37 Amazon Gadgets That Will Make You Think “Wow, That’s Awesome”

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How often have you come across an Amazon gadget that makes you think, “Wow, that’s awesome!” Probably…many times. But have you encountered 37 awesome gadgets all in one list? Maybe not. We’ve combed through the listings of Amazon and narrowed down a selection of 37 gadgets that anyone will think are awesome.

These gadgets are efficient, effective, and practical to use on a day-to-day basis. These aren’t novelty products that you’ll only pull out of the closet once every blue moon — these 37 awesome gadgets are designed to optimize and upgrade your lifestyle on the daily. You won’t be disappointed. From state-of-the-art digital air-fryers to versatile bed comforters, this list features handy and innovative products that can be summed up with a single word: Awesome!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Cook Your Food to Perfection With This 3.6 Quart Air Fryer

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If you haven’t taken the plunge and purchased an air fryer for your kitchen yet, we’ll, it’s safe to say you simply haven’t lived. Air fryers are the future of crisping, baking, and popping your favorite foods without the hassle of a big oven or the greasiness of a deep fryer. Kick up your culinary skills a notch with this digital 3.6-quart air fryer that is simply…awesome!

Say Goodbye To Lint With This Vent Cleaner Attachment

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This dryer vent cleaner kit removes years of built-up lint using the power of your existing vacuum cleaner. You simply attach the lint cleaning attachment to your vacuum and let the vent kit do its job. Kiss your lint-roller goodbye with this practical home gadget that anybody could use in their arsenal. Pretty awesome, right?

Bag Up Clothes And Gear For Easy Seasonal Storage

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This two-pack of extra-large moving bags is ideal for everything from off-season clothes storage to moving gear from one location to another. One frequent mover (and reviewer) offered this: “I have moved so many times, so have had to use a lot of bags and boxes. I honestly can say that these bags are by far the best and strongest bags I’ve used so far. They are so big and contain so much. I’m really really pleased that I bought them.”

Multi-Purpose Garlic Press Rocker Can Tenderize Meat Too

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Some chefs love peeling and pressing garlic. But for most? It’s a chore. Chopping garlic makes a mess and you can never get the garlic uniformed and consistent. Buy this stainless steel garlic press and eliminate this prep task from your kitchen to-do list and get perfectly minced and chopped garlic every time. Featuring an ergonomically friendly handle that uses your natural body weight to crush the garlic. The perfect upgrade for your kitchen countertop. Stick this baby in your cart ASAP!

Ensure You Cook Your Meat Thoroughly With This Masher

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This meat mash tool has five beveled pinwheel blades that make it easy to mash your ground beef into small pieces for easy browning action. It also works for stirring batter, mashing potatoes and more culinary creations. Grab this one for less than $10, put your meat through your own personal grinder, and declare “Wow! That’s awesome!”.

Baste Your BBQ On The Go With The Cuisinart Sauce Pot

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Made from durable stainless steel, the Cuisinart saucepot is a portable and handy way to sauce up your favorite dishes in one compact pot. The sauce pot features an integrated brush-lid design that prevents your sauces from spilling while also giving you the ability to baste at your convenience. Holds up to 16 ounces of awesome sauce!

Oversized All Season Comforter is Ideal for Every Bedroom


Amazon has perfect comforter: it won’t overheat you in the summer and is beyond cozy in the winter. This down-alternative construction is machine washable and dryer-friendly, so it’s super easy to care for and keep looking new. Bonus feature: it’s oversized so if you’re sleeping with a partner.. no more fighting over the covers!

Eat Breakfast On-The-Go With This Portable Yogurt Container

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These to-go containers are perfect for anyone who struggles to eat breakfast before leaving for the day. Sometimes you’re just not hungry yet. Other times, you’re in a rush. But this 20-ounce container features a lid and an attached spoon – as well as separate compartments – to keep your cereal, granola, or fruit fresh until you’re ready to dive in at your convenience.

Find Your Way In The Dark With These Solar Fence Lights

  via Amazon  

Tired of stumbling around in the dark, gripping the guardrail or wall for guidance? Add these solar fence lights to your outdoor walkways and you can have weather-ready lights on your steps, walkways, fence, and more to keep your space lit up for al fresco evenings and night-owl shenanigans. So versatile, so awesome!

You’ll Never Want To Get Off This Hammock Chair

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Be honest with yourself: Is there anything more comfortable than a hammock chair? Imagine yourself basking in the soft embrace of this woven chair — especially with reviews like this one, “Bought this stand to go with my swing on my patio, and I love it! It’s sturdy, goes great with my decor, and can hold up my boyfriend and me (close to 282 pounds combined)!”

How Comfy Does This Couch Look?!

  via Amazon  

This outdoor couch from Amazon is the perfect addition to your backyard or patio space, and immediately turns an average patio into a must-have event setting. Sturdy, long-lasting, comfortable and stylish, this couch is an awesome way to unwind at the end of the day and enjoy the serenity of nature. Straightforward assembly, easy-to-assemble, and affordable too!

Beauty Vitamins For Hair, Skin And Nails

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Looking for just the right supplement that contains biotin, collagen, and keratin in one pill? You read that right. ONE pill. Who wants to have to take multiple pills? Nobody. This 60- or 150-count option has your beauty in mind vitamins and minerals that can increase skin radiance and improve nail health. Do something good for your body with just two capsules a day!

Keep Food Fresh for Longer With A Handheld Vacuum Sealer

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Save money and time — all while extending your food’s longevity and freshness. The food bag heat sealing machine can help you store leftover food, snacks, fruits, and more so you can avoid waste and maintain freshness. Your kitchen is begging for one of these handy gadgets! Truly an awesome product that will keep your food from going stale.

Cuddle Up In These Luxurious Microfiber Sheets

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If you want luxe sheets without the eye-watering price tag, go for these microfiber beauties with a rabid fan following. “Love these sheets! I wash my sheets every week so I needed a sturdy set. I can honestly say these are a must-have! The ruffle was an added bonus, but even without the ruffle, I would buy again. They stay on the bed nicely and wash well.” – Grace Paxton

Keep Drinks Cold for Hours With This Insulated Water Bottle

  via Amazon  

If you’re still drinking out of plastic water bottles, this is your chance to finally upgrade to one of these insulated ones. Not only can they keep drinks cold for hours, but they’re also made from tough stainless steel. So go ahead and drop it — there’s virtually zero chance of it breaking.

Looks Like A Regular Disposable Water Bottle But It’s Not

  via Amazon  

Like the size and functionality of a disposable water bottle, but you want to cut down on waste? These small water bottles are sized just like disposable ones. Each one is made from BPA-free Tritan plastic — and unlike regular disposables, they also feature a silicone band around the middle to maintain a firm grip.

Keep Your Drains Hair Free With The SinkShroom

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Tired of sticking your hand in the drain to remove unwanted hair trimmings? With the ShrinkShroom, you can prevent clogged drains before they happen. It collects the hair and debris before it can get stuck, so your drains are constantly clear and running. This is a great tool for any guy who turns their shower into a barbershop on occasion.you can prevent clogs before they even happen. It collects the hair and debris before it can get stuck, so your drains are constantly clear.

Rechargeable Electric Lighters Are Safer Than Matches

  via Amazon  

Rechargeable electric lighters are much safer and more convenient than matches. They’re easy to charge via USB, and there’s no chance of burning your fingers when the flame gets too high on the match! Use these for lighting candles around the house or anything else you need to safely spark up.

Keep Your Home Bug-Free With This Bug Zapper

I can’t go outside without getting at least 10 mosquito bites — no exaggeration. If mosquitos are also in love with your blood, show them who’s boss with this powerful bug zapper. It’s powerful yet also quiet, so you can enjoy your outside time and know those pesky bugs won’t be bothering you. ZAP!

Organize Those Bottles With This Stylish Shower Caddy

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Let’s face it: Most shower caddies are utilitarian in nature and not overly aesthetically pleasing. This shower caddy basket, however, is both. The tiered design gives you plenty of room for all your lotions and potions (it holds up to 20 pounds worth) and the included hooks are great for loofahs, razors, brushes, and more. This would also be a stylish addition to a kitchen for spices and utensils.

Angry Orange Bathroom Spray Gets the Stink Out

The Angry Orange Bathroom Air Freshener is a long-lasting essential oil spray that keeps your bathroom smelling like citrus and cinnamon — no matter what you do in there. Eliminate lingering odors with the simple spray applicator and impress everyone with how good your bathroom smells. Then everyone else will say, “Wow! This bathroom is awesome!”

Need A Towel That Dries Super Fast? This Is The One

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No one likes soggy towels. Nobody. Whether you’re at the beach, lake, or poolside. Do yourself a favor and snag this popular microfiber beach towel that dries in a flash. It comes in a few festive striped colors and has over 1,000 rave reviews.

Memory Foam Pillows Are The Answer To A Good Night’s Sleep

  via Amazon  

Do you get hot when you’re asleep? If so, you might think memory foam pillows are a no-go. However, with this innovative design filled with shredded memory foam and covered with a fabric that’s meant to keep you cooler, this one is a definite yes. It’s got nearly 10,000 stellar reviews to back it up, too!

Silky Smooth and Comfortable Satin Sheets


Nothing says fancy like sleeping on silk satin sheets. Just crawling into a bed with these buttery-soft sheets is an experience unto itself, one usually reserved for the ultra-wealthy or royalty. These are made of 400 thread count in sizes from twin-to-king and each set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and pillowcases. You don’t have to stay in a luxury hotel to have a luxury sleep experience!

Data Storage on The Run With This External Hard Drive

  via Amazon  

Expand the memory of your laptop or desktop computer with this External Hard Drive, which provides 1TB of storage in a compact design that literally fits in the palm of your hand. Works with both Windows and Mac, with easy drag-and-drop storage. Includes a 1-year limited warranty and 1-year rescue data recovery services!

Your Own Personal Wrapping Station

  via Amazon  

If you’re short on kitchen space, you’re going to love this WRAPdock, a genius invention that stores and dispenses wrap directly from the drawer. This guy holds two rolls of whatever type of wrap you have, from aluminum foil to plastic wrap to wax paper. Just load it and then remind yourself what an amazing shopper you are to have found this deal.

Microfibre Pad Wet Mop Can Clean All Types of Household Floors

  via Amazon  

Do your floors a favor and give your floors the once-over with this wet mop. These guys are handy for cleaning all types of floors, from wood to tile to stone to linoleum! Plus, this mop includes four reusable microfiber mop cloths so you’ll cut down on the waste and expense of the disposable ones.

Defrost Frozen Food Quickly And Safely With This Defrosting Tray

  via Amazon  

There’s nothing worse than wanting steak for dinner only to realize that your sirloin is still sitting in your freezer. If you find yourself in this predicament often, you’re in luck. This defrosting tray thaws fish, meat, and poultry ten times faster than room temperature!. All you have to do is put the tray on your kitchen counter and place the frozen meat of your choice on top, and voila! Within 30 to 60 minutes, your food will be ready to cook.

Magnetic Multipurpose Clips Come In Super Handy for the Fridge

This set of seven magnetic clips have so many uses, from sealing chips to holding artwork or wedding invitations on the refrigerator. This reviewer likes them best for sealing snacks: “These work great on all bag sizes. I was worried they wouldn’t work as well on large chip bags but they work great. Would definitely recommend!”

Stylish Tote That Can Store Your Food Hot Or Cold


This portable lunch organizer is large enough to fit more than just your lunch — you can pack enough for the whole gang! Featuring an insulated liner that keeps your food hot or cold for up to six hours. The pockets on the outside are pretty handy, too. All in all, this product takes the lunch box to an entirely new level.

Save On Costly Spray Cans and Get This Refillable Oil Sprayer

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Combine the ease of spraying a Windex bottle with your favorite olive oils and leave behind the aerosol cooking sprays. Health begins and ends in the kitchen. Exercise greater control of your cooking oils with this laser-focused spray bottle. This oil sprayer bottle can be loaded with different condiments, such as olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, wine, soy sauce, and more. Easy to clean, easy to spray — this baby is just easy to buy! And the best part you don’t have to shell out for expensive cans of oil spray.

Protect Your Sofa With This Microfiber Slip Cover

  via Amazon  

No money for new furniture? No problem. These reversible microfiber slipcovers will extend the life of your sofa as you attempt to protect it for kids, dogs, and whoever else you invite over. Reviewers rave about this option, saying things like “does not bunch up,” “stays in place” and “great fit.” Another said she ordered three and this was the best of the bunch. It’s also a great buy at just $29.

Ye Slides That Won’t Break The Bank

  via Amazon  

Can someone explain why anyone would pay over $200 for Yeezy slides when slides like these exist? The ergonomic design fits your foot’s curve perfectly, while the thickened, soft sole makes them comfortable to wear anywhere. One Amazon user even compares them to walking on marshmallows. And since this look is so popular right now, you can wear them in public for ultimate comfort.

Magnifying Glasses With a Light So You Can See Clearly

With these magnifying glasses, you can actually see what’s in front of you without needing a prescription! Read fine print, sew a button back on, repair broken glasses–no matter what you choose to do with them, you’ll be amazed at how well you can see!

Outdoor Patio Misters Make Spending Time Outside More Enjoyable

This stand mister is a game-changer for anyone looking to cool off without setting up any crazy equipment. Connect it to your hose and prepare for a mist that will keep you cool as a cucumber when enjoying the outdoors. There are even small ones for when you want to set up the kids for play time.

Don’t Battle The Outdoors Without This UPF30+ Utility Shirt

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This men’s outdoor recreation shirt is specifically designed for comfort and function — it protects your skin from harmful UVA rays. So, whether you’re fishing or out on the water, this will keep your skin protected from UVA rays and help you thrive rugged environments. Not to mention, it’s a stylish look!

Kick Your Shower Pressure Up a Notch

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Whether you’re renting your home or own it outright, one upgrade you can afford to make is your shower head — specifically, this six-function shower head. This shower head has 39 nozzles and six sprayer functions including “rain,” “massage” and “water-saving.” Reviews on this product range from “changed my shower game” to “cheap price but not cheap on features.”