36 Ingenious Everyday Inventions That’d Make Inspector Gadget Jealous

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Inspector Gadget would definitely live up to his name if he had these 36 handy gadgets in his arsenal.

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This Vertical Laptop Stand Is a Space Saver!

Can you even IMAGINE how much desk space you save with a vertical laptop stand?! I don’t think you’re getting this. It’s a game changer, folks.

This Bluetooth Padlock Ain’t Opening for Nobody But You

We live in the future, people. This pairs with your smartphone, but if that’s dead or somewhere else, there’s a backup keypad to open the lock.

These Smart Tiles Keep Your Life Together

Never lose your keys or your wallet again with the smart Tile system! They pair with your phone and record the last time and place your Tiles were seen. I know a million people who could use this.

This Screwdriver Pen Multitool Is a Life-Saver

It fits in your pocket and here are all the things it is: a pen, a stylus, a screwdriver, a bubble level, a ruler, and a Phillips screwdriver flathead bit. That’s a lot of things.

This Apple Charging Stand Is Perfect

This Apple stand charges your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all at once! That’s a little thing we like to call efficiency in action.

This Key Ring Coin Capsule for the Little Things

Loose change? Not anymore! This tiny capsule fits right on your keychain and holds coins, pills, teeth, anything! I don’t know why you’d have loose teeth around, but I don’t know your life!

These Magnetic Bike Lights Stick Anywhere

They are contoured to the frame of your bike and attach magnetically so you can put them anywhere and switch up the placement if you need!

This Smart Notebook Is Reusable

It’s hard to write directly on your phone or your computer. Sometimes you just need to put pen to paper. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily transfer your handwritten notes to a digital platform? That’s where this smart notebook comes in. Simply microwave to erase and reuse the pages.

This Ventilated Pillow Keeps You Cool at Night

The sleep sweats are real, but thanks to this ventilated gel-infused memory foam pillow, you don’t have to suffer in dampness any longer.

This Alarm Clock Literally Runs Away

This alarm clock runs away from you. Literally. You have to go physically get out of bed and go catch it for it to turn off. Genius.

This Sleep Device Brings the Zzzzzzzzzz

This nifty device trains you to fall asleep faster using a metronome and light system. It’s a miracle worker. You’ll never need sleeping pills again with this guy!

This Smart Keypad Keeps You Safe

This pairs with the August Smart Lock to provided keypad entry to your home. It’s perfect for kids, guests, dog walkers, or anyone who doesn’t have a key.

This Scrolling Badge Is Customizable

This nifty name badge can store up to eight pre-programmed names or messages. I’m pretty sure you should definitely get one of these and wear it all the time.

This Bluetooth Speaker Is Weather-Resistant

The Turtle Shell outdoor speaker is reliable in all types of weather, so you don’t have to worry about sneaking it inside before it rains. Perfect for patio parties and backyard barbecues.

This Heated Butter Knife for the Perfect Spread

There’s nothing as frustrating as trying to spread cold butter on a slice of bread. This knife uses heat conducting technology that uses your body heat to warm the knife and spread butter easily. Problem solved, Inspector Gadget!

This Key Multitool You Can Bring Everywhere

A useful multitool that fits seamlessly onto your keyring? This is definitely Inspector Gadget level stuff. On this tiny tool, you’ve got a blade, claw, bottle opener, and hex set.

This Thermometer Is Non-Invasive

It’s the worst when you’re sick, and it’s no picnic to take your temperature. This temporal thermometer doesn’t require any under-the-tongue (or worse!) action. It uses infrared sensors so you can simply hold it up to the fussy kid with the fever.

The KeyFree System Makes Keys Easy to Remove

I am so here for the KeyFree System! It’s got one big, easy-to-open key ring and three smaller ones that are perfect for grouping keys in case you have to detach them. No more sitting at the valet for whole minutes trying to spin your car key off the rest of the ring.

This Wireless Doorbell Is the Perfect Addition

This portable wireless doorbell is great for people who don’t have them built into their homes, but it’s also perfect for angsty teenagers who aren’t getting the bedroom privacy they require. You didn’t hear that from me.

This Snowball Mic Gives You Great Sound

This condenser mic is a really affordable way to record quality audio for podcasts, videos, etc. Kickstart your creative career for less than $50 bucks? Sounds good to me!

This Tablet Mount Lets You Watch the Game at Work

The exhaustion you must feel from shifting your gaze from your computer to your phone on the desk… It’s just not worth it. That’s why you need this mount, which attaches your tablet or your phone right to your laptop for easy access.

This Clippable Bluetooth Speaker For Hikes!

This Bluetooth speaker clips right onto your backpack or your fanny pack so you can listen to music while you’re on the move! It’s waterproof and weatherproof so it can easily make it up that mountain with you!

These Bluetooth Headphones Are Miracle Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth headphones are simply a must-have these days. They will change your life more than you ever could have thought.

This 3D Pen for Ultimate Doodling

Let your creative juices flow in all directions! This 3D pen comes with 50 plastic strands which let you build and doodle at the same time! The possibilities are seriously endless.

This Smart Scale to Keep You on Track

This scale doesn’t just show you one number. It syncs with your favorite tracking app and offers 10 different body measurements, from BMI to body fat to hydration levels. This is next level.

This Air Purifier for a Fresh Life

It uses UV-C light to kill germs and deodorize your life! Plug one of these babies in to naturally purify the air in your home and keep your abode smelling fresh.

This Shower Head That Plays Music

The shower is inarguably the best place in the world to sing. Naturally, you need a shower head that connects via Bluetooth and plays music. On the shower head are controls to adjust the volume, choose songs, and even answer phone calls.

This Wireless Plug…Yeah, It Actually Exists

It’s compatible with Alexa, you can control your devices from anywhere through your smartphone, and you can even set timers and schedules to power on and off your electronics. This smart plug may be tiny, but that doesn’t mean it’s not mighty.

This Heat Sealer Preserves Your Snacks

Maybe this heat sealer is so fun to use that it will actually stop me from eating the whole bag of Cheetos next time. The best part is that it’s magnetic and sticks right on your fridge for easy access!

This Can Colander Is Genius

Guys. It’s $8 bucks. You know you need it. Just do it.

This Car Charger That’s So Much More

Plug this little buddy into your car and you’ve got a phone charger and access to Alexa. You can ask her to play music, get directions, listen to the news, and even shop while you drive! What’s better than that?

These Keepons Stabilize Your Lenses

These are perfect for when you fellow spectacled folks are taking part in sports or hiking or any activity where you might sweat your glasses right off of your face!

This Portable Charger You Can Take With You

More than 26,000 people have reviewed and loved this portable charger that’s only $15. What are you waiting for? You know you need it.

This Fabric Steamer Keeps Clothes Fresh

This fabric steamer is small enough to travel with, and it even comes with its own travel pouch. Now you have no excuse for wrinkly clothes while you’re on your business trip.

This Electronics Cleaning Brush For Tiny Corners

This double-sided cleaning brush is perfectly contoured for the teeny tiny crevices of all your electronic devices. Those keyboard crumbs never stood a chance.

This Faucet Drinking Fountain Comes in All the Colors

It turns any faucet into a drinking fountain so you don’t have to put your whole face under it like a monster. Perfect for nighttime post-brush gargling or for traveling (obviously in places where the tap water is safe to drink).