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37 Amazon Canada Products I’ve Been Personally Loving

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I’ve done a lot of shopping, online and otherwise, over the years, so I do feel somewhat qualified to put together this list. There is a wide smattering of products, across electronics, beauty, homeware, and creative tools. Some of my favourites are the polaroid camera, microphone, and dedicated smart rice cooker. They’re all products made with quality and longevity in mind, while being easy to use and nice to look at.

There are also some fun items (like the ramen bowl with a built-in phone holder) that are still super usable. I don’t like the idea of cluttering up my limited space with stuff I’m not able to use, and everything on this list has been selected with that in mind. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your office space with a better desk and chair, or you’re looking to take the dive and finally buy that Switch, there should be something for everyone- and that means the dogs, too.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Apple Earpods with a Headphone Jack for Those of Us Who Hate Bluetooth


I’ve been using Apple’s Ear Pods since their release, and I’ve gotta say, I’m a huge fan. I’ve gone through four pairs in 10 years, which considering my aptitude for breaking and/or losing earbuds, is pretty impressive. They have nice audio quality, are easy to detangle, and pretty soundproof (in my own, personal opinion audiophiles please don’t come at me).

This Flat Iron Glides Through Your Hair With Ease And Delivers Salon Results


Okay, so I got bangs again. The difference, though, is that I did not go through emotional trauma first and that, my dear friends, is what we in the biz call character development. That being said, the day you get bangs and the day after will always be very different from each other. This flat iron, with its titanium-ceramic plates that are gentler on the hair, has made the mornings-after much more bearable. I’ve only had the post-bangs regret once.

This Moisture Pack Brings Your Hair Back to its Full Glory in Time for Summer


I’ve been bleaching and colouring my hair since I was 14, and moisture/protein treatments have been where it’s at, y’all. It honestly makes such a difference in the way it feels and the way it looks. This moisture pack from aphogee does just that, plus reduces the effects of humidity, and works to improve even unprocessed, long hair. They have a paired protein treatment, too, for those of us who really pushed the hairstyle boundaries after consuming way too much Guy Tang during quarantine.

This Wooden Cutlery Set Is Divine And Cuts Down On Your Use Of Single Use Plastic

I don’t know exactly why, but I love using wooden cutlery. I feel that I am doing my small effort towards being more environmentally friendly and frankly it’s just nicer to use instead of tacky plastic. Regardless, my weaponry consists of chopsticks and spoons, so this set was perfect for me. They’re sustainable, easy to wash, and last a long time. Highly recommend.

This Mario Badescu Set Is Kylie Jenner’s Favorite Spritz


Everyone who has used Mario Badescu’s facial sprays will tell you the same thing: cannot live without. That’s why I was super excited to see that Amazon was carrying this trio of rosewater, lavender and green tea varieties and that they came in a duo pack for less than if you purchased them separately. I enjoy mixing it up to keep my skin from becoming too acclimated to any one thing. I also like using the green tea during the day and the rosewater or lavender to calm my face down before bed.

This Microphone Will Take Your Home Office Setup to the Next Level

Since I bought this Blue Yeti microphone a year ago, my communication and gaming have improved so much in quality. While mics on headphones and earbuds are adequate for taking short calls, if you’re constantly using your voice online, it’s worth spending a bit on dedicated gear. I’m told the audio sounds much better and smoother, which is key for streaming and recordings. Definitely recommend.

These Pimple Patches Will Stop You From Picking So You Don’t Get Scars

I’ve previously stan’d these little miracle patches, and I stand by that recommendation. I’m not even sorry, because these things are a godsend. I pick at my skin like crazy which is so bad because I obviously have scarring, and the only thing that’s ever stopped me has been an invisible, plastic circle that literally blocks my wandering, probing fingers. They have the added benefit of sucking the juice out of the pimple, leaving you with beautiful, blemish-free skin.

This Thermos Mug is Unrivaled in its Temperature-Retention Powers


My love for tea is only outmatched by my hatred of tea after it’s gone cold. Thankfully, I was gifted this zojirushi thermos that keeps hot water hot for longer than anything else I’ve ever used. I’ve also used it for cold bevvies, and it works just as well in that regard. It also opens with ease which I really appreciate from a thermos.

This Multi-Purpose Grinder Grinds Your Daily Beans And Other Fine Grinding Foods

If you haven’t made coffee from whole beans yet, regardless of your brewing technique, then I highly recommend you try it. I can’t exactly explain the difference in taste and texture, but it’s there. I invested in this multi-purpose grinder, that comes with a built-in storage container, for those of us who would rather bulk-grind a few days’ worth of beans because mornings ain’t exactly easy. I also love it because it grinds nuts and seeds when I’m attempting to make cakes and slices which require a finer grind.

This Home Espresso System will Level Up Your Mornings

After some years of using a grinder and french press combo, I treated myself to this upgrade: Breville’s barista express espresso machine. It has a built-in bean grinder and hot water dispenser, all necessary components for brewing up the perfect americano. I find it easy to clean and to use, and it truly just keeps giving back (into my body. I’m definitely addicted to caffeine).

This Ramen Bowl-and-Lid Makes Lunchtime that Much More Exciting

Okay, even if you don’t think you need a bowl with its own lid and a dedicated phone holder, you’re still going to want to get yourself one. It’s helped the ol’ neck problems because no matter what you tell me about not bending down over my phone while I’m at the table having lunch, it’s just not going to happen, okay? This product might look super gimmicky, but it does its job well and makes way for more fun conversation next time you’re on Zoom complaining about how we’re still under lockdown.

This Desk Chair Will Enhance Your WFH Experience and Stop Those Backaches


Before the pandemic, like many others, I’d never invested money into my office ware. However, when I started working from home full time I suffered through having a decrepit old chair. I decided it was finally time to do the grown up thing and purchase a chair that wasn’t going to make me feel like my spine was literally at war with the rest of my body. Most ergonomic chairs cost a fortune but I snaffled this swivel chair with armrests which met all of my requirements. What pushed the purchase over the line for me was the great reviews to back up its claims to boost productivity by improving posture and ergonomics. No more backaches!

This Giant Mousepad Smooths Your Desktop and Overall Computer Experience


Until a couple years ago, I never even knew giant mousepads existed. And boy, had I been missing out. I’m here to tell you to start using these sooner rather than later. The frustrations or doing work or gaming on a tiny mousepad is one that I’m sure many of us have struggled with, just not enough to put effort into changing that reality. It’s definitely worth the time it takes to add to your cart and then slap on top of your desk.

This L-Shaped Desk Will 100% Transform Your WFH Life


Okay so I’ve found you the perfect WFH office chair. I struggle with space at my place so if you are in the same boat I recommend an L-shaped desk. As a writer, streamer, and digital artist, I find myself swapping workstations a bunch throughout the day. It gets tedious and time-consuming to move stuff around all the time. This desk has improved my workflow and my mood. I can keep all my artist gear on one side of the table, without seeing it bleed into the non-art area. I also love the simple design, with plenty of leg-room and airflow.

This Vitamin C Powder Lets You Stay Hydrated While Getting Your Dailies

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve hated taking my vitamins. I stocked up on these convenient packets of vitamin C when the weather started getting colder. It makes the water bubbly, which in turn makes it easier to drink. I’ve definitely felt a boost of energy since I started having these regularly.

This Fountain Pen is the Most Luxurious Item I’ve Ever Purchased


I’ve always wanted to own a beautiful fountain pen for journaling. Finally, late last year as a gift for myself, I picked up one of these on Amazon. While the initial cost seems high, other buyers had testified to its longevity. The writing experience itself is lovely, with nice ink flow and a good hand feel. Definitely recommend for writers or as a gift to a loved one.

This Pet Booster Seat Will Make Car Rides Both Safer and More Enjoyable

My dogs have seatbelts (whose doesn’t, these days?) but I felt recently that it wasn’t enough. We’ve been doing some more long-distance driving to visit loved ones (in a safe, socially distant way, of course), and I decided to spring for this cushy booster seat. My babies are small so they both fit in one seat. It seems to have led to calmer car rides, as they’re more comfortable, and I get to keep my peace of mind that they’re safer should anything happen out on the road.

These Greenies Dental Treats Keep Your Pooch’s Teeth and Gums Healthy


Something I always keep stocked up are these Greenies dental chews. They make for a great reward after a long hike or jaunt through the park, and keep the gremlins occupied for at least 20-30 seconds. The best part is the dogs have no idea their teeth are getting cleaned, only that it’s absolutely delicious. Suckers.

This Instax Mini and Film Set is Sure to Spark Creativity and Joy


I’ve owned one of these Instax minis for years now, and it’s still going strong. I love taking it off its dedicated shelf for special occasions that I can then string up the prints along a set of fairy lights (call me basic, but it’s super cute, okay). This set is particularly cool because it comes with 120 exposures – and I recently gifted a girlfriend a series of images I took of us over the years along with a photo holder clip stand which she absolutely adored.

These Wireless Headphones Meet Every Requirement for Both Style and Comfort

While I love my earpods I do have a pair of wireless headphones for when I am doing work around the house or watching a film on my laptop. Rather than shelling out a couple hundred for wireless buds that I’d almost certainly lose within the first week, I opted for these cute, wireless over-the-ears instead. They also come with wires for when you’re in the mood to get strapped in.

This Mulit-Use 100% Pure Jojoba Oil Provides Nourishment to Skin, Hair and Nails


I learned about the benefits of jojoba oil a few years back. My favourite thing about it as a skincare ingredient is how it mimics the pH of your own skin, so that it absorbs well and never leaves greasy residue. There are so many brands these days, it can be difficult to tell which one to go for. I’ve been loving this one from Cliganic, as it’s 100% pure and reasonably priced. I’ll put it in DIY masks, homemade skincare recipes, and sometimes just on its own.

This Lighting Kit Lets You Step Up Your Entire Social Media Game

Being in front of a camera every day really throws into sharp, digital relief all of your flaws; or, at least, the flaws in your room’s lighting with its single bulb and occasional candlelight flicker. I decided to put some money into my streaming setup, and purchased this lighting kit. It works with my DSLR as well as my smartphone, making it very versatile. It’s made a huge difference in video quality, and I intend to have it for a very long time.

This Lap Desk is Perfect for Students and Work-from-Homers

Working from home means working in proximity to your couch. It’s a dangerous path to go down and should be approached with caution. I heroically took this journey to scope out the areas ahead for the rest of you, and one of my trusty gear is this sleek lap desk. It’s made it much easier to switch up my work environment, keeping my surroundings fresh and letting me do some of the more tedious tasks in comfort.

This Snoopy Moleskine Notebook is Perfect for Journaling

I love journaling. More than that, I love collecting journals that I may well never use. While I did promise myself I would go through that pile first, this special edition Snoopy moleskin one was too cute to ignore. The paper is super smooth to write on, and I really enjoy the little designs inside. It makes me want to write more than I otherwise would.

This Ninja Blender Puts the “Smooth” in Your Morning Smoothie


I’m not a big breakfast person, to be completely honest. While I love my eggs and the occasional savoury crepe, mornings for me are merely a reason to basically pour coffee into my open mouth. That’s not very good on the ol’ digestive system, though. So I have adopted a regular smoothie routine and this Ninja blender makes it a pain free experience. It is so powerful so blends through my frozen fruits with ease and has several settings, including pulse, and blends the ingredients really well. It’s also easy to clean and pour out of.

This Wireless Numpad is a Game Changer

I switched to a mechanical keyboard a while back, and through a chain of events, ended up with one that did not have a number pad. I didn’t think much of it, until I started to miss having one for inputting data, gaming macros, and other little things. A few days ago, I grabbed this off of Amazon, and it’s been really nice having the numpad around again. It’s wireless, making it easy to swap from device to device (e.g., from my PC to my laptop). I also love the cute colours and rounded keycaps.

This Olaplex No.3 Hair Restorer Is A Cult Beauty Buy You Simply Must Have

Olaplex, again? Yes ma’am, because this here is one of hair care’s greatest inventions to date. I’ve bleached and coloured my hair over five times now, and this has been the only product that has been able to breathe some life back into my poor, fabulous tresses. I like this bundle because it comes in a 2-pack, making it so I run out less frequently. It’s really great for those of us who process our hair on the regular.

This Polaroid Camera Mixes Vintage Looks with Modern Functionality

So I am a fan of a polaroid camera. I love this slightly higher-functioning polaroid camera because of it’s cool, retro design that I really love. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn and circle skirts, and adds a nice touch of character to my camera collection. It has a double-exposure feature, as well as a self-timer, making instant selfies way less tedious and frustrating than they otherwise would be.

This Adjustable Pet Gate is Ideal for Keeping Your Pooch In A Safe Spot


My roommates and I invested in this adjustable pet gate, which has done a great job keeping the dogs and the cats on separate sides of the living room while we work. I really like its easy, contemporary design and the many ways you can adjust the gate with ease to section off different areas of the same room.

This Multi-Functional Rice Cooker Practically Makes the Meals for You

Everyone, and I repeat, everyone needs a rice cooker in their home. I’ve had one all my life, though only recently have I been using this awesome multifunctional steamer. It has almost more options than I would need (cake, anyone?). It’s super useful on those days that I have way too much on my figurative plate to put something on the literal one three times a day. I can get a recipe going in the morning, leave it to cook and settle on auto-warm, and then go grab the food without having to worry I might burn the house down in my busyness.

This SSD Hard Drive Expands Your Computer Space and Keeps Your Files Safe


I am an advocate of an external hard drive mainly because I have been through the tears of loss when internal hard drives meltdown. I have a system now where I use them to store important documents and files that I need to keep safe. This Samsung version is smaller, lighter, and faster being solid-state and nicely compact.

This Tripod with Smartphone Holder Gives Your Tik-Tok Game a Boost


Before I got a tripod, I’d been using my computer to prop up my camera. It worked well enough, in that my face was in the shot, but I couldn’t really do much else in way of framing or scene setup. Add to that, it took up a lot of desk space to have the PC behind the monitors. This tripod was a gamechanger; it has a universal smartphone attachment and is lightweight enough to carry out into the big, scary world. 

These 100% Natural Chicken Strips Will Have Your Dog on Their Best Behaviour


I love my dogs more than anything else in the world, and I like to show that to them in the form of quality treats and food. My one dog has been eating these 100% chicken tenders for over 13 years now, and he continues to love them. I like that I can get them cheaper and more regularly on Amazon (with its subscription service). Everyone’s happy.

This Nintendo Switch Lets You Game on the Go


If you haven’t tried the Nintendo Switch, I highly recommend seeking out an opportunity to do so. If you’re already a fan of Nintendo games, then this is a must-buy for you. If you’re merely a casual gamer, which I was going into it, you’d probably still get good value out of it with the many games available, and being able to access both the console and handheld modes. I personally love the convenience of popping out the handheld and taking it with me to chill in the yard with the dogs.

This Set of Wheat Straw Bowls are Environmentally Friendly and Easy to Clean

I’ve gotten really into sustainable kitchenware; in particular, the ones that don’t shatter on impact intrigue me the most. Wanting to be environmentally friendly takes out plastic though, which incidentally is really hard to get grease out of anyway. I stumbled upon these wheat straw bowls that come in a set of four and are dishwasher safe. They’re large enough for ramen and cereal, while completely removing the necessity for me to redirect my broken dishes fund elsewhere.

These Unbreakable Wine Glasses Will Literally Survive the Apocalypse (And Me!)

I love wine and I love feeling fancy by drinking it out of a stemmed wineglass. Let me just reiterate how incredibly clumsy I am. Living with “real” wineglasses simply is not an option for me, sadly. That’s why I’m have switched to these 100% Tritan, shatterproof glasses. This set of four was constructed with premium materials, is dishwasher safe, and has the look and feel of glass without any of the risk.

This Carbon Steel Wok Makes Dinner More Flavourful and Enjoyable to Cook

My grandfather has a carbon steel wok that he’s been seasoning for literal decades. These things cook your food in a way no pan or Dutch oven ever could. It locks in the flavours of your ingredients and spices, and then imbibes those tastes into itself. That way, over time, it will grow into a beautiful, unique piece of cookware that will last your whole life. I’ve been using mine for a couple years now, and it’s really come to feel like it’s specially mine.