35 HILARIOUS Times Siblings Were Real Jerks | 22 Words

Some people have beautiful relationships with their siblings.

As far as I can tell, those people are rare, mystical unicorns, prancing through life un-emotionally-scathed while the rest of civilization endures its fair share of inevitable, on-going rivalry.

These thirty-five siblings achieved epically hilarious ends by using completely savage means against their brothers and sisters.

Let's be real, though...don't you kind wish you'd thought of some of these?

Affirmations on Fleek

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Don't we all, youngster. Don't we all.

If You Build It, They Will...

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...never see the light of day again! And just like that, her claustrophobia blossomed.

When You've Had Enough

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Can't fault him. Kid knows his limits.

Oh, You Hungry?

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Let's be real though... He still ate them.

Bye Bye Bye

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She grows up to be a lawyer. And sues them all for something real petty.

Finally, We're Having Some Fun...Like Equals!

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BOOM! Back in your place.

Fine, We'll Play With Him

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What? You said play. You never said play nice.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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Oh yeah? Well not today...

When Your Brother Asks You To Save Him Some Thanksgiving Dinner...

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Gloriously savage. We are not worthy.

When It's Real Hot, and Your Sister Offers You Some Refreshing Watermelon

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Cold. But impressive.

When Your New Shoes Come In the Mail, and You Ask You Brother To Snap a Few Pics...

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UGH! Found it. Found my trigger.

And This is Why We Lock Our Computers, Folks!

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Cruel. Unusual. Genius.


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You thought you had that? Aww, honey...no.

When Your Sister Takes Your Stuff

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Nah, girl. That's not a game we're playing.

This Brother's Committed...

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Psst. It's me. Your worst nightmare.

Sometimes Mom Even Gets In On the Fun

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Well... Now we know where she gets it.

Livin' That Little Bro Life Like...

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I'll help you up in a minute. Just you weight.

Sheer Terror

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I have a feeling... ...this wasn't the game she signed on for.

I Cannot Tell A Lie

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We feel ya, bud. Sh*t's rough.

Thank You, But...

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Keep praying, Joyce. We see paw prints in your future.


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I shall NEVER SURRENDER! GAH! In my ear?! Fine. FINE!

Oh NO!

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When I said I was down to try contouring, I was hoping for... ..a bit less?

No Brothers ALLOWED!

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Get. OUT!

Survival of the Fittest At Its Finest

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ME! I am the cute one!

Play To Win

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This kid? Dude's no joke.

When You Wish Upon a Wish Cloud...

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Gold. Childhood gold.

A Picture Says 1,000 Words

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My mind keeps spinning all sorts of stories explaining what happened right before they snapped this photo. All of them are savage.

Doing Deals

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Your whole piggy bank? Bro, what did he do to you?

When Everyone's Got a Someone But You

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That pout. I know that pout.

Ring Around The Ro...oh sh*t

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Okay, kid. Just walk it off.

When Mom's Away...

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"Kids, I'm ho..." "Gosh darn it, NOT AGAIN!"

Yup, Just Keep Your Eyes On That Spout...

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This won't end well. But we can't look away.

Welcoming My New Sibling Like...

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Whoops! That just slipped out there. JK. Bonjour, nemesis.

When Your Day Just Couldn't Get Worse

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And so it begins... Well, at least you had it good for a while there, bud.

When You're the Youngest and You Know Your Place

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Yeah... Just get it over with.