The 37 Best Versions of Everyday Objects | 22 Words

When I need to replace or upgrade an everyday necessity, I turn to resources like Wirecutter or Amazon customer reviews to find the best version that fits my budget. Sometimes it's the exact same brand I already owned (sooo satisfying), but other times I'm pleasantly surprised to find there's a new version out there with better reviews or a lower price.

A great example is this excellent carry-on suitcase by Amazon Basics, which has over 1,000 reviews and is super affordable. I also found the absolute best versions of the little things in life you can't do without, like the best pen, the best pencil (truly!), and even the best darned pair of scissors on the internet.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Use an App to Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Home and Kids With the Best Affordable Security Camera

This is simply the best home surveillance camera you can buy for the price. You get high definition, high resolution, enhanced night vision, and activity alerts (ie, the app alerts you when the camera senses motion or sound). The most common uses are as a baby monitor, or pointed out a window to catch package-stealing porch pirates.

Sleep Better With White Noise and a Cool Breeze From the Best Bedside Fan

With a compact design perfect for a bedside table, desk, or other small spot, this little powerhouse of a fan delivers big results. Three speed settings and a 90-degree pivot mean you can customize the airflow just the way you like it. With over 12,000 reviews on Amazon, you can be sure you're getting the best product in this category (bonus: it's a great price, too!).

For a Close Shave at a Good Price, Get the Best Razor for Faces

There are currently one billion* razors on the market, and frankly, that many choices can be overwhelming. Should you get blades delivered monthly on a subscription? A razor with a hipster name (and price tag to match)? Nope. Just get this tried-and-true razor that Wirecutter called "more than good enough for most men’s faces...for about half the price." *This is an approximate number; I'm still counting.

No More Nicks and Smooth, Smooth Skin Are Yours With the Best Razor for Legs

After looking up the best razor for faces on Wirecutter (and sending my husband the link), I moved on to a more important topic: which razor's the best for moi? Turns out, I already own this popular razor! Aren't I the smart one? You will be, too, if you give this highly-rated razor a try.

Keep Your Wheels Safe and Secure With the Best Bike Lock on the Market

For the price, there isn't a better bike lock available. Thick steel, a double bolt design, and flexible loops of steel cable add up to serious protection. One five-star reviewer wrote, "Had this lock less than 3 weeks and it has already prevented my bike from being stolen. Bolt cutters only put a small dent in the lock."

Go Hands-Free for Three Months on One Charge With the Best Bluetooth Headset

I looked at a lot of bluetooth headsets before picking this one, and I feel really good recommending it. Nearly 5,000 Amazon reviewers have written their thoughts on this product, with the overwhelming majority being very positive. People love the quick charge, super-long battery life, and clear sound quality. Plus, the price can't be beat!

Yes, You Can Get High Quality, an Affordable Price, AND Kicky Colors With the Best Carry-On for Travel

Ever since Amazon Basics launched, I've tried lots of the products with mixed results. (Sorry, but they're not all winners.) However, a few products stand up to reviews and have become staples in many people's lives, including this excellent carry-on suitcase. It's the perfect size for a quick trip, comes in appealing colors (I love the light blue), and is priced right.

Durable Construction and a Lifetime Warranty Make This the Best Charging Cable for Phones, Tablets, and Laptops

In a household like mine, where there are three times as many screens as humans, charging cables are an absolute necessity. That's why I'm glad I found the Anker Powerline cable. It's famous for its low price, durability, and hassle-free lifetime warranty.

Sharpen Your Culinary Skills With the Best Chef's Knife Under $20

If you are in the market to upgrade your trusty cooking knife, do yourself a favor and order this excellent chef's knife from Victorinox Swiss Army. Made with lightweight European steel and a thoughtfully designed yet durable handle, this knife really is a cut above the rest. Don't believe me? Check the 7500 reviews on Amazon.

Dispense One Cup at a Time of Your Favorite Brew With the Best Coffee Maker Under $40

People love this coffee maker. You get the convenience of a Keurig-style single-serve machine, but at a much lower price and with no wasteful, plastic k-cups to worry about. The genius of this coffee maker is that it brews up to 12 cups at once like a traditional drip machine, but then holds the coffee hot and fresh in an internal tank, so you can dispense a cup at a time.

Thousands of 5-Star Reviews Declare This the Best Deep Conditioner for Dry Hair

Enriched with argan oil for superior hydration, this deep conditioner repairs and protects dry or damaged hair. Reviewers recommend using it about once a week on fine hair, or more often if you have thick, coarse hair.

Upgrade the Place You Spend Most of Your Time With the Best Duvet Under $30

There's nothing better that slipping into a bed topped with a new, fluffy duvet. And at this price, you have no excuse not to order one right now! Use it alone as a comforter (it comes in six colors and patterns), or stuff it into a duvet cover if that's your preference.

Clean Your Teeth More Efficiently With the Best Electric Toothbrush

A little bit of research proved that this electric toothbrush from Oral-B shows up on more "best" lists than any other. Clinical trials have demonstrated that it breaks up plaque up to 300% better than manual toothbrushes! Plus, it's kind of smart--if you brush too hard, it stops the pulsating sensation so you know to back off.

It's Won Awards! It Curls Your Lashes Beautifully! It's the Best Eyelash Curler Around!

That's a lot of exclamation points for one headline, but you see, I'm actually excited about this product recommendation. I've been looking for a better eyelash curler for a while now, so I've read reviews and researched recommendations all over the internet. This eyelash curler, which only costs about $10, is truly the best I found.

Can a Pair of Scissors Change Your Life? Maybe, if They're the Best Kitchen Scissors

I can already hear you telling me to calm down, they're just scissors. But I'm telling you, this pair of kitchen scissors changed my life. I use them for more tasks than even my trusty paring knife! They are excellent for snipping herbs, opening food packages, and cutting apart chicken pieces (wash them carefully afterward, of course).

Improve Your Commute (and Look Great Doing It) With the Best Laptop Backpack

Perfect for freelancers, students, or anyone who needs an affordable solution for getting their laptop from Point A to Point B, this laptop backpack is the best in its category. It safely holds any laptop up to 17", with lots of extra pockets for stowing all your other stuff. It even comes in seven colors, including a subtle gray camo that's my personal favorite.

Get a Faster Charge AND Improved Durability With the Best Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

Shopping for a new lightning cable for your Apple device is harder than you'd think. There are too many choices! That's why I'm here to assure you that this one is the best. It's inexpensive, durably constructed (the company calls it bullet-proof), and best of all, delivers a fast charge every time. Wirecutter makes this cable their top choice for "design, functionality, and price."

Keep Cold and Warm Food Separate With the Best Lunch Box You Can Buy

If you need a highly functional lunch box to get the job done right, this is the best one on Amazon. The main selling point is the two roomy compartments, both insulated, so you can put your hot food in one part and your cold food or drinks in the other. There's also an adjustable shoulder strap and several pockets for storing small items.

10,000 Reviews Agree These Are the Best Makeup Brushes for the Price

Once upon a time, I avoided buying makeup brushes (I just used the teeny included brushes or smeared on products with my fingertips). Then, I invested in overpriced tools from a chi-chi brand (before I realized they weren't worth the price). Finally, I got smart and bought a set of highly-rated, well-priced makeup brushes. My face has lived happily ever after, ever since.

Sometimes, You Just Need the Best No-Frills Alarm Clock

I'm ordering this alarm clock for my daughter because she needs something reliable and easy to operate. When it comes to a bedside clock, you don't need a million functions or complicated buttons you can't sort out when you're half-asleep. This no-frills clock gives you exactly what you need and is easy enough for kids to use.

For Everyday Writing, This is the Best Pen at an Affordable Price

Look, this isn't rocket science, but the smarties over at Pilot have developed the best basic pen on the market. Smooth writing action, a comfortable grip, and long-lasting gel ink add up to the best pen for almost all needs. At about a dollar each, you can stock up and stash them all over your home and office.

People Are Obsessed With the Best Mechanical Pencil

Of all the "best" products I researched for this list, I didn't expect to find such rabid fans for a pencil. But let me tell you, people absolutely love their Pentel Graft Gear Mechanical Pencils, and they're ready to beat up anyone who disagrees. One reviewer said it's "so well made you feel like a damn astronaut when you use it."

Shock-Absorption, Easy-Click Buttons, and Cute Colors Make This the Best Case for iPhone 6

There may be a nearly infinite number of iPhone cases to choose from in the world, but when it boils down to it, all you need is a good-quality case to protect your phone and make it stand out enough that you can spot it from across the room. This affordable iPhone 6 case does the job beautifully.

Prevent the Dreaded Toilet Drop With the Best Case for iPhone 7, 8, 7+, 8+

iPhones are so beautiful, so techy, and so damn slippery! That's why I'm recommending this affordable case that works for iPhone 7, 7+, 8, and 8+. The most important feature is the "kung fu grip" that makes it nearly impossible for your phone to slip out of your hand.

If You Want a Case That's Ultra-Light Yet Super-Protective, This Is the Best Case for iPhone X

I'm finishing my trio of iPhone case recommendations with this no-frills case for the iPhone X. The touch is silky-smooth, yet grippy enough to prevent dropping. The thin, low-profile design works particularly well with the bigger, no-button interface of the iPhone X. Best of all, it's quite affordable.

Always Have a Back-Up Power Source With the Best Portable Charger

With 10,000 reviews and counting, this power bank is one of the smartest buys on this list. It has everything you need in a portable charger: it's compact, safe, versatile, and holds enough power to do at least three full iPhone charges.

Upgrade Your Daily Me-Time With the Best Shower Head for the Price

There's a lot to like about this highly-rated yet affordable shower head. It offers six modes with awesome names: Saturating Power Blast, Pulsating Massage, Gentle Rain, Water Saving, and two Mixed Modes. It's also easy to install, long-lasting, and even has self-cleaning nozzles to prevent mineral build-up.

Get Big Sound from a Small Package With the Best Small Bluetooth Speaker

This hand-sized bluetooth speaker is wildly popular on Amazon, and for good reason. It's affordable, portable, works great with iPhones, has a whopping 66-foot range, includes a built-in mic, and can probably deliver world peace, too.

Get Accurate Readings From Either Ears or Foreheads With the Best Thermometer for the Entire Family

If you've been wondering whether ear thermometers or forehead thermometers are better, worry no more and get this excellent solution that does both. Not only do you get peace of mind from measuring temperatures with both methods, but it also gives you the versatility to use the same device for adults, kids, and babies.

A Whopping 20,000 Amazon Reviews Agree That This Is the Best Travel Mug

If you need a new travel mug, don't bother shopping around. Save yourself time and trouble by ordering the Contigo Autoseal mug that literally tens of thousands of users swear by. This mug keeps drinks hot up to five hours, and features easy one-handed operation for opening the spout.

Highly-Rated, Best-Selling, and Priced Right--These Really Are the Best Tweezers You Can Buy

A few years ago, I invested in a $40 pair of tweezers that promised to be the best ones ever. The truth is, they were just okay. Nothing special. I chalked it up to a lesson learned and haven't spent that much on tweezers since. That's why I'm recommended this set of tweezers, which is affordable, high-quality, and recommended by thousands of other customers.

Make Your Furry Friends Happy With the Best Water Fountain for Pets

Whether you have a picky feline or just enjoy treating your pet to fresher water, this water fountain is a smart buy. With three different flow settings, you can find out which is most appealing for your pet. The built-in filter ensures water stays clean, and the compact size means it will fit just about anywhere.

Drink Better-Tasting, Filtered Water With the Best Water Pitcher

I find it fascinating how different water can taste in various cities. The best I ever had was in Colorado Springs, where I emptied out my imported bottled water to drink right from the hotel sink. Where I live, though, the water is strong with chlorine and minerals, so a good quality filter is necessary to improve flavor. This Brita pitcher filters water effectively, and looks great on the dinner table, too.

Goodbye Corkscrew, Hello to the Best Wine Bottle Opener Ever Invented

The first time I saw this cordless wine bottle opener in action, I felt like I was seeing magic. Instead of wrestling with a manual corkscrew, simply pop this genius device over the top of the wine bottle, press a button, and the cork comes out quickly and cleanly every time.

Work More Efficiently With the Best Wireless Mouse for the Price

You can't beat the price (about $10), the reviews (about 20,000), or the popularity (it shows up on tons of best-of lists) of this wireless mouse. Compatible with PCs and Macs, this compact mouse fits well in the hand and is powered by one AA battery.

Improve Your Workout With the Best Yoga Mat

I used to think yoga mats were basically all the same, and that I could get away with picking up a cheap one at a discount store. I was wrong. If you want a neutral odor, thick construction, eye-pleasing colors, and durability, you need to pay a little more and get a better yoga mat.

Breakfast Gets Better With the Best Toaster Under $35

This isn't a fancy, exclusive appliance with a zillion special features or smart technology or a Picasso painting on the side. It's just plain good. In fact, I think it's the most highly rated, tried-and-true, well-priced toaster you can find on Amazon.