As we all know, it's pretty easy for some people in some countries to knock off established brands.

And while that's a pain for the companies whose trademarks are being not-so-subtly used, it certainly makes for some ridiculously entertaining products. I mean, at this point they might as well just rip off the name, too, right?

"Does my butter deceive me?"

Eh, sorta.

What on Earth is going on here?

I'll...save up for the original.

Wow. Really sneaky, guys.

That's a very frilly demon.

And it's a phone!

That nose is a little off...

They could give it a more sensitive name, at least.

3% off? Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

Cartman and the guy from Up had a kid.

The worst of both worlds.

This reads like it's been run through Google translate a few hundred times.

"Forgot About Dry"

Take your pick!

I bet that sing-along is TORTURE.

They already stole the logo, take the name, too.

A genetic experiment gone very, very wrong.

They didn't even spell "Jimmy" correctly!

"Please, call me Bob Cop."

They got the description right.

Oh, man. I bet that tastes foul.

Targeted to fans of two things...

It's got Joey Fatone, so you know it's good!

Sernic the Herjhogg.

*May cause arrhythmia


Bisque or chowder?

Nope. Not weird at all.

I prefer Blue Labial.

Well...kind of!


Makes me hungry for cake!