37 Amazon Home Items We Didn’t Think We Needed Until We Had Them

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From bedding to kitchenware, we all need home items for everyday life and sometimes we find products that we didn’t even know we needed. I’m all for making life a little easier, and more stylish, so I’ve compiled a list of 37 home items I didn’t know I needed until I had them. All of these products are from Amazon and have had awesome reviews – so you don’t just need to take my word for it.

From textured silicone oven mitts that will save your hands from burning to this bamboo wedge pillow that will help alleviate discomfort in your body. I’m sure you’ll love these items as much as I do. And a bunch of these products are also great for gifts, so if you’re looking for gift ideas for loved ones, I recommend you check these out. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with any of these great home items!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Bed Skirt Adds Some Extra Flair to Your Bedroom


A bed skirt is the perfect way to finish off your bedroom décor and adds a little bit of flair to an otherwise ordinary bed. I love this particular bed skirt from Amazon because it’s wrinkle-free and fade-resistant, so it’s made to last.

And don’t just take my word for it, it’s also had great ratings online.

This Textured Silicone Oven Mitts Set Won’t Slip


The kitchen is one of the most accident-prone rooms in the house – well, it is at my place anyway. I’m always getting little cuts and burns from cooking. But since I started using these silicone oven mitts and holders, I’ve been completely protected.

The textured grip means you’re less likely to drop a dish and they’re heat resistant to protect you from burns.

This Bamboo Wedge Pillow Alleviates Leg and Back Discomfort


If you’re prone to experiencing leg or back discomfort, then I highly recommend this bamboo wedge pillow. It has a 45-degree incline, so when you elevate your limbs, it encourages blood circulation and eases discomfort.

It’s also luxuriously soft and comfortable to take a nap on!

This Office Chair Cushion Is More Versatile Than You Think


I originally bought this chair cushion for my home office, but soon realized it’s also great for sitting on while I’m driving and even while sitting on my outdoor chairs.

It not only helps my posture while I’m working at my desk, but it stops me from sliding around as well because it has a non-slip bottom half.

These Bamboo Pillow Cases Give You a Sweat-Free Night


If you’re prone to sweating in the night like I am, I highly recommend these Bamboo viscose pillow cases. Not only are they softer than silk on your skin, but the natural material is moisture-wicking which keeps you sweat-free.

There are 11 colors to choose from, but I personally love the navy blue.

These Replacement Filters Keep Your Air Purifier at Its Best


Some people don’t realize that you have to replace your air purifier filters fairly regularly and these premium replacements are my recommendation. This pack includes four activated carbon filters so that your air purifier will be working in its best condition.

These filters capture dust, allergens, and pollen, so they’re great for anyone with allergies.

This Christmas Storage Bag Protects Your Artificial Tree


If you use an artificial Christmas tree each year, then you’ve got to invest in this large storage bag. And when I say invest, it’s not a lot because this product is super affordable. But it will keep your tree protected from dust, moisture, and insects.

So, your tree will be easy to find and will keep looking great each year that you pull it out.

This Memory Foam Pillow Is Adjustable to Be Soft or Firm


This memory foam pillow is awesome because you can adjust how soft or firm you want it. Once you decide your density preference, you simply unzip the cover and add more foam or take some out.

This pillow is so comfortable to sleep on that you’ll never want to get out of bed.

These Rubber Coated Hangers Will Stop Clothes Slipping Off


Don’t you hate going into your wardrobe and finding that your clothes have slipped off the hangers and are lying on the floor? Well, these rubber-coated hangers are anti-slip so that won’t happen anymore.

Plus, they’re super strong and durable, so they’ll last you a very long time.

This Waterproof Mattress Cover Protects Against Bacteria


If you want your bed mattress to last a long time, I highly recommend protecting it with this waterproof mattress cover. The breathable fabric is easily washed in the machine and it protects your mattress from sweat and spills.

Plus, it also protects you against bed bugs, dust mites, and bacteria!

These Wooden Hangers Will Organize Your Closet Like a Store


I’m a huge geek when it comes to organizing my closet and these wooden hangers are my go-to for pants and skirts. They have solid metal clips that make sure the garments don’t fall on the floor and the high-quality wood will last for years.

The chrome hooks are also anti-rust for durability.

This Gin Infusion Kit Creates an Artisan Spice Blend


If you or a loved one loves gin then this gin infusion kit is awesome to have at home or gift to a friend. It makes 5.9 cups of gin in four batches, by infusing flavors into the liquor.

The four botanical spice blends include pink gin, chocolate orange, tea party, and citrus burst. It’s a great way to entertain guests if you want to have a cocktail party at home.

This Under-Bed Storage Box Will Organize Your Home


If you love organizing as much as I do, then you’ll love this wrap organizer that fits up to 24 wrapping rolls. So, you can bulk buy gift wrapping paper and store it for years.

The box also comes with two extra pockets so you can also store your necessary tape and scissors.

These White Chalk Marker Pens Are Loved by Kids


These white chalk marker pens provide the ultimate creative expression for kids. They’re bright, bold, and white, so they also work wonders on menu boards, bistro boards, and for kids’ art and homework.

I even use them for marking dates on food containers, so I keep an eye on the expiry dates.

These Velvet Hangers Are Designed for Kids Clothing


These velvet hangers are specially designed for kids’ clothing and they’re super durable so they won’t be easily broken. The velvet exterior means clothing will hold without slipping off onto the floor.

And these small hangers also work wonders for women’s delicate items such as bras and camisoles.

These Microfiber Steam Mop Pads for Your Floor Steamer


If you have a floor steamer, then these microfiber mop heads will be the perfect replacement cover. They come in a pack of four and are washable, so they’ll last longer.

They work well on laminate, vinyl, tiles, marble, hardwood, or stone floors, so as long as you don’t have carpet, these are the mop pads for you.

This Microfiber Pillowcase Set Doesn’t Require Ironing


These microfiber pillowcases are awesome because you don’t need to iron them! The 100% microfiber fabric is so soft to touch and breathable on your skin as you sleep.

Not only are they wrinkle-free, but they’re also fade-resistant, so these pillowcases will be long-lasting.

This Air Purifier Removes Allergens from Your Home


If you don’t already have an air purifier, I highly recommend this elite pro series one. I didn’t know how awesome they were until I was at a friend’s house who had this same one and I straight away bought it on Amazon.

It removes allergens, smoke, dust, pet dander, and odors from the air and has had such great online ratings that it’s been named an Amazon’s Choice product.

This Weighted Blanket Is Cozy for Your Sofa and Bed


Did you know that weighted blankets can help you sleep better? I found that out after buying this heavy blanket, that’s 20lbs. The weight promotes relaxation and this blanket also controls your temperature at night.

This cozy throw comes in a variety of colors, but I particularly like the two-tone one that’s navy on one side and gray cotton on the reverse.

This Six-Piece Bedding Set Has All You Need


This six-piece bedding set is such a great deal. It comes with four pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet, so you’re all set to go.

The 1800 thread count microfiber is incredibly soft too, so you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a five-star hotel room.

This Reversible Comforter Is Great All-Year Round


I use this oversized reversible comforter all year round because the down-alternative fabric keeps me warm on cool nights and cool on warm nights. It’s also fade-proof and stain-resistant, so it’s built to last.

There are a bunch of colors to choose from but I love this one that’s burgundy on one side and gray on the other.

This Air Mattress Is the Ideal Spare Bed for Visitors


It’s always handy to have an air mattress at home when expected, or unexpected guests, come to stay. This twin air mattress is 13 inches in height, so it’s super comfortable to sleep on and very quick and easy to set up.

When you’re not having guests come to stay, it’s also a great mattress to take away camping.

This Light Therapy Lamp Regulates Your Mood


Did you know that the right kind of light can put you in a happier mood? This light therapy lamp is a UV-free LED happy mood lamp, which regulates your mood during seasonal sunlight changes.

It works by providing the right amount of LUX brightness, which also regulates sleep and alleviates the winter blues.

This Stainless Steel Water Bottle Keeps Drinks Hot and Cold


This triple-insulated stainless steel water bottle keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. It’s great for hiking or biking because of the easy-to-use flip-top lid and the wide cap to drink from.

And at this price, it’s such great value, which is one of the reasons it’s been ranked an Amazon’s Choice product.

These Square Glass Jars Are Great for Candy and Parties


I love organizing my kitchen pantry in a visually-pleasing way and these square glass jars do just that. They are also great to put out on display if you’re hosting a party or making DIY gifts for loved ones.

You can store anything in them, from spices to candy and they’ll look great every time.

This Vinyl Record Holder for Collectors


If you like an old-fashioned vinyl record, then this record holder is for you. It stacks up to 50 albums and this solid wood stand with clear acrylic ends will make your collection look awesome on your shelf.

The portable rack unit is also a great gift idea for anyone in your life who collects vinyl.

This Oversized Microfiber Towel Is Quick Drying and Cozy


A high-quality towel is hard to find, but this oversized microfiber quick dry towel won’t let you down. The lightweight fabric is surprisingly cozy and can be used in an array of ways.

Whether you’re at the beach or on a boat, or if you’re taking a relaxing bath at home, this is the towel you’ll want to wrap up in to dry off.

This Crochet Hooks Kit for Those Who Love Knitting


Knitting has become a trendy past-time once again, while also being a hobby loved by grandmothers, moms, and kids. And this crochet hooks kit will give you all the supplies you need for the job.

It comes with six yarn needles, as well as other crochet supplies that won’t let you down.

These Pot Holders Are The Ultimate in Cooking Protection


If you need a bit of extra protection in the kitchen, these potholders are essential. They are heat resistant due to the silicone strips on the outside while being super comfortable inside due to the terrycloth lining.

They come in a set of two and you can choose from a range of colors.

This Pirate Ship Wheel Is Perfect for Kids’ Playtime


If you’re looking for a new play accessory for your kids or nieces and nephews, then this pirate ship wheel won’t disappoint. They’ll have hours of fun when they’re playing in the backyard while pretending they’re on a ship.

It’s become so popular that it’s an Amazon’s Choice product and it comes in four different colors.

This Acrylic Paint Set for Amateur and Professional Artists


This paint set is such a hit that it’s a best seller on Amazon. Whether you’re an amateur painter or a professional artist, these acrylic paints are of great quality and give fantastic results.

So, whether you’re painting canvas, wood, or ceramics, these are set to deliver premium colors.

These Reusable Grocery Bags Are Heavy Duty for Big Shoppers


Grocery shopping bags are essential these days for the sustainable shopper and these reusable bags are my go-to. Not only are they lightweight and heavy-duty, but they’re also washable and foldable to easily store away.

These eco-friendly bags help you eliminate plastics in your life.

These Glass Fido Jars Will Organize Your Kitchen


Looking for a new way to store your pasta, cereal, and spices? Look no further, because these glass fido jars will store your dry foods and look great while doing it.

They’re also fabulous for fermenting products like sauerkraut, kombucha, and vegetables. And you can even use them in the bathroom for storing bath bombs or Q-tips!

This Heavy-Duty Packaging Tape Is Great for Shipping


Let’s face it, we live in the world of online shopping and shipping, so having some heavy-duty packaging tape at home is essential. And this scotch tape is my preference because it’s guaranteed to stay sealed.

So, when you’re packing boxes and packages and need to make sure they’re sealed – this is the product you need.

This Home Office Shredder Is Essential for Privacy


If you work from home like I do, then you need this home office shredder to get rid of private documents. Whether that’s old bank statements or sensitive work contracts, I highly recommend shredding them before you throw them out in the trash.

Making sure you don’t give away private information is one of the easiest ways to avoid scams.

These Kitchen Draw String Bags Are a Best Seller


Trash bags are essential in everyone’s kitchen and these are my favorite product. And I’m not alone because these drawstring bags are a best seller on Amazon.

The pack includes 120 bags that are 24 inches wide, by more than 27 inches tall, so you’ll have the capacity for all your trash and more!