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37 Amazon Bathroom Essentials

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Believe it or not, your bathroom is probably up there with one of the most used rooms in your house. Think about it, it’s the place you go to the toilet, the place you take a shower, the place that you go to wash your hands or take off your make-up. Realistically, not a single day passes by where you don’t make at least one trip to the bathroom. And for that reason, it is important that you have everything you need in there…

So, we have gathered together a list of thirty-seven must-have essentials that you can find on Amazon for your bathroom. We’ve found everything from fancy shower curtains with ruffles, to bargain matching accessory sets, to humorous pictures to decorate your bathroom walls with. We have even found a toilet night light that lights up your toilet bowl when it detects movement in the dark! Scroll on to check it out…

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate programĀ and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Keep Your Bathroom Dry With This Boho Moroccan Fabric Shower Curtain

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Gone are the days of old-fashioned shower curtains.
With this Boho fabric shower curtain, you can keep your bathroom dry and stylish. Made with new resign coating technology, this shower curtain allows water to slide off the fabric, with no liner required. Quick drying and with a visible weighted hem, the curtain is colored with an off white base meaning that it will work with most color schemes.

With This Bathroom Accessories Set You’ll Spruce up All Areas of Your Bathroom

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At just $19.99, this 6-piece set of bathroom of accessories is a steal!
Made from durable and cleanable plastic, this set will have your bathroom looking clean, tidy and organized in minutes. Available in 3 different colors, you can select the one that will compliment your bathroom decor the most. Included in the set is a mouthwash cup, a toothbrush holder, a lotion dispenser, a soap dish, a trash can and a toilet brush.

Give Your Bathroom Some Personality With This Boho Bathroom Throw Rug

Made with a high quality cotton linen fabric, this throw rug is water-absorbent, breathable and machine-washable in a laundry bag. The rug has been painted with a “farmhouse style geometric pattern” and paired with a tassel fringe to add a stylish feel.
And as yet another boho inspired product, this rug would work perfectly to complement the boho shower curtain!

Dry Your Hands in Luxury With These Original Turkish Hand Towels

Made with 100 percent cotton, these Turkish hand towels are soft, light, highly absorbent and dry easily. Extremely functional, yet stylish and top-quality, any guests using these towels are going to be impressed.

This Shaggy Bath Mat With Feel Like You’re Stepping on Clouds

A bath mat is a must-have for any bathroom.
This shaggy, microfibre mat will prevent you from stepping out of the shower or bath and onto a cold, hard floor. Available in eleven colors and 4 different sizes, this mat, which absorbs water quickly and is machine washable, allows you to select the right style for your bathroom’s size and decor.

Organize Your Toiletries Into These Glass Apothecary Jars

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Keep your cosmetics organized in these air-tight glass jars with lids. With the capacity to store 24oz , 12oz and 5oz, these jars are perfect for storing your cotton swabs, cotton balls or cotton pads in a way that looks great.

Make Your Bathroom Zen With This Sweet Water Decor Spa Day Candle

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A sea salt, Jasmine, and wood scented candle is the perfect bath time accompaniment for when you want to kick back and relax.
“This scent is so light but also powerful at the same time. It has a calming effect on those that are around it. I’ve also burned it on numerous occasions and have not even got to the halfway mark,” one customer wrote.

Upgrade Your Shower With a Rain Shower Head

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This 8 inch rain shower head will upgrade your current shower to a luxury shower experience even with if you have a low water flow. Durable and adjustable, this shower head has self-cleaning nozzles for easy maintenance and to ensure that the water outlets of the head don’t get blocked by the dirt, germs or scale.

Relax in The Tub With This Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

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There’s nothing better than a relaxing bath, right? Well, what about a relaxing bath accompanied by your favourite candle, drink and movie. With this bamboo bathtub caddy tray, you can to do just.
Extendable on both sides, that bath tray provides you with a shelf that extends across your bath. Made of bamboo wood, this tray is resistant to water, durable and with plenty of slots for your much needed items such as a drink and a candle.

Give Your Jewellery a Home With This Resin Vanity Tray

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Do you ever find that when you take off your jewellery to go in the bath or shower you have nowhere to put it? Then you need a vanity tray.
Made from premium resin material, this vanity tray will help you to neatly organize your jewellery all in one place, while still allowing easy access. This sturdy, durable and water-proof tray is easy to clean and will help to keep your space clutter-free.

A Set of Bath Towels is Bathroom Must-Have… Obviously

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There’s no better feeling than stepping out of a nice warm shower and into a soft bath towel.
Highly absorbent yet light-weight, these towels are made from 100 percent ring spun cotton making them them feel softer on the skin as well as durable. Included in the set is 4 washcloths, 2 hand towels, and 2 bath towels.

Utilize The Space in Your Bathroom With This Shower Curtain With Mesh Pockets

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Do you have a small bathroom with very little storage? You need this water-proof shower curtain.
With 9 mesh storage pockets attached, this curtain is the perfect way to optimise your space while keeping your bathroom organized. Each pocket has space for things such as toys, soaps, shampoo, conditioner or razors so that you can give everything a home.

Transform Wasted Space in Your Bathroom With This Bathroom Organizer Ledge Shelf

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These adhesive shelves blend seamlessly into your walls with their simple, yet attractive and neutral design that will match any home. Helping you to save space, the shelves allow you to clear away clutter from your sink or cabinet and redistribute it.

These Plastic Vanity Pots Make Even Your Q-Tips Look Nice

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Place these pots on your bathroom counter to give it the feel of a luxury hotel. A vanity staple, you can keep your belongings like Q-tips or cotton pads in these sleek canisters.
“These canisters are a bathroom necessity for easy access to staying fresh and clean. Love my 3 tier shelf that I put bathroom supplies on to make life simple. I store flossers, Q tips and face scrub pads shared with cotton balls. Nothing like exiting a bathroom feeling so fresh and so clean clean,” one customer wrote.

Give Your Towels a Home With This Wire Basket

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A wire basket is perfect for storing additional towels and hand towels.
Made of sturdy steel and with a durable construction, this open basket allows you to see the items inside making them easy to select. With handles for carrying, this basket is a great way to store your additional towels and transport them from room to room.

Keep All Your Products in One Place With This Adhesive Bathroom Shelf Organizer

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Requiring no drilling, this adhesive organizer will help you to declutter your bathroom vanity or sink counter. It’s equipped with 5 portable hooks for hanging your shower squeegee scrubber brush, 2 corrosion resistant towel racks and a magnetic suction soap rack.
And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, this organizer also has a ledge that you can prop your phone up on!

Tidy Away Your Dirty Laundry With This Cotton Rope Woven Basket

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There’s no more excuses for leaving dirty laundry hanging around when you have this basket in your bathroom. With handles that make it easy to carry, this basket is the perfect way to to keep things organized in a stylish and decorative way.

Keep Your Toilet Clean With This Toilet Plunger And Bowl Brush

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This 2-in-1 combination is a must-have accessory for your bathroom cleaning. Containing a highly efficient toilet brush, a powerful toilet plunger and a 2-compartment holder, this is a convenient space saving stylish design that will keep your bathroom neat, well organized and ultimately, clean.

Keep Your Toilet Paper Organized With This Toilet Paper Holder

Made with steel, this toilet paper holder is lightweight, detachable and free-standing meaning it can be moved anywhere around your bathroom. At the top of the stand is a single roll dispenser, while the storage tower underneath can hold up to 3 spare toilet rolls.

Make Your Bathroom Match With This Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set

Priced at just $24.99 for a 6 piece set, this mason jar accessories set is too good to miss out on.
With a shabby chic effect, these bronze home accessories will help to keep your bathroom looking organized and amazing. Included in the set is a soap dispenser, a toothbrush holder, 2 apothecary jars that are perfect for storing your cotton pads, a soap dish and a metal wire basket that is ideal for any spare toiletries.

Give Your Towels a Home With These Towel Hooks

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Made with stainless steel to ensure durability and dependability, these hooks are ideal for hanging towels, robes, clothes and shower apparatus.
One 5-star reviewer wrote: “These are a very sleek and sturdy towel or robe hooks. I like that it came with two options for mounting them, screws and adhesive strips. It also came with a tube of nail glue. As of now, I have been using the adhesive strips and it’s holding up well with two towels per hook and the steam from the shower. Good purchase.”

Prevent Your Hair From Blocking The Drain With This Hair Catcher

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Is your hair clogging up your plug hole and drains? With this hair catcher you can prevent that!
Designed to fit over your plug, this hair catcher with suction cups catches hair before it enters the drain and causes you a problem. It is super simple to use, just place it over the desired plug while making sure to press down in all four corners. And then, when you wish to remove, simply peel the catcher away.

This Over The Door Hook is Perfect For Storing Your Towels or Robe

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Are you lacking in wall space to place some hooks for your towels? Don’t worry, you can use this over-the-door hanger.
With no drilling or sticking required, this hanger could not be easier to install and will take you just seconds. All you need to do is place it over the back of your door and you’re done! These strong and durable metal door hooks are ready to take the weight of your towels.

Keep Your Shower Clean With a Shower SqueeGee

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Made of premium silicone and with a streak-free rubber blade, this SqueeGee is just what you need to remove water or foam from glass in just one go. Leaving no streaks or stains, this SqueeGee is easy to operate and the shape of the handle makes it comfortable to grip.

Make Your Soap Look Great With This Clear Glass Soap Dispenser

Practical and stylish, this glass soap dispenser will match any bathroom no matter what the decor may be. Made from lead free glass, this dispenser is not only useful for soap, but it could also hold body lotion, hand sanitizer, shampoo and more!

Use This Gorilla Grip Patented Bath Tub and Shower Mat to Keep Your Floor Safe

With 324 suction cups that help to hold it in place, this mat is just what you need to stop your bath or shower from being so slippy.
“These non slip mats are fantastic works really well in our shower. Delivery was quick and ordering easy. Would buy from this seller again,” one reviewer wrote.

This Black Wall Mirror Will Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

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Is your bathroom a small space? Try using a mirror like this to open it up.
Hanging a mirror in your bathroom will not only provide you with the perfect space to get ready, but it will also make the space feel a little bigger. With a classic matte black finish and its sleek curved edges, this mirror will make a statement without being too bold.

Make Your Toilet Glow With a Toilet Night Light

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Maybe the coolest of accessory of them all is this toilet night light.
With sixteen color changing settings or the option to leave one color on, this toilet night light glows inside of your bowl when motion has been detected. When the superior motion detection sensor detects movements within 5 feet, this night light glows inside of your toilet bowl while it is dark and then automatically turns off after 2 minutes if no motion is detected.

This Bamboo Wooden Bath Floor Mat Will Let The Water Drain Away

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Not your average bath mat, this bamboo mat is non-slip, waterproof, durable and eco-friendly. Unlike normal mats, this one won’t become mouldy thanks to it slatted surface which allows for drainage and its soft non-slip rubber feet that will keep your floor from being scratched.

Clear Away Your Rubbish With This Metal Step Trash Can

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This lidded trashcan allows you to throw away your trash while keeping it contained and out of sight. With a removable interior liner bucket that has handles, and a step design that means you can operate it hands-free, this trashcan is also easy to clean and empty. Its small rectangular shape makes this trashcan the perfect size for inside cabinets, under counters or under sinks.

This Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet Will Help You Make The Most of The Small Space Available

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A modern piece of furniture that is great for fitting into small spaces, this cabinet is a toilet paper holder that also has a spare cupboard space for whatever you need!
The top panel of the cabinet is open, allowing you to decorate it with items such as a plant. Then, there is an opening for your toilet paper and below that is a cupboard with a removable shelf that has the space to store the likes of extra roles of toilet paper and shampoo bottles.

Make Your Guests Laugh With These Framed Bathroom Humor Signs

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These functional and ready-to-hang signs each feature a humorous message that adds the perfect light hearted touch to your home bathroom. With quotes such as “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and “The Best Seat In The House,” the signs are going to leave your guests laughing.

Show Off Your Makeup in This Cosmetics Display

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Need a place to store away your cosmetics in order to keep them safe and out-of-reach of any children? Try this luxurious makeup holder.
“I love the size of this storage bin. It fits all of my makeup and hair needs neatly in one place. The carrying handle makes it convenient to move when I need to clean and is very sturdy. The gold caps on the little feet are a stylish touch that I really appreciate,” one reviewer wrote.

Transform Your Bathroom With This Ruffled Shower Curtain

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Remember when shower curtains used to be hideous? Well, not anymore.
This shower curtain combines the elegance of ruffles and luxury of flowers to give a romantic and shabby chic feel to your bathroom. Opaque and difficult to see through, this curtain also provides privacy and a relaxing space for you to take a shower.

Hang up Your Towel on This Beaded Holder

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A unique design of natural wood bead, this towel holder is like nothing you’ve seen before. With well polished, smooth surfaces and a thickened steel ring, this holder is durable and not easily deformed while remaining modern and stylish.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere With These Nautical Themed Candles

The thought of having a real candle by the side of your bath might be a little daunting. What if you accidentally caught it and it fell? Well, with these LED candles you don’t need to worry about that.
Requiring 2 AA batteries per 1, these electric candles are flameless, not a fire hazard and safe to use around children and pets, meaning that you don’t need to worry about any fire-related accidents. Simply get in your bath, turn on your candles, relax and enjoy your evening.

Leave Your Guests a Note With This Sign

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This quirky bathroom decoration is the perfect addition for anyone wanting to inject some humor into the room. Sure to give your guest a laugh whenever they read it, this sign can be stood up by itself or be hung.
Plus, it’s probably not wrong, is it?