37 Genius Home Items from Amazon Canada that Everyone Needs

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Winter is coming and with it, Christmas! This isn’t one of those holiday gifting guides, though. That comes later. Right now, I just want to talk about some really great products that you can get off of Amazon. I’m talking about cool stuff like cozy pet beds that actually radiate their own body heat back to them. There’s also the necessities, like bed sheets (ever try bamboo fabric?), a mop and bucket that has remained relevant even through all the technological advances, and silk pillowcases that your hair is just begging you to upgrade to. Of course, I’ve made sure to include some fun stuff: a rose gold mixology set for the budding bartender in you; a wireless charging station that also houses your pens and styli; and, of course, coffee paraphernalia. It just wouldn’t be a complete list without it.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Achieve the Perfect Froth in Seconds With This Manual Milk Foamer

A matching milk frother? Well, don’t mind if I do. Like its French (press) counterpart, this stunning specimen will look exquisite on your counter top. Ready to be part of making your latte dreams come true, this manual milk frother is a breeze to use and clean. You simply pump it up and down vigorously, and then reward your mini morning workout with a delicious cappuccino.

Feel Like You Are Standing On Clouds With Anti-Fatigue Mats

I’ve had back pains as long as I can remember (even when I exercise). If you’ve ever experienced that kind of thing, you’ll know that even basic tasks can seem like torture. This includes cooking and cleaning, so little home gadgets like this anti-fatigue mat do wonders. With an inch of thickness, your joints won’t take as much of the stress of standing for so long on hard flooring. Over time, you’ll definitely notice a difference and it’s so worth it.

Bamboo Sheets Are A Cult Favorite With Over 18K Positive Reviewers

I love bamboo sheets and these ones are no exception. They boast an average of 4.5+ stars with over 18k reviews and for a good reason: they’re really good sheets. Someone left a review and was so over the moon, they even said their wife wanted to buy sets for every single bed in their house. I see what they mean, and you will too once you actually feel how soft and cool the fabric is. They even seem actually pill-resistant after several washes.

Fidget Toy Set is Perfect for Reducing Anxiety

If you’re a lover of fidget toys, then this infinite bubble wrap is made for you. Squishable silicone in little rounds will promote relaxation and calm the mind. I saw an improvement in my mood and concentration when I have it in my hands, and I love that it comes with little to-go ones that you can hang on your backpack or keep in your car.

Save Your Furniture From Paws With A Furniture Protector

(cat not included)

Keep your pet’s paws away from your upholstery with this furniture guard and that way everyone’s happy. It sticks to upholstery really easily without sticking to your kitty. This way, everyone is happy and no one closes their precious nails.

Whip Up Your Favorite Beverages With This Pro Cocktail Set

Give me a cocktail shaker in rose gold and get back a delicious cocktail of your choice (provided the ingredients are in my cupboard, of course). But for those of us who are fans of mixology, this is a great set to have at home. It’s stylish and provides everything you need for a home bar. Two stoppers, a mixing spoon, a mortar and jigger are about all you need to get good drinks going. The cocktail cheat cards are a nice touch, though. Just, uh, make sure you have home insurance before you try any tricks involving fire, mkay?

Cutting Board Organizers Make Kitchen Tops More Spacious

Cutting boards somehow end up taking a lot of drawer space, don’t you find? I’d been saying for years I needed a better system and a way to organize all of the ones I own in various materials. I finally decided to get one of these organizers that’s dedicated to those boards. It’s simple and pretty universal- I haven’t had a board not fit within the slots. Then I just tuck the whole thing away and feel really good about myself.

A French Press That Makes Joe Good Enough to Leap Out of Bed For

Nothing like a hot, aromatic cup of coffee in the morning to make you forget that it’s morning. French press coffee has always been one of my favourite styles. It offers a really smooth, rich taste and mouth feel that you simply don’t get with drip or espresso. I recommend this one from bonVIVO. It’s got great reviews, looks sleek as all heck, and has a sturdy handle that wouldn’t ever dream of coming off of the main body.

Maximum Protections While You Sleep With This Mattress Protector

Lowkey we all need a mattress protector for our beds. No matter how cleanly you think you are, spills and dirty kids feet and excited paws can and will traipse all over your bed. You can take your sheets off for a good laundering, but you might find you have a hard time shoving a mattress into the washer. Plus, they collect all sorts of dust, mites, and allergens. Something like this will keep all of those pesky things away so you can have a nice and peaceful rest.

Cook Your Dishes to Perfections With This Meat Thermometer

Steaks and other meats are fickle things and need to be handled with care when cooking. This goes double for chicken and pork, as they can carry awful diseases like salmonella. Having a meat thermometer for when the occasion arises has been so nice. I don’t have to guess or take the dish out of the oven as often. It’s really one of those things you’ll be glad you have on hand even if you don’t think you’ll use it regularly.

Make Breakfast Time Even Better With This BPA Free Milk Whisk

With the cold weather coming in, I’ve swapped from iced coffees and cold brews to oat-milk lattes and cappuccinos. They do get costly, though, and if you’re the type to frequent Tim Hortons because you live across the street from one, you’ll know what I mean when I say the extra cost of non-dairy milk really adds up. So, how do you get your fix without breaking the bank? Simple: this milk frother. Just stick it into a cup of your liquid of choice and watch your barista sigh with relief that you aren’t part of their lunch rush is more like it, right?

This Personal Compact Space Heater Packs a Warm Punch

If you’ve never had a personal space heater before, then you really need to change that ASAP. Especially in Canada? If you have, you should still check out this adorable little one. For the smallest of spaces and the coldest of hands, I keep mine right on my desk. Typing in the wintertime gets noticeably less sucky now that I have this (and a bigger one at my feet, of course).

Your Floors Will Sparkle With This Microfibre Easy Wring Mop Set

It may be 2021 but there’s a reason the ol’ mop and bucket lives on. It’s simply an easy and effective way to clean floors, and it doesn’t cost much either. I’ve used this one from Vileda for years now, and I’m still really happy with it. It has a flat mop-head, which kind of gives your floors the Swiffer treatment (sans those terrible-for-the-environment single-use pads) and also a wringer that gets rid of excess water like magic.

Bio-Enzyme Odor Eliminating Spray Makes Your Home Fresh Again

Ever hear people tell you, “You can’t get cat pee out of anything, ever”? Well, from living with cats, I can tell you that that is absolutely true. However, that isn’t to say you can’t minimize the damage, especially if kitty decides to spray a bit of herself onto your favourite vintage throw that you just can’t bear to toss into the trash. Pour some of this enzyme cleaner on there, and at the very least, your human nose won’t be able to pick up the faint residues of arrogance and spite left behind.

Super Cute Oven Mitts That Also Keep Your Hands Safe

What better way to usher in the autumn -and some new decor for your kitchen- than these super cute oven mitts? Besides the gorgeous colour, I really like the silicone striping that not only add an element of chic, but also provide a non-slip grip. This combination of cotton and silicone means that the gloves are more flexible than all-silicone ones, while gripping better than the standard cotton gloves.

The Grooming Brush That Your Pets Will Actually Love

While my dogs don’t shed, the cats definitely do. The amount of times I’ve walked into my room to see one or more of them lolling around all over my sheets and clothes has been enough that I try to do everything to minimize shedding. This grooming brush is just one of many steps in the never-ending (and, honestly, losing) battle. It features a dual head with a coarse, 9-toothed side for fighting knots; the other, 17-tooth fine edge is for thinning, finishing, and deshedding. Their coats look glossier after I’m done and they don’t seem to mind at all as the brush itself is very safe and gentle on their fur.

Silicone Basting Brushes Are A Next Level Tool for Cooking

These silicone brushes are so much more effective at spreading sauces, glazes, or any other liquid than using a spoon or a brush with bristles. I bought this set of silicone ones for both cooking and baking. I love the long handles and fun designs. The holes in the brushes themselves mean your glazes spread much more evenly than the traditional finger-style and are also easier to clean than their hairy counterparts.

Self-Warming Pad Gives Your Fur Baby The Cozy Bed They Deserve

Now that that cold front looks like it’s really settling in, I decided to get them this self-heating mat. It works to radiate their own body heat back to them, which is a whole heck of a lot safer than corded variations. My pooches have the most content expressions when they nap on this and I think they also enjoy how soft it is.

Up Your Serving Game With This Amateur Chef Plating Toolset

I never fancied myself much of a chef, much less a fancy one (sorry, couldn’t resist the wordplay). However, I do enjoy using these plating tools when I’m serving up a good dinner for my family and friends. You can do up some really nice and decadent plating arrangements, which will make even the most homey dish look like a 5-star meal.

Add A Touch of Style to Your Dining With A Salt & Pepper Mill Set

A nice set of salt and pepper shakers has always been on my list of things I’d like to own. It just feels like something real grown-ups and people who have their life together would have in their homes, you know? Maybe that’s just me. Anyway, I did treat myself to this elegant set and it’s proven to be as durable and good quality as it is stylish. Fake it ’til you make it, right?

Silicone Spatula Set is Heat Resistant and So Versatile

I love me a good set of spatulas. The smaller sizes are awesome for finishing up a jar of PB while the bigger ones do the best job for baking, cooking, etc. These silicone spatulas are especially nice because they’re heat-resistant. You won’t have to worry about silicone melting in your home-made Alfredo sauce. The handles feel sturdy too (no surprise spatula heads in the batter) and they’re dishwasher-safe.

Make the Best Cup of Tea in This Gorgeous Tea Infuser

Ever since I started drinking loose leaf tea, I’ve been obsessed with different infusers. This one is one of my current faves. Made of extra fine mesh so that stray leaves don’t seep through, it also has its own dedicated lid and won’t leave any weird taste as it’s rust proof.

Microfibre Mop Pads Remove Deep Grime on Floors

Steam mops are one of my favourite tools for cleaning my house because of how much less effort I need to exert for sparkling floors. These mop-pads are my current go-to. The fibres grip onto dirt and debris while the material doesn’t drip sopping wet all over my floors. Plus, it’s nice to have packs of four, so I can have them on rotation and not have to wait until laundry day if I clean up a mess here and there.

Swedish Dishcloths Are Super Absorbent and Eco-Friendly

Absorbent and biodegradable, these swedish dishcloths are an absorbent, ecofriendly alternative to paper towels. As they’re reusable, I don’t feel as guilty about using them to wipe up small messes from cooking, etc. You simply rinse and squeeze it out afterwards. They’re even more sustainable when you consider they’re made from natural cellulose and cotton fibres.

Tweeze Your Way to the Perfect Arches

A good set of tweezers is like a bottle of wine that doesn’t give you a headache the next day: you don’t realize what a difference it makes until you don’t have it. These ones are the equivalent of that good bottle of wine. With a matte finish for better grip and stainless steel precision tips, your eyebrows will be so on fleek, you won’t even care that that reference is like ten years old. Pro tip: Tweeze in the direction of the brow, ladies!

Make Charging Easy and Efficient With These Multi-USB Plugs

I remember the first time I visited a house that had one of these multi-usb adapters. It blew my mind, for some reason. Nowadays, they’ve become a common fixture in my home. The ability to charge more than one device per outlet is truly revolutionary and when I think about it, I’m very grateful we have that technology. It was even more useful back when I lived someplace that legit had only one electrical outlet per room.

Classy Bamboo Wireless Charging Station With Organizer

Up until this year, I hadn’t tried wireless charging. Now that I have, I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It’s super convenient and takes away one of a billion wires I’m constantly tripping over. One day, everything will hopefully be wirelessly charged and we can do away with these hazard lines forever. The thing I love about this particular model is the means to store pens and other knick knacks in a chic, wooden casing. Nice to look at and useful in more than one way.

Unscented Pillar Candles Make Gorgeous Decor Pieces

Handmade in Europe and featuring a smokeless wick, these candles have a lovely homemade look. They burn for a long time, as promised by the description, and are great for dinner parties or emergencies. If that weren’t enough, proceeds from every sale go to support orphans and foster families in Europe.

The Best Toiletry Bag for Overnights and Traveling

I’ve been loving this pack-it-flat travel bag for my on-the-go toiletries. The compact space fits way more than you’d expect, and then once everything is nice and organized within, the whole thing sits snugly in any sized carry-on. Of course, I got a lot more use out of it pre-pandemic; I’m excited to bust it out again.

Protection Against Oil Burns With This Splatter Screen

Getting sprayed with bits of hot oil is no walk in the park, and that’s why God made splatter screens. This one is great, if you’re looking to add some safeness to your homemade fried dinners. The screen keeps 99% of the splatter contained- good news for both your skin and your counter tops.

This Container Set is a Fun Way to Store Dry Veggies

Give your kitchen cute and vintage kinda vibes with these matching storage tins that are perfect for keeping your garlic, potatoes, and onions fresh as the day you came home from the market. I guess you could keep other stuff in there, if you were the chaotic neutral kind of person. The holes are there for the veggies (are they veggies?) to breathe, so nothing gets plagued by any excess moisture.

This Door Stopper is Versatile and Excellent in a Jam

Haha, get it? Okay, sorry; but these door jams are amazing. They’re really easy to use and feel sturdy. You can double it up if the gap underneath the door is too big for one piece. I’ve used it when I had roommates and couldn’t lock my bedroom door (just jam it from the inside!) Also, these come with an adhesive wall holder, which is awesome for storing them out of the way until you need one.

Prevent Cross-Contamination With These Sleek Cutting Boards

These cutting boards have been a significant upgrade from my last. I love the different sizes; it makes it easy and convenient. The small one is especially good for fruits and herbs, while the moats on all of them catch gravy, juices, and sauce for extra cleanliness. I usually use one side for raw and the other cooked, and the striped design makes it easy to tell which is which.

Improve the Health of Your Tresses With These Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases have had such an impact on my life. The amount I toss and turn in my sleep is appalling; you can certainly see that from my hair in the mornings. Switching to silk has significantly reduced the amount of breakage and frizz I experience, while keeping everything well-hydrated by absorbing less moisture than cotton does. I highly recommend making the switch and seeing for yourselves the benefits.

Get This Extreme Conditions Windshield Guard for Your Car

Everyone who’s experienced Canadian winters will know the dreaded walk towards your snow-covered car in the mornings. I remember the last time that happened, I thought of those shields you can put up on really sunny days, to stop your car from turning into an oven. I wondered if you could use it on the outside, and lo and behold, you can. Made of flame retardant material, this one is specifically designed for all-season usage.

This Smart Power Strip Protects Your Electronics With Its Life

Now that I work permanently from home, I’ve needed to protect my work in as many ways I can. I found out that they make smart surge protectors, and knew I needed to get my hands on one immediately. This 3-outlet one from Kasa is able to connect to both Alexa and Google Assistant. With my main PC plugged into it, I don’t have to worry about losing power- and with it, any unsaved work.

Humidifier and Aromatherapy Diffuser in One Cute Device

I’m a huge fan of this essential oils diffuser a 5-in-1 gadget that acts as a humidifier and light as well. It’s great for someone who might be stressing from school or work and could do with some aromatherapy. It lights up in 10 different colors, providing multisensory stress relief. There’s also an auto-shutoff when the tank gets empty, so you don’t have to worry about them accidentally setting something on fire.