37 Gift Ideas They've Never Seen Before Under $30 | 22 Words

Gift-giving can be a pretty stressful experience especially if your recipient is hard to buy for, but since you're reading this article, you're headed in the right direction already. We've got tons of ideas for everyone on your list when you pick from these 37 gift ideas they've never seen before! And everything's under $30 so you don't have to blow your whole paycheck on one present.

From teen gift ideas to the coolest hostess gifts, holiday gifting is gonna be a snap this year, 120% guaranteed!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This K-Cup Holder Takes Up No Room

K-cup holders are definitely amazing for organization, but they tend to be bulky and take up counter space. But this genius K-cup rack folds up right under a cabinet so it virtually disappears when not in use! It holds a generous 24 coffee pods so it'll keep you stocked for a while.

This Bean Bag Chair Has An Organization Secret

This cushy kids' chair is pretty cute, right? What's even cuter is that you fill it with the million stuffed animals kids own and it helps keep your house cleaner while being a cool place to chill. It comes in a bunch of different kid-friendly patterns that'll look great wherever they plop down!

This Self-Massage Stick Is Better Than The Spa

Ok, maybe more like a bare-bones spa experience since it's DIY, but this self-massaging stick soothes aches and pains lightning fast, and you don't have to book an appointment! It's great for relieving arthritis or joint pain as well as sports-related injuries and everyday tension.

This Bluetooth Speaker Is Adorable

This bunny-shaped Bluetooth speaker with squishy ears is just the cutest piece of tech ever, for kids or adults. It comes in a ton of colors, instantly connects to Bluetooth within a range of 32 feet, and has a call function, so you're never out of touch. It's small enough for travel, which reviewers love for listening to audiobooks, or music to help you fall asleep in an unfamiliar place.

These Wireless Ear Buds Are Waterproof

A much more affordable alternative to Airpods, these wireless earbuds are also waterproof, so you can use them for swimming or working up a serious sweat. They have over 2,800 rave reviews for sound quality, durability and comfort so they're pretty much a no-brainer gift that'll be a fast favorite!

These Heat-Resistant Gloves Are Oven Mitts On Steroids

If they're always burning themselves getting hot foods out of the oven or while grilling, try these heat-resistant gloves that protect up to 932 degrees F! Available in a smaller size for women as well as one size fits most and a longer cuff version for even more protection, these get stellar reviews from over 90% of customers.

This Smart Notebook Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

They can reuse this smart notebook infinity times, just by wiping clean! Their important notes (and doodles) are sent to any popular cloud services where Rocketbook's sophisticated AI tech allows them to use smart search and email transcription to quickly organize information. Next-level genius!

This Makeup Brush Cleaner Automates A Boring Chore

Nobody likes washing makeup brushes. It's yet another chore to add to a weekly list. Until now. This automatic makeup brush washer spins brushes super fast to wash and then dry them quickly, no drudgery required! It might even make the task fun?

This Travel Mug Is Totally Unique

This horn-shaped GOAT travel mug looks fit for the modern Viking! It easily attaches to a backpack, work bag or trave bag, and is easy to stand up on a flat surface using the included leather sleeve - pretty crafty. It's definitely a unique coffee mug they haven't seen before!

These Tiny Cinder Blocks Let You Create An Architectural Masterpiece

These mini cinder blocks are an amazing desktop stress-reliever toy, perfect for building towers, walls and more. They're great for grown-ups and make a super cool addition to kids' construction play sets, too!

This Travel Bedding Is Perfect For Frequent Fliers

Road warriors will love this travel bedding for a familiar, hygienic bit of home wherever they lay their heads. It works like a sleeping bag with a built-in pillow cover so they're not coming into contact with questionable hotel/hostel bedding, and folds down flat for easy packing.

This Cocktail Book Is Witty Fun

This Gone With The Gin cocktail recipe book is pure fun that'll spark lots of new drink ideas for the home bar. It includes info on tools, techniques, and decorations along with intriguing recipes like "The Muppets Make Manhattans" and "The Rocky Horror Pisco Show." Perfect for the cocktail enthusiast and home mixologist in us all.

This Buddha Ice Mold Is Pure Bliss

Enjoy your evening moment of zen (i.e. bourbon) with this buddha ice mold that makes the coolest ice cubes around. The Enlightened One sits perfectly upright in your drink as you contemplate your path to nirvana.  The detailed mold lets you make 4 large buddhas at a time, and you can use it for other things like soap, candle or bath bomb making, too.

This Wireless Bluetooth Mic Brings The Party Anywhere

Aspiring contestant on The Voice or karaoke lovers will freak out over this fun wireless bluetooth microphone that lets them bring the party anywhere. It comes in a bunch of fun colors has a bunch of options for customizing the sound, like echo, music volume and soundtrack playback controls. Oh, and it has nearly 3,000 amazing reviews!

These Pinchy Pot Holders Are Hilarious

Perfect for seafood lovers or lobster enthusiasts, these pot pinchers shaped like crustacean claws add a dose of welcome humor to mundane kitchen accessories. Pair them with a lobster pot and claw crackers for a sea-riffic gift!

This Window Bird Feeder Is Fascinating

My kids love watching the birds at our bird feeder, but it's pretty far away from the house. This window bird feeder attaches right onto glass, so you'll get an extra close-up view of birds in action. This would make a great gift for people of all ages since birds are just so fascinating to watch. And it might be too close to people for greedy squirrels' comfort, another bonus!

This Yeti Colster Keeps Your Drink Frosty

If icy cold is the only way to drink beer, sparkling water or soda, this Yeti Colster should be tops on your list for ultimate refreshment. It has a unique "Lock and Load" gasket that secures your can or bottle, while the double-walled insulation keeps things frosty. And the no-sweat design means your hands won't get damp or cold.

This Crystal Growing Lab Is Sciency Fun

My 3rd grader is chomping at the bit for this crystal growing kit from Nat Geo. STEM's never looked so colorful - chemistry to be exact - as they have fun growing crystals to display on the included light-up stand. The kit also comes with five gemstone samples and a STEM learning guide on crystal formation.

This Scratch-Off Map Is A Fun Family Gift

Give them a fun way to track their travels with this large scratch-off map! The gold coating scratches off to reveal detailed states, national parks and other landmarks so they can track exactly where they've been and where they're going next.

This Tech Stand Contains And Charges

If you're buying for a technophile, check out this tech stand that keeps everything organized and charged! It holds a smartphone, air pods and a smartwatch so everything's in one place. It's helped me so much in remembering to juice up tech batteries every night so I'm not running on empty in the morning, and it's easy to use my watch or phone as an alarm clock since it's displayed on my nightstand at eye level.

This Golf Bag Cooler Provides Icy Refreshment On The Links

Avid golfers will love this golf caddy cooler that holds six cans and includes a gel koozie so they can enjoy a cold bevvie on the course. It slips right into their golf bag's large accessory or shoe pocket and features a large side pocket for easy access!

This Tea Holder Organizes The Heck Out Of Their Kitchen

It might seem like a small thing, but this tea organizer is nothing short of life changing for some reviewers. Selected review: "I absolutely, 100% love this product. It's sturdy, well-designed, and makes me stupidly happy to have a tea station at my desk. This is a tea nerd's best friend."

These Gold Whiskey Stones Are So Fancy

They've probably seen silver whiskey stones but gold? Now that's something else! This set of eight reusable stainless steel cubes keep drinks cold without diluting them, and look incredibly fancy while doing so. A must for the mixologist who has everything!

These Wine Charms Are Beachy-Keen

These wine charms are so cool - they're magnetic, so they stick to the side of your wineglass so they're totally out of the way but still effective. Super cute for group gifts like book club or just your lady squad.

These Finger Light Gloves Are Magical

Truly the gift for the person that has everything, these light up gloves are out of this world. They sport three colors and six modes, like trailing light, strobe and color morphing for the most fun lightshow ever. Dance paaaarty!

This Phone Camera Lens Set Creates Amazing Pics

Use this phone camera lens set to capture amazing shots at the click of a button. These professional lens attachments clip right onto your phone easily and let you take super wide angle, fisheye and macro pics. It even comes with a user guide so anyone can figure out how to take cool pics in a snap!

This Indoor S'mores Maker Is Fun For Everyone

Outdoorsy families are likely missing the sweet taste of s'mores when there are three feet of snow on the ground, but now they can have the yummy treat year-round with this indoor s'mores maker! It has two s'mores making stations that hold all the ingredients and comes with a can of Sterno for marshmallow roasting. Give them a cozy, fun family activity that lasts all year!

This Bluetooth Speaker Last For 16 Hours

If they like to host parties, they're going to love this cool bluetooth speaker that plays tunes for a full 16 hours on one charge! It features amazing sound quality thanks to the superior bass amplifiers, has a built-in mic for taking phone calls and supports up to 32 GB Micro-SD card. Probably the perfect gift for hard-to-buy-for teens and tweens!

This Bonsai Starter Kit Is Perfect For Green Thumbs

How cool is this bonsai starter kit? Kids and grown-ups alike will get so much joy from watching these mini trees grow. The kit grows four trees from organic seed, Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Black Poui, Norway Spruce and Flame Tree, and it comes with a comprehensive how-to guide for plant newbies.

This Family Strategy Game Provides Hours Of Fun

This Kingdomino game will create hours of family fun on game nights. The dominos-game with-a-twist won 2017 Game of The Year and gets a stellar five-stars from over 500 happy reviewers! It's perfect for ages 8 and up and each game takes about 15 minutes, so no Monopoly-length slogs necessary.

This Captain America Waffle Maker Is Delicious Fun

What better way to start the day than with this Captain America waffle maker that turns out super cool breakfasts effortlessly? For truth, justice, and delicious waffles, use this nonstick waffle iron to create six-inch masterpieces they'll scarf down. Easy enough for older kids to use, too!

This Hydro Flask Wine Tumbler Is Literally So Cool

We all know the joy of hot coffee and cold water from a Hydro Flask drinking vessel but what if I told you there's a new Hydro Flask wine tumbler on the market? Oh yes, friends - this gorgeous cup is sized just right for a glass of wine to sip and it'll chill your rosé all day like a boss.

This Essential Oil Storage Box Can Hold An Entire Collection

If you know any essential oil enthusiasts, you know they carry around just a small sampling of the huge collection they've got at home - what you see is just the tip of the iceberg. Give them this essential oil storage box that holds 64 bottles and 10 roller bottles of oily goodness to keep their stash in order!

These Fun Socks Are Perfect For Sushi Lovers

If you know anyone who's reallllly into sushi, have I got the present for you! These sushi socks come rolled into familiar fishy shapes and have the coolest modern abstract patterns when you unfurl them! There's salmon and tuna nigiri prints and a cucumber maki version that's sure to delight the recipient. Pair it with a gift certificate to their fave sushi place or a bottle of saké!

These Freezable Margarita Glasses Are A Party Must-Have

These insulated 12oz stemless Margarita glasses are a hostess essential since they keep icy drinks cold for ages thanks to the freezable cooling gel lining. Pop these in the freezer for a few hours, then they'll keep your bevvie between forty-three and fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit. And there's a silicone strip to keep your hand from freezing off!

This Triple Layer Cooling Rack Is A Baker's Dream

Important memo: your favorite baker wants this three-tier cooling rack (even if they don't yet know it exists). It can cool a batch of cookies and a pie all at the same time so the eating of dessert can commence. This is gonna come in clutch during holiday baking, trust.

This Bob Ross Mug Has A Hot Surprise

If you don't like Bob Ross, I'm not convinced you're even human, first of all. For the rest of us with a heart, there's this temperature-sensitive Bob Ross mug that starts out black and cold and morphs into a mountain scene where happy lil' trees abound.