37 Amazon Pet Products Owners Don’t Want to Go Without

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Anyone with a fur baby of their own knows how easy it is to become fully obsessed with them. Having a little fluffy guy who hangs around your home offering to give you love and affection is truly a feeling second to none. Which can lead to a pretty dangerous habit: spoiling your pets rotten. Spending money on yourself can be a guilt-inducing pastime, but buying gifts for your pet somehow feels absolutely guilt-free.

This isn’t to say that you can just spend your hard-earned cash willy nilly. Shopping smart is the best way to ensure you never end up feeling disappointed with a pet-based purchase. And did you know Amazon has an enormous range of excellent options to treat your fluffy best friend with?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Hose Attachment Makes Bathtimes Easier

Washing your pooch isn’t usually a particularly fun experience, but this clever attachment allows you to wash and groom at the same time.

The reviews say: “I love this Aquapaw. It was so easy to connect and works great. I bought a bad knockoff before this and returned it. I’m glad I paid the extra money for this one.”

This Device Brushes and Trims at Once

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Keeping your longer-haired pets looking their best is a real faff – but this clever gadget makes it far easier.

The reviews say: “I’m new to the pet grooming game and I recently rescued a Persian cat which needs constant grooming. He came with some matting and I tried scissors and even pet hair clippers but was afraid I’d cut his skin. This tool worked as advertised and myself and my cat Fatty are very pleased.”

This Litter Tray Scooper is a Cut Above the Rest

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Keeping your litter tray clean is the key to a happy, unbothered cat. This tool makes the usually rather unpleasant task far more palatable.

The reviews say: “It’s ridiculous how awesome this scoop is. 10/10, would buy again (but I probably won’t have to, since it’s solid aluminum.)”

This Scooper Will Have Your Lawn Looking its Best

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to get your lawn clean with insufficient tools. This large and strong set is the move.

The reviews say: “This pooper scooper has DRASTICALLY improved the quality of not just my life, but my ENTIRE family’s life.”

This Mat Helps Dispensing Doggy Treats

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Any dog owner will know that they have a tendency to gobble down treats without a thought in the world. This mat helps them take their time and savor the flavor.

The reviews say: “Tried this with our lab puppy when needing to sweep and vacuum the floors. This kept her busy for a while so I could clean in peace!”

This Brush Feels More Comfortable for Your Pet

Not only will this help work out any furry tangles, but it stimulates your pet’s skin for a healthier coat.

The reviews say: “This brush is 10x more comfortable for my cat, while still pulling a decent amount of shed hair. Cleaning it is AMAZING – just press the button, pull the pad of hair off, and it doesn’t fill up until after nearly a full session of brushing.”

This Papoose is Cute and Comfy

If you ever need to carry your pet around, this adorable and supportive sling is the safest way to do it!

The reviews say: “Perfect – anyone who has a cat that constantly wants to be held – here’s your solution! Can actually move about and even shift to side or back to carry on about your chores/hobbies/etc.”

This Brush is Perfect for Short-Haired Breeds

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Shedding isn’t just an issue for long-haired pets. This brush helps to stop your home from getting coated in the stuff.

The reviews say: “I agree with everyone that wrote a 5-star review! I am very happy with this brush! The bristles are a bit longer than the other slicker I was using, and they are softer! It still does a great job of brushing her hair and removing minor knots but it is much more gentle on her skin.”

This Seat Belt is Ideal for Dogs on the Go

Driving with a pooch on board isn’t always a very fun experience – but this clever little strap helps everyone feel safer.

The reviews say: “I just have to say that I never, and I mean NEVER EVER, thought I’d need doggie seatbelts. But what a convenient, safe, and helpful product.”

This Doggy Bed is Unbelievably Comfortable

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Seeing your dog rolling around in this delightfully soft and fluffy bed will bring any owner so much joy.

The reviews say: “I have bought beds before and my dog has never taken to a bed. With this one she loves it! I should have bought this a long time ago. I would highly recommend this bed and seller to anyone and everyone!”

This Seat Protector Can Keep Your Car Clean

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Taking a dog on a long muddy walk always makes them happy – but it can spell despair for your car. This protector keeps things nice and clean.

The reviews say: “This dog cover is great! It fits exactly and the clips are really strong. It’s adjustable so my dog wouldn’t have to pull it down and create holes in it (like happens with my last one). The bottom is made from special rubber so the dog doesn’t slip during driving. I am happy with my purchase and definitely recommend this product!”

This Leash is Suited for Adventurous Dogs

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For those who like to take their dogs on more extreme hikes, a stronger leash like this one can offer far more peace of mind.

The reviews say: “This is a great leash for any active, adventurous dog! We have been using it for almost 2 weeks now and are very pleased. It’s good for both neighborhood walks and hiking or other adventures.”

This Litter Tray is Truly Fantastic

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If you think all litter trays are created equal, this incredible and highly-rated option will have you changing your mind.

The reviews say: “If you have a cat, buy this now. If you have more than one cat, you should have bought this yesterday.”

Your Dog Will Love This 5-in-1 Wash

This plant-based, all-natural, 5-in-1 dog wash will make bathing your dog all the easier!

Its safe and effective design helps keep your puppy squeaky clean and shiny while giving you the peace of mind that you are using quality products. Plus, it eliminates several steps of the grooming process, cutting down on the time it takes to give your doggo a much-needed bath! Dog parents all around cannot live without this product.

This Scooper Holder Keeps Everything Tidy

Keeping your scooper in a designated (and nicely designed) holder makes the whole litter box area look its best.

The reviews say: “This works great although I wish I was able to hook it to the side of the litter box. It’s large & sturdy which was what I was looking for. I needed something to sit up & not easily tip over. It also holds the large scooper I bought separately with no problems.”

This Comb Keeps Your Long Haired Pets Looking Sleek

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Work out tangles and knots without causing pain with this strong yet gentle comb.

The reviews say: “WOW! I thought I kept my Aussie brushed out really good. So after the regular brushing, I ran the big comb through her smooth coat. I got out so much dead undercoat. She loved getting all of that mess out of her hindquarters. She even looked smaller!”

These Dog Treats are Far Healthier

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Sometimes a dog deserves a treat, but many are stuffed with filler ingredients that don’t do your dog’s health any favors. These are a better choice.

The reviews say: ” I think it’s great to have quality dog food sourced and made in the USA, without all the junk 95% of the majority pet food is made from the 4 Ds.”

These Gloves Turn a Stroking Session into a Grooming

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The silicone spokes on these gloves help catch any loose hair and work out matted texture without the need for a brush.

The reviews say: “Amazing! I have a long-haired cat who has terrible trouble with hairballs and blockages to the point of having surgery. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like being groomed and I couldn’t help remove the extra coat. I thought these gloves were worth a try, had good reviews, etc. I AM STUNNED.”

This Litter Mat is Brilliantly Hygenic

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Keep your cat’s toilet area nice and tidy with this surprisingly useful and well-constructed mat.

The reviews say: “This mat is great. I honestly didn’t expect much even as I unwrapped it from the packaging. However, it works exactly as described. I no longer step on cat litter which is one of my biggest pet peeves!”

This Litter Tray Enclosure Prevents Spillage

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Cats are known to kick their litter all around the home. This barrier keeps things looking neat.

The reviews say: “A great optional addition to the box. Made the sides just enough taller to keep sand from jumping out during the covering process.”

This Supplement Helps Your Dog’s Bones

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Keeping your dog’s joints in good condition can help them out later in life, plus prevent any pain!

The reviews say: “They work great and all of the dogs go crazy when they see the canister come out, so they must taste as well as they work. If you’re thinking about feeding your dog a mobility supplement, I highly recommend this one.”

This Puppy Training Kit has All you Need

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Rather than trying to purchase everything you might need separately, why not get the whole job done at once?

The reviews say: “Great set for an aspiring dog trainer! I just got my Australian shepherd a few months ago and since then I began exploring this world since it is a very smart dog that can learn all kinds of techniques. I think this kit really has all the pieces to better interact with the dog, and have it listen to you. The pouch is also an excellent bonus, it makes it easier to take your dog on a walk and have all the pieces you need in one place.”

This Shampoo is Safe for All Doggies

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Make sure you aren’t irritating your dog’s skin while trying to keep them clean with this great-smelling option.

The reviews say: “This dog shampoo is my new favorite! It suds right up, got my dogs clean, and smells good! It’s been over a week since I washed them and they still smell good and their fur is soft. I still can’t believe how soft they still are!”

This Harness is Safe and Comfy

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Train your pooch not to pull without hurting them unnecessarily with this sturdy harness.

The reviews say: “This harness has so far been able to stand up to the chewing, biting, pulling, and Houdini-esque contortions of my crazy puppy. She is skilled at slipping out of collars and harnesses and will run like a demon the first chance she gets.”

These Collars Make Dog Training Easy

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Getting the right shock collar is key to ensuring it’s effective but not dangerous to your dog.

The reviews say: “This collar is amazing, reliable, and has a super long battery. The customer service is an absolute dream, and when they say lifetime replacement that includes puppies who eat the collars and cables.”

This Retractable Leash is Super Handy

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Allow your dog to roam more freely without ever getting too tangled up with this clever leash.

The reviews say: “Wow, the leash is heavy-duty, well made and easy to retract. The feel is one of a well-made, expensive product. If I ever need another, I will definitely get this one!”

These Scissors Make for Easy Trims

Keeping your dog looking neat can sometimes feel rather treacherous – but these ergonomically designed scissors mean mistakes are impossible.

The reviews say: “They worked great. They’re sharp, which isn’t always the case on new shears. They seem quite sturdy and were more than capable of cutting through thick fur.”

This Grooming Set has it All

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If you don’t want to build out your own grooming kit, consider this highly-rated option that offers everything you could possibly need.

The reviews say: “Just used my shaver on my Shih Tzu. It worked perfectly and I’m very happy with it. It came right away when I ordered it and very well packed.”

This Comb Makes Short Work of Mats

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Get rid of any more prominent tangles and sections of matting without tugging or hurting your dog with this clever tool.

The reviews say: “As a pet groomer, I can honestly tell you that this tool will make the difference between telling your clients to save or shave. We all hate that awkward conversation when you have to break the news that their fluffy friend is soon going to look like a naked rat. I used to dread dematting dogs because I felt so bad for them, not to mention they have no idea why we’re tugging on their hair in the first place. This tool seriously makes dematting a breeze for you AND the dog. Saves time and prevents painful brushing. I would absolutely recommend his product.”

This Brush Smooths Out Fluff

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This soft-bristled brush helps to give your doggy’s coat some extra luster and shine.

The reviews say: “The construction of this brush allows for a firm brushing session that the dogs really enjoy. Brushing the coat in the direction it grows easily removes dirt, dander and cleans the fur. Brushing against the fur will loosen and remove loose fur and flea dirt, sand, and other irritants. It also allows you to check the skin condition and do a pest check. A vigorous back and forth with the brush is a wonderful body scratch.”

This Bowl Catches Any Spills

Pets can be notoriously messy eaters, but this cleverly designed bowl can save you plenty of cleaning uptime.

The reviews say: “These bowls hold securely in the silicone, and the large mat with a ‘lip’ keep the mess off of the floor. The silicone mat is easy to clean.”

These Multivitamins Fulfil Your Dog’s Health Needs

Not only will they fill in any potential gaps in your dog’s diet, but they taste like treats!

The reviews say: “They gobble it up and look at me for seconds. I love all the benefits this snack is giving my pups.”

These Ear Drops Clear Irritation Fast

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Treating ear infections in pets can be a pain, but these drops are easy to apply and clear things up quickly.

The reviews say: “This is cheaper than the same size of Veterinary Formula ear cleaner, is clear pink, and has no noticeable smell.”

This Cleaning Concentrate has Many Uses

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If you’re struggling to find a pet cleaner that’s suitable for all manner of uses, consider this concentrate, which you can mix to suit your needs.

The reviews say: “Please do not let the price of this product deter you from buying it. It will be one of the best cleaning product purchases you will ever make as it eliminates odors of ANY kind, not just pet urine.”

This Spray Works as a Quick Refresh

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If you need a quick fix for eliminating odors, keeping this spritz on hand can be a great idea.

The reviews say: “All I can say is that I’ve used all sorts of cleaners and machines for carpet/rugs, and this is the first thing I’ve used that works. I literally put my nose in the carpet afterward and can’t smell urine or other bad odors.”

Whereas This Spray Just Smells Incredible

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Not only does this spritz help to remove any nasty pet scents, but it replaces them with a fresh festive scent.

The reviews say: “I have two dogs, my carpet really smelled and I shampooed it twice it didn’t take care of some of the odor. I saw the reviews on this product and I thought I would give it a try. It has a nice orange smell to it and lasts throughout the day.”

This Sleeve Protects Your Furniture

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Cats are notorious for scratching up your favorite items of furniture – but these clever sleeves can prevent any lasting damage.

The reviews say: “Easy to install, just takes time to do it right. It adheres to the fabric but you really do need the fabric pins as, depending on the chair, you challenge the adhesion every time you sit in the chair (my case). A good amount of product is provided. The cats won’t touch it!”