blending sponges are a fan favorite because they perform just as well, if not better, than the popular name brand. They blend makeup effortlessly, don’t absorb a lot of product and clean up incredibly easily for a tenth of the price of the name brand beauty blenders. Seems like a no-brainer to me!

This Makeup Setting Spray Keeps Your Face Flawless All Day

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Makeup is not typically one of those “set it and forget it” things, especially if you’ve got oily skin or live in a warm climate. That is, unless you’re using this makeup setting spray. Ecstatic reviewers say it’s an excellent dupe for a boutique brand setting spray that costs three times as much and keeps their makeup looking freshly applied all day!

This Eyebrow Kit Keeps You On Fleek for Cheap

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Those of us blessed with patchy, thin or uneven eyebrows know the frustration of painstakingly filling them in every morning, but this little eyebrow kit makes the process faster and easier. Simply define and shape with the brow gel, then sweep on the powder to set your brows for the rest of the day. Reviewers love the natural, long-lasting look you get (for less than $3!)

This Self-Tanner Is Like a Tropical Vacay On A Serious Budget

Lots of pale-skinned reviewers are calling this the best self-tanner they’ve ever used thanks to the natural looking, fast results. The spray-on formula is easy to apply and doesn’t leave telltale orange streaks, just an evenly bronzed, believable tan. And it’s much cheaper than a week in the Caribbean.

This Eyelash Curler Gives You Dramatic Results in Seconds

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If you’ve had painful run-ins in the past you may be wary to trust again, but reviewers are in love with this non-pinchy eyelash curler and its eye-opening results. This one’s well-made, comes with extra pads and the manufacturer gets rave reviews for excellent customer service. If you want painlessly curled lashes that stay thay way even without mascara, get this. (It even comes in a pretty rainbow metal color!)

This Naked Eyeshadow Palette Is a Great Dupe For a Much Pricier Version

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If you’re a fan of the uber-popular Naked eyeshadows but don’t want to shell out $50+, you’re in luck – this nude eyeshadow palette gives the same great color payoff and longwear for under $8! The neutral shades look great on everyone, and the shadows blend beautifully for a professional-looking application, even if you’re a makeup newbie.

These Mink Fur False Lashes Give You Luxe for Less

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Cosmetically-speaking, there’s not much that instantly brings the drama like false eyelashes. But both times I’ve gotten lash extensions, I’ve questioned my sanity for paying large amounts of money to lay in a chair for 2+ hours, breathing glue fumes and getting poked in the eyes with sharp objects. These easy-to-use soft fur eyelashes look even better, are reuseable up to 15 times and cost less than $10.

This Ice Roller Depuffs Eyes in Seconds

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I suffer from allergies (and lack of sleep) so I’m constantly battling puffy eyes – this ice roller has a fan following that swears by it’s icy depuffing ability. It’s great for soothing angry sunburned or irritated faces, too – a professional esthetician that uses it after every client treatment says it “drastically reduces inflammation and swelling”. Seems like it should cost much more than $12!

This Translucent Face Powder Works on All Skin Tones

Your mom probably had this face powder, and your grandma too. And there’s a good reason it’s still a best-seller today – it just works! A little bit goes a long way, and keeps your makeup fresh and your skin looking flawlessly matte all day long. The translucent powder looks amazing on tons of skin tones.

This Clay Mask Has a Cult Following

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This clay mask stops acne in its tracks and has 13,699 five-star reviews at the time of this writing. Judging by reviewer photos of cleared-up, glowing skin, the results are nothing short of amazing. And at under $11 you can’t go wrong!

This Eyeliner Stamp Makes You an Instant Makeup Whiz

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I love the cat-eye eyeliner look but can’t draw straight, symmetrical lines to save my life. Problem solved: this eyeliner stamp gives you consistently perfect winged eyeliner that stays until you take it off! It comes in a set of two double-ended pens, one end is a liner and the other is the wing stamp. Seriously a game-changer!

These Acne Patches Are Disgustingly Awesome

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I don’t know how these acne patches work, maybe witchcraft, but they’re so good I don’t care! I just pop one on an emerging zit the night before, then in the morning the patch has sucked out all the pus and left no trace of a blemish. Some people even wear them during the day under makeup, so you can fight zits anytime, anywhere.

This Charcoal Toothpaste Only Looks Scary

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Although it goes on black and a helpful reviewer encourages you to “spit responsibly”, this charcoal toothpaste whitens your teeth noticeably in only a few days. Reviewers love the clean taste, non-gritty feel and lightning-fast results. Sometimes “natural” products don’t perform as well as heavy-duty chemical tooth whiteners, but this one gets hundreds of stellar reviews!

This Retinol Serum Turns Back the Clock for Pocket Change

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I’ve tried one of those crazy 10-step Korean skincare routines and didn’t get past step four. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I need effective products that make my skin look great and stop the clock quickly since exit 40 on the Highway of Life is coming up real fast. Now I just cleanse, apply retinol serum and moisturize. Most retinol serums are super spendy, even drugstore brands – this one’s less than $11 and disappears fine lines like a champ.

This Freaky-Looking Hand Peel Leaves Your Hands Soft and Honey-Scented

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Remember that satisfying feeling of peeling dried Elmer’s Glue off your hands in school? This moisturizing hand mask is the same idea except after you peel it off, it leaves your hands baby soft and smelling like honey. Sometimes adults do have more fun!