35 Seriously GENIUS Solutions To Life's Common Problems | 22 Words

Sometimes, the smallest annoyance can throw off an entire day.

Like when strangers are probably staring at you through the crevice of the public bathroom stall so you squirm further out of view. Or when you buy an avocado and cut it open only to find it's either nowhere near ripe or far riper than you ever dreamed it would be.

Thankfully, a bunch of crafty folks all over the Internet have devised genius solutions to these such problems!

Feast your eyes on these ridiculously clever solutions to everyday problems.

Annotating's About To Get a Whole Lot Easier

via: Reddit

Where was this when I was in high school?! Kids these days don't know how good they have it.

Iced Coffee Done Right

via: Imgur

The coffee is the ice. THE COFFEE IS THE ICE!

DIY Cash

via: Reddit

Any way you want it, that's the way it cashes it, any way you want it, do do do do do do do.

Take That, Purse Thieves of the World!

via: Reddit

Nah, you're right. They could totally still grab that.

Bye Bye, Awkward Bathroom Crack

via: Imgur

We knew thee well. Ugh, too well.

The Only Microwave There Should Have Ever Been

via: Reddit

This will be mine one day. And that day will be grand.

This Hotel That Figured Out the Best Way To Motivate It's Guests To Care About the Environment

via: Reddit

If every Earth-saving tactic included free booze... ...no one would ever worry about the Earth's health ever again.

Benches You Can Sit On Even When It Rains

via: Yankodesign

You just roll the rain away. But what happens once each of the sides you've rolled it to are drenched? That I cannot say.

The Door That's Fighting the Common Cold

via: Reddit

The push handle is a hand sanitizer dispenser. Bai, viruses! See you never.

Brownies That Know What's Up

via: Imgur

Some people like corners. Those people are psychos.

The Cleverest Open Sign You Ever Did See

via: Imgur

Open? NOPE!

Tipping Made Simple

via: Imgur

And just like that, our last lingering excuse not to tip... ...melted away.

How To Keep Your Slip N’ Slide Slick

via: Reddit

SO. MANY. SUDS!!!!!!

I NEED This Soap Dish

via: Potatofeed

If I had this clever contraption... ...I might actually consider investing in bar soap.


via: Potatofeed

Less stench. More quiet.

Any Pasta-Lover's New BFF

via: Potatofeed

Adding this one to my Christmas list. All my loved ones, take note!

That Bread is Toast

via: Potatofeed

Luke? Luke Skywalker? Toast ready for a Luke Skywalker!

I’ve Never Needed Anything More

via: Potatofeed

Breakfast in bed. And also lunch in bed. And dinner. And work. Any everything. If I had this, I'd just transform into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's grandparents.

The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Cuddling

via: Potatofeed

Saving marriages left and right!

The Ad That Just Keeps Giving

via: Imgur

Hint: It's all the same ad. I feel tricked, and I kinda like it.

An Elevator Designed For Shopaholics

via: Reddit

When your hands are filled with bags, you just push the elevator buttons with your feet. WITH YOUR FEET!


via: Reddit

This vending machine is as woke as woke could be. Yaaaaaaaaas queen.

If You Need Me, I’ll Be Studying This

via: Reddit

Truths. Revealed. Mind. BLOWN.

The Washing Machine We've All Been Craving

via: Twitter

My dad would lose his MIND over this. He's a total stain magnet.

Artisanal Vending Machine

via: Imgur

Filled with farm-fresh goods, because hipsters rule ALL.

Giving "Hanging Out With My Baby" a Whole New Meaning

via: Architecture and Design

Is this cute or gross? I can't decide.

Avocad-oh YES!

via: Reddit

I need this. My guacamole needs this.

My Perfect Breakfast in Machine Form

via: Architecture and Design

Great. Now my mouth's watering.

Cruel and Unusual

via: Architecture and Design

I scream. You scream. We all scream, because WE JUST WANT THIS ICE CREAM, OKAY?!?!

Tooth Brushing Solved

via: Oddity Mall

I've needed this for far too long. Like, for realz.

When You Want a Security System, But You Just So Broke

via: Architecture and Design

This camera gives you a bird's eye view. All puns intended.

The Ultimate Way to Gross Out Your Co-Workers

via: Architecture and Design

Mmmm. Fresh.


via: Architecture and Design

I don't need this. But I do need this.

No Lover? No Problem!

via: Architecture and Design

Look at her. So happy.

Pots In the City

via: Architecture and Design

Now, do they come with someone who will keep my plants alive? Because that's what I really need.