37 Amazon Items That Make Great Gifts For Under $15

November is here, and we all know what that means…don’t we? It means we’re seeing a heck of a lot more Christmas stock out on shop shelves, and I don’t know about you, but I love to see it.

But, there’s a time when it gets a little bit tiring. You just seem to be walking down an endless amount of aisles, trying to find something good to gift your loved ones with, when in reality, people have already snatched the best bits up, and you are left with fragile-looking makeup bags and the Christmas crackers nobody wanted to adopt. Why? Because you didn’t get ahead of your shopping.

Instead of shopping in November, you thought you’d be ok waiting, even though you know that’s never the case. But, what if the tedious nature of shopping for gifts could be made much, much easier, and even potentially fun for you? And right from the comfort of your own home, too?

With these thirty-seven Amazon items that make great gifts for under $15, you’ll never want to do your shopping offline again!

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These Slipper Socks With Grippers Will Be The Perfect Gift So That Their Feet Are Always Warm

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You cannot go wrong with a pair of socks for Christmas.

And with over 1,000 reviews, these $10 bad boys are the perfect way to tell someone you want to keep their feet warm. Ha, jokes, don’t say that. But, you know what I mean, right?


This Ring Size Adjuster For Loose Rings

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Has someone you know been banging on about their loose jewelry?

They’ve tried to get it resized, but no shops can do it without damaging the ring, right? Well, with this adjuster, you can wear your ring all day long with no fear that it will fall off!


This Cellphone Lanyard For Those Who Are Always On The Go

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Do you know someone who needs their phone on them at all times, but doesn’t have any pockets to store it, or just wants to be able to easily access it?

Well, with this gadget, they can do just that. So, why not be practical this Christmas, and get them something they not only want but need too.

Or These Scrunchies For Frizz Prevention

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If you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with hair health.
I mean, you hate people touching your hair, or brushing their greasy fingers through it, and you absolutely hate how rough hairdressers can be when they brush it.

You hate it that much that when you see other people mistreating their hair, you just have to bite your tongue, and say nothing.

So, why not get these as a gift to someone, and pass your love for haircare on by ensuring that they don’t damage their hair with elasticated bobbles!

This Tripod To Make All Your Selfies Stand Out

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Know someone who’s selfie mad? This might just be the gift for them, then.
With this tripod, you can take a picture anywhere you please, and you don’t have to keep asking people to do it for you!

So, if you’re friends with someone who’s selfie mad, or starting up a new Insta page, this is definitely a worthy present.

This Fake Makeup Set For Your Makeup Obsessed Child

  via Amazon  

Fed up of your child constantly trying to steal your makeup? You leave them alone in your room for 1 second and then they come out looking like a Halloween clown!

Well, why not buy them this makeup set for Christmas? The catch? It doesn’t actually apply to skin!

These Wind-Up Stocking Stuffers For Your Little Ones’ Special Christmas

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I don’t know about you, but I’m most certainly excited to celebrate Christmas with my future mini-me(s)! And what better way to make it special than to fill their stockings with a whole lot of joy?

For just $8, these make great stocking fillers and will keep your kids entertained for a while too.

These Water Beed Sensory Toys To Aid Your Kids Development

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With over 4,000 reviews, this would be a perfect gift for your little one. It’s not only useful for hand-eye coordination development but keeping them relaxed too.

So, if you want to give your kids a little something to release their energy into, this is definitely the gift for them!

These Educational Flash Cards For Kids And Toddlers Will For Sure Help With Their Development

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A great Christmas gift for learning activities, these flashcards are perfect for the fit of your child’s hands, and they’re awesome for entertainment and education, helping improve memory and concentration.

These Giant Balloons Will Brighten Up A Room Instantly

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Hey, if you know someone who’s having a winter wedding, why not help them with the decorations, and gift them these giant balloons! I wouldn’t say no.

And, what a lovely review this is: “They were great and easy to work with; stood up fine until the next day after my event, overall good quality for your money.”

This Wooden Box To Show Your Friend How Much You Care

  via Amazon  

Good friends are really hard to get, so when you have them, you want to hold onto them. And, why not remind them just how special they are by comparing them to the stars, and giving them a wonderful keepsake gift like this one?

This Keyring For Your Sibling

  via Amazon  

For just $7, this is another adorable gift to give someone you love! And, coming from someone who has a sister, it certainly would be special to receive a gift like this.

Or This Bracelet For Just $11!

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Not sure what you’re going to get your mom yet? Well, why not get her this bracelet so that she knows just how much she means to you.

Here’s what someone said too: “I have worn this every day since I got it a week ago. I’ve kept it on through dishwashing, showering, working, etc., and no issues. It’s thick and durable but still feminine and it hasn’t turned me green!”

This Tree of Life Bracelet For Your Jewelry Obsessed Teen

  via Amazon  

We all know a teen who’s obsessed with walking out of your bedroom with an arm full of jewelry, don’t we?

Well, with over 5,000 glamorous reviews, this is definitely a gift to put in their stocking. And they have ten different styles to choose from too.

This Customized Name Necklace For Your Friend

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These necklaces are super duper cute, and cheap too. But, you don’t just have to get them for your friend, you can get them for your partner, but here’s the twist, why not put your name on their neck?

My partner means that much to me that I think I’d definitely display his name on a necklace.

This Female Gift Set Will Have Your Significant Other Smiling From Ear To Ear

  via Amazon  

This gift set contains an adorable Tumblr mug, some socks, a jade roller, and bath fizzers, and it will most certainly help your girlfriend relax!

This Brown Sugar Scrub For A Lovely Glowy Finish

  via Amazon  

Know someone who’s obsessed with looking after their skin? Well, that person is me among my friends.

And this brown sugar scrub will work wonders on your skin, or as a gift for someone else’s. It not only works wonders on your body but your face too!

This Magnet Airpod Stand To Put A Smile On Their Face

  via Amazon  

Just look at the sass on that. Who wouldn’t want their AirPods balancing on this cat who’s clearly got an attitude? For just $5.26 it’s such a quirky gift to give to a friend, don’t you think?

This Sage Variety Smudge Kit For Those Who Love Living With Purer Thoughts

  via Amazon  

Why would you buy the person you love something like this? I’ll tell you why… Because it purifies the air and their thoughts, making them feel a whole lot more positive about their day.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat With Light

  via Amazon  

This is definitely a great gift for dads.

With a built-in stereo system and mic, this hat not only allows you to listen to tunes but keeps you warm at the same time, too. Oh, and it has a light, so if you need to go somewhere when it’s dark, voila.

This Magnetic Wristband Will Ensure That You Don’t Ever Lose Your Tools Again.

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This magnet wristband can hold your drill bits, nuts, screws, and fasteners while you potter around the house. And the best part is you won’t ever lose your stuff!

This Handmade Journal To Keep Track of Your Thoughts or Daily Tasks

  via Amazon  

Sometimes, we all know what our partners can be like when it comes to remembering things, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a human diary anymore.

So, why not buy them a journal to help them remember their own schedules, and then you only have to remember yours.

Or This ‘If Dad Can’t Fix It Nobody Can’ Keyring

  via Amazon  

It’s really true what they say, isn’t it? If dad can’t fix it, it’s hopeless. So, why not remind him just how important he is to you this year with this keyring!

This Beard Catcher So You Don’t Constantly Find Hairs In Your Sink

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I don’t know about you, but I have had it with going to wash my hands or brush my teeth after my partner has shaved, to see hairs all over the sink…

So, make a stand, and get them a cute little beard-catching gift. Although it seems like it’s for them, it’s really for you.

These Adorable Cactus Tealight Candles For the Plant Obsessed Moms Out There

  via Amazon  

What better way to say you care about someone than to say you understand, and accept their obsession with plants.

So, do it by getting them cute candles! I know I would love to unwrap my present to see something as adorable as these.

Or These Fun Novelty Socks For Someone You Know Is A Little Bit Quirky

  via Amazon  

These socks are not only cozy but fun too. And they’re definitely not for people who hate cats, so, make sure you know who you’re buying them for!

But, for $10, how can you go wrong?

These Aesthetic Statue Candles For That Person Who Loves Their Edgy Gifts

  via Amazon  

Aesthetic candles are all the rage nowadays, and these candles are definitely going to sell out rather quickly if you don’t get to them first…

Come on, you’re bound to know somebody who wants them!

This Bath And Body Gift Set For Women To Just Relax

  via Amazon  

Containing bubble bath, shower gel, hand cream, body lotion, face cream, and soap, this bath set is absolutely the perfect way to say I love you, I care for you, and I want some time to play on the Xbox while you pamper yourself!

This Bath Bomb Gift Set Will Transform Your Loved One’s Stress Into Peace

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Why’s this gift set such a good find? Well, because it’s for all ages! Yep, it’s a friendly way to help your kid relax too. But, if it isn’t for your child, I’m sure your friend or loved one will love it just as much.

This Shower Steamer Set Will Definitely Make You Feel Refreshed This Winter

  via Amazon  

This set will definitely open up your loved one’s senses and help to make them feel better if winter has got them down.

And with over 2,700 reviews, it has definitely made a lot of happy shoppers.

This Stocking Stuffer Filler For Your Dad

  via Amazon  

This 6 in 1 multi-tool is a level, ruler, stylus, flathead, Phillips, and pen all in 1.
Your dad will love it! And if not your dad, I’m sure your other half will find it quite the gift.

These Fairy Lights For Your Kids Room

  via Amazon  

With over 2,000 reviews, these fairy lights have most certainly made a lot of people happy, and they will certainly make anyone you gift them to happy, too.

These Scrunchie Holder Stands With Patterned Scrunchies

  via Amazon  

This is another perfect gift for someone who’s all about hair! With 8 funky patterned scrunchies and a scrunchie stand, they’ll never have to borrow or snap, a bobble again.

This Inspirational Mug For A Friendly Reminder

  via Amazon  

We sometimes get quite busy and forget to show our friends just how much we care, so, why not give them a beautiful cup for Christmas that shows them just how much they’re worth to us?

These Solar Humming Bird Decorations For Your Garden

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These hummingbird decorations not only save your garden, but the planet too, because they’re solar powered! You should gift your friend with something as beautiful as these, because we all know we’d love them too.

This Novelty Mug For Your Business Owner Friend

  via Amazon  

If you have a friend who does commissions of some kind you’ll undoubtedly know they’ll understand what this cup means to a T. That means they’d most probably love to drink out of it too.

And Finally This Shakespeare Mug

  via Amazon  

I just had to finish it off with this mug. If you have a friend who loves literature as much as I do, then this is the gift for them.