37 Amazon Items That Are Perfect For Anyone Who Likes to Get Things Done

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We all wish for more hours in the day. Unfortunately, we can’t control time but what we can control is our productivity level and how we manage our time. Many of us strive to get things done on our to-do but with little success. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of items that are perfect for anyone who likes to get things done. If you want to be productive on your day, being rested and making a to-do list aren’t the only things you need to do to be productive. It definitely helps to have items that can help you succeed. Like this cold brew coffee maker to start off my day with a delicious iced coffee. These notebooks are perfect for writing your task list and keeping you organized while you work. And, of course, we all need a relaxing bath after a long day and this bath pillow will make it so much more comfortable. There’s so much more you can scroll through on this round up to help keep your productivity up and get all of the things done. You’ll make it through your to-do list and still feel you have the ability to get more done. 

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Charge Up All of Your Devices On This Charging Station

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This incredibly useful charging station can charge six devices at once and it doesn’t slow down the charge. We keep ours in our kitchen and it’s easily accessible for us or any guests we may have. Now you’ll always have a place for your phone while it charges.

Get Your Life In Order With These Luxury Notebooks

Don’t let the name of these notebooks fool you into thinking they’re expensive. For less than $16 you get two beautiful notebooks which makes a great set for you or anyone. I love that these lay flat making them comfortable to write notes or my to-do list.

Never Lose Your Phone With This Phone Lanyard

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I’m notorious for losing my phone and and this lanyard is a great solution for when my phone decides to play hide and seek. It comes in handy for pretty much every activity from going on walks, grocery shopping, or at a concert when I frequently have my phone in hand to take pictures or video.

Get A Fast Read With This Waterproof Meat Thermometer

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Take the guesswork out of the trying to figure out the temperature of your food or beverage. This meat thermometer gives a fast and accurate reading and since it’s waterproof, you can use it to check the temperature of liquids as well. It also comes with a bottle opener making this meat thermometer a great device in your kitchen.

Have Cereal Anywhere With The Crunch Cup

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My favorite breakfast and snack is cereal and the Crunch Cup has been a game changer. It’s cereal on the go and what’s better than that, nothing. This will save you from having to stop at the drive thru and the best part is that it keeps your cereal fresh.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road While With This Phone Mount

Safety first when you are in the car. So, if you don’t want your phone to fall under your seat while you’re driving, then you need this phone mount. This one easily attaches to your car’s vent and makes seeing your navigation app or taking calls on bluetooth much easier. Of course, it helps to keep your vision on the road too. I like that this one helps keep my phone from overheating and it’s easy to move from one vehicle to another.

Pop Your Fur Baby In This Handy Pet Carrier

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Calling all pet parents with stage five clingers. You can snuggle your fur baby who wants to sit on your laptop in this pet carrier. You can hold a dog or cat as long as they don’t weigh more than 12 pounds and have your hands free to work or do anything while your pet wants to cuddle with you.

Declutter Your Trunk With A Storage Compartment

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Don’t you hate it when things are crashing around in the back of your trunk? Not only is it a distraction but it can also be dangerous. This trunk organizer is a great and safe solution. It not only has large-sturdy compartments with pockets it also fits on your passenger side. And if you’re not yet convinced, maybe this review will, “I purchased this for the back of my SUV to hold groceries mainly. I get them all in the back and they typically go all over the place. I can easily put a good amount of bags in this to keep it more organized. It is easy to fold up when I don’t need it. “

Calling All Night Readers, You Need This Book Light

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This book light comes with three lighting modes, white light, amber light, and day light. The amber light helps to reduce harmful blue light and can help you sleep better which is a helpful option especially when you can’t seem to put your book down. This one clips onto your book so it lights where you’re reading perfectly and I personally also use it as a bookmark in case I fall asleep while reading.

Smart Storage Solutions Like This Under Bed Storage Compartment

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These containers come as a set of two shoe organizers and each fit twelve pairs of shoes. A great spacer saver especially if you have a large shoe collection and rotate your wardrobe according to the seasons. The transparent window is an excellent feature so you can quickly see what’s stored inside when you’re in search of something specific.

Travel Light With This Cellphone Wallet

The older I get, the less stuff I want to carry while I’m out and about. This cellphone wallet attaches to the back of your phone and has space for four cards and a convenient transparent slot for your I.D. carrying less have never been this easy and your phone will still fit in your back pocket. It’s also comes in a modern selection of colors; eggplant, grapefruit, and marble.

A Wrapping Station for Leftover Paper in This Storage Container

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If you’re like me, you probably have wrapping paper tucked away in your closet getting dusty, wrinkled, and forgotten. Say goodbye to that mess with the help of this wrapping paper storage container. This will also fit those long rolls of wrapping paper that seem to last forever. Fit all of those rolls in here and clear up space in your closets. Some reviewers have even said they could fit a tree in this. You should go check this item out.

Listen to Your Jams Anywhere With This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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With over 12,000 5-star reviews, I just know I’m not the only one who loves a concert in the shower. This waterproof bluetooth speaker will make you feel like your favorite singer is right here with you. Or maybe you just want to catch up on your favorite podcast, it’s great for that too. You can also use it at the pool, beach, or any water activity.

Get This Magnetic Dry Erase Board for Your Command Center

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This dry erase board comes with the accessories you need to get started writing 0n your board as soon as it arrives. The accessories include the eraser, magnets, and whiteboard pen. It also includes the pieces you need to mount the board.

Selfie Stick and Tripod Combo is Essential for Traveling and More

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This item isn’t just a selfie stick, it’s also a tripod that comes with a bluetooth remote you can use it create videos and take pictures from a distance. I love that it has a spot to attach the rechargeable remote to the tripod that way you don’t misplace it. This selfie stick and tripod combo will fit in your handbag or backpack making it perfect for traveling.

Light It Up With These Battery Operated LED Lights

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There are areas in my kitchen I felt were too dimly lit so I bought these battery operated LED Lights and they work better than I expected. These come in a pack of six, making it enough to place under cabinets and maybe have one or two to attach in a cabinet where you could use some light. Just place the required batteries and you’re all set. You can even set a timer on these which will help to save battery life.

This Memory Foam Pillow Has Over 7,000 5-Star Reviews

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If you haven’t been sleeping well a major culprit for your insomnia could be the pillow you’re using. Finding a position on a pillow that’s uncomfortable will have you tossing and turning all night. But not with this memory foam pillow. This one is a game changer and with all of it’s amazing reviews, it’s easy to read how and why, “I haven’t had one stiff neck since I began using this. I go to sleep faster and sleep longer than I have in ages. It’s not too soft, not too hard, never needs fluff in’ – it’s the perfect pillow.”

Stay Sharp With This Battery-Operated Pencil Sharpener

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Whether you’re a student, businessman, artist, or teacher, pencils are a need but will be challenging to use if you don’t have a pencil sharpener. This battery-powered pencil sharpener is super efficient. It has a compartment for pencil shavings that is easy to detach for cleaning and easy to reattach. It sharpens quickly and gives each pencil the perfect point for writing. It comes in a variety of colors so you can pick a favorite.

The Most Superior Battery Organizer Ever

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No more batteries rolling around in your junk drawer. This battery organizer holds 93 batteries in a variety of sizes. It will fit in a drawer or you can wall mount it in your garage for easy access. Wait there is more. It also comes with a battery tester which helps to identify which batteries still have some life left in them. It’s actually genius.

Be Your Own Barista With This Frother

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There’s nothing better than making your favorite coffee shop brew at home and this frother will help you get there. This frother has two-speed setting and is easy to use. With just a push of a button, you’ll have froth-y deliciousness. And it’s excellent to use as a whisk for eggs and protein shakes.

Your Bathroom Needs This Fogless Shower Mirror

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There is nothing more annoying when you have a nice hot shower and it fogs up the mirror and you have to use it immediately after. This shower mirror is magic so it doesn’t fog up and it can be easily mounted on your shower walls. One reviewer mentioned that the adhesives are so strong, it feels as if the mirror is screwed into the wall. It also comes with a squeegee that you can attach to the mirror.

Tame Your Facial Hair With This Trimmer

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Let’s face it. Sometimes hair grows in places we least want it to grow. So, if your nose, eyebrow, and facial hair is growing wildly, then it’s time for a trimmer and this is the one people are raving about. “I am in that age group where hair starts growing like crazy in unwanted places and refuses to grow where it is needed. This tool is just the thing to deal with this problem in a quick and easy way.”

Safety First Whilst Your Driving With This Car Handbag Holder

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I hate it when I reached for my handbag at the drive thru and then realize my purse has ended up on the car floor whilst I was driving. This handbag holder solves this issue for me and I bet you’ll love it for the same reason. The handbag holder is easy to install and the mesh pocket can hold other small items like an umbrella.

Make Delicious Iced Coffee With This Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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I’m a big fan of iced coffee and being able to make my own at home has been a game changer and relief on my wallet. This cold brew coffee maker is incredibly simple to use and you can store your coffee in the pitcher. It’s truly a great buy and an item that’ll be a great addition in every household.

Clean and Massage Your Feet In The Shower

After a long day of doing all of the things, a good foot massage is needed. This shower mat isn’t just an ordinary mat, it’s also a foot cleanser and massager that’s heavenly to use. The mat has suctions cups so you won’t slip and slide on your feet. And with over 8,000 5-star reviews, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

Keep Your Cat Litter Clean and Fresh With This Metal Scooper

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This cat little scooper is made from metal not plastic. This makes it more robust to scoop out what needs to be removed from the litter tray. and what doesn’t because it’s also a sifter. Check out what this reviewer had to say, “Have had plenty of plastic scoopers that say they are great. They are for like two days then its all downhill.”

This is An Essential Tool For Every Bar

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I was always intimidated to pour a black and tan beer cocktail but not anymore with this perfect tool for layering black and tan beer cocktails. Just place the stainless steel cap over your beer glass and pour your black and tan. With this gadget you’ll get a perfect half and half. It’s a cool gadget for beer lovers and will make an awesome gift.

You Won’t Lose Tools With This Magnetic Bracelet

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There’s nothing worse than losing nails, screws, or drill bits while you’re working on a home improvement project. This magnetic tool bracelet will help you stay organized. It has ten magnets embedded in the bracelet and an adjustable strap which will help fit most wearers. The reviews on this are quite convincing, “This held up to its reviews & expectations! My husband uses this almost everyday (he’s in construction, specially builds fences & decks). He’s said that this has made him efficient, and it holds screws & bolts very well! He’s a tough critic to begin with, this wristband deserves its 5 stars!”

Scratch Off Places You’ve Been On These World Maps

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If you’re someone who loves to travel or you love geography, then you’ll have a great time with these scratch off world maps. You can scratch off places you’ve visited, use as wall decor, or just practice locating places. It makes for a fun activity for all ages.

Carabiner D-Shaped Buckles Have Multiple Uses

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I use these carabiner clips in multiple ways. They work perfectly on handbags, backpacks, keychains, water bottles or whatever you need a clip to attach something. In others words, they’re highly functional. I love attaching my water bottle to my backpack with these clips as well as my Airpod case.

Have a Relaxing Moment With This Bath Pillow

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The best thing you can do after a long day of getting things done is take a relaxing bath. But what’s a bath when you can’t rest your head or neck. Enter this bath pillow to level up your bath game. It’s cushioned to hug and relax your body while the mesh material makes it fast drying and easy to spot clean. And with 13 suction cups to keep the pillow in place, you won’t worry about anything but having enough time to relax.

Freshen Up With This Led Lit Compact Mirror

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This compact LED mirror is like straight from the future. It’s lit with LED lights with one side being magnified for more attention to detail. It has a rechargeable battery that will last you hours though it also comes with the necessary USB-C in case you need to charge.

Stay Warm And Cozy With This Hotel-Inspired Comforter

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Lightweight and luxurious, this hotel-inspired comforter will keep you cozy all-year round, while also making your bedroom look luxe. It comes in a variety of colors if navy is not your jam and sizes as well depending on the size you need. “This comforter is absolute perfection. I would have expected to pay much more for this quality and comfort, but I purchased it due to positive reviews.” 

This Glass Bottle Is A Fabulous Alternative to Plastic

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My grandmother used to use old-fashioned bottles like this for water in the fridge. I guess I pick this one up for a little nostalgia. This 40.5 ounce glass water bottle is also a great alternative to the plastic options out there. The lid is an airtight metal clamp that’s leakproof which will keep whatever you pour in this bottle fresh. I can see myself using it to pour infusions.

This Electric Lighter Will Be The Only Lighter You’ll Need

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Never thought we would talk about a rechargeable lighter, yet here we are and this thing is pretty cool. No more pressing buttons that are jammed or running out of fuel, this electric lighter is easy to turn on with the push of a button and you don’t have to worry about a fuel refill since it’s electric. And did I mention that it’s rechargeable? When you think of all the time you’ve wasted trying to light something with a lighter that’s giving you trouble, it makes every penny spent on this electric lighter worth it. And based on more than half of the reviews being 5-stars, it definitely is worth it.

Quality Bamboo Bedsheets Are Essential After A Long Day

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Going the cheap route on bedsheets has been one of my biggest adulting mistakes. And once I went with this luxe bamboo bedsheet set, I knew I made the right decision once I opened the package. These bedsheets are soft and the quality is top notch. The variety of colors and sizes they come in also make them an easy decision. Still not convinced? Check out this review, “These sheets will help you get a better night’s sleep. I think they are the softest sheets I’ve ever slept in.”

Secure Your Valuables in This Lockbox

A lockbox works our perfectly if you have valuables you’d like to store away in a cupboard. This one has a combination lock for added security and the compact size makes it ideal for travel as well. This one is available in a variety of colors.