37 Genius Inventions That Are SO HELPFUL in Grown Lady Life | 22 Words

If there's one thing harder than being an adult, it's being a lady adult. We've got so many things to manage, from retirement planning to household management to trying to look presentable at work. We're literally all real-life multitasking superheroes. Sheroes, if you will.

Since no Shero is an island, we need to help out our fellow grown ladies when we find a product that'll streamline crazy modern life so we have more time to recharge (i.e. Netflix). Whether you want to speed up your morning routine or snag insanely affordable luxe sheets read on for ways to slay grown lady life on the daily.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Refreshing Eye Masks Are Stellar Depuffers

Straight talk, friends: we could all do with some depuffing around the eye area. And what better way to do it than with these stellar refreshing Bliss eye masks that wake up your eyes while reducing dark circles and smoothing fine lines? These come in a set of five so you'll have beautiful peepers for weeks on end.

This Beauty Spatula Gets Every Last Drop

The most expensive beauty products seem to come in the tiniest bottles that also happen to be incredibly difficult to effectively empty. Say no more fam: enter this beauty spatula tool, which can fit into the smallest bottle openings to scoop out every bit of that hundred dollar serum. You can also use it as an applicator and blending tool for cosmetics!

This Password Book Is A Lifesaver

It's been said a woman's mind is like a web browser with 45,397 tabs open, and ain't that the truth. How are we supposed to remember all the passwords we need for every dang website when there's just no more room (once you account for 80s song lyrics, which take up most of my bandwidth tbh)?! That's what this handy internet password logbook is for. It has space for all your passwords plus a section to record software license info. Plus it looks pretty on your desk and gets ah-mazing reviews from other Forgetful  Joneses.

These Sandal Sock Liners Save Your Feet

I have a pretty strict no-heels policy because I value comfort over anything else (also: klutz), but even flats and sandals can wreak havoc on your tender feet. These sandal sock liners prevent blisters and chafing while the low-cut, toeless style stays hidden beneath your shoes. And reviewers love how they help with sweaty feet in flats - no more stinky swamp foot!

This Dual Chamber Water Bottle Is Genius

Whenever I do a hard workout at the gym, I always get starving on the ride home. Now I can pack stealth eats right into my water bottle with this 2-in-1 steel water bottle with secret snack chamber! And all the parts deconstruct so it's super easy to clean.

These Tassel Earrings Are The Perfect Finishing Touch

I love a good statement earring to dress up an everyday tee and jeans and these lightweight tassel pair are just the thing. They come in 31(!) color combos and are topped with a sparkly druzy stone. And they have almost 1,000 rave reviews from customers with supercute selfies.

This Beauty Blender Applicator Keeps Your Hands Clean

I love those little sponges for blending concealer or foundation, but I don't like getting my fingers dirty every time I use one. Try this beauty blender applicator instead for a more hygienic way to apply cosmetics. The long handle makes it easier to use, too!

This Seagrass Basket Is The Most Versatile Home Decor

If you want your space to look grown-up but don't want to put a whole lot of effort in, this seagrass basket is for you. This versatile piece pulls double duty as a storage container for throw blankets, toys or pet stuff, and you can also throw a simple plant in it for an instant room upgrade. Check out all the neutral patterns that'll go with any space!

This Laptop Backpack Will Recharge You

Everytime I travel or go pretend to work from a hip coffee shop, I forget to bring any charging cords then panic as I watch my laptop and phone battery drain down to nothing. What I need is this functional laptop backpack with a built-in USB charger to remind me to bring my power bank. It doesn't hurt that it's so stylish, either! Choose from two sizes and 42 colors to find your perfect combination.

These Pastel Highlighters Make Work Fun

Office supplies don't have to be boring, or blinding, like those standard neon yellow highlighters. Pick up this gorgeous set of six pastel highlighters instead and upgrade your aesthetics, whether you're reviewing a boring report or marking important passages in the new book club read. Plus your doodles will be 100% more pleasing, guaranteed.

These Acne Patches Have A Secret Weapon

This may be TMI territory, but I feel comfortable sharing with you ladies because I know you get it. So I love those acne patches that suck the pus out overnight and leave your skin smooth, but sometimes I need to help them along by piercing the zit with a clean sewing needle before applying. These microneedle acne patches take that gross step out, since they have built in teensy spikes that deliver acne-fighting ingredients beneath the skin's surface. People with deep cystic acne swear by these extra-strength patches when the regular ones often don't work for them.

This 3-In-1 Lip & Cheek Cream Glowifys You Instantly

I love beauty products that can multipurpose since it's less junk for me to store or carry when I travel. This highly blendable, coconut extract-infused lip and cheek cream has three formulas packed into one small compact: a sheer, medium and opaque version to use as a dewy blush and lip color. And it comes in three gorgeous shades - rose, coral and berry - that look great on a huge range of skin tones.

This Face Mask Literally Sparkles

This is not your mother's mud mask! This pearl and diamond infused Disco Kitten face mask applies like a dream then easily peels off to reveal deeply hydrated, smooth skin that glows from the inside. Shine on, you crazy little diamond.

This Vitamin C Serum Clears Your Skin

I think I've found the holy grail skin product for basically anyone. This skin clearing serum is packed with skin-loving ingredients like retinol, UV-protecting Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide for moisture and salicylic acid for nixing breakouts. It'll absolve you of numerous sins, from sun damage to late boozy nights, leaving you glowing and hydrated. Over 3,000 five-star Amazon reviews can't be wrong!

This Reading Pillow Is Amazingly Comfortable

Remember those "husband pillows" everyone's mom seemed to have back in the day for reading in bed? This reading pillow with headrest is like that, on steroids. The super-sized, super supportive foam pillow gently cushions you while you relax, so it's great for reading or watching TV anywhere. Preferably in bed with your latest Netflix binge on the laptop.

This Curling Iron Brush Speeds Up Your Morning

If I have to choose between doing my hair in the morning or hitting snooze just one more time, I know which option's gonna win. Except with this curling iron brush, I don't have to choose since it gives me back precious minutes to lay in bed and curse mornings! The smoothing ceramic tourmaline barrel quickly heats up to the right temperature and reduces heat damage while you curl or straighten your hair. This handy little brush has over a thousand rave reviews for helping ladies streamline their beauty routine!

This Fun Umbrella Brightens Up A Rainy Day

This umbrella is high on my list for its style and functionality but more so for representing song lyrics from the best decade in music. You won't be able to get "It's Raining Men" out of your head while you're brightening up a gray day with this funbrella, and that's not a bad thing. It'd even be an amazing last-minute halloween costume. Hallelujah.

This Meditation Tool Presents Your Moment Of Zen

In the crazy busy days that define modern living, we all need to take a moment to just breathe sometimes. This "thinking egg" meditation accessory helps you do just that - it's a great calming and anxiety-reducing tool, too. The pleasingly tactile brass, wood or stone sculpture helps you focus and center while promoting mindfulness. If that's too woo-woo for you, it also makes a mighty fine fidget toy to reduce stress.

These Clip-In Bangs Solve That Endless Hair Conundrum

To get bangs or not get bangs, that is the question. Solve this eternal debate by snagging these clip-in bang extensions that let you change up your hairstyle in seconds without the dreaded 6-8 month waiting period while you try to grow out ill-advised bangs. They're available in 23 shades so it's easy to find a match and they've got over 1,600 excellent reviews to back 'em up.

This Makeup Mitt Works With Just Water

This adorable makeup mitty lets you reduce your product load since it'll take off all your cosmetics using just water! The microfiber washcloth is conveniently tear drop shaped and its pointed top lets you easily remove even stubborn eye makeup gently but effectively. And you can wash and re-use it, so it's great for upping your eco-consciousness.

This K-Beauty Face Cleanser Deep Cleans Gently

My thoughtful brother-in-law gifted me this amazing K-beauty brand The Face Shop Rice Water Cleanser a few years ago for Christmas and I've been hooked ever since. It has such a soothing, creamy texture but leaves my skin the cleanest and glowiest it's ever been! It takes off all makeup and the day's grime gently but really deep cleans so your skin's the perfect canvas for your night creams, serums and whatever else you slap on depending how far down the K-beauty rabbit hole you've fallen.

This Cute Hand Cream Is Just Peachy

Ah, hand cream. I always seem to need it but never remember to apply. It'd be a lot easier to have non-scaly hands if I had this cute Tony Moly hand lotion displayed on my desk. It's the perfect creamy consistency and smells lightly of fresh peaches so you can keep a little slice of summer at your fingertips even when it's negative whatever outside.

These Reusable Produce Bags Are Grown AF

I always feel like such a grown up when I bring my reusable bags to the grocery store. And these produce bags are easy enough to pop into the shopping bags I keep in my car for trips the supermarket. They weigh basically nothing since they're just mesh and pack down super small, you won't even notice you're carrying them! Even stores that have switched from plastic to paper seem to still have those little plastic bags in the produce section, so help 'em along and BYO.

This Microfiber Drying Mat Isn't An Eyesore

The kitchen's the room my family basically lives in so I like things to look nice in there and not clutter the counters too much. Pop quiz: what looks terrible and also takes up lots of space? A dish rack! So replace it with this low-profile microfiber drying mat that absorbs 4x its weight in water then folds away for easy storage when the dishes are done!

This Grown-Up Lunchbag Will Make Your Coworkers Jealous

Even grownups need lunch bags, but the trick is finding a functional one that's not a total snoozefest or overly juvenile. Good news - I tracked down this super stylish insulated option that'll fit your lunch, snacks and a few cans of fizzy water to keep you going all day! It's fashionably oversized and has large front pockets, so it can double as your work bag or picnic tote, too.

These Heavenly 1500 Thread Count Sheets Are SO CHEAP!

Every grown lady needs a nice set of sheets to get her beauty rest. I'd expect to pay at least $100 for a set with a threadcount as high as these microfiber beauties, but what if I told you they cost less than lunch at Panera? You can get these ultrasoft, low-maintenance sheets for a song, and they come in 45 colors and patterns to match any decor. They're such a great find that'd make amazing gifts for all your favorite homebodies, too.

This Glass Water Bottle Has No Aftertaste

I've been a big proponent of stainless steel reusable water bottles but lately I've noticed a unpleasant metallic smell and aftertaste that's pretty unappetizing. This glass water bottle promises an odor-free, stain-free experience, plus it's incredibly easy to clean. The one-touch flip open top's easy (and fun!) to use while you're sweating in spin class or speed walking to your next meeting.

These Insulated Grocery Bags Keep Food Fresh

These insulated grocery bags have saved my food from getting overheated on a long drive home, especially during the broiling dog days of summer. They're spacious enough to hold your perishables from a weekly supermarket trip, or to use as a picnic tote for when you'll be outside all day at a themepark or field trip.

This Cosmetic Organizer Is A Bathroom Must-Have

My beauty products are spilling out of cabinets and crowding drawers in the bathroom, driving my hubs crazy. I need this cosmetic organizer to hold all my bits and bobs in one compact space-saving design. Plus it rotates for easy access and it's transparent so I can see everything I've got at a glance, no more digging through the medicine cabinet causing a K-beauty avalanche.

This Silk Pillowcase Smooths Your Face And Hair

It's kind of funny how kids look adorably disheveled when they first wake up but adults kinda just look like leftovers on the verge. One thing that's really helped as I've gotten older is to sleep on a silk pillowcase so I don't wake up with so many sleep wrinkles that are taking longer and longer to disappear! Plus it stops hair from frizzing and tangling if you toss and turn a lot too. It comes in a ton of colors and patterns - I love this bright, painterly floral but the sleek black is so swanky.

These Ceramic Travel Mugs Are Extra Grippy

If you bumble around in a daze before you've caffeinated and risk burning the crap out of yourself when you spill your hot beverage, you'll appreciate this ceramic travel mug with a lid and grippy silicone exterior. It comes in seven very stylish colors from coral to denim and the whole thing's dishwasher safe so you don't have to remove the silicone sleeve before washing.

This Inspirational Jewelry Is A Great Mood Booster

Sometimes we need a little boost to stay motivated to meet our #goals, and to recognize that it's worth persevering even when everything seems like it's gone to sh!t. Well, this inspirational bracelet provides just the kick in the butt (or non-gentle encouragement) you need to keep f-ing going because the only way is through it. This would be an amazing gift for the strong sheroes in your life - include yourself in that group, sista.

This Large Bust Sports Bra Is Actually Affordable

Those of us blessed with chest have already learned a hard truth - full-bust sports bras are hard to find and harder to afford. Until now! This high-impact supportive model fits up to 50C and costs around $25, which is virtually unheard of. It has hundreds of rave reviews for performance and quality from real-live customers, so you know it's gonna be good.

These Body Wipes Are A Portable Shower

These huge, incredibly durable body wipes are the best substitute for a shower whether you're camping, at a festival or your lunchtime workout went long. They're 2x thicker than a baby wipe and cover a large area thanks to the oversized design, so one wipe will clean your whole body. Plus, they smell like herbal heaven with peppermint and antibacterial tea tree essential oils to wipe away odor and bacteria.

This Silicone Mask Applicator Is A Beauty Multitasker

Those pampering face masks feel even better when you use one of these silicone mask applicators to get an even coating so the mask doesn't dry in some spots while staying gloppy on your cheeks. It also comes in handy for applying moisturizer, serums or self-tanning lotion so you don't have to stick your germy fingers into the product!

This Tech Charging Stand Looks As Good As It Works

It seems like, without fail, I knock my phone off the nightstand and make my husband jolt awake in a panic every night. So I found this tech charging stand on Amazon and immediately clicked "add to cart". It has a place to charge your smartwatch, smartphone and airpods all in one station so you'll always know where they are when they're not on your person, and it has cord holders to keep your devices tethered. It's hard to say who'll like this purchase more, me or my husband.