37 Everyday Household Essentials You Can Easily Purchase on Amazon Canada

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We can all agree that Amazon is the best. But, never before have I been so obsessed with it then when I found out it had all of my favourite household essentials. Call me lazy but I get so annoyed when I run out of things around the house. From Tylenol to Brita refills, Amazon has got me covered. I wanted to share my joy with you and make a list of everything that I constantly repurchase and even a few things that have made my life so much easier like this hand vacuum. Also, there’s some knowledge here I share that you probably didn’t know. Like, did you know you have to wash your washing machine? Yeah, I didn’t think so. You need me, you need this. Read on fellow home owner, these are 37 products you absolutely need.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate programĀ and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Kill Harmful Bacteria In Your Washing Machine

Did you know that you have to wash your washing machine? I know, it sounds counter intuitive, considering it washes and keeps things clean but against all odds, you do in fact need to clean it. Pop one of these in to keep your machine to kill all the bacteria that can build up in your machine. You’ll understand once you’ve done it. It’s necessary.

Squeaky Clean and Extra Shiny

You’ve seen the little ducky but even without the cutest marketing campaign ever, this dish soap is by far the best. It keeps all my dishes sparkling and small hack, if you use it to clean your jewelry it will look brand new. No need to go out and lug it home, Amazon will deliver it right to your door.

A Stock of These Always Come In Handy

Remote out of batteries again? Order these batteries right from the comfort of your couch and watch as they get delivered to your doorstep. Never has anything been so easy and so necessary. Now you’ll never have to worry about getting up to change the volume. The horror.

Two Times More Absorbent With Every Sheet

Now this is a household item I know you need. There are a few core items that are absolutely needed in every house and paper towel is one of them. But, it is definitely annoying to juggle a big thing of paper towel on top of all your groceries. This way you don’t have to. Thanks Amazon.

No More Stinky Trash Cans

These are the best garbage bags on the market. They never break and also have a scent so no more stinky trash cans. Thankfully Amazon has got me covered for my household items. All I have to do is pop it into my cart and it’s here the next day. Just in time for me to take out my last bag.

Never Has Washing Dishes Been This Easy

I won’t deny it, I’m not a fan of doing the dishes. I am guilty of letting dishes pile up in the sink and the counters (no judgement please). Things that make doing dishes not as bad are these quick and easy pods. All I have to do is load the dishwasher, pop one in and I can go on my merry way.

Put A Wring On It

This microfibre mop has saved me on multiple occasions. It’s really no wonder it’s a number one best seller. Super easy to use and fitting into the tiniest of places, this mop is sure to be your best friend in cleaning up any mess.

This Will Make Old Look Brand New

So a few years ago I recovered my couch. I got this fancy new fabric and was so happy until it start to pile. A friend recommended that I get this and let me tell you it is magic. Like actually magical. I now not only use it on my couch but on clothes and they turn out looking brand new. If you don’t have this home essential, you need it.

You’ll Want To Buy This ASAP

Not the cutest thing to talk about but something you definitely need in your shopping cart. This action gel keeps things shiny and smelling fresh in my bathroom. No need to bother going to the store to grab it, Amazon has got your back. Do us all a favour and add this to cart.

I’d Like A Refill Please

Make sure you are well stocked with all the Swiffer refills you need. Personally, I have a Swiffer that I love but sometimes I forget to get the refills at the store and I’m stuck trying to stick a rag into the little holes. It never works. Don’t be like me, buy the refills.

Eliminate Odours and Keep It Fresh

You may have seen a box of this in the back of your fridge growing up, never really knowing what it is. Well let me tell you my friend, this new and improved baking soda, hangs in your fridge to provide you with the ultimate freshness. Ever wonder why your fridge stinks? It’s because you don’t have one of these.

Speed Up Dry Time With These

I have a big fluffy duvet cover that I am in love with but it takes forever to dry. Seriously, it can take an entire day. I have to constantly go in and unwrap it from itself. My mom recommended I get these. It cut the drying time down in half! It doesn’t get all tangled and keeps everything very soft.

So Much More Than A Sponge

I always keep a stack of these under my sink. They are great for cleaning dishes and scrubbing down my counter tops. They are a great staple and you can choose how big of a pack you want to get. These sponges have revolutionized my life by making cleaning so much more efficient.

These Are SO Soft

I really needed a new set of towels and was scouring the internet when I found these and on Amazon! They got to my doorstep so quickly and let me tell you, they are AMAZING! So soft and super absorbent, I quickly got another pack for my guest bathroom.

This Rechargeable Lighter is A Game Changer

This lighter is so many things, it is environmentally friendly, rechargeable, and super effective. Say goodbye to lighters and matchsticks, this lighter is all you will need. Perfect for lighting my candles and even for the BBQ, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t have one sooner.

A Household Item That You Most Definitely Need

Never again find yourself without a trusted USB cable. Good for practically everything these days, Amazon has this as part of their basics, which makes it a no brainer. I’ve used this to charge my new lighter, my headphones, my camera, the uses are endless.

Functional Decor Items

I am guilty of throwing my towel and bathrobe onto the floor right after I’m finished with them. Hey, don’t judge me. But, my boyfriend did finally got fed-up and found these cute little brushed nickel hooks to put on the back of our bathroom door. Decor and function, yes please!

This Absolutely Comes In Handy

I’ll admit it. I hate ironing. Not only do I hate it but it kind of scares me. My pro tip if you also hate it, a steamer! Yes, that’s right, get a steamer that will get rid of all those wrinkles on your clothes without the fuss of an iron and board.

Amazon’s Choice For Humidifiers

Absolutely necessary, I’ve found the mecca of all humidifiers. The search is over, this humidifier is super sleek and quiet and on top of it all, keeps the air in your home at the perfect moisture level. Best part, you have to refill it so infrequently since it lasts over 50 hours!

This is A Total Game Changer

Ok, so as I mentioned I hate ironing, but my boyfriend prefers it for all of his dress shirts. But, we don’t really have space in our apartment for a big ironing board that he never puts away. That’s why this mini ironing board is perfect! It fits right on a table and easily stored.

Look Cute While Cooking

These package of super cute and super necessary kitchen utensils give you everything you need. Yes in order to adult, you do actually need each of these in your kitchen. I personally love the rose gold turquoise combo. It really brightens up the whole cooking experience.

Keep Tidy and Organized With These

Nothing keeps things looking tidy and organized like cubbies. They are practical for making sure everything has a place. From shoes to toiletries and all your hats and gloves, just toss them in a cubby and you’re good. It’s my best hack for keeping things looking clean when they really aren’t.

The Best Reusable Bags Out There

Collapsable and easy to store, the fact that these reusable bags can fit so much in them isn’t the only reason I love them. Not to mention, the cute pattern makes me happy to go grocery shopping even when I am absolutely dreading it.

The Source of Power We Needed

Ok, every knows that moment. You are about to plug something in and it just won’t reach. Or, even worse, you have to plug multiple things in and there just aren’t enough plugs. Fret no longer, grab one (or two) of these extension cords for around your home.

Keeping Things Together

Scotch Tape is one of those things that you don’t realize you need until you do. Then you are ripping apart your whole house trying to find where you put that role the last time you needed tape. No? Just me? I didn’t think so. Get this pack of three and save yourself the panic.

Your Super Hero In Disguise

If you don’t know what Gorilla Glue is, then I’m about to change your life. It will literally fix everything. Something broken? Need something to stay together? Well, you better be sure because Gorilla Glue will make sure it stays together forever. Together, you will be the ultimate power couple.

Tylenol is An Absolute Must-Have

Thanks to Amazon having Tylenol, it is always stocked in my bathroom cabinet. I’m not big on taking meds but when a bad headache kicks-in, Tylenol is my go to. This way, I can have it easily delivered without the overly expensive pharmacy run.

This Will Keep You Organized

If you are looking for a way to stay organized, this is it. I’ve tried but keeping a running list of things I need or things I need to do just doesn’t work. I wind up forgetting something super important and kicking myself over it. This way, I don’t have too.

If You Have A Brita, This Is For You

If you know, you know. And, by that I mean if you have a Brita you understand the struggle of needing to replace a filter but not having any extra. Make life easier and just buy this pack. It will at least have you covered for a little while.

For Those of Us Who Hate Vacuuming

I always thought my mom was crazy, running around the house with this little vacuum cleaner. Until I got my own home and realized how absolutely necessary it was to have one. It is the best for keeping things clean on an everyday basis.

These Are the Best Scissors

A good pair of scissors is a must in every household and these are perfect. Who ever knew scissor shopping could be such an ordeal but I’ve tried a few pairs and these are the best ones to get the job done.

These Steak Knives Are Top of The Line

These are fantastic! I am a fan of good kitchen cutlery and I don’t like to compromise. I was shocked that I found these on Amazon. Great value and they make a superb set of “everyday steak knives.” Plus, they have very good weight and are super sharp.

These Are The Best Hangers EVER!

If you are still using plastic hangers, stop now! Throw them out and get these. They take up half of the space in your closet – so you can buy more clothes (duh), and they actually keep your clothes on the hanger.

This Is The Perfect Dish Set

It’s time to throw out those IKEA dishes from your first apartment! This set is so much chicer and won’t break the bank. No one believed me when I told them that these were from Amazon. That’s how nice they actually are.

Make Your Scented Candles Last Longer

I am a huge fan of scented candles. I have them scattered all around my house. Call me extra but I like to take good care of my candles so they last longer because they aren’t cheap. This set is a sure way of making candles last longer. Put them out with class, trim them and it even has a tool to grab your wick if it falls into the wax.

Two Plugs Aren’t Enough, This Is Better

Personally, I have my computer, laptop charger, phone charger, mug warmer and space heater hooked up to this surge protector. I really only have good things to say about it as it just makes life so much easier. Because two outlets is just not enough.

Outstanding For Cleaning Dishes

If you are about efficiency like me you’ll appreciate this scrubber with in-built soap in it. Obviously, it’s Amazon’s shoppers choice product and it will be yours too. Give it a try and I promise you don’t be disappointed.