37 Amazon Inventions For Anyone Who Likes Solving Problems

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What kinds of problems would you like to solve? World peace? Climate change? Lighten up, there, Francis, this is a shopping list, not a genie in a bottle. Maybe the “problems” addressed by these products aren’t world-changing, but they’ll certainly change your life.

Even the smallest problems can loom large when we can’t find a solution: Meat that’s overcooked, jars you can’t pry open even with a death grip on them, the never ending battle with the spices that want to take over your kitchen cabinets. The good news is, I can help you solve some of these “lesser” problems in the list below. Looking for a simpler way to strain? I’ve got it. What about an unconventional way to clean your toilets? Yep, that’s here, too.

Keep reading for 37 of the best problem-solving gadgets I’ve uncovered on Amazon.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

We Meat Again

Tired of guessing (and second-guessing) whether your steak/chicken/turkey/fish is done or not? This meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking meat in a sleek ultra-fast, multifunctional package. It’s good for more than just meat temperatures, too, so you can use it when you’re deep frying or making candy during the holidays. The LCD screen is easy to read and it’s waterproof, too.

Open, Sesame

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You don’t have to be geriatric to have difficulty opening bottles, cans and jars. Some of those things feel like they were put on by the world’s strongest man. This cheap gadget, a bottle and can opener, is a worthwhile addition to your kitchen. Not only will it grip bottle caps with ease, but you can use the hook to help open ring pull tabs effortlessly.

The Last Straw

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There’s been a lot of debate about straws (of all things) over the past few years and this seems like one of those purchases that’s no big deal, but can add up to big improvements (namely reducing our plastic consumption). These reusable silicone drinking straws come in packs of 10 or 20, include a cleaning brush and are compatible with tons of popular tumblers.

Snag This Snap N’ Strain

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Here’s what I hate about traditional strainers: Not only do you have a dirty pan to clean, but now you have a dirty strainer to clean, too. This snap ‘n strain gadget clips onto an existing pot, pan or bowl, which minimizes the amount of cleanup you have to do. Its compact size is a bonus, too, because it won’t take up much room at all in your cabinets.

Aww, Shucks

If you’ve ever watched cooking shows on TV where they try to shuck oysters, you’re probably hesitant to try it yourself. This oyster shucking kit makes the process a lot simpler, though. It includes a wood-handled knife with sheath and gloves to help protect your hands. And, hey, if you’re having oysters, can I come over? I’ll bring the hot sauce.

Poach Perfect

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If I’m being honest, the idea of poaching eggs has always been a little intimidating … and I cook a lot. These silicone poached egg cookers promise to make the task simpler without the use of a microwave. Simply coat the cooker lightly in oil, crack your egg into it and then float it in a pot of boiling water. These can also be used as molds for other dishes, too, like rice, Jell-O or baked goods.

Don’t Be Lazy, Susan

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You wouldn’t think a product named something like “lazy Susan” could be so useful, but here we are. This two-tiered lazy Susan is great for organizing spices, condiments and other small kitchen items on your countertop or in your cabinets. This one has a 360-degree turntable, which helps keep everything within reach. The light wood finish is actually made of eco-friendly bamboo.

It’s In The Bag

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I know what you’re thinking: What “problem” could vacuum sealer bags possibly solve? Here’s the skinny: When you are gifted a sous vide machine for Christmas like I was last year, you quickly come to realize that you’re going to need more gear — namely a vacuum sealer and bags. These bags are compatible with a host of machines and will keep your food airtight until you’re ready to cook it.

The Power Of Pumice

I had no idea you could clean a toilet bowl with a pumice stone until I came across this product on Amazon. (I always thought a pumice stone was used for dead skin on your feet. *Shrug*) This cleaning stone removes calcium deposits, limescale, hard water rings, iron deposits, rust stains and more on toilet bowls, tubs, sinks, tile and other porcelain and ceramic surfaces. It also includes a handy storage case.

Dish Duty

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I’m not suggesting you get your little ones in on the cleaning action here, but I’m not saying you shouldn’t either. These dishcloths stay surprisingly odor-free, even without washing or microwaving them. They’re also super economical because they last three times as long as traditional sponges. Grab them in brown, yellow or green in packs of four or six.

Sneaky Storage Solutions

Have you run out of places for storage in your house? It’s crazy how quickly we can accumulate stuff. These underbed storage organizers will turn maybe the last place in your home where you can stash stuff into a true organized system. These bags are slim, flat, rectangular and breathable, and make a great place to store clothes, shoes, bedding and more.

You Mop And You Don’t Stop

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Hate mopping? You’re probably not going to love it any more if you buy this, but it’ll definitely make it quicker and easier. This microfiber floor cleaning system includes a mop and four reusable pads that’ll clean your surfaces from hardwood to stone to tile and more. These are designed to pick up dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris with a telescoping handle that extends up to 60 inches.

Here Comes The Stain Sniper

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If you mean business about ridding your home of pet urine stains and odors, you need this stain sniper UV flashlight from Angry Orange. Who knew that a black light would be key to effectively spotting (and removing) dry pet urine stains and odors? This attachment can easily be added to any existing spray bottle, making it a one-handed operation to get the deepest clean.

Encourage Your Inner Nite Owl

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Dark corners and late-night study sessions don’t stand a chance with this two-pack of rechargeable book lights. Complete with amber, white and daylight modes, these clip-on lights work in a variety of scenarios from reading in bed to crafting in a low-lit area. The adjustable neck allows you to position the light exactly where you need it and it’s lightweight enough to move around.

Ring My Bell

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Knock, knock. Who’s there? This wireless doorbell that has 52 different chimes, four volumes and a 1,000-ft. range. You’ll get one push-button ringer and one receiver in this kit, but the cool thing is, it comes in a ton of fun colors like pink red and lime green. This doorbell system requires no wires, holes or drilling, connecting quickly and easily so you can start using it within minutes.

A Different Kind Of Filter

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Who doesn’t want cleaner, fresher air? I know I do. These air purifier filter replacements remove just about everything, from odors and dust to mold and pet dander. This item includes premium HEPA filters and pre-cut activated carbon filters to deliver the freshest air around. These work perfectly with the Honeywell HPA300 air purifier to help you breathe easier in one simple step.

Pop-Up Power

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I can think of so many uses for this collapsible camping lantern, maybe because I live in a hurricane zone. Whether or not you do, too, these are a great addition to your camping or hiking gear or to shed light on a back patio or deck. Surprise! It’s not just a lantern, though, it also functions as a phone charger, flashlight and more.

Color Your World

Why should the front of your television have all the fun? These LED strip lights are designed to give your TV a little bit of backlight, with 15 lighting options and 10 brightness modes. These lights work by USB charging and even include a remote for making easy changes. There’s even some chatter that these lights might reduce eye strain and enhance the picture on your screen.

Get Some Traction

How many times have you said, “Someone’s going to break their neck right there!”, about a particularly slippery place in your house? This anti-slip tape adds grip and grit to any surface in a motion that’ll feel just like pulling Scotch tape off a roll. This tape works equally well for both indoor or outdoor surfaces; just cut, peel and stick.

A Grease Guard

Fried food is comfort food, but it’s also the impetus for a greasy stovetop and counters. This grease splatter screen comes in various sizes to accommodate different sizes of pots and pans and is dishwasher-safe. The best news is that it’ll stop 99% of your grease splatters from ever escaping the pan, which also means it’ll stop 99% of splatters from popping out on your hands or arms.

Deck Out Your Deck Box

Deck boxes are convenient, aren’t they? They give you a place to stash all of your cushions and outdoor gear when the seasons change. The problem is, water, bugs and other critters can get in and ruin your stuff. This deck box cover adds a layer of protection from the elements and creepy crawlies. It comes in three sizes and two colors.

Java On The Go

There’s nothing better than coffee except maybe a cup of Joe to go. This thermal travel cup is sneaky because, at first glance, it looks like your average tumbler. Look more closely and you’ll discover that it’s also a portable coffee maker with a pour-over filter. Just add grounds to the filter, pour hot water over it and let it drip, drip, drip its way to a proper jolt of caffeine wherever you are.

Froth Free-For-All

You don’t have to get a job at a coffee house to become your own barista. All you need is this milk frother (and, O.K., like 10 types of syrup, whipped cream, toppings, you know the drill). This whip foamer will give you great froth, though, whether you’re sipping a cappuccino, blending your matcha or whisking eggs. (Wait, how did that get in there?!)

Sip From This Skinny Tumbler

If I haven’t mentioned my addiction, let me do that now. Hi, I’m Beth, and I’m addicted to tumblers. This skinny stainless steel tumbler would be a chic addition to my cabinet. It’s leakproof and shatter-resistant with a flip-top lid and an ergonomic design that just feels nice to hold. I especially love the two-tone options: Azure mix blue and mix French rose.

Wine Not?

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Why do they make wine bottles so hard to get into? Everyone knows that wine is the solution for a long day, a bad day or any day that ends in -y. This waiter’s corkscrew might be the solution with its two-in-one foil cutter and bottle opener. The ergonomic handle is a nice touch and you can snag it in a ton of different wood, resin or stone accents.

You’re Whipped

Remember earlier when I said you needed 10 types of syrups and whipped cream to become the perfect at-home barista? Meet your answer to one of those, this whipped cream dispenser. With this gadget, all you need on hand is heavy cream. It comes with six different types of nozzles so you can whip up all kinds of creamy masterpieces.

A Magnetic Personality

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It’s a magnet! It’s a light! It’s a pickup tool! It’s three things rolled into one! This LED magnetic pickup tool sheds light on any situation and also has a powerful magnetic head and base for picking up bolts, screws and more. It also features a 360-degree telescoping neck that’s extendable up to 22 inches for getting in those hard-to-reach spots.

Who’s Your Spatty Daddy?

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Do you ever look at gadgets and think, “That could’ve been my million-dollar idea?” That’s exactly what I thought when I saw this set of spatulas. Formally known as the Spatty and the Spatty Daddy , this set of skinny spatulas goes where traditional spatulas cannot. That means you get every last drop out of your condiments, peanut butter, and even lotion and makeup. Genius.

Hammer Time

Sometimes you need tools handy, but you can’t carry a toolbag around. This hammer multi-tool streamlines the number of items you have to carry, but not the number of items available to you. This tool has a hammer, pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, file, bottle opener and more in a durable carrying case with a belt holster. Take it camping, keep it around for DIY projects or toss it in your trunk for emergencies.

Shine A Spotlight

Itty-bitty flashlights just don’t cut it, do they? This waterproof spotlight features an ultra-bright beam that the manufacturer claims works over the length of two football fields. That’s a lot. I like that it’s waterproof and has three different light modes as well as an adjustable stand. It also only requires four AA batteries so it won’t get weighed down like flashlights that require heavy C or D varieties.

It’s All In The Wrist

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This magnetic wristband is like having an assistant, but one who’s always paying attention. Ahem. Ten powerful magnets are inside this little guy, holding screws, nails, bolts, washers and drill bits with ease. The adjustable strap allows you to wear it comfortably and the mesh inner layer keeps everything breathable. This would be a great addition to a stocking for your favorite handyman or DIYer.

Put A Socket In Your Pocket

Hey, is that a socket in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? (Don’t answer that.) This universal socket tool is small enough to slip in your pocket, though, and comes with a ratchet driver and all types of bits, a universal socket and even a power drill adapter for drill/power screwdrivers. All of that comes in a handy carrying case.

Clean It With This Sanitizer Box

We’ve all taken sanitizing a bit more seriously lately, haven’t we? Did you know your phone is covered (by some estimates) in as much as 25,000 bacteria per square inch? Eww. This UV light sanitizer box works not only on your phone, but also with your wallet, keys and other small components. It cleans quickly, too, in just about four minutes.

Mount Your Mobile

Always fumbling for your phone in your car? Not only can that be a pain, but it can also be really dangerous. This air vent phone mount holder keeps your phone upright and within reach and makes a great way to display your GPS, keep an eye on your music or have a hands-free conversation. It works with any smartphone and any air vent.

Upgrade Your Cooking Utensils

I love the look of stainless steel kitchen gadgets and I love it, even more, when the gadgets have a coordinating utensil holder. This 10-piece set with holder will look great in any kitchen and the pieces — from a turner to a ladle to a potato masher — are great cooking helpers. Grab a set for yourself or snag one for a housewarming gift.

Live And Dry

I’ve never been a huge fan of leaving cups and dishes out to dry, but this low-profile silicone drying mat completely changed my mind. I put a smaller version just like this behind my sink and it’s a great place to put my tumblers and coffee mugs to air dry. This one has raised line ridges for better air flow and raised edges to keep the countertop dry and clean.

This Is Draining

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Colanders absolutely take up the most room in my kitchen cabinets, but not these wide collapsible ones. Each holds up to four quarts so they’re plenty large, but they collapse down to just 1.25 inches — a true space-saver. These are also heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe. Buy them in square or round shapes, which you can also submerge in a pan for even easy straining.