37 Amazon Kitchen Items You Could Always Use More Than One Of

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Kitchen gadgets are one of my favorite things to talk about, especially when it comes to the most useful ones I’ve found! When I’ve made a great discovery, I usually want multiples of that product so I’m never without. To share the wealth, I compiled this list of 37 kitchen items you could always use more than one of because they’re that good!

Whether it’s a pack of the best snack bag clips that double as strong fridge magnets, a multipack of my favorite kitchen towels, or a silicone baking mat that gives you perfect uniformly-sized cookies, you’ll find all that and more on this list! Glass food storage jars and minimalist labels that make your pantry look straight out of a shelter magazine, a no-mess popcorn maker, and an elegant storage solution for tea bags? Yup, all that and more await you here! Just think of these things as your new kitchen MVPs based on how much you’ll end up using them.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Silicone Baking Mat Set Makes Perfectly-Sized Cookies

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I love using these silicone baking mats when I’m making cookies so they all turn out the same size – just something so satisfying about that. These 100% non-stick ones come in a pack of two so you can bake two batches at once! They’re made from a fiberglass core and food-grade, BPA-free silicone that can withstand temps of -40F to 480F, so they’ll go from freezer to oven with no problem.

This Coffee Machine Descaler Makes Your Joe Taste Better

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If your coffee maker sees a lot of use, please clean it often! This coffee machine cleaner works on Keurigs, Nespresso, Breville, espresso makers, and regular coffee makers to remove mineral and limescale deposits. It’ll make your coffee taste better and your machine last much, much longer.

This Mini Ice Cube Tray Gets Rave Reviews

If you like the small ice cubes that you get at fast-food restaurants, have I got the product for you! This ice cube tray makes those exact mini cubes like you’d get out of an ice machine. People who love to chew ice (me) also would appreciate these tiny cubes.

This Fridge Bin Keeps Things Organized

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Fridges can get messy in a hurry, especially if your household isn’t as neat as you’d like them to be! These fridge bins work great for holding a case of my (non-alcoholic) seltzers, soda, or any other favorite bev that comes in cans. They streamline storage and give me so much more room to store the food!

This Mason Jar Drink Dispenser Is Great for Parties

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Whether it’s a holiday brunch or a summer BBQ, these mason jar drink dispensers are the perfect marriage of form and function. The sleek metal base helpfully elevates them so guests can fit a glass underneath and not drip directly on the floor, and the two-pack means you can cater to different tastes. The high-quality, thick glass jars are sturdy enough you don’t have to worry about them breaking if you look at them the wrong way!

You know those fancy Oreos that are covered in milk, white, or dark chocolate that are great party favors but cost a lot? Now you can make your own on the cheap with these cookie molds! You’ll get a set of three, each of which can make six cookies, so it’s easy to whip up a batch for a get-together.

These Tea Storage Boxes are an Elegant Solution

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The question of what to do with all those loose tea bags plagues us until I found this elegant solution – this bamboo storage box has separate compartments so tea stays neat, not just all stuffed in willy-nilly. I love that the lid has a clear window so you can easily see your stash and when it’s time to re-buy. We have two of these since we go through so much tea in this house being the anglophiles that we are!

This Snap-On Silicone Strainer is a Kitchen MVP

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This snap-on silicone strainer is a huge help in straining pots of pasta, but I discovered a new use for it, too. I’ve never been able to drain the fat from cooking ground meat very well without some spilling into the sink, but this gadget can fit on lots of pan and pot sizes, so I tried it on our big frying pan. Needless to say, it worked like a charm and is my cooking partner every Taco Tuesday from here on out.

One Can Never Have Too Many Tongs

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Kitchen tongs are something everyone should own in multiple. They’re just so darn useful, from sauteeing to mixing salad to grilling to making stirfry. This set of three silicone-topped metal tongs of various sizes is heat-resistant up to 600F and won’t scratch pans or grill grates.

This Pot and Pan Rail is My Dream Organization Solution

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I’m so tired of digging through the piles of pots and pans just to get to the one I want, which is invariably at the bottom. This easy-to-install pot and pan rail organization system looks like a dream! I can envision two (or more!) set up in the kitchen so I can easily just grab what I need – each rail comes with 15 S-hooks to hang whatever cookware or utensils you’d like.

This Silicone Popcorn Popper is No Fuss, No Muss

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I love homemade popcorn, but it makes a big oily mess whenever we cook it in a regular pot or pan. This silicone popcorn popper takes all the clean-up work out of the situation since you just pour in the kernels then microwave. My friend has one and loves it – it’s so easy, even her nine-year-old can make a healthy snack by herself!

These Lidded Milk Bottles are Cute and Eco-Conscious

We’re trying to use less plastic at home, and one fun discovery I made is these mini glass milk bottles that come with lids and cheerful red straws! They set of six just the right size for the kids to drink milk, juice, and smoothies from, and the lid means fewer spills to clean up. I recently used them as party favors for my youngest’s birthday and got tons of compliments!

These Absorbent Kitchen Towels Come in a Pack of 15

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Another thing I can never have too many of are these super-absorbent kitchen towels. I use them for everything from drying dishes to cleaning up kitchen messes and they never let me down. With a set of 15, it won’t matter when they get too dirty to use because you’ll always have extra to switch out.

These Poached Egg Cups are So Easy to Use

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My kids and husband love poached eggs, but it takes forever if you make them one at a time. With this set of four silicone egg poaching cups, breakfast can be on the table in no time flat for the whole family! Since the eggs just slide right out, clean up is also a breeze.

These Wine Glass Markers are a Must-Have

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It’s so easy to mix up wine glasses at parties, book clubs, or dinners, and no one wants to make that mistake! Wine charms are cute, but often hard to read or easy to overlook. This pack of seven metallic wine glass markers lets you write your name or whatever you want right on the glass, so there’s no mistaking!

These Milk Frothers are for More Than Fancy Coffees

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Of course, you can use this milk frother for fancy coffee drinks when you want to save time and money but miss your barista. But that’s not all – my kids don’t love milk, but they will drink it happily if I warm and foam it, which aligns nicely with my master plan of ensuring healthy bones for their future! You can also use them to whip the fluffiest eggs that everyone will love.

These NanoTowels Clean All the Things

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Forget paper towels or scary chemicals and use these NanoTowels instead to clean basically any surface with just water! The set of four eco-friendly cloths grab dirt, dust, liquids, and grime and whisks it away. And you can simply wash to refresh it then reuse it again and again.

These Chambong Champagne Glasses Bring the Party

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How fun are these Chambong champagne glasses? Whether it’s for celebrating a big birthday, bachelorette party, or just a regular weekend, they’re a fun addition to the party. The set of two also makes an entertaining gift for your fanciest friends.

This Scrigit Scraper Tool Has a Myriad of Uses

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I tend to scrape at things like labels, stickers, dried food, and other annoyingly stuck-on things with my fingernails, which really adds wear and tear. This scraping tool is my new best friend not only for removing sticky stuff but for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like baked-on grime around the stove. You’ll get a two-pack so you’ll always have one on hand when the other is in the wash!

These Nordic Ware Baking Sheets are the Absolute Best

I had a hodgepodge of baking sheets found at discount stores but when they wore out, I decided to go for quality over quantity. This set of two Nordic Ware aluminum baking sheets is the best I’ve ever owned – they heat evenly and have deep sides to hold the veggies or whatever I’m roasting. These are a generous half sheet size which is convenient for most things you’re cooking or baking!

These Colorful Bowls Have So Much Personality

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For the last 13 years, we’ve been using our white wedding registry dinnerware that’s very classic but also kind of a snoozefest. I immediately jumped on this colorful set of six bowls that bring so much interest to the table! The 23 oz size is perfect for soup, stews, chili, cereal, you name it.

These Heat-Resistant Placemats Look Like Linen

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Placemats are such a nice addition to complete the look of any table, but especially at holidays or dinner parties. These heat-resistant placemats prevent your table from scorching from hot plates or serving platters while looking remarkably like linen. The color selection is amazing, you’re sure to find something that perfectly sets off your decor.

These Double-Walled Espresso Mugs Insulate So Well

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My husband loves drinking espresso at work to keep his eyes open, but it often goes cold, which is pretty unappetizing. These double-walled espresso cups are insulated to keep the heat in while protecting your hands from burns, so it’s the best of both worlds! You’ll get a set of two sturdy cups made from heat and condensation-resistant borosilicate glass.

These Silicone Baking Cups are So Versatile

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Yes, these 12 silicone baking cups are great for making muffins and cupcakes when you want a wrapper that’ll peel right off without sticking, but they also have many other uses! I use them to separate fruit or veggies from sandwiches in my kids’ lunchboxes or to create a bento-box-like meal with tiny servings of different kinds of food. They’re also useful in the kitchen junk drawer to hold random bits and bobs.

These Non-Stick Loaf Pans Have Handy Silicone Grips

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This set of two non-stick loaf pans are my favorite since I don’t have to grease the heck out of them to get bread to come out easily. Plus, they have handy silicone grips that prevent burns, which is key for a kitchen klutz like me! I love having a set of two because a lot of my quickbread recipes make double, so I can cook both at once.

These Mixing Bowls Come With Lids

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We have a set of ceramic mixing bowls from way back when we got married, but a lot of them are now chipped and too heavy for the kids to help bake with. This set of six sturdy plastic mixing bowls stand up to a lot of wear and tear and even come with their own lids so we can store leftovers or salads in them, too. I love the pretty colors they have to choose from, this berry-hued set is my fave.

These Sandwich Cutters Make Crustless Delicacies

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My kids don’t like the crust on sandwich bread, and TBD it’s not my favorite either. Instead of painstakingly cutting off every inch of it, I use these fun sandwich cutters instead! They come in various shapes and make cute little bites I know the kids will eat.

These Fridge Shelf Liners are So Easy to Clean

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Fridge spills are a nightmare because the shelves are so hard to clean! I use this nine-pack of fridge shelf liners to make messes easy to wipe up without removing everything from the fridge, taking out the shelves to wash them, etc. These simply wipe clean and have kept my fridge a lot tidier!

These Glass Food Canisters are Incredibly Good-Looking

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I always want my pantry to look straight outta Pinterest, but that’s just not the reality I’m living in. These glass food storage jars, with their blond wood airtight lids and modern Scandinavian good looks, do a lot to make the pantry look amazing! I love how fresh they keep the food and how easy it is to see stock levels at a glance.

These Stackable Water Bottle Holders Keep Things Tidy

For a family of four, you’d be shocked at how many water bottles we own. Or maybe not, if you’re in the same boat! We use these to store our growing collection – stacked, the two water bottle holders can corral six bottles in a conveniently small footprint.

These Giant Ice Cube Molds Make Enough for a Crowd

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I love these oversized ice cubes and spheres since they chill my drink completely for a long time, without watering it down. I also love that this set of ice cube molds comes in a set of two so you don’t have to make them one at a time like with some molds. Make enough for a party all at once – these big ice cubes are great for undiluted adult cocktails!

These Silicone Kitchen Utensils are Heat-Resistant and Yuck-Free

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After I read about how much bacteria wooden cooking utensils could harbor, I immediately replaced ours with this silicone set. They look amazing with sleek wooden handles, but the part that touches food is heat-resistant easily-sanitized silicone. You’ll get a spoon, a spoonula, a spatula, a turner, and a slotted spoon in this top-reviewed five-piece set.

These Marshmallow Roasting Sticks are Great for a Group

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My mom recently got these telescoping marshmallow roasting sticks for her firepit, and they’ve been a big hit with both kids and adults! They come as a color-coded pack of eight, so everyone can tell theirs apart and are a lot easier (and more sanitary?) than using random twigs. They extend up to 32 inches to keep everyone’s hands and sleeves safely away from the flames!

These Magnetic Bag Clips are My Go-To

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What’s not to love about these colorful snack bag clips? They’re sturdy, big enough to securely clip onto large or small snack bags, and double as fridge magnets to hold the latest school artwork, invitations, or holiday cards. You’ll get a pack of seven, which have nearly 20,000 rave reviews, so you know they’re a quality purchase.

These Pantry Labels are Water-Resistant

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Remember how I wanted a Pinterest-worthy pantry? Add these minimalist pantry labels to sleek glass food storage jars like the ones shown and it’ll look like a million bucks. The set of 144 labels are printed on water-resistant stickers, so they’ll hold up to everyday use.

These Snack Bins Transformed My Cabinets

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To say these transparent snack bins transformed my cabinets is nothing but the truth. I’m not even being (that) dramatic when I say they’ve made such a difference in how organized and clean my cabinets have been, especially the snack cabinet that my kids raid daily after school. They can easily see what we’ve got, grab it without making a mess, and merrily go on their way!

This Cooling Rack Set Has Over 10,000 Glowing Reviews

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You might not expect someone to wax poetic about cooling racks, but indulge me for a second. This set of two are arguably some of the most used kitchen tools I have, whether I’m cooling baked goods or bacon, icing cookies, or putting it in a sheet pan to elevate roasting meat over veggies. They come in quarter or half sheets along with a mid-size jelly roll option.