37 Amazon Home Items That Are So Good You’ll Be Glad You Can Get Them Delivered

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We all need home items, whether that’s dishcloths, bedding, or decorative accessories to create a cozy ambiance. And despite there being an endless supply of stores selling these items, my secret is that I buy everything from Amazon to get the best deal and great quality products. That way I can see what has positive ratings from other customers before I try something out. To give you some insight into my favorite Amazon home items, I’ve put together a list of 37 of my go-to products.

You’ll find everything you need here to make your life a little easier and more comfortable when you’re at home. And you don’t just have to take my word for it – all of these items have had great reviews and star ratings from other satisfied customers too. So, all you need to do is check out the products below and get them delivered straight to your home.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Swedish Dish Cloths Are Super Absorbent and Quick Drying


If you’ve been looking for a premium dishcloth for your kitchen, then here it is. Not only are these Swedish dish cloths super absorbent and quick-drying, but they’re also biodegradable, so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet.

They’re perfect for wiping down any surface and you can wash them in the washing machine, so they’ll last for a very long time.

These Luxurious Bed Pillows Are Cooling as You Sleep


I’ll let you in on a little secret. The reason I sleep so well at night is due to these luxury gel pillows, which are the ultimate in comfort. They’re made of breathable cooling fabrics.

So, if you’re prone to overheating or sweating at night, these pillows will offer relief, while ensuring a super comfortable rest.

These Velvet Hangers Will Transform Your Closet


Velvet hangers are my go-to for making sure my clothes don’t end up on the closet floor. The velvet is soft enough to not cause any damage on delicate fabrics while creating enough grip to keep them firmly hung.

So, whether you’re hanging coats, jackets, pants, or dresses, these durable hangers will hold up to 10lbs of weight.

These Oil and Vinegar Dispensers Have Superior Pouring Spouts


The right kind of pouring spout can make all the difference for serving oil and vinegar. A bad pouring spout means oil is left dripping down the side of the bottle and often leaves stains on the table.

So, I highly recommend these glass oil and vinegar dispensers. Not only are they great for a quick, clean pour, but they also open wide to easily refill.

This Food Grade Mineral Oil Preserves Your Cutting Boards


A lot of my friends didn’t seem to know that you have to apply oil on your wooden cutting boards and countertops to maintain the integrity of the wood. And this food grade mineral oil is my go-to for hydrating and sealing the wood – which prevents cracking and drying.

Don’t just take my word for it, this product has also become a best seller on Amazon.

This Bath Pillow Creates a Luxury Headrest for The Bath


If you love to take a long hot bath to relax, then you need this bath pillow. It’s the ultimate luxury headrest, so you can lay back and completely submit to the bath.

Just one word of warning though, this headrest is so comfortable that you need to be careful you don’t fall asleep!

These Heavy-Duty Metal Hangers Hold Skirts Securely


If you’re looking for some heavy-duty metal hangers to hold your pants and skirts securely in your closet then look no further. These metal hangers come in a pack of 20 and won’t let you down.

Plus, you can multi-stack the hangers to save space and declutter your closet. And the chrome-plated clips have a rubber coating so they gently hold delicate fabrics.

This Magnetic Phone Mount Rotates 360 Degrees


When I was looking for a phone mount for my car, I chose this magnetic mount that rotates 360 degrees. It’s compatible with iPhones and Androids and I’ve been recommending it to my friends ever since I started using it.

The 360-degree swivel design is awesome because whether you’re talking, navigating, or playing music, it gives you the best angle that you need.

This Under-Bed Shoe Organizer Is Storage Heaven


If you’re looking for a bit of extra closet space, I highly recommend using this under-bed shoe organizer to clear up some room. Each container fits 12 pairs of shoes, so you can store your summer shoes over winter and vice versa and hide them under your bed.

The containers will keep your shoes dust-free and fresh while being easy to find when you need to bring them back out to wear.

These Foam Paint Brushes Are Perfect For DIY


Whether you’re getting stuck into some DIY painting at home or creating some artwork, these foam paint brushes won’t let you down.

They come in a value pack of 50 for a great price on Amazon and have had such great ratings that they’ve been ranked an Amazon’s Choice product.

This Coffee Canister Will Keep Your Beans Fresh


If you’re a caffeine addict like me and are looking for a new way to keep your beans fresh, then I highly recommend this canister. It’s airtight, so your coffee will stay extremely fresh while being protected in a very durable container.

Plus, it even comes with a magnetic scoop, so you won’t lose your serving spoon.

This Blanket Storage Bag Keeps Dust and Pests Out


From my experience, the best way to give your blankets a long life is to store them securely during the months you don’t use them. And this blanket storage bag, which can also be used for bed linen, keeps dust and pests out.

The bag also allows air to circulate for freshness while you store it under your bed or in a closet.

This Paint Brush Set Works with Acrylic, Oil or Watercolors


Whether you’re an amateur painter or a professional artist, this all-purpose paint brush set will have everything you need. It includes 25 types of brushes that work with acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints.

Nylon, bristle, sponge, and even camel hair brushes are included in this set, so whatever stroke you’re looking for, you’ll find it in this kit.

This Kids Air Mattress Is Portable for Traveling


Whether you’re camping with your kids or they have friends staying over for a sleepover, this kids’ air mattress will be what you need. It’s extremely practical, easy to inflate, and comfortable to sleep on.

Plus, it’s puncture-resistant so you don’t have to worry about your kids tearing a hole.

This Shoe Organizer Fits Perfectly Inside a Closet Door


If you love organizing your closet as much as I do, then you’ll love this shoe organizer that lets you hang your heels perfectly inside a door. So, you can either hand them inside your closet or against the back of another door in your home.

Not only does it save you space, but it makes it super easy to find the shoes you’re looking for because they’re at eye level vertically.

This Puncture-Resistant Mattress Bag for Moving or Storage


Whether you’re moving home, or you need to store away a mattress, this puncture-resistant mattress bag will keep it safe. It won’t tear, so you can be sure your mattress will stay dry, dust-free, and pest-free while you move or use it for storage.

Plus, this bag is a bargain on Amazon.

This Knee Pillow Makes Sleeping on Your Side Comfortable


For anyone who sleeps on their side as I do, they know that it’s always more comfortable to have a cushion between the knees. And this knee pillow is my go-to.

It is contoured with memory foam, which creates a therapeutic position as you sleep or rest. It also helps ease back, leg, knee, or ankle pain by reducing pressure on your joints.

This Purse Organizer Stores Bags with Easy Access


This purse bag with pockets has been the key to my newly organized closet. It stores handbags and purses neatly while making them easily accessible when you’re choosing which one to accompany your outfit.

I love it so much that I’ve also bought some for friends as gifts and they’ve all been super happy with it.

This Memory Foam Pillow Suits Stomach Sleepers


If you like to sleep on a slim pillow, then this shredded memory foam one is for you. It’s great for people who sleep on their stomachs and also has cooling technology to stop you from sweating.

One of its secrets is the bamboo viscose fabric that provides plenty of air circulation.

This French Press Makes Perfect Coffee Every Time


I’m a big coffee drinker and this French Press makes the perfect brew every time. The stainless steel coffee maker is great for your kitchen but also is easy to travel with if you’re camping.

I also keep one at my desk at work, so it saves on money that I would have spent at a café during the day.

This Travel Map Poster Shows Documents Your Trips


This awesome travel map of the United States is coated with gold ink that you can scratch off with your fingernail. So, you can scratch off all the states that you’ve traveled to and keep track of where you need to visit next to tick off all 50.

It’s a great gift idea for friends and family who love traveling too.

This Double Oven Mitt Is a Kitchen Must-Have


I used to always burn my hands in the kitchen until I started using this double oven mitt. I used to use a kitchen towel to handle hot dishes but won’t make that mistake again.

This oven mitt has heat-resistant silicone on one side and a cozy terrycloth lining inside, so you’re protected while cooking and baking.

These Canvas Panels Will Bring Out Your Inner Artist


If you’ve been inspired to let out your inner artist, these canvas panels will let you explore that creative urge. This value pack includes 12 panels, so you can start painting with plenty of backup options.

They’re made from 100% cotton duck canvas and are suitable for oils, acrylics, and tempera paints.

This Waterproof Table Pad Will Protect Your Furniture


No one can avoid spills from time to time on the dining or kitchen table, but this waterproof table pad will add a layer of protection.

It’s made from a blend of materials that lasts longer than other table covers and it’s also heatproof to protect from hot dishes.

This Bamboo Mattress Pad Regulates Body Temperatures


Not only is this bamboo mattress pad super comfortable and regulates your body temperature while sleeping, but it also protects your mattress from stains and various other wear and tear.

It’s also super easy to clean in the washing machine, while your mattress stays fresh and protected underneath.

This Bartender Kit Has All Your Party Needs


If you like hosting friends over for a cocktail or two then you need this bartender kit. It has everything you need for a night of mixology, including a martini shaker, jigger, strainer, bar mixer spoon, tongs, and a bottle opener.

Now all you need to do is to call up your friends and invite them over.

This Lemon Squeezer Is a Basic Essential


This lemon squeezer is a simple, yet essential item to have in your kitchen. Whether you’re making a lemon drink or adding lemon juice to sauces or baking, this gadget will do the trick.

It also has an anti-slip hand press and measuring cup to make baking a little bit easier.

This Italian Glass Pitcher Keeps Carbonated Drinks Fresh


I love hydrating with carbonated water and sparkling drinks, so I always make sure to keep them fresh in this Italian glass pitcher. It is airtight with a seal and metal clamp and is super easy to clean in the dishwasher.

This durable glass pitcher will exceed your expectations.

These Sketch Books Are Great for Drawing and Brainstorming


Creative people who love drawing and brainstorming will love these sketchbooks that come in a pack of six. I highly recommend these for putting your ideas on paper and they’re also great for kids and students too.

So, whatever your age, sketching, and drawing is always a great idea for creativity.

These Unscented Candles Are the Perfect Home Decoration


Scented candles are great when you want an aroma, but these unscented candles are perfect for everyday decoration that won’t overpower your home with a scent.

They are handmade in Europe using high-quality wax and each purchase goes towards a good cause. Because with every candle bought, some of that cost goes towards supporting foster families and orphans in Eastern Europe.

This Set of Three Pillar Candles Create Ambiance


This set of three pillar candles will decorate any occasion, from weddings to church ceremonies, and also look great in restaurants and homes.

They are unscented, so they’ll add a bit of ambiance without adding an extra scent. And they’re also super handy if you end up having a power outage.

This Neck Cushion Is Ideal for Traveling or Home


Whether you’re traveling, driving, or working from home, I highly recommend this ergonomic neck cushion. The crescent-shaped cushion fits comfortably around your neck and also has a cooling layer of gel inside.

If you’ve got a long-haul flight coming up, this is the perfect accessory to travel in comfort.

These Air Purifier Filters Reduce Dust in Your Main Filter


It’s important to change your air purifier filters regularly to make sure they’re working efficiently to reduce dust and particles getting in your main filter.

And I highly recommend these carbon pre-filters to keep your home or office smelling fresh. They come in a pack of four and are specially cut for easy installation.

These Industrial Shelf Liners Prevent Inventory Falling Off


If you’re holding inventory or personal items in your garage on shelves, these shelf liners are a necessity to prevent those products from falling off. They prevent tipping and spillage while allowing light to pass through the shelves.

The waterproof plastic material is also resistant to tears and damage.

This Self-Inflating Mattress Is a Portable Baby Playpen


This organic bamboo self-inflating mattress is ideal for babies and young kids to play on. You can take the mattress outside and feel assured that your children are playing on a hygienic and hypoallergenic surface.

And it’s also made of environmentally-friendly material.

This Chair Cushion Is Perfect for The Home Office


It’s important to be comfortable while working and this chair cushion for your home office is the ultimate in comfort. Plus, it’s padded for hip and lower back pain relief.

You won’t find a better deal than this one on Amazon.

This Camping Quilt Is Also Great for Visiting Family Guests


Whether you’re camping, or have family and friends visiting, this quilt is the ideal blanket to keep warm in. It’s so versatile and durable that you can take it almost anywhere.

And it’s so popular online that it’s become an Amazon’s Choice product.