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37 Gadgets That Can Transform Your Space Into a Smart House

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Technology is ever-evolving, and it’s come a long way in the last couple of years alone. You might be shocked to discover how much easier life can be with the right tech to back you up! For instance, there are a ton of gadgets specifically intended to make your living space smarter, and your day-to-day life easier to navigate. Whether you need help with getting up to face the day on time, settling down for a good night’s sleep, or with any task in between, there’s a piece of technology designed to streamline the process. So we’ve compiled a list filled with Amazon’s handiest home tech, just for you. From fast-charging phone cords and wifi amplifiers to high-tech watches and tablets that are available at a crazy reasonable price, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down and check out what’s hot right now, and build your dream smart home! You won’t regret stocking up on these awesome tech gadgets.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Smart Watch is Ridiculously Affordable

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With a smart watch on your wrist, you’ll be able to do everything from monitoring fitness statistics like blood pressure, heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and even sleep status, to managing phone calls and music. And, to top things off, this watch costs less than $30!

This Alarm Clock Can Do a Lot of Multi-Tasking

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You can set two different alarms with this cool digital LED screen alarm clock! It also has volume and brightness settings, a snooze function, and the capability to charge your phone. On the whole, it’s WAY cooler than the alarm clocks we had as kids!

This White Noise Machine is a Perfect Bedtime Companion

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If you need more help getting to sleep than waking up, this white noise machine could be the ideal gadget for you. Choose from six super soothing sounds (including ocean waves, rainfall, and summer crickets) to lull you to sleep at night with minimal fuss. It’s also great for fussy babies, and perfectly-sized for travel!

These Smart Light Bulbs Add a Little More Color to Your Home

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Did you know there’s such a thing as smart light bulbs? These awesome bulbs can change color and brightness to fit the mood you’re going for, and they can be voice-controlled! You can even use an app on your phone to customize timers and light schedules, so that your home is lit exactly the way you want it, when you want it.

This Phone Charger Works Insanely Fast

Sure, you can use any old phone charger, but more powerful ones – like this fast-charging wall adapter – work up to 75% faster than the average charger! It’s lightweight and compact, so it can go anywhere in your home or on the go with you, and these ones come in a pack of two for just $10!

See Movies On the Big Screen at Home With This Mini Projector

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You don’t need a huge TV to get the at-home movie theater experience if you’ve got a mini projector instead! This projector is compatible with most devices, including computers, tablets, blu-ray players, and more, so hooking it up and playing movies from it is a total breeze.

This Bluetooth Portable Speaker Really Travels Well

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You can get crystal clear (and surprisingly loud!) sound anywhere in your home with this portable bluetooth speaker. It’s got up to 100 feet of bluetooth range, and a powerful enough speaker to fill any room with music. Plus, it’s water-resistant; that means it’s great for pool parties!

Type With Ease On This Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

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If you’ve got a tablet (or even a mobile phone) that you’d like to type on a little more easily, look no further. This bluetooth keyboard is ultra-slim and sized ideally for use with devices smaller than the average computer. All you have to do is connect the keyboard and get typing!

Store Everything in this External Hard Drive

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This awesome external hard drive is compatible with just about any device, so whatever files need storing, it has you covered. Don’t sweat computer malfunctions, or even a problem with your gaming device, ever again! With a hard drive on hand, you can keep everything that matters safe.

Power Up Everything At Once With this Charging Station

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Not only does this awesome charging station keep your charging devices neat and organized, but it can charge them all simultaneously just as fast – if not faster – than a normal single-device charger. This charging station is even smart; it can detect the specific device you connect and adjust to the optimal voltage for charging!

These Bluetooth Sleep Headphones Are So Useful For Naps

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What’s better than sleep? Having an eye mask that doubles as bluetooth headphones to play soothing tunes while you doze off! These sleep headphones are made from memory foam, with a comfy silk lining, so they’ll feel great on your face while you sleep.

This Wireless Charging Station Is Sleek and Efficient

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Not only is this charging station wireless and capable of charging phones, smart watches, and bluetooth earbuds all at once, it’s also compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Watch Shows on the Big(ger) Screen With This Screen Magnifier

We all watch shows and movies on our phones, but with this screen magnifier, it can be just like watching on a small television! The magnifier broadcasts whatever you play on your phone at a larger size, so you can curl up and use your phone to play media without sacrificing screen size.

This Vertical Mouse Keeps Your Hand Comfy While Scrolling

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If a regular computer mouse just isn’t cutting it, you have an alternative: you can pick up this awesome vertical mouse, which is designed to keep your wrist in a more natural, comfortable position while in use. It improves your overall posture and supports your muscles, which means less pain down the road!

These Wireless Earbuds Are Affordable and Waterproof

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Who couldn’t use a good pair of wireless earbuds? Normally, they’re pretty expensive too, but these super popular TOZO wireless earbuds are a steal on Amazon for only $35. So treat yourself, and enjoy these earbuds that also come in multiple colors!

This Bedside Lamp Can Change Color and Brightness

If you’re looking for a new bedside lamp, this awesome creation is the way to go. It had multiple color settings AND a customizable brightness, so it can give you whatever you need in terms of lighting. All you’ll need to set the mood in the room is this one lamp!

Get Into Drawing With This Drawing Tablet

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Normally, drawing tablets for your computer are very expensive and not really worth the investment unless drawing is your career, or a serious hobby. However, if you’re casually interested, or a beginner looking to get into drawing, this drawing tablet is the perfect thing to get you started; it’s easy to use and $40 on Amazon.

Keep Your Coffee and Tea Hot With This Mug Warmer

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With three temperature settings and an easy-to-use interface, this mug warmer is the perfect nifty gadget for keeping your warm drink…well, warm. No more getting up to stick your mug in the microwave when time gets away from you and your drink cools. Just keep it settled on this totally safe and durable warmer base, and it’ll be ready whenever you are!

Blast Your Tunes Through This Bluetooth Beanie

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Are you a fan of wearing beanies? Whether there’s cold weather in your neck of the woods, or it’s just part of your style, this bluetooth beanie brings a second function to an already cool hat! You don’t need earbuds while you’re wearing this beanie; it can play all your favorite tunes totally wirelessly.

Stretch Your Internet Connection With This WiFi Extender

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Does your internet need a little extra “oomph”? Then check out this WiFi extender! It can extend the range of your WiFi by over 2,500 square feet, and give you a super stable bandwidth ideal for gaming, streaming, and video calls.

Keep Your Space Clean With This UV Light Sanitizer Wand

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Did you know that you don’t need a spray to sanitize your space? This UV light sanitizer wand can kill over 99% of harmful germs, and it recharges fast; once fully charged, you can use it for about five hours without needing to plug it back in again!

Protect Your Eyes With These Blue Light Glasses

Just because you don’t need prescription glasses, doesn’t mean you don’t need glasses. Because these blue light glasses are really a must-have for anybody who spends a lot of time on the computer; they protect your eyes from blue light, which in turn alleviates fatigue and discomfort!

Make Space For All Your Cords With This USB-C Hub

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If you own an Apple computer, then you know the struggle: the only ports there are USB-C, which really doesn’t go with most things you’d normally plug into a computer. That’s where this USB Hub comes in: it plugs perfectly into a USB-C port, and itself contains one USB C port, two USB A ports and as well as one 4K HDMI output video port.

Power Up Your Phone With This Portable Power Bank

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This amazing portable charger is a must-have: it’s the size of a lipstick tube, so it’s easy to carry around, and it has enough juice to completely recharge your phone at least once before it needs to be recharged itself. So, if you need a little extra power to keep your phone on all day, check this gadget out!

Stay Organized With These Heavy-Duty Storage Snaps

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When you’ve got a ton of cords to keep track of, it’s always better to have some help! So, grab a few of these heavy-duty storage snaps. They make hanging and storing long cords a total breeze – no detangling in the future necessary.

Elevate Your Experience With This Cell Phone Stand

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You can’t hold your phone up manually ALL the time! So equip your home with this cell phone stand, which is stable enough to support any type of phone, and even a small tablet (such as an iPad mini or a Kindle). It’s got a weighted and anti-slip base, so your devices are safe and secure.

Read in the Dark With This Neck Reading Light

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Calling all bookworms! This neck reading light has three brightness settings and hangs easily around your neck so that you can read in a comfortable low light that still illuminates the pages of your book. Sit snugly in the dark, with no strain on your eyes!

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Sing Along in the Shower With This Waterproof Speaker

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Most “waterproof” speakers are only designed to endure an errant splash or two – but this amazing waterproof speaker can actually be immersed in up to three feet of water and still function! As such, it’s perfect for your shower, or the pool, or even a beach day. It’s also small enough that you can pick it up and take it wherever you want it.

Nab the Super Affordable Fire 7 Tablet

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Most tablets cost an arm and a leg, but if you have $50 to spend on a new tablet, then check out the Fire 7! It can support up to 7 hours of reading, streaming video, music, and browsing the web in one charge, and many of your favorite apps are completely compatible. So, what are you waiting for?

Get an Accurate Reading With This Digital Thermometer Gun

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This cool thermometer gun will quickly prove to be invaluable around the house. You can use it to get accurate temperature readings while cooking, especially around ovens, refrigerators, and more!

Keep Things Illuminated With These Motion Sensor Lights

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Tired of fumbling around for the light switch? No problem. These motion sensor lights will activate as soon as they detect you moving into the area, and they’ll automatically turn off once you leave, too, to preserve energy! They can light up stairs, hallways, closets, bedrooms, and more.

Chill Out With This Handy Beverage Cooler

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You’ve seen the mug warmer above, but what about when you want your drink chilled – and fast? This beverage cooler will do the trick; it can chill any regular-sized beverage can, taking it from room temperature to icy cold in 60 seconds. That’s WAY faster than any refrigerator!

Clean Your Hands Right With This Smart Soap Dispenser

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That’s right; even soap dispensers are smart, now. This one can even connect to Alexa through an Echo device, and play songs while you’re washing your hands! It also lets you control how much soap you get, and comes with a timer to ensure you’re washing your hands effectively.

Improve Your TV’s Sound With This Sound Bar

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Take the sound on your television from average to positively cinematic! This small sound bar is very affordable, and it can amplify the sound coming out of your TV by lots. You can even select which mode you’d like the sound bar to operate in: music, movies, or dialogue.

Never Lose Track of Things With These Tile Mates

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Attach these handy Tile Mates to your keys, phone, and other important items. Then, when you need help tracking them down, just use the free Tile app to hone in on their location. It’s so much easier to keep track of your stuff when you have a helping “hand” to guide you!

Power Up With This Anker Wireless Charging Stand

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Charge up your phone easily with Anker’s awesome wireless charging stand. This one is especially useful if you need to charge your phone while you’re video-chatting or watching videos at the same time, because it supports your phone and keeps it upright while it charges!

Save Space With This Compact Power Strip

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Whether it’s at home or in your travel bag, this compact power strip has a unique shape that can save space and deliver an optimized charge through its USB slots that it has in addition to regular power outlets.