37 Cheap Little Inventions That Make Life Less Annoying | 22 Words

37 things that cost a little, and do a lot.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Amazing Multitool

You can hold it in your hand and it's 12 different things: two different sets of pliers, a wire cutter, a saw, four screwdrivers, two knives, a bottle opener, and a file.

This iPhone Light Diffuser

This brilliant little lantern-shaped doo-dad slips right over your phone to diffuse the light from your flashlight, giving you a perfect warm glow.

This Clay Mask

This clay mask is super volcanic, which means it's infused with double the amount of volcanic ash of the regular version. It's super exfoliating, deep cleaning, and tones your skin like no other clay mask out there.

These Summery Wine Charms

Make your summer celebrations that much cuter with these adorable magnetic wine charms. You get six adorable charms that fit on your wine glass using a strong magnetic.

This Portable Battery Pack

You definitely need a portable charger, and this one is perfect for traveling because it fits right in your pocket!

This Headphone Splitter

This headphone is a lifesaver when you're traveling and you and your partner or BFF are both trying to stream that movie on your tablet. No more sharing one pair of earbuds like heathens.

This Locking Storage Bag

This is the perfect cash or jewelry bag because it locks and it's water-resistant, making it super durable.

This Avocado Slicer

I don't know about you, but when I slice an avocado, it's a knife and then a spoon and then a fork. With this 3-in-1 tool, you'll only be washing one utensil after slicing your avo.

This Digital Tire Gauge

This tire gauge has a lighted tip and an easy-to-read LED display so you can be sure your tires are inflated properly and ready for the road.

This Veggie Spiralizer

Hop on the healthy eating train with this handheld veggie spiralizer. It's great for zoodles, fries, and even salad veggies!

This Credit Card Holder

It's super slim, adheres to the back of your phone, and makes sure your most important credit cards are always with you.

This Phone Stand and Grip

The PopSocket phone stand is super easy to use. It flattens into the back of your phone and pops right out whenever you need it! Use two on the back of your tablet!

This Roll of Sticky Notes

Honestly, I need one of these to carry with me wherever I go. My car, my fridge, my bathroom mirror... Everything would be covered with reminders.

These Exfoliating Gloves

These exfoliating gloves are super effective at scrubbing dead skin off your body. Wear them in the shower and use your favorite body wash to scrub your body to smoothness!

These Plug-In Night Lights

I love these little night lights because they're not intrusive. You simply plug them into the wall, and they automatically turn on when it gets dark. These are careful to keep the light dim and glare-free.

These Wine Stoppers

The summer is here, so you're probably about to pop a bunch of bottles! That's where these colorful silicone wine bottle stoppers come in. They'll make your life so much easier than if you had to keep track of that cork.

These Hedgehog Dryer Balls

These little dryer balls fluff up your laundry, and just as a bonus, they are super cute little hedgehogs!

This Whale Strainer

This whale strainer isn't only a beautiful depiction of a majestic sea creature. It is also super convenient to have around.

This Countoured Eye Mask

This contoured sleep mask blocks light and has a contoured design to prevent any eye makeup from smudging or any eye irritation. It's kind of brilliant.

This Foldable Grocery bag

If you're like me, the trunk of your car is filled to the brim with grocery bags and you have no room for anything else. With these guys, which fold into tiny squares, you'll have so much more room in your car for activities!

These Lid Lifters

These are just cute lid lifters for your pots and pans, not ominous sea creatures! But they are super helpful because they prevent your dinner from boiling over and ruining everything.

These Teething Cookies

It might seem cruel to give a kid a cookie-shaped object that's not actually a cookie, but people really love these teethers. You get two in a pack, one hard and one soft, so your baby will be totally satisfied.

This Travel Neck Pillow

Wrap this travel pillow around your neck for a super easy, convenient way to sleep while traveling. It's got an ergonomic design that's way better for your neck than the traditional crescent moon shaped neck pillow.

These Charcoal Pore Strips

These charcoal pore strips are heavy-duty, and boy do they get the job done. They rip out all that gunk and goo that's stuck in your pores.

This Whale Toothbrush Holder

This toothbrush and toothpaste holder looks like a whale, which makes it super adorable for your kids' (or your own) bathroom.

This Travel Power Strip

This power strip is perfect for traveling because it's super compact and it has multiple ports, so you can charge all your devices at once.

This Keyboard Cleaner

This effective cleaning goop gets into all the hard-to-reach places in your keyboard and phone ports that traditional cleaning materials have trouble reaching.

These Silicone Drinking Straws

It's time to stop using plastic straws and graduate to silicone! These are reusable, washable, and way more environmentally friendly. Plus, they come in awesome colors!

This Manatee Tea Infuser

It's a Manatea infuser! Get it?! It's so cute that you need to order it. Like, right now.

This Match Stick Stylus

It looks like a matchstick, but it's really a stylus for your tablet! Keep it in your pocket and you'll find yourself using it more than you think!

These Bed Sheet Savers

These sheet savers are so simple, but they're such a life-changer. If you have pesky sheets that ride up in the middle of the night, clips these bad boys to the corners of your sheets, tighten, and sleep tight!

This Outlet Shelf

How have we been living in the world for this many years without an outlet shelf?! It seems like such a no-brainer. With one of these, you always have a place to put your Alexa or your phone while you're charging it.

This Portable Charger

You can never have enough portable chargers, and people really love this little guy. It's small, but it packs a powerful punch.

This Headphone Organizer

Shave years of struggle off of your life by using this simple headphone organizer. It keeps your earbuds untangled and ready to go.

These Snug Cup Toppers

These silicone toppers and straws help you turn any cup into a sippy cup. These are great for parents who are on vacation with their little kids where there might not be kid-friendly receptacles everywhere.

This Shopping Cart Cell Phone Holder

Keep your phone within reach and ready to use while you're shopping for groceries with this phone holder, which clips right onto the handle of your shopping cart. Perfect for those of us who write our shopping lists on our phones!

This Spider Cell Phone Holder

Sure, it looks a little creepy, but this spider phone holder and stand is so versatile that it's the last one you'll ever buy. The legs are all flexible, so they can grip onto anything and hold your phone up into any position you want.