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37 Fall Boots & Shoes You’ll Want on Your Feet This Season

“These boots were made for walkin’ …” “Boot scootin’ boogie … ” “Whose bed have your boots been under …” Why are there so many dang country songs about boots anyway? I know, maybe it’s because they’re chic, versatile, and go with just about anything. They’re ideal for fall, too, when the temperatures are cooler, the cardigans reemerge from the closet and the odds of wading through puddles or slush are better than average.

So, why not put together an entire list of fall boots and shoes that your feet need this season? I’m talking animal print loafer “purr”fect for adding some attitude to your outfit, tall wellies to keep the rain away, and boots and booties that are fur-lined, perfect for a bike ride or have fun cutouts or the strappiest of straps. Lace up your shopping shoes (you have those, right?) and get ready for 37 of the cutest options for fall, whether you’re a bootie beauty or a cowboy (boot) queen.

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

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When ankle boots just won’t do, you’ll need a pair of these tall waterproof boots. Wellingtons, as they’re affectionately known, were named for the man who invented them — Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington. Made with a rubber sole in a non-slip, waterproof design, these are the boots you’ll reach for when it’s icky outside and just want to stay dry while heading to work or running errands.


Don’t Be A Cheetah

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Animal print is a neutral, O.K.? And, it’s the perfect accompaniment to almost any outfit this fall. These closed-toe loafers from Soda Reign are easy to slip on as you’re heading out the door and add a little pizzazz to whatever you’re wearing. And, hey, if you’re not into animal print there are other fun prints to choose from like tie-dye, camo, and blue denim.


Grab This Bootie

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Nothing screams “cooler days ahead” like a pair of fur booties and even Amazon got into the fun with its own line of bootie slippers here. Fur and knit with a fabric lining and a flexible sole you can go out to the mailbox in, these pretties come in black, gray, and sand with fun pom-pom detailing on the side. Reviewers say to size up (way up) so take note when ordering.

These Flat-Bottomed Girls

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I’m pretty sure these boots require leggings and a long cardigan — at least, that seems to be the requisite uniform to accompany them. These knee-high boots come in various shades of black, brown, and gray and in different styles, too. The one pictured has a rounded toe silhouette, a waterproof upper, and a full-length zipper closure. And, according to the description, wearing them will make you “feel cool,” so there’s that.

Walking In A Winter Fall Wonderland

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These are the boots that take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. They may not be the most beautiful choice on this list, but these faux fur-lined suede boots are a workhorse when the weather is more “blah” than “beautiful.” Any UGG-style knock-off, these come in black, chestnut, and gray and are both warm (thanks to the lining) and waterproof (thanks to the suede).

Perfectly Perforated

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Just because you’re throwing on a pair of boots doesn’t mean that fashion has to take a backseat. These ankle booties with a stacked heel have delightful perforated cut-outs that add interesting detail to any ‘fit. Available in black, gray, brown, and a killer khaki green, these are a perfect transition piece from summer to fall and beyond. And, at these prices, you can afford more than one color.

Give Yourself Some Wedgies

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Steve Madden makes our list at No. 7, which really doesn’t mean anything because it’s not a ranking. Regardless, these wedgie sneakers walk the line between super-comfy tennis shoes and a boot-like silhouette. The gray pictured is an overlooked option that breaks from the traditional fall choices of brown, black, and well, more brown. A hidden wedge and zipper closure add to the appeal.

Immortal Combat

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There’s so much going on with these lace-up combat boots that I honestly don’t know where to start. Zippers? Check Straps? Double-check. Soft padded collar? Checkity-check-check. Made from Italian faux leather with synthetic soles, the best part of these booties is that the zipper is 100 percent functional, which means you can lace them once and forget it.

Cut It Out

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Ruffles make everything better, don’t they? These cut-out booties are so sweet with their stacked heel, pointed toe, and ruffled edge around the ankle. People will see your fashion sense even as you’re walking away. Throw on a pair of low-profile socks and pair these boots with jeans or your favorite dress. I’m throwing the navy pair in my cart … and maybe the coffee-colored ones, too.

These Shoes Are Made For Walking

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I don’t care what country music artists tell you: You can’t wear boots all the time. (O.K., fine, you could, but why? There are so many adorable pairs of shoes calling your name out there.) These breathable mesh slip-on sneakers are a great buy between $19 and $37, depending on your color and size selection, and will help keep you on the fitness path regardless of the weather.

There’s A New Sheriff In Town

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You’ll never catch me in a pair of cowboy boots; sorry, it’s just not my jam. But, these gals look adorable and the girl on the right has these sheriff saloon western boots to thank for it. With a rubber sole and a shaft that measures approximately ankle-high from the arch, these are a great accompaniment to your wardrobe for football games, concerts, and more.

Flat-Out Fun

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I wear ballet flats all year long and, O.K., it’s probably because I live in Florida, but there are plenty of other places where you can safely rock them, too. These pointed-toe ballet flats are easy to slip on and off, have a unique silhouette, and come in some great colors for fall like mustard (pictured) and burgundy. If you’re planning ahead, those lilac and blush versions just scream “spring.”

Grab A Wedge

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I love these hidden wedge sneakers because they have wide-width options, too. Why do my wide-width friends always get the shaft? If you’re vertically challenged, you’re going to love these because they have a one-inch hidden wedge in them that’ll make you look like the tall gal you’ve always longed to be. They combine a soft vegan suede upper with memory foam insoles and zippers that are 100 percent functional.

A Waterproof Workhorse

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This is the type of boots you need if you’re going to be doing serious things like navigating rocky terrain or doing work outdoors. That’s due to the flexible rubber lug traction outsole and padded insole paired together in these round-toe waterproof boots. The whole thing is waterproof and has a lace-up front with metal eyelets. Try it in black, khaki, camel, or pink.

Snow Way!

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These fur-lined ankle boots are adorable and a shift from the traditional winter boot look. The outside is made of a waterproof oxford cloth while the inside uses artificial plush that’s both soft and warm. My favorite part of these shoes (apart from the 10,000-plus reviews) is the great range of colors they’re available in, from a red burgundy to a coffee brown.

Very Well-ies

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If tall wellies aren’t your cup of tea, maybe these short ankle waterproof booties will be more your style. I can’t get enough of the colors that are available like that jewel-toned green pictured, the school bus yellow, or that gorgeous bright violet. These glossy boots are lightweight with elastic goring on the side for easy on and off and feature only a slight heel of just one inch.

Lace These Boots Up

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She makes these lace-up combat boots look good! Made of synthetic leather with a rubber sole, they’re perfect for protecting your feet when the weather is wet and surfaces are slippery. What I enjoy the most about these boots, though, is the plethora of colors (are you noticing a pattern?): the green and pink are unique options and the camo print could go with tons of wardrobe options. One reviewer said: “I love these boots. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and kept my feet warm and dry when I was walking in the pouring rain.”

Super Strappy

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“Strappy” is for any season and these boots have straps in spades. These multi-strap ankle booties with a block heel are your answer for every, “What am I going to wear?” question of the season. Leggings? Yes. Skinny jeans? A definite “do.” Your favorite skirts and dresses with tights? You know it. One reviewer called them “Cute, comfy and perfect,” while another said, “My new favorite shoes.”

Walk The (Fur) Lined Route

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​Remember the fur-lined ankle boots from a few spots above? Consider these fur-lined mid-calf boots their older sister. Soft and furry on the inside with great arch support and a waterproof exterior, you can stay warm and dry throughout fall and winter without sacrificing your fashion sense. The polyurethane material makes the snow boots more flexible as you move around, which is a real plus if you’ve ever worn boots that have no give.

Mid-Calf Madness

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You can’t make it through the season with just one pair of mid-calf boots so why not grab these stylish slouch boots with an ankle buckle strap? There are so many great features about these boots, from the side zipper closure to the plush faux fur lining to the crochet knitted cuffs to the ankle buckle strap. See? Loads of features. These start at $37 and go up to $52, depending on your size.

When They Go High, You Go Low

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I love boots with added features like this pair of sock toppers at the cuff. Call them Western boots or barn boots or just cute mid-calf boots with a low heel and retro strap buckles, you’re going to want to add these to your closet ASAP. Available in the traditional boot shades of brown and black, these are sure to be a go-to all season long for right around $30.

Cannot Be Suede

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Call me crazy but I love those few weeks when the fall warmth is waning and you can feel that first snow of the season in the air and the holidays not far behind. These lace-up winter boots are waterproof, anti-slip, and durable with a flat rubber sole so you can stay upright when conditions are down and out. If you’re looking to make a statement, try the blue leather or pink-hued red options.

Don’t Duck This Purchase

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Duck, duck, boots! These rubber roots are a mashup of a rubber boot’s bottom and the leather upper of a work boot. First developed by Leon Leonwood Bean (yes, of L.L. Bean fame), duck boots have been immensely popular for a long time thanks to their ability to keep you dry and stable. This pair of duck boots doesn’t bear the L.L. Bean name, nor the price tag.

In The Muk Luk

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I enjoy MUK LUKS simply for the numerous patterns and colorways they offer in almost all of their products. These fabric mid-calf boots are unique with a brown or gray base and a patterned overlay with straps in the base color. These have a rubber sole and are water-resistant so you can just pull them on and go. If you’re between sizes, go up for your best fit.

Dress Up Your Ankles

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If you’re looking for “dressy” boots on the list, this pair of ankle boots with criss-cross wraparounds is a sure bet. They have a stacked leather heel, a back zip closure and the wraparounds offer some breathability for warmer days or, um, hotter feet. Available in cognac, black or gray, these booties boast the London Fog name, which is usually synonymous with quality workmanship.

You’re A Slouch

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If you like to turn heads when you enter a room, I’ve found the perfect boots for you. These mid-calf boots have so much personality with their slouchy shaft, zipper-on style, and decorative buckle, you won’t even have to do much to be the chicest in the room. Don’t just settle for the gray pictured, though, you need to give the purple, blue, and leopard a once-over, too.

Fuzzy Fun

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You seldom see fuzzy winter booties that work for both indoors and out, but here’s a great option that allows for both. A soft fur lining is complemented by a knit look outside for a thoroughly delicious winter wear option. The rubber sole means you can wear it indoors when you’re cold or outdoors, but I probably wouldn’t go much further than the mailbox. Please, for the love of all that’s pure and holy, don’t let me catch in at Walmart in these.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

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Stay with me here: Sweater weather … but for your feet. These sweater-style mid-calf boots are another MUK LUKS offering that mimics more expensive brands without the hefty price tag. In natural or gray colorways, these have memory foam insoles and cute detailing on the back like buttons and a suede tag. One reviewer had this to say: “I am especially fond of the mid-calf to knee-length “sweater boot” style. These are exactly what I wanted and I caught them when they were being offered on sale!”

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Knee

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I had to throw in one over-the-knee offering and opted for these thigh-high chunky heel boots. Complete with a two-inch heel and stretchy faux suede, this pull-on design has lace detailing on the back and a sleek silhouette in khaki, black, blue, gray, and more. Reviewers rave about the fit (for all body types), the cushioning, and the thick-but-not-too-thick fabric.

Tell Me A Trail

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I know some of you sickos won’t be derailed from your trail running just because the weather changes. Equip yourself with these minimalist trail running barefoot shoes that offer traction and durability in a lightweight and durable package. There are a ton of colors to choose from as well, from this bold green to a bright yellow knit to a turquoise blue with lime green laces.

Fall Floral Persuasion

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Sometimes you just have to let your feet do the walking … and the talking. These driving loafers are easy to slip on and come in some really funky colors with floral detailing on the sides. So, even if your outfit is low-key, you can still make a statement with your feet. The orange and yellow options look perfect for fall and the rose-red and white are perfect for transitioning to spring.

Pull On Some Plaid

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I don’t know who made Buffalo plaid the unofficial pattern of cooler days, but these low-heel ankle boots for fall definitely got the memo. A zip closure makes them easy to put on and take off and the gold-tone buckles add a whimsical element. True to my nature, I’m also a big fan of the leopard style; the all-black option is a fall workhorse that will go with everything.

Slipper Slidin’ Away

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Sometimes you just don’t want to jerk on a pair of boots and I totally get it. These suede leather clog slippers from Clarks have a plush faux fur lining and a flexible sole with an open-heel design featuring a knit cuff with a button. You’re probably not going to wear these to work or to the grocery store and that’s O.K. You’re allowed to have a pair of shoes that are nothing but comfortable to shuffle around the house in.

Get Revved Up Over These Motorcycle Boots

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These motorcycle boots are edgy, aren’t they? From LALA IKAI, these wine red boots are unique enough thanks to their color, but the silver studding, strap detailing, and fold-over flap in the front offer additional features you won’t find just anywhere — especially not in one shoe. I’m a big fan of the distressed-looking finish that gives them the appearance of being well-loved.

Be The Best Ballerina

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I don’t care what anyone says, ballet flats are all-purpose and all-weather. These Belice ballet flats are an Amazon brand that many reviewers cite as being close to the much more expensive Lucky Brand version. At less than $25, you can afford to have numerous pairs like these gold ones, the dark green microsuede, and the gunmetal. Those three shades alone should get you through the fall season.

Nothing Wrong With Being A LIttle Chunky

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You probably aren’t going to want to wear these when it’s slushy or snowy outside, but for all the other days, these chunky heeled ankle boots will have you high stepping and looking fabulous. Available in a variety of styles from the criss-cross look shown to a lace-up look on the outer side of the shoe, these will look great with a pair of skinny jeans and a chunky sweater.

The Perfect Loafer

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Has anyone ever told you to “invest in some sensible shoes?” These Clarks cheyn onyx loafers might be what they meant. A mostly flat rubber sole sits under an ortholite footbed and a stretch-on leather body that has a little give thanks to the gore panels. These are a smart choice for your best work pants, casual Friday or not, or anytime that comfort takes first place.