37 Clothing Items With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

Good clothes aren’t cheap. But if you want to look stylish without maxing out your credit cards, I’ve got a little secret for you: there are tons of fashionable clothes you can find right on Amazon, and most of them cost less than $35!

And I know what you’re thinking — “Less than $35? So it’ll fall apart the first time I put it into the washer then, right?” Wrong! Not only are all the pieces I’ve collected for this list incredibly on-trend, but each one also features more than 1,000 reviews. That’s more than 1,000 people who have bought, tested, and absolutely loved every single item I’ve decided to feature here — and that’s also including the lounge-tastic tracksuit!

Whenever it’s time to upgrade my wardrobe, I don’t hit the stores; I just head over to Amazon — so keep scrolling to see some of the best of what they’ve got!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

You will love our editor’s curated product picks! FYI: We are an Amazon affiliate partner and may get a share of the sale of your purchase (at no cost to you).


I’m Absolutely In Love With These Lounge Pants

At only $22 per pair, you might as well grab a few of these lounge pants — they come in so many different prints and colors you’ll have no problem finding a bunch you like. My favorite part about them is how the legs are loose and flowy, while the high-rise waistband elastic makes them look oh-so-cute with a crop top. And if you don’t have a crop top? I like to wear mine with a sports bra on lazy days.


A Bralette From Calvin Klein For Less Than $30


Everybody needs a soft, comfy bralette in their closet, and this one from Calvin Klein is available for less than $30. Personally, I like to wear mine on quick trips outside when the dog needs to go out — but it’s so comfortable I’ve also found myself sleeping in it at night. Choose from five colors: grey, nude, maroon, black, or white.


This Lightweight Sweater For Every Occasion

I always stick to one rule when it comes to layering clothes in the winter: start with something light — like this cute V-neck sweater — then build up from there. Not only does it come in a ton of rich shades, but it’s also made from a cotton blend that lets your skin breathe. And if that’s not enough for you? Thousands of reviewers raved about how it “fits perfectly,” so don’t worry about sizing up.

These Bootcut Yoga Pants Made With Four-Way Stretch Fabric


You’ll be shocked at how “proper” these soft yoga pants are, as tons of reviewers raved about how they’re perfect for video calls or even casual Fridays at the office. They even feature pockets where you can stash your phone or keys — and if you’re not into the color black? Don’t worry; you’ve got a ton of options to pick from coffee, ash, charcoal, wine, and more.

The Bodysuit That Looks Super-Stylish With Any Pair Of Jeans

When I say that this bodysuit looks great with any pair of jeans, I really mean it — any pair. It’s made from a stretchy modal blend that gives you a flattering silhouette while still allowing you to breathe. Though this reviewer put it best: “Wasn’t too baggy and hugged in all the right places…super comfortable to wear, the material is soft and little stretchy.”

This Cardigan With A Sleek Animal Print

I’m not too fond of animal prints, but I still find myself reaching for this cardigan every day of the week. The leopard print isn’t so “loud” that people on the street will automatically assume you have 15 cats, while the pockets help your hands stay warm in the cold weather. Plus, it comes in a ton of solid colors and prints — red plaid, solid grey, snow leopard, and more.

A Pack Of Tank Tops For The Gym And Bedtime

For just $20, you can grab this trio of cropped spaghetti strap tanks, which is way cheaper than anything you’ll find in stores. They’re great for everything from cute layered looks with your sports bra at the gym to snoozing on the couch. But the best part about ’em? Reviewers loved how they were “true-to-size” and “fit perfectly.”

A Tracksuit That You Can Throw On And Go

Ever have those days where you can’t figure out what to wear? Because I do, which is why I keep a few of these cute tracksuits around — throw it on with a pair of sneakers or flip flops, and you’re ready to run your errands. Choose from more than 22 colors depending on how sassy you’re feeling — my favorite is the light pink!

A Scoopneck Bralette With Adorable Lace Detailing


With an adjustable closure and lightly padded cups, this lacy bralette will have you feeling cute and comfortable as you lounge around the house. But if you’re in the mood to go out? It’ll still look adorable layered underneath a tank top or cami — choose from four colors: black, nude, white, or purple.

This Button-Up Shirt That’s Lightweight And Flowy

Nothing looks cuter in my mind than a casual button-up tee like this one, paired with some high-waisted jeans or shorts. It’s got a relaxed fit that’s flattering on basically everybody — and you can even layer it with that adorably lacy bralette for a night out on the town. Pick from colors including army green, navy, coffee, tangerine, and others.

A Pair Of Joggers You Can Wear All Year ‘Round


I have a unique ability to buy sweatpants that are way, way too hot to wear when the weather gets even slightly warmer — but these joggers? They’re genuinely fantastic. Not only are they light enough that I can wear them all year-’round, but the Terry fabric is also so soft you’ll probably wind up falling asleep in them too — I know I do.

This Sweater That’s Perfect For Dinner Dates

I can’t wear just anything in my closet when I’m going out to dinner — whatever I’ve got on has to be comfortable enough that I can stuff myself without feeling like I’m going to burst a seam. This sweater is not only ridiculously comfortable, but you can also wear it off the shoulder if you get bored with the usual neckline. “I’ve paired it with jeans and sneakers and will also be styling with faux leather leggings soon,” one reviewer wrote. “Such a great addition to my fall and winter wardrobe.”

This V-Neck Blouse With A Cute Tie In The Front

Lightweight and breathable, this V-neck blouse is perfect for layering up or down — no matter what the weather outside is like. The ultra-deep cut looks great with a chunky bangle necklace, or even wear it with a choker to highlight your collarbone. And don’t worry about it being “too revealing,” as many reviewers raved about how it shows off just the perfect amount.

These Cuffed Joggers With A Flattering Slim Fit


Let’s face it: baggy clothes are comfortable, but if they’re too loose you’ll wind up looking sloppy. That’s why these joggers are perfect for running errands, hitting the gym, and everything in-between. They’ve got a flattering slim fit that gives you room to breathe without being too baggy — and when it comes to colors? Choose from literally dozens, including floral grace, lilac, mauve, and more.

You Can’t Go Wrong With These High-Waisted Leggings

I’ve tried nearly every pair of leggings you can find on Amazon, and these are my absolute favorite. They’re medium-weight, soft, and the fabric is squat proof, so you don’t have to worry about bending over — trust me, nothing is worse than stretching and having your underwear show through during yoga class. Available colors include poppy, sky blue, ruby, and more.

The Comfy Tee With More Than 20,000 Reviews


You read that correctly — not only does this tee have more than 20,000 reviews, but it’s also perfect for basically anything. Tuck it into a pair of high-waisted shorts or jeans for a quick lunch out, or even throw on some sweats for a lazy day at home. Reviewers loved how soft the fabric feels, and besides — who doesn’t like when their shirt has pockets? Because I know I do.

These Running Shoes That Look Good With Any Outfit

I recently upgraded to this pair of Adidas running shoes, and man, oh man, do I now understand why my old shoes made my legs so sore — I was basically jogging around town in slippers! But not only does this pair keep my arches supported, but they’re also stylish enough that they’ll pair well with pretty much anything. Grab them in black, white, or black with pink detailing.

Everybody Could Use A Good Set Of Hoop Earrings

There’s a reason why hoop earrings have never gone out of style — their simple elegance will always compliment whatever you’re wearing. These are hypoallergenic, and many reviewers wrote about how they’re light enough that they don’t leave ears feeling sore. Besides, you’re getting six pairs of earrings for just $10 — what’s not to like?

The Pants I Recommend To Everybody, Because They’re Amazing

Looking for a pair of pants you can wear to church, the grocery store, happy hour, as well as literally everywhere else you go? Let me direct your attention to this seriously cute pair. The high elastic waistband keeps them feeling comfortable on every occasion, while the ties on the bottom highlight those ankles — which is especially great if you’ve got a cute pair of shoes on. And if you’re not a fan of the tie belt? It still features loops so that you can substitute in your own.

A Denim Jacket That Dresses Up Any Outfit

I love pairing denim jackets with dresses or leggings, and this one from Wrangler is available for just $30. It’s got a lightly weathered look so that people think you’re so fashion-forward that it’s been sitting in your closet for years. And if you’re not into dark blue? There’s also black, light wash, dark wash, as well as an ultra-dark wash.

These Skinny Jeans That Come In So, So Many Washes

When you finally have to put on real pants instead of sweats, these skinny jeans from Levi’s are a must-have. The high-rise cut means you can wear them with basically any top, and with more than 14,000 reviews? Clearly, something is going right here. But the best part about ’em is the literal dozens of different washes you have to pick from — black, white, lapis, azure, sapphire, and more.

This Ultra-Soft Tee I’ve Worn For (Almost) Every Occasion


I own this tee in more than a few colors, and I’ve worn it for so many things — it’s slouchy and soft, which made the navy blue option perfect for my trip to Thailand. And when I dressed up as Carole Baskin for Halloween? You guessed it: this tee in leopard print. But even though I bought them for special occasions, I still find myself wearing them on a regular basis since they’re perfect for layering.

These Stackable Rings Made With 14-Karat Gold

You don’t need to try and match three separate rings to create that cute stacked look — just save yourself some time and effort by grabbing this set of three. The cubic zirconia stones look so close to the real thing it’s a shocker this set is only $10. Plus, they’re plated with 14-karat gold, as well as sterling silver.

This High-Waisted Skirt That Swishes And Sways With You


You know what I mean — just looking at the pleats on this cute midi skirt makes me wanna swirl back-and-forth to make it flare out like I’m a ballerina. Tuck a cute tee into the waistband on a casual afternoon, or pair it with a crop top for dinner out on the town. But the best part? It also comes in a ton of colors: leopard, red, pink, black, white, and more.

These Leggings That You Seriously Need For Your Next Workout

Alright, I know I said that the other pair of leggings were my favorite — and they are! But these are my other favorites when it comes to hitting the gym. The dimpled exterior hides any cellulite while you’re exercising, while the cinched butt gives you a lifted look. And since they’re high-waisted, they look absolutely adorable when paired with a crop top.

This Boho-Chic Maxi Dress With More Than 9,000 Reviews


When it comes to this maxi dress, you’ve got options: pair it with a denim jacket on a chilly day, or throw on a pair of wedges for a cute spring look. It’s slouchy and soft — perfect as a pool coverup — and it comes in so many prints you’re nearly guaranteed to find one you like.

This Oversized Coat Made From Ultra-Comfy Shearling

Not only is this shearling jacket incredibly on-trend, but it’s also soft — so soft I’ll find myself wearing it around the house even though it’s not even that cold. It’s also got an oversized cut so that there’s no need to worry about it fitting, though some reviewers mentioned that you’ll want to size up for an extra-oversized fit. Personally? Just one size up was fine for me.

A Dip-Dye Hoodie That’s Not Too Hot


My body tends to run hot, making this lightweight hoodie for chilly fall days or even when I’m out jogging in the winter. The loose, slouchy fit gives you room to breathe, and reviewers raved about how it fits true-to-size. “The sleeves are super long, which is a favorite feature for me,” wrote one happy buyer. “The hoodie part is nice and large, so my big head fits perfectly. I think it’s trendy and lovely.”

A Super-Slouchy Cardigan With Stylish Color Blocking


Color blocking is one of those trends that’ll never go out of style, which means this cardigan is a total steal at only $24. It’s lightweight and slouchy, perfect for chilly spring mornings — and if you aren’t a fan of the brown color you see pictured? You can also grab it in khaki, blue, yellow, white, and more.

This Turtleneck With Cozy Batwing Sleeves

Wear this turtleneck by itself, or layer it up with a cute jacket if it’s too cold outside to wear alone. The batwing sleeves are loose and roomy, while the knit material isn’t too warm — no need to worry about turning into a sweaty mess. Reviewers also raved about how the sizing is accurate: “It was just slouchy enough and not overwhelmingly big. Typically when I try on a slouchy or oversized sweater it looks like I’m in a potato sack. It’s warm too!”

A Zip-Up Hoodie Made From Lightweight Cotton

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hitting the gym or lying around at home — this zip-up hoodie can help keep you warm. Consider it the Goldilocks of hoodies, as the lightweight cotton it’s made from is neither too hot nor too cold. And since it’s available in dozens of colors — that’s right, dozens — you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one that you like.

These Skinny Jeans That Come In Different Lengths For Different Heights

Nothing kills my mood faster than putting on a pair of jeans and discovering they’re way, way too short for me — but these skinny jeans from Levi’s? Not only do they come in 12 different washes, but they’re also available in 28-, 30-, and 32-inch lengths. The mid-rise cut was also a favorite according to reviewers: “I tend to have a bit of a hard time finding jeans that fit my body well. I have a booty and thick thighs, so I need something that hugs my lower body in the right places, and these jeans do just that! They’re stretchy enough to make room for my curves, which is a must for my body type.”

A Motivational Tee That Reminds People To Be Kind

Made from soft cotton with a hint of spandex, this motivational tee is a great reminder that being kind is free — you never know when a casual compliment could brighten someone’s day. Tuck it into a pair of shorts or jeans for an afternoon out, or even wear it on a casual Friday at the office. And if black isn’t your color? There are also stylish tie-dye options to choose from, as well as other solid colors.

A Shawl You’ll Want To Wear Wherever You Go

With dozens of colors to choose from, this shawl is a must-have if you often find yourself feeling chilly. It’s made from 100% warm, toasty polyester — and since one size is made to fit all, all you have to do is add it to your cart and check out. Plus, the oversized fit makes it perfect for layering.

A Color Block Tee For Less Than $20

Remember how I said color blocking would never go out of style? I really do believe that, which is why I own more than a few of these tees. For less than $20 a pop, you can stock up on a bunch — and the cute drop shoulder paired with the high-low hem makes it perfect for a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans or leggings.

This Blouse With More Than 15,000 Reviews

When something’s got more than 15,000 reviews on Amazon — like this blouse — you know it’s gotta be quality. Not only are the reviews stellar, but you can easily dress it up for a night out or simply wear it to the office the way it is. And I’m not the only one who’s in love with the flared sleeves — “This blouse presented much prettier than the photo. I’ve been searching for something like this, and it was perfect. True to size, beautiful mesh in sleeves; when pressed, it was perfect. So many compliments when I wore it!!”

If You’ve Made It This Far, Congratulations! Here’s A Cute Dinosaur

If you’ve made it this far without buying anything, congratulations! Here’s a cute dinosaur tee to reward you for your efforts — and since it’s only $15, you might as well grab one (see what I did there?). It comes in a ton of fun colors, including purple, pink, and blue tie-dye, as well as solid colors like maroon and yellow. Reviewers mentioned that you should go up one size if you want to tie the knot on the side!