37 Beauty Items Amazon Reviewers Are Loving Right Now

Reviewers can be hard to please, so when they love a beauty product, you know it’s effective. These 37 products gave reviewers exactly what they wanted. From your beard to your feet, these products moisturize, smooth, and exfoliate you into your most polished self. Whether you’re practicing self-care or buying a gift, you’ll find the perfect item.

Add an accessory to showcase your style, pick a face wash to clean up your look, or buy a brighter smile for your best friend. This list has tried-and-true products designed to enhance all types of natural beauty. And with reviews like these, you can be confident about your purchase.

Editorial Note: We review everything independently. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission.

Reviewers Are Doing Salon Quality Work at Home with These Texturizing Scissors

Texturizing Scissors
  via Amazon  

Lighten up. These thinning, texturizing scissors will keep your thick hair bouncy, manageable, and cute between appointments.


Reviewers Love the Lightweight Hold of This Hair Paste

Reviewers Hair Paste
  via Amazon  

Want to enhance what you already have? This hair paste gives you a light hold that provides structure without tamping down your natural texture.


Reviewers Are Locking in Their Locks with This Gel Pomade

Gel Pomade
  via Amazon  

Does your hairstyle stay in place as the day drags on? This gel pomade gives you an all-day hold for your all-day look.

Reviewers Are Reinvigorating Their Hair with This Sea Salt Bundle

  via Amazon  

Enhance your hair’s natural texture with this sea salt bundle. Whatever your hair needs are, there is a bundle to build your look, your way. Customize your style and feel great about yourself while doing so.

Feel Beautiful Inside And Out With This Beauty Coffee Blend

  via Amazon  
VitaCup Beauty Collagen Coffee Pods for Hair, Skin & Nails

It’s no secret that true beauty comes from within. The things we put inside of our body are just as important, if not more, as what we put on the outside. This dark roast beauty blend contains nutrients needed to maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails, including collagen, biotin, and cinnamon. I love drinking my morning coffee knowing that I’m taking care of myself from the inside out!

Reviewers Are Turning the Volume Up with This Hair Powder

Hair Powder
  via Amazon  

If you want to plump up thin hair, use this powder. It improves texture, reduces grease, and leaves you with a bouncy matt finish.

Reviewers Are Loving the Lived-In Look of This Hair Wax

Reviewers Hair Wax
  via Amazon  

Want your hair to look good without it appearing like you tried? This hair wax gives you an artfully messy look.

Reviewers Are Smoothing Things out with This Beard Oil

Beard Oil
  via Amazon  

Whether the beard you’re sporting is a lumberjack, cowboy, hipster, or just a little scruffy, it doesn’t have to look unkempt. This beard oil will polish up your manly look.

Reviewers Got Impressive Results with These Glass Nail Files

Reviewers Glass Nail Files
  via Amazon  

It’s not just about looks, filing strengthens your nails and reduces breakage. These durable glass files will keep your nails smooth and shapely in-between appointments.

Reviewers Are Taming Their Beards with This Soap

Beard Soap
  via Amazon  

Grooming makes all the difference when it comes to facial hair. Made from shea butter and coconut oil, this soap will leave your beard soft and scented.

Reviewers Are Looking Slick with This Beard Straightener

Reviewers Beard Straightener
  via Amazon  

Smooth out your rough facial hair and polish your look with this beard straightener. Your beard deserves the extra effort, you grew it yourself.

Reviewers Look Fresh with This Glycolic Acid Face Wash

Reviewers Glycolic Acid Face Wash
  via Amazon  

Are you taking steps to reduce acne and dark spots? These reviewers are. Use this glycolic acid face wash for a smooth, even-toned complexion.

Reviewers Are Getting the Perfect Trim with This Electric Hair Clipper

Electric Hair Clippers
  via Amazon  

Do you want to sharpen up your look? This top-of-the-line electric hair clipper gives you precision control, for the best at-home hair you can get.

Reviewers Are Air-Drying Overnight with This Microfiber Pillow Cover

Microfiber Pillow
  via Amazon  

Night-showerers are fed up with soggy pillows and damp hair. This microfiber pillow cover is the new hairdryer. Save time in the morning without sacrificing style.

Reviewers Are Displaying Their Favorite Accessories on This Wall-Mount Jewelry Organizer

Reviewers Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer
  via Amazon  

Does your jewelry often disappear into a void at the bottom of your jewelry box? This wall-mount jewelry organizer puts your pieces on display.

Reviewers Are Going Silver at Home with This Trio Set

Trio Set
  via Amazon  

The shampoo, conditioner, and mask combo in this purple trio set beats back brassy tones while cleaning and replenishing moisture. It’s PETA-approved, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Reviewers Are Keeping Every Strand in Place with These Hair Clips

Hair Clips
  via Amazon  

Don’t spend your night out readjusting your updo. These hair clips will take care of it. The duckbill shape provides extra grip to prevent slippage.

Reviewers Are Smiling Bright with This Whitening Gel

Reviewers Whitening Gel
  via Amazon  

If your smile is looking a little worn out these days this gel will help you brighten up. These vegan whiteners use 35% Carbamide Peroxide to get teeth up to eight shades whiter.

Reviewers Love the Flare of These Scarf Scrunchies

Scarf Scrunchies
  via Amazon  

Beauty is about enhancing the basics. This scrunchie combines the classic look of a hair scarf with the secure hold of a scrunchie.

Reviewers Think These Knotted Hair Ties Are Adorable

Reviewers Knotted Hair Ties
  via Amazon  

These knotted hair ties combine fashion and function. The set has five different print designs, all with elastic bands to ensure a tight grip.

Reviewers Are Beating the Heat with This Protectant Spray

Heat Protectant Spray
  via Amazon  

If you use hot styling tools, this heat protectant leave-in treatment has got you covered. On top of its numerous benefits, including fade protection, anti-static, and heat defense, it also adds shine and body to your hair.

Blonde Reviewers Are Having More Fun with This Purple Heat Protectant Spray

Reviewers Heat Protectant Spray
  via Amazon  

Your hair can handle bleach or heat, but not both. This purple heat protectant spray enhances your cool-toned blonde while saving you from unnecessary damage.

Reviewers Are Taking This Travel Bag with Them

Reviewers Travel Bag
  via Amazon  

You’re going to take a lot of photos on your vacation, don’t leave your beauty products at home. This compact travel bag will keep all your favorites organized so you’re photo-ready.

Reviewers Are Elated over This Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil
  via Amazon  

Repair your skin with this vitamin E oil. The formula is made with sunflower oil, rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids to nourish and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Reviewers Are Building Bonds with This Protein Shampoo

Reviewers Protein Shampoo
  via Amazon  

Healthy hair is beautiful. This protein shampoo works on a molecular level to help strengthen bonds in your hair and repair damage from bleach, color, and heat.

Reviewers Are Feeling This Foot Peeling Mask

Foot Peeling Mask
  via Amazon  

Calluses aren’t cute. This peeling treatment can help make your feet baby soft in just minutes.

Reviewers Are Cutting Through the Static with This Anti-Humidity Spray

Anti-Humidity Spray
  via Amazon  

This anti-humidity hair treatment is here to help you control static, tame frizz, and add shine. Plus, it’s heat-activated, PETA-approved, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Reviewers Are Going Organic with This Vitamin E Facial Cleanser

Reviewers Vitamin E Facial Cleanser
  via Amazon  

Switch to a facial cleanser with natural ingredients. This organically formulated vitamin E facial cleanser is chemical and cruelty-free.

Reviewers Are Glowing with Praise for This Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum
  via Amazon  

This vitamin C serum works to combat signs of aging by improving your skin’s tone and texture. It’s supercharged with powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid, organic jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, and witch hazel, for powerful results.

Reviewers Say These Eye Masks Are the Gold Standard

Gold Eye Masks
  via Amazon  

These gold eye masks harness the anti-inflammatory properties of gold to reduce puffiness and inflammation around the eyes. Plus, they’re designed to improve blood circulation, minimizing the appearance of dark circles.

Reviewers Are Breathing in This Scented Soap Bar

Reviewers Remedy Soap
  via Amazon  

Want a soap made of natural ingredients without losing out on cleansing power? This peppermint & eucalyptus soap bar takes care of acne, body odor, and skin irritations.

Reviewers Seeing the Light with This LED Gel Polish Lamp

Reviewers LED Gel Polish Lamp
  via Amazon  

Want to up your nail game? You need the right tools for the job. This nail lamp has everything you need to achieve salon-quality, long-lasting nails.

Reviewers Are Feeling Fresh with This Facial Scrub

Facial Scrub
  via Amazon  

Reveal clear skin with this facial scrub. The natural formulation removes dirt, oil, and makeup to reduce breakouts and give you a clean feeling.

Reviewers Are Detangling with This Brush

Reviewers Detangling Brush
  via Amazon  

Detangling curly hair is a delicate process. This detangling brush is designed to painlessly glide through your curls without ripping or tearing at your hair.

Reviewers Are Removing Their Makeup with These Nano Towels

Nano Towels
  via Amazon  

Proper makeup removal is fundamental to skincare, but you don’t need to waste money on wipes and oils. These nano towels are made of special fabric to remove stubborn makeup.

Reviewers Are Removing Unwanted Hair with This Trimmer

Reviewers Nose Trimmer
  via Amazon  

If your most confident self doesn’t have nose hair, this trimmer will help you stay on top of it. The pocket-sized, portable device will keep your nose neat and tidy.

Reviewers Are Reducing Fine Lines with This Retinol Moisturizer

Retinol Moisturizer
  via Amazon  

This retinol moisturizer combines the latest anti-aging technology with natural ingredients to make your skin look smoother and younger. Use regularly to get rid of dark spots, even out skin tone, fight breakouts, and moisturize dry patches on your face.

Reviewers Are Accessorizing with These Satin Hair Scrunchies

Satin Hair Scrunchies
  via Amazon  

Add some personality to your ponytail with these satin scrunchies. The satin material holds your hair in place without tearing or pulling out strands.