With work, zoom hangouts, and my latest Netflix binge, I do not have time to spare. You would think that spending all my time at home I would have tons of time to spend bored and aimlessly scrolling but I have a full schedule, doing self-care, eating delicious food, and trying to stay sane. That's why I thank the heavens that Amazon has the core items I just can't live without. From booty-bands to kitchen towels and the perfect blowdryer, these Amazon products have become such a crucial part of my life. Simplifying my life frees up time to rewatch my favourite show (and it's definitely not Schitt's Creek for the fifth time).

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Between comfy slippers that are acceptable to wear to the grocery store, to gadgets that make my desk comfier for long zoom calls, there are certain Amazon products I couldn't imagine living without. This list is filled with products that will make you have a major moment and wonder where these products have been hiding.

This Memory Foam Cooling Gel Wrist Rest Makes WFH Sooo Much Better


I think we can all agree working from home is so much more comfortable than at the office - being able to work in my PJ's is such a vibe. Just when I thought working from home couldn't get any better, I found this cooling memory foam wrist rest. Seriously, this has saved my wrists and turned my desk into a mini oasis.

Break A Sweat Without Breaking The Bank With This Cute Ribbed Yoga Set


We all know how pricey workout gear can be — $100 for leggings? As if! This cute ribbed yoga set is a dream come true. I'm a big fan of workout gear that's also perfect for lounging around the house, and this set is definitely the best of both worlds. Catch me abandoning my home workouts and napping in this set.

These Polarized Glasses with Colored Lenses are my Fave Summer Accessory

I firmly believe that a good pair of sunnies can make an outfit go from 0 to 100. These ones are no exception - they fit so perfectly and the quality is next-level. Lounging in the sun all day may be fabulous, but it can seriously damage your eyes. Protect yourself and elevate your style with Amazon's choice for sunnies.

These Peach Resistance Bands Are Booty-Day Essential


I've been working out at home for nearly a year now, and I'll be the first to admit I struggled to find workouts that wouldn't make my downstairs neighbours hate me. Weights were definitely out of the question, but these resistance bands didn't come to play. My booty has never looked better. Hot girl summer, here I come!

Elevate Your Sleep With These Silk Pillowcases that have 152K Plus Reviews

It's no secret that satin pillowcases are great for your skin and hair. At first, I was skeptical, but after trying these ones, I'm definitely a believer. My hair has never been softer, and I think it's finally safe to say I've won the battle against my frizz. Don't just order one set choose from a range of amazing and rich colors from teal to taupe.

Get The Best. Sleep. Ever. With This Pure Silk Eye Mask


Now that it's light outside at 5:00am, I definitely need something to block out those early morning rays of sunshine. These masks could not have done a better job - they're like portable blackout curtains. A must for my uninterrupted beauty sleep. The pure silk material give the feeling that you aren't even wearing a mask.

Reusable Microfibre Makeup Removal Cloths Are Having A Moment Right Now

I'm always on the lookout for ways to make my beauty routine a little more environmentally friendly, so when I saw these microfibre makeup remover cloths, I just had to try them out. The idea of being able to take off my full face with just water seemed unbelievable, but these work like a charm, save me tons of money and protect the environment because I just pop them in the weekly wash.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Towel Game with these Ring Spun Cotton Towels

I have tried to stop using paper towel in my kitchen. And well... my kitchen towels were admittedly a little out of shape. I was in desperate need of some new ones, but I didn't want to spend a fortune on towels that I'd be wiping up spills and messes with, and let's face it, my house is spills and messes galore #thatclumsylife. These ring spun cotton towels really are the best bang for my buck and make cleaning no big deal.

This Cult-Favourite Hair-Straightening Tool Actually Works


At-home blowouts have always been too much of an arm workout for me, so when a friend recommended this hair brush-blow dryer duo, I knew I had to put it to the test. This tool tames my thick, frizzy hair so well, and even makes my second and third-day hair (and even sometimes fourth-day hair) look so bomb.

Fight Your Zoom Fatigue With These Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Spending my days in virtual Zoom meetings is so hard on my eyes. Blue light filtering glasses were an investment I definitely needed to make. Not only do these ones look cute, they seriously help with my Zoom fatigue. My only regret is not buying these sooner. Bonus: they make me look both cute and smart.

This Blanket Will Be Your New Fave Cuddle Buddy


There is really nothing better than getting all cozy in bed with a soft, fluffy blanket, and this blanket is definitely my go-to. As one reviewer puts it; "This blanket was made using the clouds of Heaven by the hands of God himself." Need I say more?

These Blowfish Malibu Sneakers Literally Go With Everything and are So Comfy


A cute, comfy pair of sneakers are an absolute must for my summer wardrobe, and these ones are truly timeless. I was skeptical at first - how could such affordable shoes be so amazing? But don't just take my word for it; thousands of reviewers give these 5 stars too.

This Weekend Bag With a Shoe Compartment Will Be Your New Travel BFF


Not sure about you, but my summers are always packed with beach days and weekend trips to the cottage, and I was definitely in need of a bag that is big enough for clothes, towels, snacks, and more. This bag definitely exceeded my expectations - the shoe compartment is to die for. Now I never have to compromise my style for space!

Get The Best Sleep Ever With These Blackout Curtains


Don't get me wrong, I love natural light. What I don't love is being woken up by the sun at 5:30 AM on a weekend, when all I want is to sleep in. These blackout curtains have definitely given me the extra sleep I so needed. They also come in a variety of shades so you can afford to do all of your bedrooms.

You Need These Drawer Organizers In Your Life


I won't lie, my underwear and sock drawers used to be an unorganized mess - mismatched socks were basically part of my personal brand. This drawer organizer has been a saviour, and I've never had to hunt for missing socks since I got it. I also feel quite soothed by this level of organization first thing in the morning. It makes me feel like a proper adult.

These Shorts Are Perfect For Summer Lounging

Sweatshorts are having a major moment right now, and I wanted (needed) a lightweight pair for the summer that was still soft and cozy. Cue these terry shorts - they're perfect for lounging around the house and cute enough that I don't feel awkward if I run a few quick errands wearing them. They're ideal for COVID life, don't we all need more socially acceptable sweatpants!?

Plastic Straws Are So Last Year


If you're looking for a sign to ditch your plastic straws, this is it. These ones are top-notch quality, and the little portable bag makes it so easy to take them anywhere. Say goodbye to disposable straws on all your iced coffee runs this summer.

Let Your Inner Barista Out With This Coffee Frother


I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend my days on Coffee TikTok, watching all the amazing iced coffee creations. I'd been wanting a handheld milk frother ever since, and this one has some serious power. There are no cords or wires or plugs, so my kitchen counter doesn't look cluttered with this on it.

Give Your Back Some TLC With This Memory Foam Cushion


With all these long days of sitting at my desk, my back has been crying for help. I wanted a quick solution that didn't involve buying a whole new desk chair, and this cushion didn't come to play around. My back's happier, my butt's happier, and I'm definitely happier.

You've Probably Waited Way Too Long To Get These Silicone Oven Gloves


I always thought those old-fashioned square pot-holders were good enough. Boy, was I wrong, I never knew what I was missing! I've taken things out of my 500F oven, and I literally feel no heat through these mitts. Talk about quality.

The Staple V-Neck Tee's Everyone Need in Their Closet

Okay, here's a little secret: If there's one fashion rule I believe in, it's to invest in basic pieces that will last you season after season. These v-neck t-shirts are closet staples that I guarantee you'll be reaching for when you don't know what to wear. A must-have in every wardrobe and they come in packs of two which is super economical and gives you more choice.

Say Yes to Faster Wireless Charging With This Apple Mag Safe Charger

I definitely know the struggle of charging your phone every night and by midday, somehow your phone is already drained of its battery life. Faster and easier wireless charging? Just snap this device onto your phone case or wallet and you're good to go. Late-night UberEats deliveries will never have to be compromised for a low battery phone.

The Affordable Headphone Upgrade You Need


If your headphones are in need of an upgrade, these are the perfect option. Wear them for hours without them slipping or hurting your ears. Plus, the sound quality is unbeatable. Take it from me; these are an absolute steal and definitely a necessity to block out your noisy neighbours.

Snuggle Up With This Luxurious Comforter


Drift off into the best sleep with this soft and luxurious comforter. A reviewer said that when her boyfriend came over, he couldn't believe how plush and comfy the blanket was given the affordable price tag - it was that good. Promise you'll be raving about this!

Help Keep Your Sleep Fresh and Clean with these Antimicrobial Pillows


Nothing comforts me more than to know my pillows are made of fibre that actually make it impossible for germs to set up house and start a party in. Made of luxury cotton, these pillows use a antimicrobial and antibacterial technology to ensure a fresh and clean night's rest. Comfy, clean, affordable and luxurious - what more could you want! Need some relief for those seasonal allergies? These pillows are perfect for that too!

The Throw Pillows That Are Having a Major Moment Right Now


These throw pillows will be giving you all the vibes. I'm such a fan of the minimalist aesthetic and these are perfect to throw onto your bed or spruce up your living room. These are so cute, they will take any room decor from average to a straight 10/10.

The Perfect Leggings Are Here


Ditch your expensive Lulu's because the perfect Amazon leggings are here. These high-waisted leggings suck you in all the right places and are so flattering and comfy. Bonus? These also have a pocket for your phone. Who says you can't be practical and cute?

The Best Rain Hack


We all know the struggle of carrying an umbrella in the wind. With this Amazon find, consider the problem solved - this umbrella is waterproof and features a double canopy so you can operate it totally worry and hassle-free in the wind. No more ruining your fresh blow-dry, this umbrella is guaranteed to protect your flawless looks.

Embrace Your Sweatsuits Into The Summer


If there's one lasting legacy of this pandemic, I predict (and hope) the sweatsuit trend is here to stay. That being said, it's spring which means it's time to retire your fleece sweatpants for the season. Replace your favourite sweatsuit with these knit sweat shorts and pullovers. Trust, these are so cute you won't ever want to take them off!

The Matching Pyjama Set of Your Dreams


Okay, these pyjamas are all I could ever want. This matching set epitomizes comfort and style. Slipping into these at the end of the day is the best feeling, trust me. There is no better way to end your day than in a silky and chic pyjama set.

The Socks I'm Stocking Up On This Summer


These socks are rated 5-stars for a reason. Made of thick material, these are the socks I live in. They have an amazing grip, so you don't have to worry about slipping during your morning workout sesh or hardwood floors. Better yet, they come in so many cute colour combos, so buying multiple pairs is definitely the move here.

The Fluffy Slippers That Make You Feel Like You Are Walking On A Cloud


Confession: I'm obsessed with these. Whenever I'm lounging around the house, these are my go-to. Perfect for when you're fresh out of the shower or simply making your way from your bed to the kitchen for a midnight snack. A definite loungewear essential.

The Best Lightweight Summer Blanket


Name something better than curling up on the couch for a Netflix marathon wrapped in your favourite comfy blanket. If you love a quiet night in, this blanket is a must. Plus, it's lightweight - perfect for the upcoming summer months. I also have one at the end of my bed for the night's that it's too hot for a duvet and perfect for a little throw.

This Waffle Off-the-Shoulder Knit is the Best Amazon Clothing Find


I love a good waffle knit top, especially for lounging around. Pair it with your favourite sweatpants or sweat shorts and you've got yourself a cute, sporty look for your next coffee run or picnic in the park. Who knew looking cute could be this easy and effortless?

Elevate Your Home Aesthetic With This Fluffy Rug


This fluffy rug feels like heaven and the best part is, I'm only exaggerating a little. This rug will enhance your room's aesthetic so that it looks like something out of Architectural Digest. My recommendation: Say goodbye to cold hardwood floors and add to cart immediately for the best home decor steal.

The Bath Towel Set I Can't Get Enough Of


This bath towel set is so incredibly soft and reminds me of spa-style luxury, without the hefty price. I guarantee it will compliment your bathroom and elevate your home bath experience. Who even needs a 5-star hotel when you can get luxury at home!

Wrap Yourself in This Lightweight Bathrobe


Hands down, this is the perfect summer bathrobe. The material is so lightweight and breathable - perfect for wearing over pyjamas or after a shower without breaking a sweat. This is a purchase you'll be so happy to have and the glowing reviews are a true testament to that.