36 $50+ Products That Are 100% Worth It | 22 Words

Some things are just worth the money. Here are 36 Amazon products that are $50+, and 100% worth it.

We hope you find these amazing products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Rose Quartz Lamp Will Give Your Room Good Vibes

This rose quartz lamp is hand-crafted from natural stone, so each one is unique. Rose quartz is known for its calming energy, so this lamp emits more than just light.

This Strapless Bra by Spanx Actually Stays Up

This Spanx Strapless Bra has SmartGrip technology so it actually stays up, which let's be honest, makes it priceless.

This Electric Wok Will Make You Want to Cook Dinner

This electric wok heats up quickly and makes it easy to cook healthy meals in no time at all.

These Noise Cancelling Headphones are Incredible

These noise cancelling headphones make it possible to listen to your music and movies, and not the noise from the subway, airplane, or even your annoying roommates.

This Versatile Table Can Be Used as a Vanity or a Desk

This multi-purpose table is both a vanity and a desk, making it a must-have piece for getting the most out of a small space.

This Shoulder Massager is Legit Amazing

This shoulder massager seems too good to be true, but luckily it's not. Cordless and rechargeable, and totally relaxing, makes the $69.99 worth it.

This Storage Bench is Organization Goals

This 3-cube storage bench can hold all the things, and gives you a place to sit, making its cost of $64.99 money well spent.

This Modern Dining Chair Will Transform Your Dining Room

This modern dining chair will provide just the wow factor you're looking for, and at $83 each, you can afford to get a whole set.

This Organic Spice Set is Kitchen Goals

Always looking for the rosemary or fennel seed when you're cooking? Those searches are a thing of the past with this organic spice set that comes with 24 spices and storage tins.

This Polaroid Camera is Retro Cool

This Polaroid Camera makes it easy to take and print photos, while also being able to share them to social media, so yes, it's totally worth the $89.99.

This Silver Watch Will Make Your Wrist Happy

This glittery silver watch by Swatch is sleek and fun, not to mention durable.

These Kate Spade Sunglasses are Totally Worth It

These cat-eye sunglasses are stylish and practical with 100% UV protection.

This Yeti Roadie Cooler is Just What You Need for Your Next Beach Trip

This Yeti Roadie Cooler is a little pricey ($249.99) but 100% worth it because not only will it keep everything inside icy cold, but it's made to be indestructible so it's gonna last for a long, long time.

You Can Make Frozen Treats All the Time With This Snow Cone Maker

This Snow Cone Maker can make shaved ice for your classic snow cone, but it can also make boozy slushies and frozen lemonades making it truly worth it's $54.99 price tag.

These Storage Boxes Will Crush Your Clutter

These storage boxes hold everything and anything and are the only thing standing between you and the organized home you know is thisclose to happening.

This Ninja Blender is 100% Worth the $$

The Ninja Professional Blender can blend everything from smoothies to soups, and is 100% worth the price of $93.

This Arc Star Bluetooth Speaker Actually Floats

This wireless, portable Bluetooth speaker levitates above the magnetic base, so you can listen to music and be constantly amazed at the gravity-defying properties of the orb before you.

This Globe Whiskey Set is an Amazing Wedding Gift

Know a couple who already has everything? Gift them this incredible whiskey decanter set, which comes with two glasses, the decanter, and a tray to display it all for $59.95.

This Air Mattress is Hostess Goals

For guests, expected or otherwise, this air mattress will guarantee they sleep incredibly well.

A Good Night's Sleep Begins With My Pillow

The revolutionary sleep solution My Pillow is exactly what you need to sleep soundly.

This Area Rug Will Have Your Home Looking Like a Grown-Up Actually Lives There

Spruce up your home with this area rug that has a non-skid rubber backing. Rugs come in lots of different sizes, colors and patterns to match any room.

This Foot Spa Massager is Exactly What Your Tired Feet Need

Relax and rejuvenate with this foot spa massager. So exactly what you need after a long day.

This Lightweight Crossbody Bag Will Be Your New Every Day Bag

This lightweight crossbody bag has plenty of pockets and places to keep everything organized, and even comes with a removable wristlet.

This Modern Cat Bed is Everything Your Cat Could Want

Your cat will love it, but honestly, you will love this modern cat bed as well because it's going to look so good in your apartment.

This Michael Kors Bracelet is Absolutely Worth It

Perfect for day or night, this Michael Kors bracelet is a bit of a splurge at $85, but you'll be glad you did every time you look at your wrist.

This Comforter Set = Sweet Dreams

The elusive good night's sleep just got a little easier to find with this incredibly plush and cozy comforter set.

These Hiking Shoes Are Made For Walking

These ultra-comfy hiking shoes by Merrell will have you hiking the Appalachian trail in no time, or at least that nature loop you've been meaning to try for ages.

These Adjustable Dumbbells Are Just What Your Workout Needs

There's no way to put a price on good health, and that's why these adjustable dumbbells are worth every penny.

This Leather Desktop Organizer Will Have Your Desk Neat AF

Have the desk of your inner-neat freak dreams with this leather desktop organizer. Finally, a place for paper, pens, pencils, and post-its.

These Etched Wine Glasses Put an End to Wondering Whose Wine Glass is That?

Your future self is going to thank you for buying these etched wine glasses next time you throw a party. Not only do these glasses look awesome, but they're each unique so you can tell whose glass is whose.

Breathe Easier With The GermGuardian Air Purifier

Breathe easy with the GermGuardian, an air purifier that kills airborne bacteria, viruses, germs and mold spores.

These Apple Airpods Are So Easy to Use

Apple Airpods are the kind of thing you finally buy and all you can think is... why didn't I do this sooner? After a simple one-tap setup, just take them out and they’re ready to use with all your devices.

Uggs are the Most Comfortable of Footwear

Oh, how I love thee Uggs, aka giant boot-shaped slippers that just make life better. Treat your feet right.

This Comedo Suction is the Ultimate Blackhead Remover

Your blackhead problems are solved with the comedo suction, which removes blackheads and reduces clogged pores.

The Future is Here and Its Name is Instant Pot

Oh, Instant Pot what can't you do? This miraculous pot is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker all in one. And it sautes, too, making it a steal at $99.95.

This Le Creuset Dutch Oven Will Have You Cooking Like a Fancy French Chef in No Time

This dutch oven by Le Creuset will completely up your kitchen game. Not only can you cook just about everything in it, but it goes from oven to table, so that's one less dish you need to wash.