37 Amazon Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals We’re Interested In This Year

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There are a few days each year I look forward to, like the Super Bowl, the first day of the year when it’s warm enough to get in the ocean, and, of course, Black Friday. Actually, I much prefer Cyber Monday to Black Friday being an introvert and all, but you can’t argue that the weekend after Thanksgiving is the Super Bowl of shopping, whichever day you choose.

If Thanksgiving weekend is the Super Bowl of shopping, Amazon is the superstar halftime entertainment. After all, where else are you going to grab great deals and have them at your front door in two days? There’s something for everyone in the list below: Earbuds on the cheap, fun-for-weather nerds, outdoor gear, and all the usual suspects to make you a better chef, improve your skin and pamper your pets.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Sure, these aren’t fancy-schmancy AirPods, but sometimes you just need a pair of utilitarian in-ear earbuds to get the job done. These Spoke 2.0 earbuds come in four different colors and are downright cheap, meaning you can grab a couple to throw in strategic locations like your gym bag, car, or briefcase. Reviewers say the sound quality is better than expected in an inexpensive package.

Get Creative With This Convertible Tablet & Wacom Pen

The perfect product for anyone on the go who spends a lot of time creating, taking notes, or hopping online throughout the day. Don’t just take my word for it…

One reviewer said, “Such a game changer to have a responsive touch screen that I can easily zoom in and out and rotate with my free hand while I draw with my right. The adjustable angled screen is going to change the market for drawing laptops. I just can’t imagine using a laptop without this feature now.”

Keep Dishes Under Cover

If you enjoy cooking (or even if you don’t and you’re stuck doing it anyway), you might want to keep your eye on this covered bakeware set. The set has two sizes of dishes including 7- and 10-inch sizes made of stoneware so they’re safe to put in the microwave, oven, or dishwasher. The red version really pops, but it’s the matching lids that do it for me.

Stand Under My Umbrella

I know what you’re thinking: Why would I want to buy a patio umbrella just as we’re heading into the winter season? Little known fact: Purchasing products like this out of season often comes at substantial savings. This one comes in at nine feet, has a ton of color options, and features both push-button tilt and a crank system for opening and closing.

Desk Jockey

Most computer desks are monstrosities that need an entire room to be set up properly. This streamlined computer desk still gets the job done in a package that will neatly tuck into a small space or corner. Complete with a silver finish, this desk accommodates a desktop computer with a tower or a laptop, if you prefer. The glass top offers a sleek finish.

Storage Wars

If there’s one thing you can never have too much of, it’s storage options. And, that’s probably because we all have too much stuff. These organizer bags are great for putting away out-of-season clothing or storing bulky things like sweaters, beach towels, and blankets. You’ll get a set of three bags, which include sturdy handles and zippered closures. Stack them to stay even more organized.

Weather Or Not

We’ve all got that one family member who’s always asking, “What’s the weather going to be like today?” (If you don’t have that family member, you are that family member.) This weather station is a unique gift they (or you) will use every day, displaying things like indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, wind chill, precipitation, and more. The LCD display is easy to read and can be dimmed if desired.

I Love Lamp

Do you have a spot in your house where you just need “something?” Might I suggest this sleek floor lamp? Not only does it provide light (duh), but it has some other truly great features like built-in shelves, a charging station, and a catch-all tray. This is only available in one color, which is fine since it goes with literally everything.

The Perfect Gift! A Portable Speaker

The MIATONE Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker can also make a great gift for loved ones or a friend. You can travel easily with it and it can stand the test of time against any season you want to use it in. Beach vacation? Christmas? Anywhere.

Can’t Take The Heat

Yes, I live in Florida and, yes, I still rely on a personal heater to keep me warm when I’m cold (which is often). This one from Amazon Basics features an adjustable thermometer and three output options — low, high, and fan only. For safety, this also features a tip-over switch with auto shut-off and overheat protection so you won’t burn your house down.

Stairway To Heaven

If your pet needs a helping hand, er, paw, you might want to step up (get it?) your game with these pet stairs made of foam and ultra-soft fleece. These come in three-, four- and five-step options for the little guys all the way up to the big ones, and tons of color options to match your decor. The cover is completely removable so you can launder it when you want.

You’ll Be Lovin’ This Oven

I cannot express how much I love a convection oven and this smart oven pro from Breville is the king of the hill. This high-performance countertop oven reduces your cooking time by up to 30 percent using the convection setting and chooses from 10 cooking functions as an interior oven light guides you to perfection

Under Pressure

An electric pressure washer isn’t a sexy Black Friday pick, but you’ll think you were pretty smart to come springtime when your home exterior or driveway could use a good washing. Add soap to the integrated detergent tank and reach higher and further with a flexible 20-ft. hose. Reviewers are impressed with the Briggs and Stratton name: “Briggs and Stratton are synonymous with quality motors for lawn equipment.”

Meet The Moka Maker

When only authentic Italian espresso will do, look no further than this Brim six-cup Moka Maker that delivers the authentic stuff in a matter of minutes. Built with a safety release valve that strictly regulates water pressure, this stovetop espresso maker provides an even heat distribution throughout the entire brew process and works on all types of stovetops. The cool-touch handle is a nice, well, touch.

Take A Tumbler

There aren’t many things I love more than a good tumbler and this option from Bubba has a ton of great features. For starters, look at that iridescent sparkle! Secondary to that, I appreciate the large size (32 ounces), the convenient and removable handle, and the lid that can be used with or without the straw. Did I mention the iridescent sparkle?

Get Pumped

Say “goodbye” to bicycle pumps that don’t work; this option has an accurate and easy-to-read gauge as well as an ergonomically-designed handle. The long steel barrel allows more air to be pushed through with each pump making your job easier and faster and the extra-long hose with a 360-degree pivot is especially handy. You might also be able to use it to blow up pool floats and beach toys next summer.

It’s A Slow Burn

I know Instant Pots are all the rage but don’t relegate the slow cooker to your kitchen graveyard. This one from Calphalon works as great as it looks with the convenient sear, brown, sauté and slow cook functions in one pot. It features programmable digital controls and can also be used in the oven and with all types of cooktops. The interior pot is removable for added convenience.

A Pile Of Pillows

Casper has been all the rage in the mattress space over the past few years, but have you tried their pillows? This two-pack combines white duck down and feather for the ultimate in breathability and support. Your purchase is also backed by Casper’s famous 100-night trial with free returns so if you don’t love (and you will), it’s a no-risk opportunity.

Milk It For All It’s Worth

Stop paying big bucks for alternative milk at the store. You know the ones: Almond, oat, cashew, coconut … you know the drill. With this nut milk maker, you can craft your own milk at home, and be assured of the ingredients you’re ingesting. This device is also handy for storing your creations, thanks to the included spillproof lid. A recipe book is included to get you started.

Perfectly Puzzling

The holidays leave us with a lot of time to spend staring at our phones and avoiding awkward conversations with family. This travel series puzzle set will give you all something to do without starting a family feud. The “Across the Continent Series,” featuring the train puzzle, boat puzzle, and plane puzzle, each boasts 1,000 pieces that’ll keep everyone busy long after the spiked eggnog has run out.

Mirror, Mirror In My Hand

The days of old-school makeup compacts with blurry mirrors and no lights are a thing of the past. This makeup compact is packed with features in a product that fits in the palm of your name, namely LED lights, two-sided magnification, multiple colors and brightnesses, and the ability to charge and recharge it multiple times over. The best feature? Retouching your lipstick inside a dark car.

Your New Bath Buddy

I get into the bathtub with so much stuff now, I need a waterproof purse … or this bamboo bath tray. Fitted to extend across the width of your bathtub, it has dedicated slots for things like a tablet, book, phone, soap, and wine glass. Water-resistant bamboo wipes down easily with a damp cloth, regardless of your color choice: black, brown, white, or natural.

You’re On A Roller

I’ve seen all manner of massagers since I’ve been writing about Amazon products, but not quite like this one. This pro roller massage stick has a completely customizable design with three different gear types that allow you to choose soft, medium, or targeted pressure to get the pain relief you need. It’s especially structured to get in those hard-to-reach places.

Your Future’s So Bright You Need These Shades

I would be hesitant to spend this kind of money on sunglasses unless they have a lifetime guarantee, which is exactly what these William Painter aviator sunglasses have. Available in black or gold with mirror coating and glass lenses, these shades are perfect for men or women. One reviewer said, “Bought these as a Christmas gift for my dad. HE LOVES THEM!!” (It’s the all caps for me.)

The Perfect Travel Towel

I never knew a self-cleaning travel washcloth existed until I stumbled onto this one. Made to be odor-free, to rinse clean, and to dry within a few minutes, these cloths come in a pack of two. They have a light exfoliating texture that cleans and reinvigorates and gets rave reviews from folks who enjoy backpacking or camping. One reviewer said, “They pack well and don’t stink.” A resounding endorsement indeed.

In Your Defense

Cold and flu season is upon us, but you can hit it head-on with this six-in-one multivitamin supplement that has major immune boosters like zinc, elderberry, vitamin C, and echinacea. Appropriate for adults or children, these drops have a passion fruit flavor and a variety of ingredients in one easy-to-take liquid formula. Get 100 percent of your daily recommended vitamins C, D, and zinc.

Master Your Migraine

While we’re talking about health things, let’s figure out a way to combat those migraines, shall we? This form-fitting migraine relief cap is stretchable to fit anyone and is designed to provide 360-degree natural cooling migraine and headache relief therapy. The easy-on design means you can rest comfortably with no messy wraps, leaks, or uncomfortable ice packs.

Spray It, Don’t Say It

You’re going to be really proud of you next summer for cashing in on this deal for this sports water bottle. This combines a pressurized mister, camp shower, and hydration station in one. Think of it like portable running water in your pocket, except less messy. Included? A variable flow trigger, three attachment points, upside-down functionality, and patent-pending pulse and stealth modes for more control over your water.

New Kid On The Block

If the traditional magnetic knife strips just aren’t your jam, consider giving this magnetic knife block a try. Double-sided with a safe non-slip base, this knife block comes in large, extra-large, and vertical styles. The best part is that you can move it wherever you like, unlike mounted knife blocks that have to stay in one location. Powerful magnets keep everything in place.

Get A Leg-ging Up

You know those quizzes on social media: “If you had to pick three things from the list, what would they be?” And, the choices are all necessities like coffee, chocolate, and Netflix. Also on the list? Leggings. And, let me tell you, I cannot — and will not — live without them. Send me to Mars, the moon, wherever. Just don’t send me without my leggings.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

We all know most men aren’t particular about their skin and hair products. Most men use one bar of off-brand soap for everything and they seem to be doing alright. This exploration and travel kit features portable sizes of things like sea salt spray, hair wax, hair paste, and hair cream. If there’s someone on your list who’s hard to buy for, look no further.

Gone Fishing

The fisherman in your life will love this baitcasting fishing rod and reel combo, specially engineered for catfish angling. Durable and lightweight, the composite blank construction features bold styling and a 15-30-pound line rating as well as a six-pin centrifugal bracket for precise casting. And, I’m not going to lie, but I have no idea what any of that means, but I know a good deal when I see one.

Practice Your Scales

I couldn’t get by without my kitchen scale, which I use for everything from weighing meat and produce to getting a package ready for the post office. This one is chic with the highest precision of sensors and an LCD display that’s clear and easy to read. Measure everything you need with ease, all in the same bowl, from zero, and keep adding your ingredients for extra convenience.

Throwing Darts

Add some fun to your family room or man cave with this tournament-quality dartboard. A regulation 15.5-inch target area, there’s room for up to eight players, 33 games and more than 300 options. A built-in computer verbally prompts players to throw and NylonTough segments improve durability and playability. One reviewer recommended buying an additional set of darts, but raved about the quality of his purvhase.

Take It To The Bank

If you’re going to entrust your funds to anyone, do it with the six-time world champion New England Patriots. O.K., O.K., my allegiance is showing but this is a clever helmet bank for your favorite penny-pinching Pats fan. Officially licensed NFL gear, this has see-through windows so you can keep an eye on your stash and show your fandom at the same time.

Make A Statement In This Jacket

You’ll be the hit of the ugly sweater contest at work with this non-sweater ugly business jacket. (Same concept, different gear.) Of course, you can wear this in a non-ugly scenario, too, but you better be ready to dish up the Warriors trivia, like “Where were the Warriors originally located?” or “What year did they win their first championship?” (Answers: Philadelphia and 1947, respectively.)

The Smarter the TV, the Better. Especially When it’s 27% Off!

Save $150 on Amazon Fire TV 55″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV, hands-free with Alexa.

Here’s what reviewers said, “Received my 75inches Amazon fire omini TV today and my first impression is absolutely fantastic….I have watched so far SDR and HDR 4k contents and performance is absolutely amazing out of box settings.”

You’ve Got Game

I know, this picture has you longing for long summer days, shorts, and time spent outside by the water. I feel you, boo. Plan ahead by grabbing this bean bag toss game set. You’ll be the hit of the family reunion and the tailgate, I promise. This set includes two tailgate-sized. cornhole boards, eight all-weather regulation bean bags, a carrying case, and rules — if you’re inclined to follow them.

Chill Out

Let me be clear — these chilling tumblers with freezing gel inside are not just for wine. Repeat, not just for wine. You can use them for wine, of course, or juice, water, tea, mouthwash. (Wait, no, not that last one.) These have insulated walls and a silicone band which makes them more comfortable to handle. Pop them in the freezer so they’ll always be ready to roll.

Sew What?

Let’s end this list with an old-school addition that surging back into popularity — a sewing machine. This is not just a sewing machine, though; it’s a computerized sewing and quilting machine with 100 unique built-in stitches and a one-step automatic needle threader. The durability of this machine allows you to do everything from a simple repair to working on heavy fabrics like denim and quilts.