37 Amazon Fall Fitness Finds We’re Loving

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I had optimistic intentions for getting into better shape over the summer. I managed a few workouts and a lot of head-clearing walks, but I never hit the exercise rhythm I was hoping for. Now, autumn is upon us, and it’s time for a new commitment to my health and mental wellness. I’m cooking more meals at home and trying to exercise several days a week, including walking, running, doing yoga, and lifting weights. Changing up my workouts is inspiring!

The other thing I find inspiring is new workout gear. I already splurged on new running shoes, and now I’m back to shop for more clothes and equipment to keep me moving. I’m excited about the newest high-tech gadgets like this smart jump rope, but I’m just as interested in this low-tech body tape measure that helps track inches gained or lost. And who wouldn’t be motivated by working out in these spooky-cute Halloween leggings? Take a look at all of the Amazon fall fitness finds we’re loving this season, and find your own inspiration!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Pedal Puller Resistance Band Gives a Full-Body Workout

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Two things drew me to this Pedal Puller Resistance Band. First, the price. It’s a total steal! Second, the customer reviews. Customers are raving about how easy it is to use this band at home for an efficient yet challenging workout.

These Bath Bombs Are Formulated for Muscle Recovery

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I already knew that bath bombs smell great and can help you relax, but it never occurred to me they could be a post-workout restorative. These Recover Bomb Bath Bombs release epsom salts, baking soda, and peppermint oil into the bath, providing a soothing soak that reduces pain and speeds recovery. Works with hot or ice baths.

This Figure Trimmer Strengthens Core Muscles With Every Twist

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A workout that’s more like dancing the twist? Sounds like a fun way to get exercise in the comfort of my living room while watching TV. The Figure Trimmer Abs Twister has reflexology bumps and magnets that stimulate the feet, while the rotator disc encourages smooth motion so you get a safe, yet challenging workout.

These Booty Bands Provide Three Levels of Resistance

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I appreciate any fitness gadget that makes my workouts more efficient. These Booty Bands make the most of every move, providing three levels of resistance so you can amp up the challenge as you progress.

This Weighted Fitness Hoop Gives a Surprisingly Intense Cardio Workout

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I’m familiar with hula-hooping for exercise, so this Weighted Fitness Hoop caught my interest right away. The 24 sections are detachable for easy size customization, and the soft counterweight provides an additional challenge.

This Fanny Pack Stays Put While Running and Holds a Water Bottle

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Walking and running is thirsty work! I’ve been known to carry a water bottle in my hand on a neighborhood jog, but this Fanny Pack is far superior. In addition to holding a water bottle, it includes a roomy zippered compartment, a smaller inner compartment, and comfortable straps that velcro shut.

This Portable Ab Roller Is Compact Enough to Fit in Your Suitcase

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Being out of town is no longer an excuse for skipping exercise. This Portable Ab Roller is an ingenious device that gives you a solid workout anywhere with enough floor space. The handle rotates to line up with the wheels for storage, so it takes up very little space in your bag.

These Cork Massage Balls Are Ultra-Lightweight and Eco-Friendly

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These new Cork Massage Balls have been featured in a bunch of magazines and are starting to rack up rave reviews. Not only are they made from renewable, sustainably harvested cork, but they also provide a soothing massage or stretch to tired muscles.

This Rollga Foam Roller Was Recommended by Runner’s World Magazine

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Is it just me, or do most muscle rollers look like pool noodles? I’m impressed by the updated design of this Rollga Foam Roller, which has a contoured shape to target muscles while steering clear of bones and tendons.

These Après Protein Shakes That Customers Call “Refreshing”

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Adding more protein to your day doesn’t get easier or more delicious than this! These Après Protein Shakes have plant-based proteins, electrolytes, and natural sugars for a delicious, nutritious drink. Customers report that they are tastier and more refreshing than other protein drinks.

Track Your Inches With This Body Measure Tape

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If you’re measuring your fitness journey by the numbers, don’t just count calories and pounds. Pick up this Body Measure Tape and start tracking your inches as well. Encourage yourself with proof of your waist shrinking and biceps growing!

This Backpod Makes Up for Hours Hunched Over Your Computer

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I don’t know about you, but I’m hunched over a keyboard right now, and my back is stiff and tight. I need to stretch, and I wish I had this Backpod to help! Customers report that spending a few minutes lying on the pod daily results in less pain and better posture.

This Core Max Gives You a Complete Workout, Then Folds Up for Storage

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This might be the perfect solution for someone who hates exercising. The Core Max takes up very little space and only needs 8 minutes for a full-body workout. Includes instructions, plus there are videos online you can watch to learn how to get the most of the Core Max training system.

These Halloween Leggings Will Inspire Your Fall Workouts

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I just ordered a pair of Halloween Leggings, and I can’t wait to wear them all season long for my walks and gym classes. They come in sizes small-3X, and there are a bunch of different prints to choose from.

This Funny Workout T-Shirt Measures Your Sweat

Just how effective is that workout? Measure it in sweat! This cotton-jersey blend T-Shirt includes sweat levels from “warming up” to “tell my family that I loved them.” Guaranteed to inspire a smile during even the most grueling exercise.

This Smart Jump Rope Tracks Your Skips With an App

Jumping rope is an incredibly effective method for improving cardio and agility, and this Smart Jump Rope game-ifies the process and makes it a lot more interesting! Track your skip time, total skip number, calories burned, and tangles.

This Is the Highest Rated Percussion Massager Under $50

My husband has been going to physical therapy for a few issues, and the first thing the therapist recommended was that he invest in a Percussion Massager. These things can get pricey, so I’m glad we found this affordable version, which has earned over 38,000 ratings from Amazon customers.

This Wall Rack Organizes Yoga Mats and Rollers

Whether your home gym is in a dedicated room or just a corner, this Wall Rack will help you make the most of your space and keep equipment neat and organized. Made of chrome, the rack comes with metal anchors, steel screws, a mini level tool, and instructions for safe installation.

This Sports Bra Is Easier to Get On and Off

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Wrestling with a sports bra is not my idea of a good time. Those things are tight, and sometimes my shoulders don’t want to cooperate. Workouts are a lot more comfortable with this Zippered Sports Bra that slips on over the arms and zips in the front.

This Twisted Shot Packs an All-Natural Daily Dose for Health and Wellness

These Twisted Shots seem like an easy, user-friendly way to give this health trend a try! Each 2-ounce shot contains apple cider vinegar along with turmeric, ginger, honey, cinnamon, and cayenne. A daily dose leads to improved immunity, digestion, and a more stable blood sugar level.

These Kettlebells by Amazon Basics Are an Affordable Addition to Your Home Gym

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I’d like to brag about my home gym, but the truth is it’s just a corner of my bedroom with a yoga mat and dumbbells. Maybe it’s time to kick it up a notch by adding these Kettlebells. They come in a range of weight from 10 to 60 pounds, color-coded to make them stand out.

This Is the Highest Rated Personal Steam Sauna at This Price Point

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I saw these wacky-looking home saunas pop up in internet ads, but every time I clicked, the prices scared me off. Then I found this Personal Steam Sauna, which costs around a hundred bucks–and believe me, that’s a good price for these babies! Includes tent, chair, steamer unit, and hand-held control.

This 6-Piece Aqua Fitness Set for Joint-Friendly Pool Workouts

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If you have access to a pool (lucky you!), make the most of your time in the water with this 6-Piece Aqua Fitness Set. Exercising in water reduces strain on joints and improves muscle tone thanks to the water’s gentle resistance. Set includes swim belt, gloves, and barbells.

These Adjustable Dumbbells Includes Weight Bars You Can Add or Remove

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Save money and storage space with these Adjustable Dumbbells! Instead of multiple dumbbells with graduated weights, this set includes weight bars that you can slide in or remove from the dumbbells depending on your needs.

Satisfy Cravings With These Pumpkin Pie Protein Bars

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Autumn is in the air, temperatures are dropping, and pumpkin spice treats are everywhere. Instead of ruining my food log with a sugary drink, I’m satisfying my craving for pumpkin spice with these Pumpkin Pie Protein Bars. Each bar packs 20 grams of protein and just one gram of sugar.

This Mini Stepper With Resistance Bands Gives a Full-Body Workout

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No matter how small your home is, you definitely have room for this Mini Stepper With Resistance Bands. It measures just 16 by 12 by 13.5 inches and packs a lot of fitness potential into that small package. The smooth stepping motion provides cardio, while the resistance bands tone core, chest, back, and shoulders.

This Nooty Almond Butter for Delicious Sports Nutrition

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Long runs, hikes, and rides require efficient refueling. These Nooty Almond Butter packets are an easy and tasty way to get protein and carbs into your body fast. The variety pack includes chocolate, coffee, and hazelnut flavors.

These Push-Up Handles Enable Deeper Push-Ups and Encourage Good Form

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Personally, I avoid push-ups because they’re hard and they hurt. But my research suggests a lot of serious home exercisers really like these Push-Up Handles, which enable deeper push-ups and keep the body in the proper form. If you’re gonna do them, do them right!

This Smart Water Bottle Tracks Your Intake and Reminds You to Hydrate

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There are smartwatches and smart bikes, so why not smart water bottles? This Smart Water Bottle by Hidrate Spark tracks water intake and syncs your progress to a free app via Bluetooth. The bottle also glows to remind you to drink more (and to help you find it in the dark).

This Massage Roller Ball Can Be Heated or Chilled

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Enjoy the soothing relief of heat or the anti-inflammatory benefits of ice, depending on what your body needs. Both are possible with this Massage Roller Ball, which features a stainless steel ball filled with temperature-retaining gel.

This Enhanced Drinking Water Tastes Good, Feels Good

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I love that I can order bottled water from Amazon when I need it, and this 12-pack of Enhanced Drinking Water is a great choice. The water is purified in nine stages, has zero additives, and provides the perfect level of electrolytes to keep you feeling good.

This Balance Board for Increased Coordination and Core Strength

Pop this Balance Board in front of the TV and use it daily to increase core strength, practice balance, and improve motor coordination. Access the free online workout guide for ideas on getting the most out of it. Fun for kids, too!

This Bestselling Weight Bench Is an Amazon Customer Favorite

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Compact yet sturdy, this affordable Weight Bench earns top ratings from Amazon customers. The bench measures 43 inches long and features a steel frame for stability and safety. Customers report that it’s easy to assemble.

This Agility Ladder Is an Exciting Challenge for Speed and Coordination

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This Agility Ladder adds another facet to your workout routine to keep things fresh and challenging. Spread it out on the ground and do speed drills between the rungs–there are lots of training videos online to show you how to get the most out of it. Low-cost and easy to store in the included carrying bag.

These Fitness Equipment Wipes Are Infused With Eucalyptus and Peppermint

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Wipe away germs and sweat with these vinegar-based Fitness Equipment Wipes, specially formulated to be safe and effective on yoga mats, Peloton, treadmills, and other machines. Customers report that they smell fresh thanks to the lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils.

Get Outside and Kick Around This Soccer Ball

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If your exercise routine needs shaking up, head outside and have fun kicking around a ball with your kids, friends, dog, or whoever else you can convince to try it. This Soccer Ball comes in two sizes (4 for kids or 5 for adults) and arrives deflated (you’ll need your own air pump and needle).