37 Cool Inventions from that You Won’t Regret Buying

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When I was younger, I would read about smart glasses in books and thought to myself about how awesome they sounded. I never imagined (or if I did, I shot the idea down) that they would be available to us in my lifetime. Yet, you can find various makes and models of them on Amazon right now.

Now is the time to invest in yourself, your home, and even your pets. Some of these inventions are honestly so sick, I was shocked to discover how affordable and widely available they are. You’ve got a WiFi-controlled, temperature-regulating mug and Bluetooth-powered kettle that you can turn on using just your phone. Then, you’ve got a self-cleaning litter box that you can also control via smartphone and a thermostat that learns your preferences. I mean, come on, how cool do those sound? I guess it’s true what they say: the future is now.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Smart Speaker Pairs with Alexa to Increase Security Around Your Home

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The Echo Show is on its 10th iteration and only gaining in popularity. I purchased the bundle that came with a smartbulb for my Ring doorbell. The 10-inch display is awesome for showing clearly who’s at my door; plus it streams Netflix and Primevideo.

This Outdoor Smart Plug Keeps You Handsfree and in the Garden


Smart plugs are no longer limited to the inside of our homes. These outdoor plugs are able to adjust brightness levels of outdoor lights, create customized scheduled lighting with sunset and sunrise settings. I use them with some dazzling globe lights, and I’m excited to see how they hold up come Christmas.

This Programmable Thermometer from Google Learns What You Like


I came across one of these ‘learning’ thermostats at a friend’s house a few years back. They’ve since been improved with the latest tech and are incredibly savvy. This wifi-powered Alexa-compatible thermostat connects to my phone and tells me what temps my home is at, even if I’m not in it. My only worry now is that it starts to pick up on more than it should …

This Smart Garage Door Opener Uses WiFi to Let You In and Out


It’s night and day being able to open your garage door remotely. This hub takes it a step further; you can control up to two different garage doors from the same controller. Adding on to that, they work with Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery so you don’t have to worry about missing your packages or losing them to theft when you aren’t home.

This Keyless Entry Lock is Made for Your Fingerprint

I never knew how much I would appreciate keyless entry especially in a busy house where people are not as responsible as they should be with their house keys. This bluetooth smart lock connects to my phone and stores data on access history about who’s coming and going. It comes with two physical keys for peace of mind (which I definitely needed). For when I have a dog sitter, I can grant one-time access, as well.

This Dog Camera Comes with a Treat Tosser and 2-Way Audio


This Furbo treat cam had been sitting in my cart for a while before I finally bit the bullet and added it to my life. It connects to my camera and lets me watch my fur kiddos cry for mommy when I’m in the next room for more than 12 seconds. To calm them down, the Furbo spits out treats, while the 2-way audio lets me check in and listen for any sounds of distress.

This Smart Air Fryer Uses WiFi to Cook Wi-Fries


I love my french fries and chicken wings, but I really dislike ordering it in – especially if I have the craving multiple times a week (did I say ‘if’? I meant ‘when’). This wifi-powered air fryer (wi-fryer, if you will) was one of the best cooking investments I’ve made possibly in my whole life. Not only is it possible to save money on fried goodies, it uses less oil and reduces the negative impacts on your health by (I’m assuming) a large amount, letting you have your wi-fries and eat ’em too.

This Mini All-in-One Oven is Perfect for Smaller Spaces

There are a lot of studio apartments popping up without an accessible oven. I circumvented that issue in my current place with this mini all-in-one oven. That’s right, folks, it doesn’t require oil to make some of my fave munchies, including fries, pizza, and the occasional air-fry rotisserie.

These Smart Glasses Put Alexa at the Tips of Your Temples


How awesome do these glasses sound? These smart glasses are part of the Echo lineup and pairs conveniently with Alexa. That being said, they will also sync perfectly fine with Google or Siri and, like other Alexa products, will only respond to the wearer’s voice.

This Smart Dehumidifier is WiFi-Controlled to Keep Your Room Comfortable


Living in the basement means mildew builds rather quickly, especially in summer when I have the A/C on. I bought a cute little smart dehumidifer for my apartment. I like that you can schedule on/off times, and that there’s an automatic shutoff when the tank is full. Not having to clean up excess water puddled on my hardwood floors has actually saved me so much headache.

This WiFi-Controlled Bluetooth Projector is Perfect for Outdoor Movie Night


BBQ and drinks on the porch means backyard movie nights are the best. This bluetooth projector is perfect for movie nights. You connect it to your phone and stream to your heart’s content onto a big surface. I’m very excited for garden parties with my dogs and Thor: Ragnorak playing on repeat in the background.

This Smart Essential Oil Diffuser is WiFi-Controlled Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is my BFF. I’ve been trying out a bunch of different diffusers because I love to use them during the day to aid concentration with some citrus scents or alternatively lavender in the evenings to wind down. This wireless diffuser and humidifier has taken the number one spot for its convenience, programmable schedule, and compatibility with Google/Alexa.

This Digital Frame Lets You Display All Your Fave Photos in One Place

I love these digital frames to give as gifts, especially to the older generation. Photos are slowly getting phased out (polaroids excepting, obvi) and Boomers are taking it particularly hard. The way my parents’ faces lit up when I presented them with this device, pre-loaded with a carefully hand-curated array of images, made for a great memory in itself.

This Echo Dot is the Echo’s Smaller Cousin But Just As Useful

For those of you, like me, who are rather more limited in space but still want Alexa in your life, the Echo Dot 3 has got you. Amazon’s famous Echo’s smaller iteration, the Dot plays music, answers questions, and will even mistaken you for Canadian if you say please and thank you.

This Wifi Extender Set Makes Sure Your Signal Doesn’t Drop in Your Home

I used to have pockets of my home where the WiFi would be basically non-existent. I decided on this Eero extension system. Not only does it work with any internet service provider, it also has Alexa compatibility and uses TrueMesh technology to intelligently route traffic. This avoids congestion, buffering, and dropoffs- even as your roomies binge the Boys downstairs while you hole up and play video games upstairs. And no one lags. Seriously, future = now.

This Subwoofer Drops the Bass

If you’re thinking about how useful and blessed your Echo is but its speakers are just a bit lacking for your sick Spotify playlist, then you’ll like this subwoofer made for Echo products. I was impressed by the deep resonance of its down-firing bass and rich, dynamic sound. Protip: pair with two of the same Echo device and give your ears that Amazon surround sound experience it craves.

This WiFi Temp-Controlled Mug Keeps Your Drink Your Ideal Temperature

I can’t drink my coffee unless it’s absolutely, desecratingly scorching-hot. My body is a temple until you come at me with that tepid cappuccino, and then all bets are off. With this smart temperature-controlled mug set, I can use my phone to keep Joe at the perfect degrees Farenheit for my preference.

This Smart Feeder Tends to Your Fur Babies Meals via Your Smart Phone


Every morning, at exactly 6am, my sweet little princess pooch starts simpering at the door, gradually getting louder and louder until I can’t ignore it anymore and reluctantly get out of bed to get her food. The thing is, breakfast isn’t until 9 o’clock. I decided enough was enough and got this auto-feeder. It’s pre-programmable with up to 15 meals at a time. My favourite part? It features a record button so I can leave a custom message for my babies. Now, mommy gets to sleep in and everyone is happy.

This Smart Remote Does Everything Except Deciding What to Watch on Netflix


I don’t think there will ever come a time in my life when I won’t lose the remote. It just isn’t a realistic goal for me to work towards. That’s why this voice-controlled remote now has a place in my home. Compatible with thousands of channels and popular streaming services and controlled with Alexa, it’s made a huge difference in my quality of life. If only it also came with a Netflix subscription. A girl can dream.

This Ice Maker Will Arrive in Your Home Right on Schedule for the Summer Heat


Summer is fast settling in and making itself at home, and that means margaritas, crushed lemonade, and other chilled bevvies to stave off the approaching heat waves. Before splurging on this ice maker, I was constantly running out of ice. There’s nothing worse than being in a sweltering, un-airconditioned room, waiting for water to turn into wine ice. So far, this has been one of my greatest, unnecessary-but-greatly-appreciated purchases.

This Bluetooth Kettle Takes Commands, Wherever You May Be

Wouldn’t it be nice to put on the kettle without having to actually get up and put the kettle on when you want to have tea? I’d rather just get up the one time, once the water is at temp. Thankfully, someone thought of inventing a bluetooth kettle you can remote power from your phone. If only it could fill itself up, too.

This Smart Litter Box is Self-Cleaning and Monitors Your Pet’s Health


If there could be anything better than a self-cleaning litter box, it’s a smart self-cleaning litter box. With an app-connected cleaning system and odor-free crystal litter, you can literally monitor your cat’s health and not see or touch the gross stuff from anywhere. One of the best parts is that I only have to change the pre-filled litter tray once a month. Talk about the future of pet care.

This Smart Oven Thermometer Lets You Monitor the Roast from Your Phone

This device is so handy for BBQ season (and the rest of the year). Constantly opening the grill or oven doors to stick your head into heat even hotter than the air around you just does not sound like a good time to me. With this smart thermometer you can monitor the temps right from your phone.

This Giant Mousepad has Customizable Lighting for the Best Experience


Until a couple years ago, I never even knew giant mousepads existed. Now, I’m discovering that only are they available and awesome, they come in pretty colors. This giant mousepad is more than worth the time it takes to add to your cart and then slap on top of your desk for a way better computer experience.

These Solar-Powered Lights Save You Money on Your Power Bill


I finally decided it was time to invest in some path lights, and was delighted to find these solar-powered lights. They soak up the sun’s rays during the day and then give back the brilliance (sans-UV) in the evening. Of course, it doesn’t work quite so well on rainy days, but those aren’t backyard-booze nights anyway.

This Smart Plug Turns Any Power Socket into a Smart Appliance

I’ve been using these smart plugs to set timers for devices such as my lamps and humidifier. The plugs are able to connect to both Alexa and Google Assistant, so there’s no reason not to try out a couple in your home and see if it works for you.

This Sous Vide Precision Cooker Lets You Prep Meals Like a Pro

If you haven’t used or even heard of a sous vide before right now, then pay attention, my friends. Here is a handy, portable device to make sure all your recipes cook to precision perfection. It does this by circulating water at exact temperatures required for different ingredients. I’ve been making the best poached eggs and salmon with this thing since I got it, and I highly recommend everyone try it out for themselves.

This Wireless Mouse is Unrivaled in Speed or Battery Power

If you have yet to experience a wireless mouse, I’m here to say I highly recommend trying it out. And this is coming from someone who was the biggest wired stan. This one from Razer is said to be 25% faster than other mice (mouses?) and boasts up to 100 hours of battery usage. I’ve definitely noticed an increase in comfort and movement, as I don’t have to think about as many wires snagging here and there.

This Smart Robo-Vacuum Channels Wall-E and Keeps Your Space Spick and Span

This cute, lil’ robo-vac exudes Wall-E charm as it rolls around your living spaces and picks up what we deem to be trash, but what it clearly sees as treasure. What’s more, it uses a self-cleaning brushroll to prevent hair-wrap as it goes. You can control this little guy with your voice and/or your phone, and it even maps out your home so it can do its job more efficiently going forwards.

This Motion Sensor Outdoor Light is Solar Powered

Motion-detection lights are my savior, especially when they’re solar-powered like this one. When I take the dogs out at night, it’s so valuable to have them watching over us. If one of them ventures too far into the darkness, I don’t have to worry as much because they’re sure to trigger at least one or another of the lights.

This Smart Light Helps You Sleep Better With a Personalized Routine

This cute little lamp is actually a helpful critter that creates a personalized sleep-and-wake routine for you. It contributes to better-quality sleep with its gentle, pulsating light and sunrise alarm sounds that supports healthy cortisol levels. I like that you can control it by touch and app both, and that it comes with a library of soothing sounds; great for pre-bed meditation.

These Smart Bulbs Let You Get in Bed Then Turn Off the Light

Once you go smart, you never go back. When it comes to lightbulbs, this is especially true. You’ll never again go to bed and then groan when you realize that the lights are still on. With these smartbulbs, you only have to tell Alexa to turn that light off and she’ll do the rest.

This Smart Surge Protector Keeps Your Electronics Safe and You Hands-Free

Protecting your electronics is more essential than some people realise. Especially when you’re upgrading your home to be ‘smarter’, it’s more necessary than ever to invest in some quality surge protector. This one connects easily to your WiFi and can be controlled from anywhere using Google or Alexa. A small extra price to pay for peace of mind (and not killing your expensive electronics).

This Solar-Powered Charger is Compatible with the Ring to Keep Your Home Safe

This charging station is designed exclusively for the Ring Spotlight Security Cam. It’s fully solar-powered, which is great because there’s nothing cooler these days than sustainable living and being better to our friendly neighborhood planet Earth.

This Wifi-Controlled Thermometer is the Smart Way to Manage Humidity


This cool little device lets you monitor changes in your air quality from an app on your phone. I’ve found this particularly helpful for growing (read: not killing as fast) plants. You can preset temps and humidity ranges, and should the device detect changes, you’ll get an alert on your app. I don’t mean to brag, but my orchid has lasted twice as long since I bought this thermometer.

This Smart Travel Mug Maintains the Temperature You Set it At

I loved my coffee warming mug so much, I wanted something that I could take with me on the go. I’ve been doing a lot of driving lately, and I usually don’t have time to finish my second (or third or fourth) cup of coffee before I go. I chose this travel mug for its ability to keep the drink at a specific temperature, no matter how much it tried to fluctuate.

These Smart LED-Strip Lights Can Be Linked to Your Tunes


These lights really took my music system up way more notches than I expected them to. They’re totally syncable, cuttable, and linkable. It was fun to create a design that worked with my space, and I get a lot of joy watching the strips pulse to the beat of my Spotify.