37 Beauty Products That Are Just Plain Fun To Use | 22 Words

I'm a big beauty lover, so I'm always on the lookout for the best products. While there are a lot of beautiful products, super-effective products, or just products with a cult following out there, I'm here to talk about the stuff that is just fun.

Fun can mean a lot of things. It can range from fun to look at, fun to put on, or fun to take off. It can be everything from quirky packaging to interesting formulas to stuff that is just plain satisfying to use. However you want to interpret "fun," the thing you're thinking of is probably on this list.

I scoured Amazon to find some of the most fun beauty and skincare products. Because, of course, beauty should be enjoyable (as well as effective).

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Moisturizing Mask That Looks Like Cake Frosting

What's more fun than cake? The range of masks from I Dew Care can all be described as fun. This brand has holographic masks, silvery "diamond" masks, and yes, a mask that literally looks like Funfetti cake frosting. But this isn't just a mask that looks interesting, it's also super moisturizing, with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and squalane to refresh your skin every time you use it.

This Lip Gloss Advent Calendar That Gives You A Gift Every Day

One way to make the entire month of December feel like Christmas morning? Advent calendars. You can find an advent calendar for pretty much anything. There are traditional chocolate ones, ones made with tiny bottles of Prosecco, or, like this one, ones full of amazing beauty products. This calendar from NYX is full of the brand's cult-favorite butter gloss, in many different colors.

This Beauty Spatula That Is So Satisfying To Use

While I wouldn't say this is "fun" in the traditional sense, it certainly is satisfying. One of my biggest gripes about beauty products is that their packaging designs usually leave you trying (and failing) to get every last drop out of the bottle. Most of the time, you end up having to throw out an "empty" bottle that still actually has a lot of product left inside. This spatula changes all that, letting you scoop out every last drop.

This Teeth Whitener That's Like Giving Your Mouth A Paint Job

There are few things more satisfying than getting whiter teeth. This little pen can work wonders in just a few applications, leaving your pearly whites even pearlier. You basically use it as a paintbrush to coat your teeth in the whitening product and leave it on for one minute. And if you think your teeth could be a little brighter, this pen contains 20 uses, so you can get results with one purchase.

These Makeup Brushes That Look Like Mermaid Tails

Part of the fun of beauty regimens is the ritual. You take out your makeup and your brushes, take some time to look and admire yourself in the mirror, and begin making a work of art on your face. And every artist needs a good paintbrush. These "mermaid tail" brushes are highly rated and so beautiful to look at. The set even comes with a fishtail kabuki brush that is super unique and satisfying to use.

This Hershey Bar Makeup Palette That Will Make You Look So Sweet

It's impossible to have a bad time when chocolate is around. That includes when you're doing your makeup in the morning. This palette looks like a classic Hershey bar and contains six chocolatey shades that are both matte and shiny. As someone who basically uses brown eye shadow every day, this is a fun way to create my basic look, using my everyday colors, while also having a good time with it.

This Beauty Blender Case That Looks Almost Too Adorable

What do you do with your Beauty Blender? Keep it in an egg cup? Throw it in your bag? Depending on what you do, your blender could be soaking up extra germs and dirt from wherever you're storing it. And that is decidedly not fun. But you know what is fun? These little silicone holders keep your blender away from germs and errant makeup in your bag while also allowing it to dry out again through the airholes. So, no more germs, mold, or dirt is going back on your face.

This Face Scrubber That Looks Like A Cute Sea Creature

One of the main reasons I rarely washed my face (outside of the shower) when I was younger was that it was just kind of boring and tedious. Not to mention, I could rarely get all of my makeup off at once. The solution to both of these problems is, of course, a fun face scrubber. This highly-affordable scrubber looks like a cute, cartoon jellyfish and has little nubs to get deep into pores. So you can now go to bed clean and smiling.

This Matcha Lip Mask That Feels So Soothing

What do I think is fun? A good product that keeps my lips soft and moisturized. This is doubly true in the winter or just those days when I wear heavy lipstick. This matcha lip treatment leaves your lips looking plump, hydrated, and smooth. It works great as a nighttime treatment or just use it on those dry days when your pout needs a little help.

This Kabuki Brush That Looks Like A Cat Paw

When I saw this kabuki brush, I immediately let out an audible "aww" because of its shape. The bristles are sculpted to look like a cute, little kitty's paw. Not only does that make this brush one of the most fun I've ever seen, but the thick bristles also make it a high-quality product to have in your beauty arsenal. As a cat lover, I can't think of many things that are more fun and satisfying than doing my face makeup with a soft kitten paw.

This Glitter That Adds Some Shine To Your Look

Want to make your look instantly more fun? Just add glitter. While I wouldn't use this body and face glitter every single day, I would definitely consider it for the right kind of party, on Halloween, or New Year's Eve, even. But one of the best things about this style of product is that you can use it anywhere: on your face, on your eyes, on your body, on your hair, and even on your nails.

This Beauty Blender Washing Machine That's A Fun Way To Keep Your Supplies Clean

How often are you washing that Beauty Blender (I mean really washing it, not just rinsing)? Not often. That's what I thought. Perhaps it would be easier to keep that blender clean if you had the right tool. I stumbled upon this interesting "washing machine" specifically for Beauty Blenders (and their generic counterparts). It basically works like your regular washing machine, and while it's technically marketed as a toy, it's a toy that yields results.

This Eyeliner Stamp That Gives You The Perfect Wing

I love using liquid eyeliner, but sometimes getting that perfect wing is near impossible (especially in the early morning). This eyeliner tool is a way to make your routine a thousand times easier while also giving you a little bit of fun in the process. You use one side of this pen as a stamp, which is kind of nostalgic of art class in elementary school. But the stamp gives you a perfect little flick, which you then use the other side to draw a thick, bold line.

This Lipstick That Gives You The Perfect Pink

I'm a big fan of light lipsticks. While those thick, matte formulas certainly have their place as my go-to party makeup, I prefer a sheer balm for my everyday look. Lipstick Queen is one of my favorites because it reacts to your body's natural chemistry to give you the perfect shade of pink for your skin tone. Yes, it looks like green lipstick, but trust me, you won't look like the Wicked Witch of the West. Fun, right?

This Clay Mask That Turns Into Bubbles

There's a reason there are so many masks on this list, and this clay mask is one of the best of the best. It reacts to the air and oils on your face to start bubbling to an effervescent substance that kind of makes you look like one of the gargoyles in 'Hunchback of Notre Dame." But trust me, you won't mind because it's pretty funny to experience. After it's done bubbling, you just wash it off to reveal clean, refreshed skin.

This Liquid Eyeshadow That Has A Cult Following

Stila's liquid eyeshadows have a cult following and it's easy to see why. These metallic shades are highly pigmented and have some real staying power on your lids (usually the oiliest part of your face). But other than that, these shadows are also just a fun way to amp up your makeup look for a date, a dinner, or a party. Unless you love to wear glittery makeup every day – which is cool, too.

This Flower Lip Balm That's Almost Too Pretty To Put On

Lipsticks that react to your pH balance are just plain fun. Much like the Lipstick Queen lip products, this flowery balm is super moisturizing and surprisingly isn't exactly clear going on. While it looks like a clear jelly (adorned with a tiny flower inside it), it actually reacts to your lips to transform them into a healthy pink. Even if you're not big on makeup, you can definitely get into this product.

This Rainbow Highlighter That Adds Some Magic To Your Look

Some people might think rainbow makeup is a little gimmicky, but I think anyone who has the confidence to wear bright colors deserves to show it off. This highlighter is shaded in all the colors of the rainbow. It even smears on in a rainbow streak (of course, you can also blend it in). Basically, it's the best way to look like a magical unicorn. Or Rainbow Brite –– your choice. "View it

This Jelly Lip Mask That Looks Silly But Is So Moisturizing

I have notoriously dry lips, especially in winter. So, naturally, I gravitate towards moisturizing products that heal and restore your lips rather than just protecting them from the dry air without doing anything to moisturize from within. That's what makes lip masks like this such a must-have in my makeup bag. I first used it as a treatment the day before my brother's wedding and boy did it make my lips feel so hydrated, even after wearing a matte lipstick.

This Exfoliating Towel That Is Really Gratifying

I'm not a big believer in exfoliating every single day, since my sensitive skin just can't handle it. However, exfoliation, especially on your body, can be necessary once in a while. Rather than buying a big tub of sugar scrub (which can get nasty after a while), it can be better to use these special, exfoliating towels that perfectly scrub away dead skin. You can even see it working.

This Iridescent Lipstick That Has A Magical Name

What are more magical than rainbows? Unicorns. This cult-fave lipstick from Too Faces is literally called Unicorn Tears. While that may seem sad at first read, it's actually just a fun, iridescent blue that's a little reminiscent of those lip colors from the late '90s. But since the '90s seem to be back in a big way, this might be a fun addition to your makeup bag.

This Eye Stick That Is Super Cooling

Fun can also mean fun packaging, and if you're already familiar with TONY MOLY, you are probably already aware of the K-beauty brand's ultra adorable packaging that looks like cartoon fruits and animals for a playful way to put on makeup. One of my favorite products from the brand is this cooling eye stick, which zaps away puffiness and dryness, leaving your eyes feeling refreshed.

This Eyeshadow Palette That Has All The Colors You Need

Fun can come in all sorts of forms, and this palette is practically the definition of fun. Its many colors range from easy-going to bold neutrals as well as bright jewel tones. You can make a colorful look using every shade, a classic neutral look, or even a smoky eye look using just one palette. Customers also rave about these highly-pigmented shades, so a little goes a long way.

These Scrunchies That Give You A Perfect Pony

Scrunchies are back, and that means your signature ponytail from middle school is back too. Now that these cloth-covered elastic holders are en vogue again, it's the perfect time to own one in every color, shade, and pattern. This pack of scrunchies will suit your every look and need, from going to the gym, relaxing at home, to going into the office.

This Aloe Peel Mask That's So Fun To Take Off

There's something so satisfying about a facial peel. This aloe mask is hydrating and good for chasing away redness. Plus, it goes on a rich, clear gel, dries for a few minutes, and then you can gently peel it away to reveal your fresh, hydrated skin. It sucks out impurities like a vacuum, so your pores are perfectly clean and ready for toners or moisturizer.

This Headband That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

As I mentioned before, good beauty is about the ritual. So, why not make your ritual just a little bit fun? Instead of simply clipping your hair back to wash your face or do your makeup, it could be way more fun to use one of these soft, plush headbands. They're styled like a big fluffy bow that will make you feel like a K-beauty influencer –– or Minnie Mouse –– whichever you prefer.

This Facial Cleansing Brush That Feels Amazing On Your Skin

There's a reason why Foreo is making a name for itself as the premiere in facial cleansing brushes. Not only do the silicone nubs feel great on your skin, but these little devices also send sonic pulses to break up dirt and oil –– leaving you with the freshest skin ever. I've had one for a few years and I can say that this little tool is so fun to use, I actually look forward to washing my face twice a day.

This Makeup Towel That Removes Your Makeup In One Fell Swoop

Put this makeup towel on the list of satisfying purchase you absolutely need this year. It's made of a special material that can grip the most stubborn makeup and leave your skin feeling clean –– all just with water. I use this towel any time I put on a full face of makeup to make sure I always go to bed with a clean, refreshed face.

This Makeup Case That Is Just So Adorable

Sometimes the fun can come just from whatever you decide to keep your makeup in. This cute train case is perfect for anyone who enjoys traveling with quirky accessories. It's got everything you need to organize and keep your makeup neat. And the outside is adorned with an adorable kitty. It's sure to make you smile every time you take it out.

This Rainbow Bath Bomb That's Super Entertaining

I'm such a fan of this unique bath bomb, which goes far beyond the fun fizziness of a regular bath bomb. Instead, it has a special rainbow core that melts faster than the white, fluffy cloud exterior. Watching it float across the bathtub is so entertaining, I've been tempted to buy more than one just so I can enjoy a delightful rainbow bath over and over again.

This Mermaid Bath Bomb That Has A Special Surprise Inside

Speaking of bath bombs, this "mermaid" one also goes above and beyond the call of duty. Not only is it just a good bath product with a lovely scent and color for your normal bath time, but it also comes with a special surprise. This bath bomb also contains a special jewelry gift that can be valued anywhere between $15 and $5,000. Not only do you get a relaxing bath, but you also get some stunning accessories.

This Beauty Blender That Looks Like An Adorable "Lazy" Egg

Sure, your regular Beauty Blender is perfectly functional, but is it fun? If you want to add a little entertainment to your beauty routine, a fun, new blender can be a good way to go. This blender is shaped like Gudetama, a cartoon character from the Japanese brand Sanrio. Gudetama is a "lazy egg" that's always lacking energy – which is pretty relatable for anyone of us who's had to do makeup early in the morning.

This Universal Hair Dryer Diffuser That's Like Getting A Head Massage

I'm a big fan of head massages, so if there's a diffuser out there that mimics that experience, you know I'm all over it. This universal diffuser is made by high-end hair product company DevaCurl and it fits on practically any hairdryer. This diffuser isn't like the ones that you see in the drug store. It's uniquely shaped like a hand and distributes hot air evenly to cut down on frizz and breakage.

This Hair Curler That Does All The Hard Work For You

Hair curling tools have certainly come a long way over the years. Now it seems positively retro to have a regular, clipped curling iron. Instead, there are so many curling tools out there, including this automated one that sucks your hair into the barrel, heats, curls, and releases with the touch of a button. It definitely cuts back on burnt fingertips and twisting your wrist around to get the perfect wave.

These Hair Curling Ribbons That Give You Perfect Coils

If you're more interested in heatless curling, there are also a lot of innovative products out there beyond your mother's plug-in or sponge curlers. These special ribbons pull your hair into a perfect ringlet shape that also allows air to flow through and dry quickly. They can be used for air-drying or blow-drying, so the style possibilities are endless. Also, they'll make you feel like Shirley Temple when you're wearing them.

This Hand Mask That Leave Your Hands Feeling So Amazing

I have sensitive skin and thin nails, so I'm naturally obsessed with nourishing hand products. What I love about this hand mask is that it's like your best sheet mask, but just for your hands. It's full of skin-loving ingredients that leave your mitts (and nails) feeling fully moisturized. It's so satisfying, I recommend doing it at least once a month.

This Foot Mask That Has Ridiculously Satisfying Results

This foot mask also has a cult following, and it's no secret why. This product went viral a few years ago, mostly because its ingredients spark a unique peeling experience that is just amazingly satisfying (if maybe a little gross). It's called "baby foot" because it causes the rough, outermost layer of the skin, especially calluses, to naturally peel away, revealing soft, new skin underneath. It's important to let the peeling happen rather than picking or peeling it yourself, though.