37 Gadgets Book Lovers Need Right Now

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Now that the weather is changing and the nights are drawing in, is there anything better than curling up with a good book? Whether you’re a fantasy lover, or an old romantic, or even love to learn with a good non-fiction tome, books offer something for everybody.

But there are ways to make a beautiful reading moment even better. Because if you’re enjoying your reading experience as is, why not go all out to turn it into a truly luxurious treat?

Whether you’re thinking of elevating your own reading nook or looking for a gift for a fellow book lover, Amazon has a ton of fantastic gadgets designed to make reading that little bit more enticing. As if you needed any encouragement, right?

From reading lights to snuggly blankets to impressive homewares to ingenious book-related inventions, we’ve got you covered with 37 of the very best gadgets that’ll seriously improve your literary life.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Library Kit is Perfect for Book Hoarders

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If you love loaning books to your friends but hate the fact you sometimes don’t get them back, this personal library kit will help keep track of all your literary comings and goings.

The reviews say: “I keep all the books I read and at this point, I have way too many books. When I lend them out, I like people to sign their name and the date they read the book…only because I find it interesting if I have an old used book and see the same information in it. So I thought these were a cute throwback to the library system I grew up with and people could sign their names on the cards. The information on the cards isn’t exactly that…it’s just borrowed dates, etc., but I’ll make it work for my purposes. Great quality – very sturdy, smooth cardstock-type paper.”

These Socks Will Keep Book Lovers’ Feet Warm

The cheeky message on these cozy socks is tongue in cheek – but for certain book lovers, it’s serious, too!

The reviews say: “I love these socks so much! Good quality and very comfortable. I wear these when I know I’m going to have a tough day at work! I also gave them as a gift to a friend and they loved it!”

This Neck Light from Glocusent is Great for Nocturnal Readers

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Reading late at night can be a contentious issue for those who share a bed. This neck light can help minimize fights.

The reviews say: “This product is excellent. I was looking for a reading light to attach to my bed but none would fit. I saw this and ordered it. The light is bright and provides excellent reading quality. It is infinitely adjustable and has two settings on each side. I use both lights to read. The single floodlight is good for walking around in the dark. I bet a great thing for Boy Scouts and Leaders on camping trips.”

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This Cute Sign Says it All

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The right decor not only looks great, but it sends an important message, too.
The reviews say: “This was a gift. I liked the size and the whole little sign. I also like that it can easily sit on a shelf or be hung on a wall. It is as shown in the picture. I liked the price, too. Definitely worth it.”

This Page Holder Will Save you from Thumb Strain

Trying to read one-handed can be a painful experience. This little device means you never have to suffer from the reader’s thumb again.

The reviews say: “My girlfriend is a huge book lover and I decided to gift this to her for our wedding anniversary. She liked it very much!
It’s super lightweight, great quality wood, pleasant to touch! Thank you for the idea!”

This T-Shirt Tells the World About Your Book Obsession

Struggling to find an outfit that properly represents you and your passions? Look no further than this cute and comfy tee.

The reviews say: “This shirt was of great quality and soft material. It seems to run true to size and I did go by their size chart with no problem!”

This Bookmark Holds Your Pages Open

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Not only will this weighted bookmark hold your place, but it can be great to help you read hands-free.

The reviews say: “So many people at work see me using it on books I’m reading and they seem amazed by it. It’s so simple, but yet so, so useful and practical. My latest purchase was about a week ago. I purchased 2 more as gifts. This page holder is fantastic for holding your pages down and also as a conversation piece.”

This Reading Pen is Absolutely Ingenious

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Not only does this clever gadget make note-taking an absolute breeze, but you can even look up the definitions of words as you go, plus make it read aloud to you, too.

The reviews say: “The C-Pen is great. I love to read, but I am a very slow reader, which made getting through technical writings almost impossible. With the C-Pen, I can now read those very boring technical books I have. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to hold. It has great battery life. I wish I had this pen when I was in college. My grades would have been a lot better.”

This Tote is Perfect for Carrying Books

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To be honest, you could carry anything in this book-print bag – but it’s particularly suited for trips to the bookstore or library, right?

The reviews say: “This is a great canvas bag. I’m going to put velcro inside to keep it closed and use it as a handbag. So, where would you ever find a Kate Spade handbag, for $24 bucks? The colors are vibrant and all well placed (not overly busy).”

This Clip Light Has Two Settings

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Reading without an overhead light can be a much cozier experience. This rechargeable option actually attaches to your tome.

The reviews say: “I love this book light so much. It’s so small and lightweight and the clip is strong. It’s perfect even for small paperback books. Many other book lights have a big bulky clip that gets in the way. This is thin and streamlined. The dim option is a plus as well. Very happy!”

This Bookstand is Stunningly Classy

Many bookstands are made of tacky, garish plastic. That’s not so with this beautiful wooden number, which will keep your book on the correct page without hands.

The reviews say: “This book stand works as designed. It has multiple angles and the arms are strong enough to hold the pages open if you need to. I use it for my studies to keep my neck better aligned to avoid neck pain. I was happy that it easily holds my book that is just over 1.5 inches thick and when opened I don’t need to use the arms. The bamboo is pretty and the design sleek. I really like it in every way.”

This Cushion is a Gorgeous Reading Nook Accessory

The eternal mantra of any dedicated reader, imprinted on a cushion that helps you get comfy and facilitate that very message – what more could you want?

The reviews say: “This was purchased as a gift for a book lover in the family. It looks exactly as advertised- adorable! Great neutral colors to go with all decor.”

This Mug is Ideal for Your Reading Beverage

Not only is this mug a great size and cute to look at, but it also says what we’re all thinking.

The reviews say: “Beautifully made cup – very sturdy. The design is delightful & it made my granddaughter laugh & smile!”

This Journal Helps Keep Track of your Reading

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Whether you find it hard to remember what you’ve read or want to challenge yourself to read more, this is the purchase for you!

The reviews say: “This journal is honestly my favorite purchase of the year, I am so excited to be able to keep track of the books I read in it. I have a goal to read 200 books each year (I’m at 111 currently and paused in the middle of 112 to write this because I’m so pleased) and this will be so much fun to fill out! It has tons of room for many many books and interesting sections on things I hadn’t even thought to keep track of (like the books I didn’t finish and why books lent to others and who, books borrowed, and from whom). It makes me even more excited to read knowing I’ll get to fill out such a lovely book!”

This Light Will Teach Kids It’s Fun to Read

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Not only does this clip-on light introduce a relaxing and ambient vibe to your reading sessions, but the cute cat shape makes it extra appealing.

The reviews say: “My first grader is becoming quite the little reader. We don’t have any extra outlets in his room for a lamp so I got this for him to use.
It’s nice and bendy and plenty bright for evening reading. It’s got a neat paper cat bookmark, too. I tried it out on a hardback book for some pictures. Holds place nicely. I know he’s going to absolutely love this.”

This Bookshelf is A Beautiful Talking Point

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If a standard bookshelf is a little bit boring for your tastes, consider this one, which displays all your favorites in a super interesting way.

The reviews say: “Very sturdy bookshelf. Love the design and pleasing to look at. Holds up really well. Assembly was pretty easy to put together once I figured the right way for placement.”

This Reading Nook Does it all in One

Storage, a place to sit, and a cute feature for a kid’s bedroom all at once. It comes in various shades, too!

The reviews say: “Daughter loves it!! A little wobbly but we have hard floors so carpet would be much more stable and once I secured it to the wall it was perfect. She’s 3 and it fits her perfectly. Easy to assemble!”

This Ladder Shelf is Minimal and Chic

If you want a shelf that looks modern and trendy but still lets your books do the talking, this is the option for you.

The reviews say: “I found this to be fairly easy to put together although it did take a bit of time. Great item which definitely exceeded my expectations.”

This Blanket Looks Almost Homemade

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Rather than getting the yarn and needles out yourself, consider this bargainous blanket from Amazon, which is great for getting cozy with a novel.

The reviews say: “I gave this a five-star rating because it’s the loveliest shade of gray-blue and truly beautiful. It’s well made and washes well on a gentle cycle and is very low tumble dry. It’s soft, but not overly soft and it’s a nice throw blanket for a cool evening or morning temps. Nice for spring in the PNW.”

This Candle Helps Build a Cozy Atmosphere

A scent is amazing for creating a moment and a memory – and this calming, soft and sweet aroma will turn any space in your home into a library.

The reviews say: “I am in love with this candle! First off, I was so surprised by the large size. The packaging is very luxurious. But the fragrance! Absolutely lovely! It is rare to find a candle these days that makes the entire room smell yummy without lighting it. This one does the trick! I am overjoyed with my purchase!”

These Bookmarks are a Thing of Beauty

Many bookmarks are just glorified strips of card – but these golden chains and charms are basically jewelry for your books.

The reviews say: “These are just so pretty! They are a little dainty so I wouldn’t buy them for kids, or people who are rough on books. They are perfect for me, and for regular recreational reading. They are a little bigger than I thought they were from just viewing the images, as you can tell from my image they are almost as big as my palm.”

These Cozy Socks Offer Reassuring Grip

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Who wants to wear shoes while they read? But regular socks and hard floors can be a treacherous game. These reading-themed socks offer the perfect compromise.

The reviews say: “Quality and size are spot-on. The sole sayings are fun for those obsessed with books. Great to wear on wood n tile floors without hurting joints. I am buying them for gifts for friends and family – so affordable.”

This Fleecy Blanket Comes in Tons of Shades

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You can customize your blanket to suit your reading area, with a whopping twenty-six colors to choose from. It’s soft and snuggly, too.

The reviews say: “It’s a lightweight blanket that’s still very fluffy, soft, and super cozy. It’s light enough to be a summer blanket but it also keeps you warm enough during the chilly summer to fall nights. It also has two different kinds of “textured” sides, one side is more “sleek” and the opposite side is more “fluffy”. Has become one of my favorite blankets, I would definitely order again!!”

This Bookmark is Absolutely Adorable

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Have you ever seen anything so cute? These little leaves can help keep your pages open, plus function to hold your place in between reading sessions.

The reviews say: “These little sprouts are the cutest things. Just open the book and *boop* there’s a little sprout.

“I gave them to my friends and they love them too. Fun to twidle with while you read and the silicon doesn’t hurt the books.”

This Sign Makes a Statement

We firmly stand behind this message, and it’s a perfect mantra to share with any of your friends who claim they don’t like to read, too.

The reviews say: “Perfect gift for a teacher. In this case, a reading specialist. I was very happy with this.”

This Tumbler Can Hold Your Reading Beverage of Choice

If there’s one thing that’s better than coffee and books, it has to be wine and books. This tumbler makes that possible.

The reviews say: “I purchased this to give as a gift and liked it so much that I might keep it and order another for the gift! It even comes with an environmentally friendly metal straw and a cleaner for the straw. That was an unexpected, but happy surprise.”

This Sitting Pillow Offers Support When Reading in Bed

Sometimes reading while in bed can put undue strain on your neck and back. This pillow is like a hug from behind – and looks highly cute, too.

The reviews say: ” It is incredible. Very firm yet very soft. I use it sitting on the floor leaning against the couch. I even use it for a pillow for sitting halfway up.”

This Canopy Turns a Corner into a Reading Nook

If you live in a smaller apartment, finding a private and cozy space to read can be hard. This canopy means you can create space anywhere.

The reviews say: “I am very impressed with this product! I was afraid the material would be subpar but it’s actually more solid than my picture shows. It has enough opacity for lights to shine through but for you to feel secluded when inside. Perfect!! Very easy installation and the perfect length for a 10’ ceiling.”

This Floor Pillow is Surprisingly Comfy

Whether you want to add an extra layer of softness to your usual reading chair or create a new floor space to relax, unwind and read, look no further than these highly-rated floor pillows.

The reviews say: “Absolutely love these!!! Came with pillow inserts, no smell, the easiest possible assembly, and doesn’t seem to attract dog hair either! Highly recommend!”

This Bedside Lamp Offers Gorgeous Ambience

Reading requires some level of light for visibility – but anything strong and harsh can prevent relaxation. This soft yet bright lamp offers the best of both worlds.

The reviews say: “Honestly I was pretty shocked when I received the lamp, super easy to assemble and use, all you need to do is screw on the lightbulb and tap the base, very relaxing and fun.”

These Bookmarks are (Literally) Works of Art

Combine your love of reading with your love of fine art with this set of bookmarks. You get thirty in a set, so can even gift (or lose) a couple.

The reviews say: “pleasantly surprised by these 30 bookmarks. They are a bit on the small side, but that is part of their appeal. Each one has a section of a painting by either Van Gogh or Monet. The colors are bright and beautiful, and the overall effect is very charming. A nice gift for an art-loving bibliophile.”

This Keyring Keeps Books on your Mind Wherever You Go

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This keychain isn’t just cute in its message – but it’s also beautifully well made and high quality.

The reviews say: “So cute and well made. Worth the money! Perfect for the book lover! (That’s me!)”

These Bookends Really Emphasize Your Love of Reading

Not only do these bookends keep your books safe and organized, but they’re also of people reading. Does it get any better than that?

The reviews say: “So cute! The set is adorable and functions perfectly as two bookends. This is cute in any library, bookcase, or in the home anywhere. So happy with my purchase. 5 stars all around for packaging and shipment.”

This Tissue Box is a Book Lovers’ Dream

Cover up an unsightly tissue box with this cute cover.

The reviews say: “Look no further for the correct box with the perfect dimensions. This one accommodates all tissue boxes. I use Puffs plus tissue and have had issues in the past with getting wooden tissue boxes to hold the tissues. This one works!!! It is the perfect height and length and holds your tissue in elegantly designed library books.”

This Bath Caddy is Great for Reading in the Bath

Reading in the bath is one of the more enjoyable yet dangerous pursuits of life. This caddy means you can go hands-free and quit worrying about dropping your book!

The reviews say: “This caddy is very cute and sturdy. It is perfect for a glass of wine and a book. The design is brilliant and can adjust to any tub size.
I highly suggest purchasing this if you are looking for a GREAT, useful bathroom accessory.”

These Corner Bookmarks are so Romantic

Whether you want to hold your place in a book or make a note to come back to a certain page later, these heart-shaped markers do it all, adorably.

The reviews say: “These are very nicely made and are attractive in a book! Very satisfied with this product!”

This Magnifier is Suited to Tired Eyes

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If you’re struggling through a book with tiny text, this handy portable magnifier is for you. It even has LED lights to aid vision.

The reviews say: “I was very very pleased with the product, no disappointment here. Good size for holding and scanning newsprint. Good size for elderly arthritic hands that tremor now and then. Not heavy or cumbersome. The light was an added feature that I didn’t realize would enhance the product more!”