37 Comfy Basics That Customers are Raving About

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Whether you’re lounging at home, casually meeting friends for coffee, or doing some light exercise, comfortable basics are essential. From buttery soft leggings, to knit sweaters and gloves, every girl needs to be prepared for comfort, style, and cozy nights in. Casualwear doesn’t have to be style-less and these items will prove that both comfort and trendiness can effortlessly blend together. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 37 comfy basics that customers are raving about on Amazon.

These items have been ranked best sellers, Amazon’s Choice products, or simply just have great reviews and ratings. I love all the items on this list and also give them my five-star approval. So, whether you like to spend your nights binging on Netflix like I do, or you just like a casual style when you’re out and about, I’m sure you’ll find some great outfit ideas below. So, get your credit card ready!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Buttery Soft Leggings Come in 25 Colors


If you’re looking to update your legging collection, look no further than these buttery soft full-length basics. The high waist is super flattering to create an hourglass figure and the fabric is super soft to touch.

No matter what your body shape is, these leggings have plenty of stretch to fit all sizes and there are 25 colors to choose from!

These Cozy Knit Gloves Have Thermal Insulation


When it’s cold outside and you need some thermal insulation, these are the cozy knit gloves that will keep you warm. There are four colors to choose from and they are touch screen sensitive, so you won’t need to remove them to continue typing on your smartphone.

The insulation inside the glove will make sure your fingers stay toasty and warm!

These High Waisted Leggings are Lined with Comfy Fleece


These leggings pack an extra punch with a fleece lining inside to keep you extra warm. Regular leggings can sometimes be too thin for the colder months, but not these ones.

And they still have the slimming look, with a high waistline to flatter the tummy. No wonder they’ve been rated an Amazon’s Choice product.

These Non-Slip Socks for Yoga, Pilates and Barre


When you’re practicing yoga, Pilates, or a Barre workout, these non-slip socks will keep your feet warm and clean, while giving you as much grip as if you were barefoot.

The PVC pattern underneath the heels and toes will give you a fantastic grip, all while adding some extra comfort under your feet.

These Palazzo Pants Are Leggings with Some Flare


If you’re looking for some leggings with a different design, these palazzo pants add some flare to the classic design. They’re just as comfy as your usual basic leggings, but the flared pants give you an elongated look through the leg.

There are a bunch of different colors and patterns to choose from, so take your pick!

These Capri Leggings Are a Best Seller


When you don’t want a full-length legging, these capris are right for the job. They’re so popular on Amazon that they’ve become a best seller under women’s leggings and there are 25 colors to choose from.

I love the tan capris with heels, flats, or sneakers. They’re one of the most versatile items in my closet.

These Non-Slip Compression Socks Are Unisex

Whether you’re traveling, playing sports, or recovering from an injury, these compression socks will give you the support you need. They help with shin splints, calf pain, inflammations, swelling, and even varicose veins.

The multi-use design means they’re a great gift idea for anyone suffering from these symptoms too and have become an Amazon’s Choice product.

This 100% Silk Neck Tie is Super Soft on The Skin


Most men need a basic necktie once in a while, if not every day for work, and this 100% silk tie is super soft and comfortable. The premium fabric will feel silky around his neck and at this price, it’s a great value.

It’s been carefully sewn by hand and is a great gift idea.

These Nipple Covers Are Small and Non-Adhesive for Comfort


Let’s face it, we all have those dresses or tops which can show a bit more than we intended, which is why these nipple covers are a basic necessity. But these particular ones are extra comfortable because they don’t have the adhesive backing.

So, you can slip them comfortably into your bra or sports top and get the desired effect with no stickiness.

This Ear Muff Head Warmer for the Great Outdoors


When you need to keep your ears warm in winter, these are the ear muffs for you. They’re made of polar fleece, which is extremely cozy to wear while keeping you warm.

The stretchy headband style will stay snug around your head without slipping down, so it’s also great for sports like running in the cold.

This Pom Pom Beanie Is Fleece-Lined for Extra Comfort


Pom pom beanies are a cute and practical way to stay warm in the colder months and this fleece-lined hat is my go-to. It’s super warm because of the extra lining, while also being a stylish accessory to any winter ensemble.

There are four colors to choose from, to match any outfit.

This Cooling Cap Reflects the Sun’s Heat and UV Rays


No matter what time of year it is, when you’re outdoors you can still be affected by the sun’s UV rays. And this cooling cap is the perfect accessory to reflect the sun’s heat and UV rays, all while using hydro-chill technology.

It has an evaporative lining that gradually releases water for continuous cooling, so when you work up a sweat during sport, you’ll stay cool.

This Pajama Set Is Ultra Soft Sleepwear at Its Best


This two-piece pajama set is my absolute favorite PJs and I’m not alone. They’ve received rave ratings from happy shoppers on Amazon and if black isn’t your color, there are loads of others to choose from.

The super-soft fabric is silky on the skin and they’re warm enough for cool winter nights.

This Button-Down Knit Sweater Is Cute and Sexy


Knit sweaters are a wardrobe staple in every girl’s closet and this button-down cardigan has been a hit on Amazon. The fabric is both cozy, lightweight, and stretchy to be appropriate to wear throughout the year and match with either jeans, leggings, or over a dress.

The ruffled sleeves and neckline add a bit of extra style to a basic cardigan too.

These Joggers Will Be Your Casual Go-To


Who doesn’t love a great pair of sweatpants? And these relaxed-fit joggers have become an Amazon’s Choice item because of the rave reviews. They have a drawstring closure and pockets at the side for utility, all while looking stylish.

These are perfect for lounging at home or casually meeting friends for a coffee.

This Cotton Bralette Is a Best Seller


When you’re not in the mood to wear an underwire bra, which can be uncomfortable if you’re lounging at home, this cotton bralette is my recommendation. It has become a best seller on Amazon under everyday bras because it’s so comfortable and easy to wear.

The cotton/modal fabric is super soft on the skin too.

This Crewneck Sweatshirt Will Be Your Favorite Comfy Basic


We all need a comfy basic sweater or two, and this crewneck sweatshirt is a best seller on Amazon and one of my favorite lounge pieces too. It can take you from lounging at home to outdoor sports and going to the gym.

And at this price, it’s absolutely great value.

This Chunky Knit Cardigan Has Rave Reviews


I love a chunky knit sweater to wrap up in when it’s cold and this open-front cardigan is 100% cozy. You can wear it around the house or over leggings with a fitted top to meet friends for a coffee, so you’ll find it very versatile.

And did I mention there are 35 colors to choose from!

This Fleece Two-Piece Loungewear Set Is 100% Cozy


Lounging at home is one of my favorite pastimes and this fleece two-piece set is just the right outfit to do it in. The cowl neck has just the right amount of warmth around the neck without being too tight and the front kangaroo pocket keeps your cell phone handy.

You can also warm your hands in the kangaroo pouch – no wonder it’s had great ratings.

This Cotton Spandex One-Piece Is an Essential Basic


If you’re a fan of bodysuits then you’ll love this cotton spandex one-piece. It’s a one-piece top and short set that you can wear on its own or underneath a sheer dress.

I wear mine around the house because it’s so comfortable and casually chic.

This Plush Hooded Bathrobe Feels Life Five-Star Luxury


If you like creating a home spa feel with long baths, candles, and body scrubs, then you need this hooded bathrobe. It will make you feel like you’re in a five-star luxury hotel spa because it’s so warm and plush.

This hooded robe has become a best seller on Amazon and there are loads of different patterned fabrics to choose from.

These Memory Foam Slippers for Indoors and Outdoors


These cozy memory foam slippers feel like heaven on the feet and they even have a rubber sole, so you can walk inside or outside in them.

The heavy-duty sole means you won’t slip over, but they’re still soft enough underfoot to give a luxurious feel.

These Pull-On Skinny Jeans Are Like Comfy Shapewear


Jeans are a wardrobe staple that’s a comfy basic all-year-round and these pull-on skinny jeans are my go-to. They’re so popular that they’ve been ranked an Amazon’s Choice product because they’re super easy to pull on, without having to deal with zips or buttons.

That means they also sit flat and are extremely flattering on the figure.

This Lightweight Hooded Puffer Jacket Is a Winter Essential


This lightweight hooded puffer jacket will keep you warm and cozy, while also keeping you dry. It’s water-resistant and is slightly tailored through the waist for a flattering effect.

I fell in love with this jacket in taupe, but there’s a large range of colors to choose from.

This Baggy Puffer Jacket Is On Trend and Super Comfy


This baggy puffer jacket is so on-trend right now and has been flying off the Amazon online shelves. It’s windproof, padded, has pockets for essential storage, and is warm enough for those cold winter days.

The cropped length means you can still show off your jeans without fully covering your whole outfit.

This Turtle Neck Bodysuit Is a Chic Basic


This turtle neck bodysuit will take you from your sofa to a restaurant and everything in-between. It’s so versatile because it’s both casual and elegant, depending on what you pair it with.

The Modal/Spandex fabric is incredibly soft to touch and it’s a best-seller on Amazon.


If you’re looking for sweatpants with an extra winter edge, these fleece-lined pants are for you. I haven’t found a more cozy and warm pair of sweatpants than these and I’m sure you’ll love them too.

Now all you need to do is pick your color preference.

These Cross Band Plush Slippers Will Be Your Go-To Slip-Ons


There’s nothing more comforting than coming home and sliding your feet into a plush pair of slippers and these cross-band slides are my go-to.

The fleece fabric is luxurious to feel on your feet, they have a great rubber sole so you won’t slip around the house and the memory foam under your sole has just enough padding for maximum comfort.

This Knit Turtle Neck Sweater Is a Best Seller


Nothing says winter fashion like a knit turtle neck sweater and this casual pullover is a best seller. The oversized style suits any body type and it’s also a great weight for fall and spring.

Whether you pair it with jeans, leggings, or a skirt, this sweater will be one of your favorite comfy basics.

These Knit Scarves Feel Just Like Cashmere


A scarf isn’t just practical, it’s also a stylish accessory and these knit scarves will add a layer of warmth and style to any outfit. There’s a huge selection of colors and patterns to choose from and at this price, you can buy more than one!

The best-selling scarfs are perfect for any occasion.

This Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear Has Winter Covered


We don’t need thermal underwear every day, but when you do need it, you need quality and comfort. And this ultra-soft thermal underwear is just that.

This underwear is form-fitting, moisture-wicking, and comfortable as well. So, what are you waiting for?

This Quilted Vest Is Lightweight Yet Super Warm


Vests are great for those in-between days when it’s not too cold, but you still need an extra layer of warmth. And this quilted vest is just the right combination of lightweight but warm enough for that extra layer.

This vest comes in loads of different colors, so I’m sure you’ll find the right one to be an everyday basic essential.

This Plaid Wool Blend Shirt Is Casually Glam


I love wearing oversized shirts with a tight tank top underneath and this plaid wool-blend shirt is just the right look. It’s super comfortable and warm, while also living up to the latest casual trends.

No wonder it’s had rave reviews and has become a best seller on Amazon.

This Oversized Hoodie Is What Every Casual Weekend Needs


Don’t you just love those casual weekends when you just throw on an oversized hoodie and drink coffee in front of the TV? Well, this oversized hoodie is what you need for those days and I’ve been binging on Netflix in this hoodie on many Sunday afternoons.

Plus, it’s lined with a super cozy fleece to keep you extra warm and comfy.

These Classic Loafers Are the Epitome of Comfort


Casual flats are always a good idea and these classic loafers are the epitome of comfort. You can wear them with jeans, leggings, dresses – pretty much everything! They have a way of looking stylish, while also being so casual and comfortable.

So, whether you like them in cream, tan, black or red, there’s a color for you.

These Functional Shorts for Sports or Casualwear


Whether you’re working out in the gym or mooching around the house, a pair of comfortable shorts is a casualwear necessity. And these functional shorts with pockets will work for both occasions.

They’re so comfortable because of the wide waistband and stretchy fabric, you’ll want to wear them all day.

These Drawstring Shorts Are So Soft and Stretchy


These drawstring shorts can be worn during a workout, casual lounging, and even to bed. The stretchy cotton fabric is s comfy and the price tag is super affordable.

They come in a selection of colors, from black to grey, to white and have been ranked as an Amazon’s Choice product because they’re seriously popular.