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37 Amazon Home Products That Don’t Cost A Lot, But We Love

Upgrading your living space doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you’re just looking to spiff up your living room or add pizzazz to your bedroom, this list of 37 products will brighten up your home without burning a hole in your wallet. Who said that interior decorating needs to cost thousands of dollars?

From bamboo cheeseboards to birds of paradise fake plants, this eclectic list of home products offers a bounty of enviable goods — at a bargain. Readers swear by these simple solutions to complex design quandaries. Forget Restoration Hardware, you can get everything you need from Amazon! Great value goes a long way to ensuring customer satisfaction. Go ahead and browse this list of 37 home products that don’t cost a lot but we love nonetheless…

Editorial Note: We review everything independently. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission.

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Gorgeous Rose Diffuser

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Actual roses will gradually wilt — can you be trusted to change them out before anyone notices? If not, this diffuser version that always smells lovely is your best bet. The black cherry scent is refreshing without being overpowering, and it looks just as cute on your desk as it does on a shelf. No one will ever be able to tell how you get that perfect scent around your house.


This Cord Organizer Is Genius

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Ugly cords everywhere do not a beautiful house make. Try this cord organizer instead – simply thread your cords for various electronics through it, so they’re all bundled up instead of snaking all over the place. We have a similar one, and it’s made all the difference in how “tidy” things feel. Plus it makes it so much easier to locate the correct cord if you need to plug or unplug something.


The Stylish Wall Clock That’s Completely Silent

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Few things drive me nuts, like the tick-tick-tick from a clock, which is why I havethis oneon the wall in my office. Not only is it seriously cute — just look at those rose gold numbers and border — but it’s also completely silent. “It is truly a joy to look at,” raved one reviewer.

This Artificial Bird Of Paradise Will Make Your Room Feel Super Tropical

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If fiddle leaf figs aren’t your style, you might like this artificial bird of paradise instead. Birds of paradise remind me of tropical getaways like Hawaii, and what better way to decorate a space than to bring a little bit of paradise into your home? Artificial plants like this typically run over $150, yet this one is half that price!

Don’t Project On Me

There’s just something about watching a show or movie outside that makes it more fun than doing it indoors. Just think: Wouldn’t the kids love to watch their favorite characters while hanging out in the swimming pool? This mini-projector will do the trick. Once priced at several hundred dollars, mini-projectors like this one have dropped to being supremely affordable, making you the coolest parent on the block.

This Rug Is One Of The Easiest Ways To Add A Little Pizazz To Your Bathroom

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I’m under the belief that if there’s room for a rug, add one. I don’t know what it is about a piece of fabric that makes a house feel like a home, but they instantly pull a room together. This boho rug is ideal as a kitchen runner, a bathroom mat, or a welcome mat.

Immediately Dress Up Your Room With This Rug

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Rugs are arguably one of the most expensive home decor pieces (although I’m not sure why seeing as they’re just a giant piece of fabric on the floor). So anytime I can find a well-made rug for under $150, I’m a little shook. This Moroccan shag area rug is neutral enough for any room and adds a hint of boho aesthetic.

Display Your Kitchen Items, Pictures, Or Bathroom Goodies On These Floating Shelves

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I can’t get enough of floating shelves in kitchens. They are such an easy way to display mugs, dining ware, and cookbooks when you don’t have enough cabinet space. They’re also great to display pictures, knick-knacks, or random bathroom goodies.

These Bins That Clean Up Messy Closets

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Whether you’ve got blankets, sheets, or random clothes that are clogging up your closet, just throw ’em into these bins. The zippers keep everything inside from spilling out, while the reinforced handles on the sides make it easy to carry them around. Plus, they can even fold flat when not in use.

It’s Time To Make A Statement

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How cute?! I used to think alarm clocks were old school, ugly, clunky things and I never wanted one. But this clock, now this clock, will definitely be the statement piece of your nightstand. The best part? You can set your snooze button to a 60 minute snooze time. Don’t blame me if you’re late to work though.

This 8-Pack of Extra-Thick Cutting Boards Makes Meal Prep a Snap

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My meal prep always involves a lot of vegetable chopping, so good cutting boards are essential. This eight-pack of extra-thick cutting boards was a real find. You get four large and four small boards that are lightweight but sturdy and dishwasher safe. And they each have anti-slip textured backs.

It’s A Space Race

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I have a condition. It’s called “chronic over-packer-itis.” It doesn’t matter where I’m going or who I’m with, I promise you I’ll have more clothes than I need and definitely more shoes than I need once I get where I’m going. These storage bags make overpacking a thing of the past because they shrink your stuff, all without the use of a vacuum. This set includes eight bags — four large and four medium.

Scrub Tough Mildew With This Grout Brush

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​How often do you deep clean your grout? I’m going to go off a limb here and say it’s probably not often enough. Get in those deep cracks with this grout brush. The bristles maintain their shape even on the toughest jobs, and the angled design gives you optimal cleaning precision.

Find More Space In Your Closet With These Multi-Layer Hangers

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I never really know what to do with pants. Do they go in a dresser drawer? Do I have to find hangers for every pair of pants I own? It’s an impossible conundrum. Until now. These multi-layered hangers let you hang multiple pairs of pants vertically so that you can see each one. They’re easy to get to, they take up less space, and you don’t end up with wrinkles. Magic.

This Corn Peeler Earns Rave Reviews From Customers

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If you rarely cut corn off the cob, you probably don’t need this gadget. But if you frequently find yourself thinking there must be a better way to process fresh corn, this Corn Peeler is for you! Check out the user reviews for tips from customers who LOVE this product!

This Manual Whisk is Thumb-Powered

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This manual whisk couldn’t be easier to use – just press down on the handle with your thumb, and the whisk starts moving rapidly! It’s a great choice when you don’t want to break out the handheld or stand mixed for small jobs. Even my kid uses it when she’s making herself scrambled eggs for dinner!

The Perfect (S)Pot of Tea

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Tea lovers, rejoice! Not only is this glass teapot microwave-safe and minimalist in design, but it’s the perfect showpiece for the included blooming teas. What are blooming teas? I’m glad you asked. After you drop the tea pod in the pot and begin warming it, the pod “blooms,” presenting a beautiful flower inside the pot. It’s a stunning addition to any afternoon tea or tea party.

This Knife Sharpener Restores Dull, Crappy Blades to New Again

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Ever try to cut a tomato with a dull knife? It’s not fun — but neither is cutting anything else when your knives are crappy. Luckily, this knife sharpener can help restore old blades to their previous ultra-sharp state. It’s way cheaper than getting your knives professionally sharpened, and it’ll even work with ceramic blades, as well as scissors.

These Bins are Perfect for Organizing Your Fridge

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For some reason I am completely incapable of keeping my fridge organized — that’s why I bought these bins. They’re large enough to hold basically anything, including clunky jars, vegetables, or even eggs. And since each one features built-in handles, it’s easy to pull them in and out. No more combing through your fridge trying to find your perfect snack: it’s all right there.

Show Everyone Who’s The Wonder Woman

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You’re a superhero in the kitchen. I know it, you know it … and it’s time your family knows it, too. Your partner and your kids will get a kick out of your statement apron, this DC Comics’ Wonder Woman apron that shows everyone who’s boss. Made of 100 percent cotton and backed by black fabric, this apron is fully adjustable. Super-powered meals not included.

The ThawMax Safely Defrosts Meat in Half the Time

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We’ve all been there. You need to defrost meat for a recipe, but you don’t have time to leave it in the fridge overnight. Your choices are to microwave it (which ruins the meat), leave it out on the counter (which invites bacteria to grow). Your best choice is to use the ThawMax. One five-star review says, “I was pleasantly surprised at how well this tray works to defrost food quickly! So handy to have around the kitchen.”

This Omelet Maker Improves Mornings

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It’s a miracle if I can get the kids to eat a measly piece of toast or a granola bar for breakfast on school mornings, then I feel guilty that they’re not properly fueled to learn and play at school all day. They love omelets but it can be a pain to make plus dirties pans I don’t have time to clean in the morning rush. Enter this omelet maker that makes it so easy to whip up a nutritious meal, just add the ingredients and it basically makes breakfast itself!

Perfect Egg Sandwich In Minutes

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Here’s another egg-making superstar! This one is all about the size, which cranks out the ideal shape for, say, an English muffin breakfast sandwich. This cooking method requires no oil or butter, so it keeps it healthy as well. While your eggs are cooking, toast your muffins, add some Canadian bacon and cheese and then throw your perfectly round egg on top—breakfast goals.

These Picture Frames Make An Easy Gallery Wall

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Gallery walls can be tricky, but this set of picture frames gives you a ton of options. The 10-piece set comes with 8x10s, 5x7s, and 4x6s so you can organize and rearrange to your heart’s content. It even comes with the hanging hardware to get the stuff on the wall, so no excuses – wall decor is finally going to happen!

These Exfoliating Cloths Whisk Away Dead Skin

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I was having a problem with skin dullness from accumulating dead skin until I found these exfoliating cloths that work right in the shower. They’re a little scratchy but excellent at removing dry, dead skin from your body. It’s the perfect prep for self-tanning, too!

Prolong The Life Of Your Carpet And Furniture With This Carpet Cleaner

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Do you have kids who are constantly dragging dirt through the house? Maybe furry friends who love to roll around in the mud? If so, this carpet cleaner is for you. It’s safe for all types of fabrics and removes dirt, odors, and unwanted moisture to keep your house looking spotless.

This Body Pillow That’s Way Better Than Your Partner

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I don’t know about your significant other, but mine is really lumpy whenever I try to use him as a pillow — so snuggle with this body pillow instead. It’s ergonomically designed to contour to the shape of your body for extra comfort, while the high-density filling won’t fall flat over time.

Make Space For Coffee

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Many of today’s at-home coffee makers take cups or pods, which — uh, oh — take up a ton of extra space. Don’t store those coffee pods in a kitchen cabinet or pantry; get this storage drawer holder that sits neatly under your coffee machine. The tempered glass design is chic, and the pull-out drawer allows for easy access to coffee capsules, even when you barely have one eye open.

This Peel-And-Stick Backsplash That Packs A Punch

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Don’t shell out the big bucks to get your kitchen renovated — just slap this peel-and-stick backsplash up, and boom! Your kitchen instantly looks like it’s from 2021 instead of 1921. The tiles are moisture- and heat-resistant, while stains easily wipe off with a damp cloth. And since they’ll stick to all sorts of surfaces, installation is a total breeze.

I’m Your Biggest Fan

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I want to call every product on this list “my favorite,” but you wouldn’t believe me, would you? But this one is so, so close to one of the best things I’ve ever bought on Amazon. I’ve tried a lot of mini handheld fans (hey, I live in Florida, give me a break), but they ultimately let me down. This one has three powerful speeds, a folding design and crazy-long battery life.

A Stylish Bento Box For The Best Lunches

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Bento boxes are the 21st-century version of having the coolest lunchbox at school. This one is the ideal companion for the office, gym, or anywhere else. Built with a two-tiered system, it is perfect for big appetites or long days, with compartmentalized sections to keep your salad from fraternizing with your sandwich and vice versa.

The Coasters That Are as Pretty as They are Practical

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I got these coasters as a gift a few Christmases ago, and if I’m honest? They’re some of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also made from thick stone that won’t let moisture leak through to your tabletop. Plus, they come in a variety of patterns — what’s not to love?

A Shoe Organizer That Seriously Revamps Your Closet

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Got too many shoes for your closet? Then you’re gonna want this organizer. For less than $30 it gives you rows upon rows of storage space for all types of shoes — and the walls are even made from waterproof fabric. The best part about it? It can hold about 28 pairs of women’s shoes or 21 pairs of men’s.

These Individual Cupcake Containers for Bake Sales and Gifts

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I’m ordering these individual cupcake containers, so I’ll be ready the next time my kids’ school asks for baked goods! They’re earning top marks from Amazon customers; one reviewer wrote, “I purchased these to use for the cupcakes I made for my son’s drive-by graduation party. We received lots of compliments from our friends and family on how nice they looked. They appreciated the individual containers, and nearly all of them assumed we purchased them from a bakery.”

This Over-the-Door Organizer is the Perfect Solution to Cupboard Clutter

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You can turn the back of any cabinet door into usable storage space with this over-the-door basket. I probably don’t need to tell you that it literally hangs on your door — and since there are zero tools necessary for installation, it’s ready to go right out of the box. Plus, it’s made from stainless steel that won’t bend under heavy loads. Just don’t buy it for a cupboard that has shelving! For obvious reasons!

A Cheese Board Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

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Why is bamboo eco-friendly? Bamboo regrows quickly once harvested, making it a sustainable resource. So not only does this cheese board look good, but it’s also gentle on the environment. Each order comes with serving knives made from stainless steel, along with a unique stand to put them on display.

This Basket Keeps Your Magazines and Appliances Tidy

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Got stacks on stacks of magazines and folders on your desk? Just throw ’em into this basket. The feet on the bottom help keep it from tipping over, and it works just as well on your work station as it does in your bathroom. Choose from five finishes: matte black, chrome, graphite, rose gold, or soft brass.