37 Amazon Beauty Items For A Bargain Price

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that you can find some fabulous beauty items on good old Amazon. In fact, the whole site is stocked to the rafters with some of the best cult classics, hidden gems, and all-around star products from the beauty world.

In fact, we’ve tracked down thirty-seven potential Amazon beauty purchases that are absolute bargains. We’ve got fragrance, skincare, makeup, and haircare galore – all with fabulous ratings and glowing reviews.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!


This Nail Polish is a Cult Classic

You can’t beat a red nail, and OPI’s “I’m Not Really a Waitress” is truly one of the best.

The reviews say: “I have been doing my own manicures for years and I typically used OPI polishes.”


This Nail Color is Cute and Stylish

Purple nails manage to be both unusual and fashion-forward but still classically cute.

The reviews say: “Love this infinity shine brand, since I do manicures and pedicures for a living, stays on toes for a month and on the fingernails for 10 – 14 days, which is awesome!”


This Glitter Polish Brings the Fun

You can’t beat a bit of glitter for keeping you in high spirits, and this unique polish does just that!

The reviews say: “I’m a long time user of this color so I’m very happy I found it.”


This Nail Glue Works Wonders

Whether you need a quick fix or want to do a full set at home, high-quality nail glue is absolutely essential.

The reviews say: “Absolutely love this glue, love It for customers, love It for rhinestones. It’s super easy to use! And what I love most about It is that IT DOESNT DRY UP!!”


This Base Coat Strenghtens Nails

Keep your nails healthy underneath your falsies with this fabulous protein-building base coat.

The reviews say: “Okay listen up, this stuff is the truth!! I’ve been doing my own nails for years, and I’ve been trash at it for years lol. My nails ALWAYS lift. Always. No matter how much prep work I do, or products I use, they still lift! I know within a few hours that it’s all going downhill. This is the first time EVER that they haven’t lifted! I know it’s this bond. I finally found the key!! You won’t be disappointed. I promise.”


This Lip Gloss is Hugely Versatile

A clear lip gloss can be worn alone for a ’00s vibe, or add shine over the top of any other lip color.

The reviews say: “It’s lightweight and has a beautiful glide to it when you’re rubbing your lips together. The doe-foot is super unique in that it has a really nice point that lets you outline your lips first with the product if you want to.”


This Eyeshadow is Uber Reflective

For a quick one-and-done eye look, a sweep of this shimmery liquid shadow will have you covered.

The reviews say: “The versatility of these liquid shimmer powders is what makes them really fun.”


This Eyeshadow Palette has All You Need

From soft peaches to deep purples, the possibilities are endless with this fun palette!

The reviews say: “The packaging feels nice and expensive. The price point is perfect, even though the pallet is on the small side, the pans are pretty big. The colors seem simple but in person, they are very special.”


This Nail Polish is Top Quality

Not only is the polish fantastic, but that incredible bottle is impossible not to love!

The reviews say: “This has become my new favorite. My nails are healthy and grow longer. And the colors are beautiful and last a long time”


This Base Coat is Truly Exeptional

If you’ve been skipping out on your base coat, consider this your warning! It’ll protect your nails and ensure your manicure lasts.

The reviews say: “Oh my sweet baby Jesus. Buy this. I am the kind of person that impulsively buys nail polish almost every time I go to the drug store. My polish lasts maybe 2 days tops, and I’ve tried the drug store various topcoats and base coats to try to make it last.”


This Perfume is a Total Delight

Cirus and florals combine in this fresh and feminine scent that’s suitable for all occasions.

The reviews say: “I hardly ever buy fragrances online. I have purchased TWO this year and hand been so pleased! This beauty does NOT disappoint. Smell like SUMMER! Lasts a long time and a little goes a long way! People notice and love it.”


This Scent is a Great Gift

Any special guy in your life would be thrilled to receive this deep, sensual scent.

The reviews say: “I am very impressed with the new men’s perfume by Diesel, and despite its somewhat cheesy name, I think it is appropriate for it. This is because this scent is very perfume and strong with a very masculine scent that lasts all day long, even resists washing hands, etc .. and even a little puff is enough to engulf you in an aura of great smelling scent.”


This Perfume Bottle is a Thing of Beauty

Not only does this bottle look like fabulous nude lipstick, but the scent inside is absolutely delicious, too.

The reviews say: “This has such a mouthwatering scent, not overwhelming either, just SMELLS GREAT! The scent lasts all day too and I noticed that it stayed on my clothing.”


This CC Cream has Incredible Coverage

If you’re struggling with a period of problem skin, this base creates a perfect blank canvas.

The reviews say: “Really love the coverage and it blends in nicely leaving a fresh dewy look all day. Doesn’t settle into lines at all which has been an issue for me with other foundations and CC’s.”


This Setting Spray Helps Makeujp Last

A quick spritz of this spray will ensure your makeup will last all day and way into the night.

The reviews say: “I 100% recommend this, I have very oily and acne-prone skin – this setting spray did not break me out or let my oil shine thru my foundation! Most importantly it STAYS all day!”


This Powder Sets Without Looking Cakey

A loose powder is a great way to take away excess shine, but without ever making the face look flat and cakey.

The reviews say: ” I am in love with this powder so far!! I like the tinted color as a setting powder since it adds even more coverage for my blemishes and sunspots. The 1oz size is very generous and I believe will last quite a while.”


This Primer Glues Makeup Down

If you find your makeup starts to wear off throughout the day, add this primer as an extra step and keep you looking flawless.

The reviews say: ” I’m extremely happy with this product. First of all, it’s a gel and not a cream. The moment you apply it to your face your skin feels firm and moisturized. Applying your foundation and other products goes on smoothly and lasts all day. I think it’s a great product for women of all ages. I highly recommend it.”


This Fragrance is Brilliantly Comforting

Warm, clean cotton is one of the nicest smells in the world, and this fragrance actually manages to bottle it!

The reviews say: “Okay. So the smell is AMAZING. Like clean soap, fresh grass, cucumbers, lilac, lavender, roses, and every other fresh flower. Maybe a bit of black pepper… It’s like getting out of a shower and being immersed in meadow flowers next to a fresh-cut field. That’s what I smell like all day.”


This Buffing Block Makes Manicures Easy

A nail buffer can help take your manicures to the next level, and this offers a four-in-one!

The reviews say: “Creates a smooth surface for healthy nails and the best base for all manicures.”


This Cuticle Oil is Easy to Apply

The pen-like packaging of this oil means dabbing it precisely where you need it couldn’t be easier.

The reviews say: “This cuticle remover is absolutely amazing!”


This Hand Cream Feels Luxurious

Protecting your hands from the sun is essential if you want them to stay looking younger for longer – so luckily, this hand cream has an SPF of 25.

The reviews say: “I LOVE LOVE this hand cream. I know some people are not fond of perfumes in lotions but I do love this one. Besides smelling so good, it had protected my hands from the sun, cleared my hands of sun spots and they feel soft to the touch. The lotion is not greasy nor too light, perfect hydration and protections for my hands.”


This Corrector Smooths and Brightens

The warm tone of this cream product helps cancel out blue undereye circles giving a well-rested, youthful appearance.

The reviews say: “I love cream eye shadow but it’s hard to find one that lasts and doesn’t crease. This one is great and has beautiful colors and packaging.”


This Lip Gloss is Shiny Without Being Sticky

A good quality lip gloss will elevate any makeup look – and this one comes in a fab shade range, too.

The reviews say: “I absolutely adore this gloss. It’s a bit of a heavier consistency, which I like, and it has quite a bit of staying power.”


This Lip Product is a Two in One

One end of this tube is a long-lasting lip stain, while the other is a clear gloss that adds shine and comfort.

The reviews say: “Love the Jane Airedale lip stain/gloss. Pretty color & glides in smooth. Looks fantastic. I will definitely be buying more colors!”


This Brush is Pefect On the Go

The bristles of this multipurpose face brush can retract into the handle, meaning you can store it in your bag for touch-ups.

The reviews say: “So handy!”


This Palette has All you Need

The multiple tones of this palette are perfect for creating light and shadows and sculpting your face.

The reviews say: “Beautiful colors!”


This Mascara is a Makeup Must

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A good black mascara is the cornerstone of most makeup looks – so why not give this highly rated one a try?

The reviews say: “No clumping. Goes on so nicely. Looks good.”


This Fragrance is a Huge Bargain

Didn’t think you could get a high-quality perfume for under $20? Think again!

The reviews say: “I LOVE this cologne. A coworker wears it and it smells so good so I bought it!”


This Scent is like Summer in a Bottle

A light, fresh body fragrance like this is a real mood booster, no matter what time of year!

The reviews say: “I adore this fragrance! Very fresh and clean-smelling. Get lots of compliments.”


This Floral Perfume is Mega Luxurious

It’s floral, it’s fruity, it’s sparkly, and it’ll get you a ton of compliments whenever you wear it!

The reviews say: “This body spray is wonderful. It stays all day and I always receive compliments when I wear it!! I will definitely buy it again. The bottle was way bigger than I anticipated. Very good buy!!”


This Sparkly Topcoat is Totally Unique

Add some extra sparkle to your lashes and brows with this gorgeously glittery mascara.

The reviews say: “I appreciate the applicator a lot. I only wear anything on my lashes if I am really dressing up, and I have found myself using this a LOT more often than that. Just because it’s so easy to use, and the look is not clumpy or overstated.”


This Lip Liner Comes in Many Stunning Shades

Lip liner can help lipstick look crisp and last longer, or be used all over as a matte lip stain.

The reviews say: “These liners glide on and stay put without skipping and clumping.”


This Liner is Amazingly Flattering

You may not consider a cool-toned mauve to be a particularly natural lip color, but this one is an absolute stunner.

The reviews say: “I love the color! Perfect for an everyday nude. The pencil is nice and soft, and moisturizing.”


This Set is All you Need for a Party

Can’t be bothered to choose an eye, lip, and cheek color individually? Get the whole set in one instead!

The reviews say: “Loved all 3. I ordered assuming I’d return it. I figured I’d try it out. Was fantastic.”


This Kit is Perfect for At Home Gel Manicures

Quit your expensive manicure habit and invest in this kit so you can create stunning nail designs at home!

The reviews say: “This is the real deal and it’s freaking amazing. I’ve done three fills of my own and 7 sets with it on other people and my clients are IN LOVE with how long their nails last. I absolutely recommend the kit.”


This Treatment Will Help Nails Grow

If you’ve been abusing your nails, give them a break and apply Nail Envy every day for a couple of weeks to restore them.

The reviews say: “This product has been an amazing help on my road to kicking the habit and finally growing strong healthy nails.”


The Perfume Mimics the Smell of Clean Skin

Nothing beats this scent – and somehow, it’s been captured and bottled for your purchasing pleasure.

The reviews say: “Nice, fresh scent that is perfect for everyday use. Some perfumes seem more geared toward formal occasions and I appreciated the fresh but not overwhelming scent.”


This Set Contains Lipgloss and Nail Polish

This set of gorgeous neutral shades makes for a perfect gift – for someone else, or for yourself!

The reviews say: “I love the value of this set. You get 3 full-sized nail polishes and lip glosses. The lip gloss has a soft cushy feel and does not stick to my hair as other brands have. It is a great alternative for those days that you do not want to wear lipstick.”