36 Things Under $20 I Bought on Amazon and Would Buy 100X Again

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Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m addicted to Amazon. Ever since I got Amazon Prime, it’s become way too easy to buy stuff that I (probably) don’t need. All it takes is a few quick clicks and voilĂ ! A package shows up at your door.

But because I’ve been buying things like crazy recently, I’ve come to determine what’s actually worth the hype, and have compiled a list of 36 products that I would absolutely buy again and again and again.

Oh, and did I happen to mention that they’re all available for under $20 bucks?! I’m not sure how that’s possible, but I’m certainly happy about it.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Thumb Thing That’s A Bookworm Essential

I was an English major, so books are a huge part of my life. And by “book” I mean ACTUAL books, not an app on my phone. This aptly named “Thumb Thing” is the perfect combination of simple and ingenious design. It makes it easier to hold a book with one hand (a must for a new Mom) and keeps me from losing my place.

This Reverse Umbrella That I Never Knew I Needed

What on earth is a “reverse umbrella” you might be asking yourself? It’s an umbrella that can be pulled inside-out so that a bunch of water doesn’t get all over your house once you come back inside. I honestly can’t believe this isn’t the standard design for every umbrella on earth, and I’m even more shocked that the price is so low.

This Foldable Purse Hook That Keeps Your Purse Handy

I have a 6-month-old son, so in order for me to be able to leave the house, I’m forced to carry around a ton of stuff. Diapers, wipes, bibs, toys, a change of clothes, and a variety of other baby essentials are crammed into the biggest purse I own, which, as you might imagine, soon becomes very heavy. This purse hook is strong enough to keep my diaper bag up and off the floor regardless of the type of table it’s used on.

This Tweexy That Makes Home Manicures WAY Easier

I’m an exceedingly cheap person, so the thought of dropping $60 bucks at a salon to get a manicure is just not going to work for me. While I enjoy spending a Saturday night pampering myself by giving myself a DIY mani/pedi, it rarely looks even remotely good. So when a friend told me about this Tweexy, I knew I had to try it out for myself. Now I refuse to paint my nails without it!

These Drain Snakes That Eliminated My Steep Drano Bill

I have a TON of hair, and after I had my son 6 months ago, it started falling out like crazy. So, naturally, I decided to solve the problem of our perpetually clogged drains by pouring endless containers of Drano down them, which worked for a day or two but would inevitably become clogged again. These snakes are cheap, effective, and save me tons of money. BUY THEM.

This Car French Fry Holder That Keeps Your Prized Possession Safe

If I could eat one item of food for the rest of my life and be completely happy about it, it would be fries. I’m totally obsessed with them, and sometimes find myself driving through a fast food place to grab a side of fries, eating them on the way home, and them cooking and eating an entire dinner afterward. (I do not recommend doing this on a normal basis.) This fry holder keeps my babies safe so I can enjoy them without worrying that they’ll be knocked onto the floor after an especially aggressive U-turn.

These Car Hooks That Keep Your Purse From Spilling All Over

The floor of my car is extremely gross. I tend to use my car as a giant garbage can on wheels, and it’s littered with old fast food bags and spilled soda that I never bothered to clean up. So, you can see why I’d want to keep my purse up off the floor. These car hooks attach directly onto your headrests so they stay secure and your purse stays clean.

This Pet Food Reminder That Keeps You And Your Furry Friends Happy

I have an extremely energetic Blue Heeler who, at almost 6 years old, still acts like a puppy. Before I had my son I never once forgot to feed her, since I had a very rigid routine every day. Now that I have an infant, that routine has been thrown out the window, and my days are absolute chaos. I’m lucky if I remember to change out of my pajamas. This pet food reminder keeps me from forgetting to take care of my furry firstborn.

This Lick Brush That’s For Serious Cat Lovers Only

I understand how insane this product looks. I get it. But as a crazy cat lady, I’ve gotten to the point where if a product says it will make my cat love me more I will buy it. End of story. This cat brush mimics the way Mom cats groom their babies, creating an instant bond between you and your feline friends.

This Cactus Humidifier That Transforms A Dry Office Space

When I worked in an office, I used to spend hours of my day slathering my hands in lotion because the air was so dry that they’d become rough and cracked. So, in an effort to get some relief, I bought this mini humidifier and kept it on my desk. It made a huge difference. I work from home now, but I still keep this cute little guy on my desk.

These Produce Savers That Keep Your Produce Fresh For Longer

I have this terrible habit of going to the grocery store with the best intentions, meaning I buy a ton of fresh produce, stick it in my crisper drawers, and watch as it all quickly goes bad. If only there were a way to keep my fruits and veggies fresh for longer than just a couple of days… Oh, wait! There is! Line your crisper drawers with these produce savers and you’ll save food and money.

This Knife Sharpener That Upgrades Your Old, Dull Set

I’ve had my knife set since college, and while I won’t include how old I am at this point, believe me when I tell you that it has definitely seen better days. A few weeks I was browsing Amazon for a new set when I came across this knife sharpener. It had 11,500 positive reviews and was only $5.99. So I bought it. And now instead of dropping $100 bucks on a new set, I made my old set as sharp as it was when I first bought it. Score!

This Pasta Cooker That Works In The Microwave

My husband and I recently tried to go an entire month without eating out. “It’ll be fun to cook more. And we’ll save so much money!” I said. The problem was, after a few days, I got really sick of having to cook an entire meal ever night. So, in an effort to make our lives easier, I bought one of these microwave pasta cookers. It cuts the number of dirty dishes in half and is way easier than cooking pasta the traditional way.

This Microwave S’mores Maker That’s My Newest Obsession

If there’s one dessert I could eat after every single meal, it would be s’mores. There’s just something so nostalgic and cozy about a hot, gooey marshmallow and melty chocolate bar sandwiched between two graham crackers. The problem is, if you don’t have access to a campfire 24/7, they can be tough to enjoy. That’s where this s’mores maker comes in, which lets you whip up your favorite treat in the microwave. GAME-CHANGER.

This Aerator That Upgrades A Cheap Bottle

My husband is a total wine snob. Whenever we go to the liquor store we have the exact same argument: He wants to drop over $20 bucks on one bottle, and I refuse to shell out more than $10. Luckily for me (and our bank account), I recently bought this nifty wine aerator, which makes even the cheapest bottle taste instantly more expensive. Win-win!

These Dip Clips That Make Snacktime Way More Fun

I’ve been trying to make an effort to eat healthier lately, so instead of shoveling handfuls of chips into my mouth between mealtimes (which is easy to do, since I work from home and have access to my kitchen at all times), I’ve been trying to snack on carrots and hummus or veggie dip instead. These clever little dip holders clip directly onto your plate for easy access.

This Thaw Claw That Quicky And Safely Dethaws Meat

I have this weird fear every time I defrost meat that I’ll somehow do it wrong and give everyone I’m cooking for salmonella poisoning. I’m pretty sure that nothing spoils a dinner party faster than all of your guests projectile vomiting immediately after eating. But now that I have this Thaw Claw, my fears are gone, and I can cook meat with confidence.

This Hanging Garbage Bag Holder That Makes Meal Prep A Breeze

Life is hard enough, so why not make it just a bit easier without spending a ton of money? This cool kitchen gadget does exactly that, and I’m kicking for not finding out about it earlier. This garbage bag holder hangs off your countertop directly underneath your cutting board so you can slide food scraps directly into the trash. Genius!

This Bag Dispenser That We All Need

I’m willing to bet that you have a plastic bag somewhere in your house that’s sole purpose is to hold other identical plastic bags. I definitely, and it’s become so enormous that it’s taking up a ton of space underneath my sink. A friend of mine heard about my predicament and recommended I get one of these plastic bag dispensers that attaches to your wall so you actually put those bags to good use. I bought one, and now I tell everyone else to buy one, too.

This Shoe Slotz Organizer That Maximizes Your Closet Space

My husband and I recently bought a nearly 100-year-old house, and while it’s filled with charm and character, it’s also filled with extremely small closets. There’s a constant battle for space, and I’ve started keeping my shoes in the spare bedroom closet in an effort to give him more room. But with these Shoe Slotz organizers, I can fit all of my kicks in my closet and leave my hubby plenty of space for his stuff.

This Bracelet Flask That’s Both Smart And Sneaky

Anyone who knows me knows my two greatest loves in life: drinking wine and being sneaky. Okay, so these probably aren’t my greatest loves in life, but they’re definitely up there. So it makes sense that my BFF Kate bought me this bracelet flask for my birthday last year. I’ve since used it to sneak wine into sporting events, concerts, and a lot of really boring parties that I didn’t want to go to.

This Tri-Fold Mirror That Illuminates Your Morning Routine

My mother has always had a tri-fold lighted mirror in her bathroom, and it wasn’t until the last time I was visiting her in Minnesota that I actually took a moment to look at my reflection in it. I was horrified by what I saw. Not only did I have countless eyebrow hairs that were invisible in my mirror at home, but I was wearing the completely wrong shade of foundation. I immediately ordered the exact same one on Amazon and haven’t used a normal mirror since.

This Travel-Sized Poo-Pourri That I Carry With Me Everywhere

Look, we all go to the bathroom. It’s a fact of life. And you never know when you’ll have the sudden urge to “go” which can be a problem if, for example, you’re in a crowded restaurant with a line of people waiting for you to be done. This Poo-Pourri is travel-sized, meaning you can throw it in your purse and never worry about where you are when the mood should strike.

This Drawstring Makeup Bag That Has A Simple Yet Brilliant Design

As a freelance writer, my job allows me to travel as often as I’d like. While I love the flexibility this allows me, I absolutely hate packing. So whenever I stumble across a product that will make packing easier, I immediately buy it. This makeup bag makes it insanely easy to pack all of my on-the-go essentials. Simply lay it flat, set all of my toiletry products on top, and tighten the drawstring until the whole thing closes into a tight little sack.

This Battery Organizer That I Never Knew I Needed

Now that I have a 6-month-old, I have an entirely new appreciation for any type of toy that flashes and plays music. Sure, they’re annoying, but anything that keeps my kid entertained for more than 5 minutes is alright in my book. So I’ve made it a point to keep a huge supply of batteries on hand at all times. This thing keeps my batteries organized and has a built-in tester.

This Double-Sided Wrapping Paper Organizer That Keeps Things Tidy

Wrapping presents is one of my favorite activities. Whenever I give anyone a present I spend hours picking out the perfect paper, finding a matching bow, and selecting a card that’s either funny or touching, depending on the person. This wrapping paper organizer keeps all of my goodies in their own little spots. It’s extremely satisfying, and yes, I realize that I’ve officially become my mother.

These Bag Holders That Help You Out In The Kitchen

Because of all the cooking we’ve been doing lately, our fridge is completely filled with leftovers. And while it’s great to be able to have a hot home-cooked meal for lunch instead of a cold PB and J sandwich, actually storing those leftovers can be a total pain. These bag holders are simple yet ingenious: They hold baggies upright so you can easily fill them.

This Power Bank That’s Ultra Portable

I have a horrible sense of direction, so if I have to go somewhere that I’ve never been before I’m forced to rely on my GPS. This means that I live in constant fear of my cellphone dying while I’m on the road. This power bank ensures that my phone is fully charged no matter how far away from home I am. I can’t imagine my life without it.

These Braided Charger Cables That Are Surprisingly Durable

What is it about traditional charging cables that make them so easy to break? It seems like my cords are always fraying on both ends, and I’m forced to keep patching them up with electrical tape. But since I found this amazing nylon braided charging cable, my days of praying that my cords will last through the weekend are over.

This White Noise Machine That Helps You Drift Off To Sleep

I have a terrible time falling asleep. My husband, on the other hand, could lie down at a heavy metal concert drift off to sleep without a problem in under five minutes. In an effort to help me get more rest (and, most likely, be less cranky during the day), he bought me this white noise machine. It works amazingly well, and I make sure to bring it with me whenever I travel.

This Jar Opener That Shows Stubborn Lids Who’s Boss

You know that feeling of instant rage you get when you can’t open a jar? I go from slightly frustrated to absolutely enraged the longer it takes me to get it open, and no matter how stuck it is I refuse to ask my husband for help. I’m an adult. I should be able to open a jar on my own, darn it! Even the most stuck-on lids are no match for these jar openers.

This Outlet Shelf That Doubles Your Counter Space

My house has a galley kitchen with hardly any counter space. While this doesn’t pose a problem if my meal consists of a bowl of Captain Crunch, it can make cooking an elaborate meal rather difficult. That’s where these outlet shelves come in. Now, instead of taking up precious space, I can plug in my phone and keep it up and out of the way. No more cramped counters!

These Silicone Mats That Make It Seem Like You Know How To Bake

Along with my cooking endeavors, I’ve also gotten into baking for the first time in my adult life, and let me tell you, it’s been an adventure. Sometimes my cakes turn out undercooked, sometimes my brownies burn, and more often than not my cookies are so stuck to the bottom of the pan that it would take a jackhammer to remove them. These silicone baking mats make sure that every batch of cookies slides off the pan effortlessly…no power tools required!  

This Magnetic Phone Mount That I Can’t Life Without

Remember what I said about my reliance on GPS to get practically everywhere I need to go? This magnetic phone holder is another car essential that I could not live without. It uses a strong magnet to keep my phone in place, can be used with any type of phone, and fits securely in my air vent so I can easily see my screen.

This Cord Organizer That’s Handy And Stylish

Because of my habit of cramming my earbud headphones into my purse the second I take them off, I’m constantly having to untangle them before I take my dog for a walk. She sits there patiently for a minute, then becomes antsy and barks at me while I frantically try to undo the millions of tiny, tight knots. It’s unpleasant for both of us. This handy cord organizer eliminates that annoying problem altogether.

These Nose Vents That Are Like A Mute Button For Snoring

Not only does my husband fall asleep the instant his head hits the pillow, but he also starts snoring the instant he falls asleep, which is yet another reason why I have so much trouble catching Z’s. Luckily for both of us, I bought a pack of these nose vents, which put an end to his disruptive snoring so I can get some rest and he’s not forced to sleep on the couch.