34 Times Redneck Innovation Reminded Us 'It's Not Stupid If It Works' | 22 Words

When people don't have the money or access to get the job done "properly," they get a little creative. Sure, the solutions they come to might look weird...

...and they might not be "safe," but, boy oh boy, are they a sight to behold. Check them out below and see if you're clever enough to dream up any of these not-so-safe-or-hygienic solutions.

Windshields: Not just for cars anymore.


There we go. Gotta love this solution.

Gross, but effective.

Toilet paper: For when curtains are TOO classy.


Are ladders really any more expensive than renting a damn bulldozer?

I didn't know MC Escher made bikes...

Stylish AND safe. No. Wait. Just stylish. Dangerous as hell.

"This is my media room..."

Don't confuse the two!

Well, that doesn't look very safe.

Is that Tiesto?

She's a fine vessel.

Let's keep it on the "low" setting, shall we?

Well. I guess that's a fix.

It's a ramp. Whadda ya want, an engraved invitation?

What in the name of God is going on at that restaurant?

This would be a lot more palatable if that gentleman would put on a shirt. It doesn't need to be THAT redneck.

Black tape = body work.

Damn hot water heater went out again!

"Get in losers. We're going shopping."

"Visitors: Please shock yourselves using wires provided. Thx, MGMT."

Tractor's in the shop?

Just put that stick there and the problem goes away forever.


What you got under the hood of that bad boy?

Is that how these work? I don't think it is.

Pill bottle? Nope. Turn signal.

When you need the torque only a remote-controlled car can provide.

Is it pronounced "vAse" or "vAHse?"

Sell it to a coffee shop for $1,450.

Shoe dryer in full effect.

You don't need to bother with a cholesterol test if this how you dispense your sausage.