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37 Amazon Bedding Essentials You’re Going to Want At Least Two Of

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Not least because it’s getting colder and colder and colder … It’s okay, spring is just around the corner, we start telling ourselves now. Obviously, that’s a cold-faced lie so until then we should really just embrace the weather for what it is and take advantage of some of the best and warmest bedding Amazon has got to offer. Besides, I’m of the mind that you can never have too many blankets. That didn’t change when I moved several hours away and like, half of my boxes were soft fleeces, waffle-knit throws, and a very heavy, weighted blanket.

My personal favorites on this list include the reversible Sherpa comforter set that’s literally just the warmest thing you can imagine for a bedspread. I also really like the two bed-in-a-bag options. I would have loved to have had these when I was in college (one of them has pockets in the sheets!) And some really cute ones like the cozy nap set, complete with fluffy stuffy and a matching blankie.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

A Naptastic Set For the Cozy Cuties In Your Home

I absolutely adore this blanket set. Granted, I use it for my dogs but I did also gift a set to my best friend who has a three-year-old. She told me her daughter won’t even take a nap without her blanket and friend these days (I’m helping?) The set comes with a cute animal and a fleecy, matching blanket.

This Body Pillow Cover is So Soft and Great For Cuddling

Body pillows are so fun to use and perfect for watching Netflix in bed. Just like regular-sized pillows, they require a cover. Made of 100% cotton in a 300-thread count weave, this one is my current favorite for its breathability and the fact that it stays cool to the touch. It’s really kind of like cuddling with a peach, only it won’t explode if you squish it and there’s no hard center that will ruin naptime.

This Thermal Blanket Turns Any Bedspread into a Personal Heater

I love waffle knit things so much and this is no exception. It’s like the pumpkin spice latte of knitted styles for me. Besides the contemporary design that makes this thermal blanket look fresh without trying too hard, it simply feels really good. The puckered cotton weave is cool enough that I don’t feel suffocated when it’s warm, and warm enough that you can easily burrito under it with your favorite person/pets.

This Memory Foam Topper Will Soothe All Your Aches and Kinks

I simply love memory foam. Ever since I tried it for the first time a few years ago, I’ve been hooked. Since my mattress is, sadly, not made of the heavenly material, I opted to splurge on this topper. It was absolutely worth it since my body seems to have taken on the mistaken identity of someone 20-30 years my senior. The memory foam, therefore, has been a blessing by soothing my achy muscles.

This Clean Linen Duvet Cover Set Will Spruce Up Any Room

(dog not included)

Something about wooden button accents just gives off rustic and effortlessly chic vibes. That’s definitely true for this duvet cover and pillowcase set. Made of wrinkled cotton fabric (don’t worry, the wrinkles are on purpose), this set brings a soft, lived-in, and relaxed look to your space. An added plus are the ties in the corners of the duvet cover to keep your comforter in place. We love those ties.

This Cotton Jersey Quilt is so Comfy, You’ll Want It On Every Bed

The softest, most aesthetically pleasing quilt I’ve ever owned. That’s what the actual title of this product should be. I absolutely adore the small box-stitch design of the blanket itself, as well as the matching pillowcases. It all looks way more expensive than it actually is (which is to say, not expensive at all) and feels even more luxurious than that. So, go ahead and add two to your cart before someone (not saying me, but) buys up Amazon’s entire stock.

These 100% Cotton Sheets Deserve to Be Your Main and Backup

Trust me, you’ll want two sets of these because that’s how comfy and absolutely good they are. I’d been looking to buy new sheets for ages because no self-respecting adult should be sleeping on sheets that don’t fit their bed. If you have a guest bedroom, you should get a set for that, too.

These Cotton Pillowcases Are Perfect For Hitting the Hay

Cotton pillowcases are a sleeping staple and I won’t hear another word. They’re breathable, they’re soft, they’re comfortable. What more could you want out of a pillowcase? This set of two comes in a stylish, minimalist pattern that’s nice to look at, but also plain enough to sleep on (we don’t want to use our fancy pillowcases for that and someone needs to take the fall). The neutral tones also ensure it will go with any existing decor.

These Decorative Throw Cushions Add A Stylish Flare

‘Tis the season of plaid and I’m here for it. This set of throw cushions have thick, textured covers in a design that kind of goes with everything. They’ve definitely made a stylish addition to my super-stylish living room containing only a single, very large beanbag. One day, I’ll have a couch to go with these- because they deserve it.

This Down Alternative Mattress Topper is Amazing on Cold Nights

For the colder nights, you might want to consider switching your mattress topper out for this down alternative one (if you don’t already have a mattress topper, you should get this one). It’s a welcome added layer of softness, hypoallergenic, and machine washable. So comfy, I swear.

Down Alt Pillows Mean Both You and Your Conscience Sleep Well

Superb down alternative pillows, this pack of two is filled with polyester fibers that mimic the lightness and insulating properties of down- all without harming a single goose. It’s great for all seasons and, to my delight, hypoallergenic. Plus, it feels like my head is resting on clouds.

This Duvet Set is Perfect For the Changing Seasons

This is a gorgeous duvet cover with matching shams, in an elegant and reversible design. I love how silky the fabric is and how well it washes/dries in the machines (no pilling!) One reviewer’s daughter attested, “‘most comfortable blanket ever’ or something like that.” No arguments here, sis.

This Duvet Insert Would Be a Fantastic Down Alternative Upgrade

Recently, I found myself needing another duvet insert for a guest-bed setup. this is kinda crazy, considering just a little while ago, I hadn’t had guests for almost 2 years. I found this one on Amazon which has great reviews that caught my eye. It’s really warm and down-alternative, which I love because, well, animals (need I say more?). I also like the box stitching that gives it a quilt-y feel.

This Check Flannel Sheet Set is Christmas Come Early

Red plaid is literally just Christmas epitomized as clothing, change my mind. This flannel sheet set makes me think of hot chocolate on Christmas morning, beside a decorated tree, a pile of presents, and your favorite people in the world (yes, this includes pets). Made of brushed cotton that’s oh-so warm and cozy, you get a flat sheet and a fitted, as well as matching pillowcases.

This Neck Pillow Makes Resting at Your Desk So Much Better

How many times have I fallen asleep at my desk chair, you ask? That’s a great question, the answer to which I would like to know, as well. The worst part about it is the incredible neck pain you experience after such an impromptu nap. This pillow has made worlds of difference, though, cushioning the neck so that when you inevitably fall prey to the sneaky sleep monster, there’s less hell to pay afterward.

This Super Floofy Pillow is So Soft and Happy

Let the sun shine on your bed with this bright lion pillow. It’s pretty comforting to see a happy animal face greeting you when you walk into your bedroom and collapse on the bed. In my experience, anyway. And the matching sheets are almost too adorable.

They’ll Love Cozying Up For Movies in This Cute Tail Blanket

Are they a shark, are they a mermaid? With imagination and dreamland, you can be anything you want! This tail blanket might help with that, too. It’s a funny little piece that kids will love to be in while y’all watch the latest Pixar movie together.

This Bedskirt Will Dress Up Their Beds For the Fanciest Room

I feel like bed skirts have kind of been phased out since I was a kid, or is that just me? Supposing they’re a bit superfluous, they still make your bed look way fancier than it may be and hide away all the stuff you promised yourself you’d “deal with” later. This pleated one is made for your child’s bed, perfectly priming them to ponder in later years, “Whatever happened to the bed skirt?”

This Lovely Chenille Throw is as Stylin’ as it is Comfy-Cozy

This throw feels as lovely as it looks. It’s tightly woven and I love the contrasting texture in the hem. I’ll throw mine over the couch or drape it lazily on the back of a chair and it still looks cool. I love the color, as well; it makes for a nice accent to an otherwise neutral room. Of course, it’s not just a piece of eye candy- it’s warm, too.

This Hypoallergenic Topper Breathes Life into an Older Mattress

Mattress toppers can be a make-or-break for beds, in my experience. They can be too soft or too hard, or sometimes they just make your allergies flare up like there’s no tomorrow. For those times, you’ll want something like this. It’s hypoallergenic and breathable and is perfect for throwing atop an older mattress that may have one too many kinks to be the comfortable haven it once was.

This Bed-in-a-Bag is Perfect For College Birds Leaving the Nest

A quaint bed-in-a-bag for the bedhead home from college for the holidays. I had one of these when I was in school. The great thing about beds in bags is that they can be packed up to take along between home and school. That way, your kid can always have their bed with them, as well as have an easier time transitioning.

This Gorgeous Sheet Set is the Perfect Blend of Soft and Warm

Don’t judge a set of sheets at first touch, I always say. This reviewer definitely found that to be true about this cotton sheet set, saying, “I wasn’t sure what the quality would be like given what a good deal they were, and at first touch I thought they weren’t as soft as other cotton sateen sheets I’ve had (with a higher thread count). But they’ve been SO comfy and cozy that I’ve even been gravitating towards the pillows with these pillowcases on them over the ones with silk pillowcases. The pattern is so cute – and useful on a king bed, because I can tell which way to put them on the bed! Hard to do when the bed is practically a square, so now I only want pattern sheets. These are wonderful.”

This Kitty Sheet Set is For the Growing Cat Lover

Kitty lovers will lose their little minds over this adorable sheet set. With a tricolor cat print all over, these fitted and flat microfiber sheets and pillowcases are hypoallergenic and super comfy. Made in a Green facility (gotta start them on sustainability when they’re young!), they also come in a variety of other patterns, including seahorses and spaceships.

This Micromink Sherpa Set Lets You Cozy Up in the Softest Pillows

Lovers of soft and fluffy blankets, this premium microfibre comforter set is sure to catch your eye – and the rest of you. No, you’ll never get out of bed again, sorry to say. I’ve built a cocoon for myself with this fleece and faux Sherpa comforter as the base. But for real, it washes well, doesn’t pill much, and comes out of the dryer as big and soft as it went in. Plus the matching pillowcases with soft blue plaid? Definitely gonna need another set in a different color.

This Minky Quilted Cover for Weighted Blankets is Super Insulating

Of all the many blanket covers I’ve had, this soft, quilt-y one is my current favorite. It’s super comfortable and keeps my weighted blanket safe and protected from threat and imminent disaster, all while staying effortlessly chic. I’m talking muddy paws, spilled coffee, a bird one time. All of those things washed out perfectly well without destroying the quality or softness (except the bird, the bird was put outside and not in the washing machine).

The Sweetest Nursery Bedding Set For the Sweetest New Baby

This adorable nursery set gives you a comforter, bed skirt, and two matching, fitted crib sheets. As one of many, many 5-star reviews says, “Great value for the money and I mean excellent. The comforter set comes in beautiful colors and is oh-so-soft and fluffy. And has not just one but two sheets, the comforter is reversible. Purchase this, you will be glad you did.”

This Pillowcase Protector Ensures Your Favorite Pillows Last

You never really realize just how gross your pillows can get until you take the cases off and see the desecration your skin and hair oils have wreaked. This goes for everyone, even people who scrub themselves down to the bone before bed. Pillow covers are a great investment if you care about the state of your pillow. They absorb all the damage you would have unconsciously caused, leaving your pillows good as the day you got them.

These Sateen Cotton Pillowcases are Luxurious, Affordable Comfort

Sateen cotton is a really sweet deal when it comes to fabric: you get the luxury feeling of satin with all the breathability of cotton. These pillowcases come in a variety of colors to best suit your bedroom decor.

These Cute Pillowcases Will Make For the Purr-fect Princess Room

If your kid is a cat person who also loves the color pink, then this pillowcase set is for them! It’s super cute with a smiling kitty on the front and would go great with a matching blanket or complementary colors/designs. Made of soft microfibre, these pillowcases will make sure they fall asleep dreaming of their favorite things: cotton candy, kittens, and being a well-behaved child.

This Bed-in-a-Bag Has the Added Perk of Pockets

I’m both excited and angered by this bed-in-a-bed set that comes with a comforter, fitted sheet, and pillowcases. Excited because the sheets have a pocket you can keep stuff in, like your phone, earbuds, snacks … Okay, maybe don’t keep food in your bed. But isn’t that awesome? Of course, the anger is from a literal bed getting pockets before women’s pants. Not like I can bring my mattress with me everywhere I go.

This Reversible Comforter is Basically Four Blankets If You Buy Two

Reversible comforters are fun because it’s like you paid for one blanket but really got two. When you roll down the top of it after making the bed, it looks fancier like you did something other than … slightly unmake your bed. Made in a Green factory (as in, eco-friendly; no word on the actual color of the building), this one is pretty with box stitching and also machine washable.

These Sheets are 100% Cotton and 200% Superb

Freshly laundered, cotton sheets are my kryptonite. The feeling of your skin against warm, breathable fabric just out of the dryer is incomparable to just about anything else. I love these ones for their pattern and sheen. I even have an extra set ready for laundry day and guests.

This Sherpa Throw Goes Perfectly With Cocoa and a Netflix Binge

This gorgeous weighted blanket is reversible between the softest fleece and warm, fluffy Sherpa. It has both the weight and luxurious coziness that we all love in the winter. For real, taking a nap under this is like getting a hug and being lulled to sleep by a cloud. And it’s the perfect thing after a long, hard day of existing.

This Wool Rivet Pillow is Modern Decor at its Finest

Decorative pillows like this wool rivet one are a great way to express your taste and add some flair to your living space. I love anything that’s as comfy as it is chic, and that describes this pillow perfectly!

This Waterproof Mattress Protector Saves Your Bed From Anything

Mattress protectors are one of those staple items that I didn’t even know about until I moved away for school. We didn’t have any growing up, which was a mistake because any time anything got on the bed, it would seep through the sheets and cause permanent damage to the mattress. I’ve since learned and purchased many a protective sheet, the latest of which is this one. It features a hypoallergenic, cotton-terry surface and is completely waterproof.

This Weighted Blanket is Breathable While Helping You Breathe

I am a huge fan of weighted blankets. In the midst of a global pandemic, it’s nice to have something that basically gives you a whole-body hug. This one is made of 100% cotton, making it great as a duvet alternative. You can get a cover, of course, which might be smart if you’re the type to eat in bed or if you have kids and/or pets.

Help Your Child Sleep Better With This Cute Weighted Blanket

I wish I’d had one of these weighted blankets when I was a kid. I was always really nervous and shy and as I went through school, those feelings intensified. Something like this 100% cotton one would have been perfect. It’s made of breathable material and in various patterns that children would love. The glass beads are also safe and non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about night-time choking hazards.