37 Amazon Beauty Products You Didn’t Know Were Sold Online

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There are some beauty products that it just makes sense to buy in person: you don’t want to order that foundation and have it arrive just to realize it doesn’t match your skin tone. But if you’re a beauty veteran, there is an absolute treasure trove of products out there that you can get cheaper and faster by ordering them on Amazon. In fact, you’d be astounded by how many things are available online: even some name brands that might surprise you. If you’re looking for some goodies to add to your beauty collection, this list is for you: we’ve compiled our favorite beauty products that you would never believe are on the internet, from colorful mascaras, to popular name brand palettes. Plus a few tools that you’ve never heard of (a scraper for your makeup bottles anyone?). Why wait? Let’s find you some fantastic beauty products that no one will believe you bought online.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Brighten Your Under Eye in Five

Look after the last couple of years, I think we’re all feeling a bit tired. But that doesn’t mean we have to show it. So why not grab these under eye collagen patches that will get rid of all wrinkles, dark circles, and signs of ageing? You’ll look refreshed, even if you feel tired on the inside.

The Easiest Eyeliner Application Ever

Getting the perfect wing on your eyeliner is a nearly impossible task. Or at least that was until I discovered this eyeliner stamp. Now it just takes one second, a single press, and my liner is crispy clean.

Cut Your Drying Time in Half With This One Step Hairdryer

Nobody has time for a mono-tasker products any more because gadget are getting so handy. So instead of getting yourself a blow dryer, why not switch to this brush which both dries and volumizes so you can get it all done with a single tool.

Some Like it Hot

Speaking of heat tools, we know that heat gives you the best curl: so why should that curl be limited to the hair on your head? This lash curler uses heat to give you the best lashes you’ve ever experienced. It’s a revolution in your lash game.

Get to the Bottom Off Costly Products Every Time

I’m going to be honest: for a long time I would throw away more skincare and makeup than I needed to. If it was hard to get it out of the bottle? You better forget about it. The worst part is, most of these companies produce the packaging in this way to make you buy sooner than you need to. But I discovered these handy spatulas and now I can scrape every last little bit out so I’m not wasting a thing.

The Whitest Teeth You’ll Ever Have

If you’re a coffee drinker or your teeth aren’t quite as sparkly white as you’d like them to be, the solution is here: the Colgate whitening pen. It takes just one week to fully whiten your teeth, and all you have to do is brush it on your teeth at bedtime and you’re good to go.

Lightweight Sunscreen That Goes on Like a Second Skin

I’m not the only one who hates the feeling of sunscreen. But thankfully manufacturers have finally figured out that the thick and goopy texture does not make people want to apply sunscreen, and instead they created this fully clear sunscreen that is perfect for sensitive skin types.

Full Coverage Concealer for Every Skin Tone

Here’s an unfortunate beauty reality: a lot of concealers have incredibly limited options when it comes to any skin tone that isn’t whiter than the driven snow. If you’ve been looking for an affordable, effective concealer for darker skin, e.l.f. is here with exactly what you need. It has great pigmentation, and dries quickly for all day coverage.

No More Razor Burn

Look, sometimes shaving is challenging let’s be honest. Even if you’ve been doing it your whole life you can still end up with nicks and bumps very easily. This razor bump solution helps with all of it: just roll it on and your skin will thank you later.

Melt Away Dirt, Makeup With A Single Application

Sometimes taking off my makeup feels like I’m trying to rip my skin off: too many cleansers just aren’t strong enough to get off makeup. Switch to this Physican’s Formula cleanser if you want to remove everything from makeup to dirt from your skin without any struggle.

Add a Little Color to Your Cheeks

These days contouring tends to get a lot of love, but that doesn’t mean that you should forget about blush. Adding a bit of color to your cheeks can completely change your look in the best way possible. This Cheek Heat gel-cream blush comes in tons of colors so you can find the perfect style for you. The gel just seems to melt into your skin better than powder blushes for a more natural look.

Remove the Toxins Effortlessly to Leave Your Looking Clear

If you’re like me, you want clear skin but you don’t actually want to have to do much to get it. The easiest way to keep your skin looking gorgeous is with this facial steamer: all you have to do is set it up and let it deeply cleanse your pores. Plus you get bonus skin cleaning tools for professional blackhead and spot removal.

Keep Your Lips Kissable With This Scrub

No one wants lips that feel dry and cracked. It can ruin everything from a perfect kiss to a delicious dinner. The solution is this lip scrub that exfoliates and leaves your lips soft and smooth. You can even use it as a primer for lipstick!

Do Your Nails Like the Pros

If you do your nails at home, you’re always on the lookout for the perfect primer that will keep your nails looking good for longer. This Protein Bond is what you’ve been looking for: it works with acrylic, gel, gel polish, and traditional nail polishes to anchor the color for longer without damaging your nails.

Smell Amazing from Head to Toe

Finding the perfect scent can be a challenge, especially because so many perfumes are too strong. I switched over to this hair and body mist and I’m never going back. It’s light, delicate, and so easy to use: just spritz and go!

The Best Way to Start Contouring

Contouring is the name of the game these days, and if you haven’t incorporated it into your beauty routine then it’s time for you to give it a try. If you’re not sure where to start, this palette from NYX is perfect: it comes with a highlight, a darker contour, and a middle shade for you to get all your contouring looks.

Shimmer Eyeshadows in Every Color

I adore a shimmer eyeshadow, so when I found these beautiful shadows I had to order in a few different colors. You get a ton of product in a single stick, and not only does the product go on beautifully smooth it also hydrates your skin. You don’t even need to use a brush.

Hydrate All Night Long

Most face masks and products only sit on your face for a short amount of time. But why limit the hydrating power? This sleeping pack goes on at night and you rinse it off in the morning, so you have a full night’s sleep for it to nourish your skin. I love it when I can complete my skin care routine while I’m asleep.

Save Time With an All-In-One

Most shampoos have one job: get your hair clean. But this all-in-one shampoo scrub thinks that’s not enough. Sure it gets your hair clean, but it also exfoliates your scalp with a gentle oatmeal scrub. You can even use it on your body as a cleanser!

Fix Those Makeup Mistakes

We can’t all be makeup artists, and everyone has a little slip of the hand now and then. It’s good to be prepared if you need to take off some makeup but don’t want to start fresh. These q-tips are filled with makeup remover so that you can clean up mistakes with the utmost precision. It will absolutely make you look like you’re way better at makeup than you are.

Strengthen Your Nails With The Best Nail Cream

No one likes to have their nails crack or chip, but some of us don’t have the healthiest nails in the world. Enter Hard as Hoof: use this on your hands for healthy cuticles and nails that are strong and can grow into the gorgeous, long nails you’ve always wanted.

Get the Tan You Deserve

As a Minnesota native, there are about nine months out of the year when going outside for a tan is simply not a possibility. But that doesn’t mean I have to live the life of a pasty inside dweller. I just use this self tanner: it goes on incredibly easily and creates a smooth, even tan every time.

Long Lashes, All Day Long

I love a good mascara, and this one from L’Oreal Paris is my go to. It’s super buildable, so I can create exactly the intensity that I want every time. Plus it iss also waterproof, which is a must: who knows what’s going to happen during the day? I need my makeup locked in place. It won’t clump and it will give you fantastic lashes every time.

Dry Shampoo: The Hygiene Hack For the Rest of Us

Sometimes a full shower just isn’t in the works. If you’re low on time, or struggling with motivation to do a full hair wash, this dry shampoo is the perfect solution. It removes oils and grease and leaves you with a light, lovely scent.

Serious Pigment Payoff From NYX

If you buy one palette this year, you want it to be this NYX Ultimate Brights. It was one of the first palettes I ever bought and I use it all the time. Whether you want a more subtle look or to get absolutely bold and bright, it has you covered. Plus the pigments have amazing color payoff.

The Deepest Cleanse Your Face Will Ever Have

If you want to get a truly deep clean on your face, there’s only so much you can do with your hands or a washcloth. Take it to the next level with this scrubber: it can give you a deep clean or a gentle exfoliation, and all you have to do is hold it.

Beauty Blenders for All Your Needs

There’s a reason beauty blenders are so popular: they’re great for applying and blending makeup to perfection. But some bigger brands are incredibly expensive. There’s no need to pay the big bucks for a solid blender: this gift set comes with five blenders and a brush cleaner, all for less than $20. That’s some serious value.

Lipstick and Lipgloss in One Sleek Package

It’s so hard to choose between lipstick and lipgloss…but you don’t have to. This dual sided option from Revlon has lipstick on one side and lipgloss on the other. You get bold color and the beautiful shine of gloss. Plus it stays for a full 16 hours.

Your Skin Will Thank You For This Himalayan Scrub

A good scrub always feels amazing, and one of my favorites is this Himalayan scrub: it’s full of Himalayan pink salt, plus sweet almond oil and a soft blueberry fragrance. It exfoliates and hydrates so that you’re left with just beautiful, healthy, clean skin.

Everything You Need To Recreate a Spa Manicure At Home

Who needs to go to the salon for an amazing gel manicure? Not you. This gel kit gives you 20 different colors, plus the base, and two different top coat options (matte and glossy). You can even mix different pigments to make your own custom colors. So. Cool.

Bring The Spa To You

Speaking of home manicures (or pedicures), no salon experience is complete without a soothing foot massage and bath. You will not regret splurging on this foot bath: it makes you feel utterly pampered and leaves your feet soft and ready for a pedicure. Which you deserve.

This Ten Piece Spa Set is All You’ve Dreamed Of

Why buy a single mask when you can get a set of five different styles to moisturize every inch of your body? This spa set includes face wraps, foot wraps, nail wraps, and hand wraps that will leave all of your skin feeling healthy and refreshed.

Forget Nail Clippers: This Grinder Is Way Better

I have to confess that I’m not the biggest fan of nail clippers. They’re not the most delicate instrument, and I often end up clipping more than I wanted to. I’m so glad I switched to this grinder instead: it has multiple attachments and speeds so that you can carefully file your nails and remove any excess dead skin or nastiness on your fingers too.

The Acne Solution That Really Works

I have memories of Differin from way back when I was in high school, and the reason for that is because it just straight up works. It’s been around for ages and people trust it. Bet you didn’t know you could get it on Amazon though.

Wax On, Wax Off

Getting a wax professionally done is expensive and I am not here for paying that much when I can do it on my own. If you’re with me, you need this home wax kit. It comes with multiple bags of wax, a heating element, spatulas, cleaner spray, and after-care spray so that you have every tool you need to get the smoothest skin.

Dark Circles Be Gone!

Are you looking for an all-natural, cruelty-free, paraben-free way to keep your eyes from looking dark, puffy or wrinkled? Do I have the thing for you. This eye gel from baebody is all of that and more. Oh, and it’s ultra lightweight so you don’t have to feel like you’re covering your eyes in a heavy cream.

Pesky Hairs? Not Anymore

Do you want an easy and elegant way to get rid of stray hairs? Of course you do. This facial hair removal is the size of a tube of lipstick, so you can pop it in your purse and have it on hand any time you need it. It’s the easiest way to remove any hairs you’d prefer weren’t there. I’m looking at you upper lip.