37 Amazon Products Readers Thought Were Worth Purchasing

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Amazon is great for finding deals on cute clothes, funky gadgets and handy supplies. In just this week, I was able to purchase a makeup sponge, a cozy knit sweater AND an LED collar for my dog. They have a ton of products from A to Z that are worth buying – and that’s the beauty of Amazon – you can find anything you could possibly need there.

Really, they’ve got everything, and most of it comes with free two-day shipping on Prime. So why not give it a browse? We collected a number of products we thought could be worth adding to your cart, whether it is for you or a friend. So what do you say? Give it a go and start finding your favorites.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Electric Lighter Will Be The Only Lighter You’ll Need

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Never thought we would talk about a rechargeable lighter, yet here we are and this thing is pretty cool. No more pressing buttons that are jammed or running out of fuel, this electric lighter is easy to turn on with the push of a button and you don’t have to worry about a fuel refill since it’s electric. And did I mention that it’s rechargeable? When you think of all the time you’ve wasted trying to light something with a lighter that’s giving you trouble, it makes every penny spent on this electric lighter worth it. And based on more than half of the reviews being 5-stars, it definitely is worth it.

Quality Bamboo Bedsheets Are Essential After A Long Day

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Going the cheap route on bedsheets has been one of my biggest adulting mistakes. And once I went with this luxe bamboo bedsheet set, I knew I made the right decision once I opened the package. These bedsheets are soft and the quality is top notch. The variety of colors and sizes they come in also make them an easy decision. Still not convinced? Check out this review, “These sheets will help you get a better night’s sleep. I think they are the softest sheets I’ve ever slept in.”

Carabiner D-Shaped Buckles Have Multiple Uses

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I use these carabiner clips in multiple ways. They work perfectly on handbags, backpacks, keychains, water bottles or whatever you need a clip to attach something. In others words, they’re highly functional. I love attaching my water bottle to my backpack with these clips as well as my Airpod case.

Clean and Massage Your Feet In The Shower

After a long day of doing all of the things, a good foot massage is needed. This shower mat isn’t just an ordinary mat, it’s also a foot cleanser and massager that’s heavenly to use. The mat has suctions cups so you won’t slip and slide on your feet. And with over 8,000 5-star reviews, you’ll just have to check it out for yourself.

Light It Up With These Battery Operated LED Lights

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There are areas in my kitchen I felt were too dimly lit so I bought these battery operated LED Lights and they work better than I expected. These come in a pack of six, making it enough to place under cabinets and maybe have one or two to attach in a cabinet where you could use some light. Just place the required batteries and you’re all set. You can even set a timer on these which will help to save battery life.

Listen to Your Jams Anywhere With This Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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With over 12,000 5-star reviews, I just know I’m not the only one who loves a concert in the shower. This waterproof bluetooth speaker will make you feel like your favorite singer is right here with you. Or maybe you just want to catch up on your favorite podcast, it’s great for that too. You can also use it at the pool, beach, or any water activity.

Calling All Night Readers, You Need This Book Light

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This book light comes with three lighting modes, white light, amber light, and day light. The amber light helps to reduce harmful blue light and can help you sleep better which is a helpful option especially when you can’t seem to put your book down. This one clips onto your book so it lights where you’re reading perfectly and I personally also use it as a bookmark in case I fall asleep while reading.

Have Cereal Anywhere With The Crunch Cup

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My favorite breakfast and snack is cereal and the Crunch Cup has been a game changer. It’s cereal on the go and what’s better than that, nothing. This will save you from having to stop at the drive thru and the best part is that it keeps your cereal fresh.

Get Your Life In Order With These Luxury Notebooks

Don’t let the name of these notebooks fool you into thinking they’re expensive. For less than $16 you get two beautiful notebooks which makes a great set for you or anyone. I love that these lay flat making them comfortable to write notes or my to-do list.

Charge Up All of Your Devices On This Charging Station

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This incredibly useful charging station can charge six devices at once and it doesn’t slow down the charge. We keep ours in our kitchen and it’s easily accessible for us or any guests we may have. Now you’ll always have a place for your phone while it charges.

A Family Game is Sure to be a Winning Purchase

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Suitable for all ages, young or old, Headbanz is a great game to get the whole family involved. Easy to understand and hilarious, this game is played by asking yes or no questions until you identify who or what is on your headband.

A Rechargeable Hand Warmer For Commutes To Work

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This portable hand warmer takes just 2 minutes to warm up to forty-two degrees centigrade, and the double-sided heat function ensures your hands are as warm as possible for up to 4 hours. It’s also stylish and small enough to be kept in your handbag for use whenever you need it.

One shopper wrote: “Not only is this rechargeable hand warmer work super well, but it’s also way cuter than most others you can find. Lots of hand warmers look like a computer mouse and I just liked that this one was a slightly different shape. The product feels sturdy and well made, and it feels like the appropriate size in my hand. It is quick to warm up and maintains heat well.”

Keeping Your Skin Hydrated is Important

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You only get one skin, which is why it’s important you look after it!

This La Roche Posay face moisturizer will help to replenish, hydrate, and restore your skin. Designed to provide up to forty-eight hours of hydration, this cream is soft, oil-free, and is easily absorbed.

These Plastic Scrapers Can Reach The Most Narrow Spots

Can’t clean those small spaces in your car, or computer? These plastic scrapers will help you get all the crumbs and dust out of hard-to-reach spots, plus it can safely scrape off stickers, paint, and other grime. You’ll wonder how you ever cleaned without it!

This Floral Lamp Will Add a Personal Touch to Your Room

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With real dried flowers inside of each of your chosen resin letters, this floral lamp feels like something magical. Sat on top of a wooden base, this lamp is sturdy, durable and gives you no reason to worry about it falling over.

These denim leggings are under twenty dollars

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These denim leggings are ideal for days when you want to look like you’re wearing jeans but feel just as comfy as loungewear. They come in black, dark denim, and white, so you can match them to any outfit. They also pair well with heels or sneakers, so you can dress them up or down.

This Cactus Scratching Post is Cute and Functional

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As the proud parent of three cats, we go through a lot of scratching posts in my house. More often than not, my rooms are littered with ugly and boring posts that are mostly destroyed. So when I saw this super cute cactus, I snapped it up right away. Who said that cat toys couldn’t be functional AND decorative?

These Pens are Highly Versatile

They come in ten versatile shades, and each pen has a brush end for larger areas, plus a smaller nib for precise coloring.

The reviews say: “I purchased these after seeing several well-known artists utilize them, and was not disappointed! They are incredibly pigmented but easy to work with. I use them for hand-lettering and calligraphy and they flow smoothly and are perfect for people starting to hand letters or just looking to draw with quality brush pens. I’m very impressed, and would definitely repurchase.”

Summer isn’t all about dresses and skirts, these skinny-fit leggings are equally summer-worthy

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These classic-looking leggings provide all the comfort and flexibility of normal leggings, while the smooth stretchy fabric sculpts your legs. They also feature ankle side zips for when you need extra ventilation, which is exactly what’s needed during warm weather.

This Treatment is Great for Winter Damaged Locks

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Going from the outside cold to indoor central heating can play havoc with your hair. Using this weirdly named treatment once a week can really help maintain softness and shine.

The reviews say: “I want to start this by describing what I do to my hair that damages it. First, I blow dry it every day after I shower. This dries it out a lot. On top of that, I have bleach blonde hair that I get done every month to keep the roots blonde. I also use a flat iron daily. I DO use heat protection for my hair so there’s that. When I used this I kept it on for about 30 minutes and then rinsed it out super well. It’s been 3 days since I used it and it’s still super bouncy/manageable and looks super healthy! It doesn’t have that dry split end look.”

These Spice Labels Will Get Your Kitchen Organized

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If you find it hard to know exactly which spice you’re reaching for, look no further than these large, capitalized labels. Your food will thank you!

The reviews say: “Nice large fonts, stick well and look great.”

This Fun Game is a Huge Hit with Parents

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Any parent knows that making learning fun is the ultimate aim – and this swatting game does just that.

The reviews say: “I purchased this for my 6-year-old who is learning to read. He really enjoyed playing it and I thought it was a great fun way to help him. My 11-year-old actually enjoyed it also. I really liked that it had simple a,b,c’s up to harder level words. We’ve played it together and the competition can get comical.”

Go Hands-Free with this Phone Holder

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This sturdy little stand will help you watch videos or FaceTime pals while you’re using your hands for more productive things.

The reviews say: “I don’t know how I lived without this gadget! I have a big phone (iPhone 7X) that I love, but my hand would hurt from holding it. Now I set it next to me and check my social media, play games, read my kindle, and text. The phone holder is the same color as my case, which I love. It firmly holds my phone both vertically and horizontally. It’s small enough to stash in my purse. The price is reasonable as well.”

We All Know a Throw Blanket Is an Absolute Essential

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I know one of my favorite parts of fall is when I stick on one of my favorite scary movies, grab the popcorn, and wrap up in a big throw and cozy on down for the night. Well, now you can have this joy as well, with this wonderful throw blanket which comes in an array of different colors.

This Fridge Deodorizer is Made from Bamboo

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Got a stinky fridge? Get this 2-pack of deodorizes to send bad food smells packing. These Fridge Ninjas use bamboo to neutralize odors instantly. You can also pop them into a lunch bag or bento box to keep fresh on the go.

The reviews say: “We had kimchi in our fridge. No matter what we tried to seal the container, the smell leaked out and other foods in the fridge absorbed the smell. I purchased this and put one in my fridge – boom! Next day, just in one day, the odor is almost gone!”

Why don’t you hop on the workout set trend with this bestselling 2-piece

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This set comes with a pair of high-waisted shorts and a sports bra that’s ideal for low-impact sports. The straps on the top are adjustable so you can get the right fit, while the fabric is flexible, offering you support and full mobility. And with multiple colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

Or maybe you enjoy a huge pillow? If so the Snuggle-Pedic King Size Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Bamboo Cover is perfect for you!

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Dr. Rick Swartzburg, the founder of Snuggle-Pedic, began his career as a chiropractor working with chronic pain sufferers on a daily basis. Dr. Swartburg saw a remedy for chronic pain that could benefit everyone, and thus, Snuggle-Pedic was born. With its focus on pain relief during sleep hours, Snuggle-Pedic has revolutionized the sleep industry for folks craving a flawless night of sleep through proactive pain and stress relief.
So there’s nothing holding you back, everyone needs a good night’s sleep, from blue-collar workers to pregnant women to those sleepy, sleepy students. At such amazing prices, this is guaranteed to be the best thing you ever did for your body.

The King Size Snuggle-Pedic pillow is now available for less than $80!

This Kitchen Bowl Palm Scrubber

Make your kitchenware clean and shiny with these palm scrubbers! Adding just a little bit of washing up liquid to the scrubber, you can ensure your pots, pans, and dishes will be squeaky clean.

The OVRUNS Yoga Leggings can be yours for less than $10!

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Rated the number one bestseller for women’s yoga trousers on Amazon, the OVRUNS Yoga Leggings have been compared to brands like Sweaty Betty and Reebok without a price tag that will break the bank.​

The Kintsukuroi Repair Kit helps you fix your beautiful pottery with gold powder glue, making it a little more authentic than before…

I know how it feels when you break something you love so much! But what if I told you that you didn’t have to throw it away? What if you could fix it, and even make it look a little cuter! Well, with this miraculous repair kit, that’s exactly what you can do.

The Reviews Say: “Although this is just a starter set, the finished product is almost the same as Japanese kintsugi. I really like it. Very exquisite packaging, I want to buy one for my friend who likes handmade.”

Tame and strengthen your hair with this CHI Keratin Mist.

The Chi Keratin Mist helps repair damage and restore softness to hair while protecting against heat styling. The salon-quality ingredients condition your hair without weighing it down.
One shopper raved: “Makes my hair nice and silky, never greasy or heavy. This is great for refreshing waves or on straighter days. I spray it on when the weather is super humid and it helps control frizz, almost like a hairspray.”

Stay Warm And Cozy With This Hotel-Inspired Comforter

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Lightweight and luxurious, this hotel-inspired comforter will keep you cozy all-year round, while also making your bedroom look luxe. It comes in a variety of colors if navy is not your jam and sizes as well depending on the size you need. “This comforter is absolute perfection. I would have expected to pay much more for this quality and comfort, but I purchased it due to positive reviews.” 

Make your foundation pop with this Honey Dew Me Up Primer.

This vegan makeup primer gives your skin the perfect base for foundation. It combines several hydration-boosting ingredients, such as honey, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, to give your skin a protective layer before applying makeup.
One shopper wrote: “I don’t know how I lived without it. The bottle isn’t huge but I’ll be damned if it only takes a little bit to get the desired results. I’ll be buying the product over and over again.”

Avoid Being Scalded With This Clip Strainer

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We’ve all been there, boiled a big pot of pasta and somehow juggled pouring out the water while keeping the strainer steady (and probably gotten a little burned in the process), but now that’s totally unnecessary! This clip-on strainer makes straining pasta a breeze by clipping right onto the pot.

This 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm Will melt away daily makeup and grime.

Cleansing balms are soaring in popularity. The way they remove makeup and cleanse skin is way more effective, and eco-friendly than makeup wipes, and the skin is left feeling supple & hydrated. The antioxidant-rich, hydrating matcha green tea in this cleansing balm also helps combat the signs of aging.

Evagloss’s Bumps Solution Tackles your unwanted razor bumps.

This razor bump solution prevents inflammation and tackles ingrown hairs brought on by shaving, waxing, or tweezing. Ingredients such as beta hydroxy acids and skin-clearing salicylic acid are known for helping keep the skin smooth and irritation-free after hair removal, so you can apply the formula straight out of the shower!

Professional-Grade Dishwasher Safe Knife Set

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Need a better knife set? This awesome professional knife set is resistant to corrosion and scratch, made from stainless steel, and comes with six knives that will stay sharp (without needing a shine-up) for a long time to come.