37 Home Gadgets & Organization Products That Will Make You Breathe Easy

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Organizing your living space can greatly improve your quality of life. You’ll breathe easier. Be happier. If only there was 37 home gadgets and organization products from Amazon that could assist you on this mission! Wait, actually there is! And we’ve compiled them all in one easy-to-scroll list. Browse this selection of the best Amazon gadgets and tools that can help you organize your home, free-up space, and upgrade your existing household products. There’s no point in struggling to get dated products up to speed when their new and improved cousins are available to purchase on Amazon. From filing cabinets for your cooking spices to a countertop bread box that will keep your favorite loaves from going stale, this list has something for everyone looking to elevate their household with the best organizational products on the market. Start scrolling and before you know it, you’ll be breathing easier!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Copper Sponge Holder Is an Elegant Solution to a Drippy Problem

I’ve tried quite a few storage solutions for my kitchen sponges and brushes over the years, but most of them end up in the recycling bin while my sponge goes back to the edge of the sink. That’s why I’m excited about this new copper sponge holder. It’s simple, elegant, and looks fabulous. More importantly, it’s provided a safe spot for my sponge to dry between washings.

This Novelty Spoon Rest is A Witch

O.K., first of all, how adorable is this little witch? Named Agatha, this little contraption is a spoon holder and steam releaser that will perch right on your hot pot. It is made of 100 percent food-safe silicone, too. You don’t have to wait for Halloween to use this gal, though. She is the perfect kitchen companion for year-round “oohs” and “awws.” One reviewer said Agatha fit perfectly on her cauldron, er, pot.

This Air Fryer Cooking Times Magnet is a Helpful Cheat Sheet

This magnetic air fryer cooking times cheat sheet is about to become the handiest tool in your kitchen arsenal. “This chart is easy to read and lists most commonly cooked items. Magnet sticks well to my refrigerator so it can be easily accessible when using my air fryer. I have a 1500 watt fryer and the temps listed are spot on with the quick temps on my fryer.” – N. Nick

Enjoy Outdoor Picnics With This Picnic Blanket

There’s something very romantic about picnics, whether they’re in your backyard, the park, or by the beach. This waterproof, sand proof portable picnic blanket allows you to enjoy a lunch under the sun anywhere you so please. Bring it on camping trips, throw it in your car for a day to the mountains, or use it to enjoy a meal outside.

Reach All Your Plants With This Watering Wand

The Watering Wand is designed for maximum ease of use, which is important to me because I’m lazy. It’s simple to attach and detach, and has a thumb control that doesn’t require much pressure to operate. It’s earned thousands of high ratings with a solid 4.4 out of 5 average score.

This SpiceStack is Like a Filing Cabinet for Spice Jars

This might be the smartest storage solution I’ve ever seen for spice jars! The SpiceStack stores spice jars in a fraction of the usual space, with drop-down drawers that let you access the spices easily. It holds 24 bottles and includes 100 removable drawer labels (half printed with common spices and half blank).

These Dinosaur Tea Infusers Will Be the Cutest Thing For Your Teacup

You get two long-necked dinosaur tea infusers in this set, which comes in a box for easy gifting. Just fill the dinosaur body with tea leaves and then settle the critter in your cup to infuse your water. Each dinosaur is made of food-grade non-toxic silicone.

Get This Kitchenaid Pasta Maker Attachment For Homemade Pasta

Fellow Kitchenaid lovers rejoice: buying add ons for your stand mixer can be a pricey proposition, but those add ons are what take your mixer to the next level. That’s why I’m so excited about this pasta maker attachment! Get ready to channel your inner Italian with some homemade pasta.

The Bacon Bonanza for Crispy, Oven-Baked Bacon

The Bacon Bonanza is a more organized and better way to cook bacon! The set includes a copper-colored pan and specially designed rack that holds up to 18 slices of bacon at an angle. This way, the bacon cooks faster while the grease drains away. The result is crisper, lower-fat bacon. One satisfied customer calls it, “the most delicious bacon I have ever had.”

This Bread Box Keeps Two Loaves Fresh

This bread box is not only a safe spot to store bread but also looks really cute sitting out on a kitchen counter or perched on a pantry shelf. Made of metal, the bread box holds two full loaves of bread (no plastic needed), so the bread stays fresh and doesn’t get squished. No more stale bread!

Display Your Beauty Product Faves in This Makeup Organizer

If you’re clicking “Add to Cart” as often as I am, you’re gonna need somewhere to put your new beauty finds. This simple yet stylish makeup organizer is made of acrylic and is perfect for stashing in a drawer or cabinet, yet attractive enough to live on a bathroom surface.

This Expandable Silverware Tray for a Custom Fit

I used the same sad, faded blue plastic silverware tray forever before finally upgrading to this expandable silverware tray. What a difference! The bamboo is so sleek, and it starts off 13 inches wide but can be expanded up to 19.6 inches. This is especially handy when you have a lot of drawers of different sizes.

This Dish Soap Dispenser Classes Up the Kitchen Sink

Ditch the plastic bottle and add a touch of elegance to that humblest of spots: the kitchen sink! I’ve been using a dish soap dispenser like this one for years, and I will never go back to a sticky, unsightly plastic bottle again. This one is made of sturdy glass with a rust-proof, leak-proof pump. It comes with a nonstick silicone pad that keeps the bottle from slipping or tipping, as well as the tag you see in the photo (it comes blank, though, so you can write whatever you like on it!).

This Pantry Storage Set Streamlines Your Staples for a Neater Kitchen

One of the best things I’ve done in my kitchen lately is to transfer all my baking supplies to a pantry storage set. Every time I open that cabinet, I appreciate how inviting it looks and how easy it is to find exactly what I’m looking for. This set of 24 canisters (six each of four sizes) is an excellent value and gives a lot of versatility for storage. Includes chalkboard labels and a white chalk marker for easy customization!

This Indestructible Garden Trowel Will Last a Lifetime

This Indestructible Garden Trowel is made to last, so you don’t have to keep buying gardening tools every few years. It’s made of unbreakable stainless steel with a heavy-duty plastic handle, and if for some reason it doesn’t last forever it comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’re still covered!

Set the Ambience With These Candles

Want to set the mood without having to remember to blow out candles or place them in spots that won’t cause a fire? These electronic flickering mini candles are perfect for creating the perfect romantic atmosphere or warm, comfortable vibe without all the fuss. An Amazon #1 Bestseller, scatter them throughout your house, pop them in a candle holder or a cute vase – you won’t be disappointed.

These Reusable Snack Bags Keep It Fresh for Longer

Whether you’re packing lunch or storing leftovers, these food bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic baggies. Each one is made from food-grade PEVA material, while the leakproof seals won’t let anything spill inside your fridge. Plus, they’re even safe to put in the freezer.

This Shoe Storage Organizer is a Step Above the Rest

Shoe lover? Sneakerhead? You haven’t crossed into the obsessive category until you’ve purchased individual shoe storage boxes like this set of 12. Put them on display, hide them away in your closet or stuff them under your bed — the choice is yours. These boxes are sturdy and durable and can be organized in a number of configurations or folded flat when not in use.

This Knife Rack Transformed My Kitchen

This knife rack can free up so much kitchen counter space. Simply attach it to the wall, then just stick your knives up there – it keeps them cleaner and in sight, so you’ll always be able to clearly see which one you want to pull from your arsenal. You can also stick a pair of handy kitchen scissors up there!

Protect Your Drinks From Bugs and Debris With These Drink Covers

Unfortunately, bugs and dirt can make outdoor drinking difficult. But not with these drink tops. They keep undesirable elements out of your glasses, so you can enjoy your outdoor time and your wine without worrying about bugs swimming around in your glass!

These Key Magnets Mean Never Hunting For Your Keys Again

Nothing’s more stressful than frantically hunting for your keys when you’re already late getting out the door. These clever key magnets screw right in to your existing light switch so they don’t take up any extra wall space and are basically invisible when not in use. The super strong neodymium magnets hold up to 3 pounds, so you can hang your overcrowded key chain with no problem. They come in a set of six – install them near every door and always know where your keys will be waiting for you!

This Pet Hair Vacuum Really Sucks

Got a pet hair problem? This pet hair vacuum will take care of it in seconds. “I have a long-haired terrier, and her hair is on everything. I was looking for a vacuum for our furniture. This product works wonders on our recliner and our microfiber couch.” – Chad Kretschmer

This Over the Door Organizer is Super Useful

Cutting boards are like the hardest thing to store efficiently. This is why I was so excited to find this over the cabinet door organizer that’s big enough to hold cutting boards, muffin tins, and whatever you want out of the way. You can also use it in your bathroom to store hairdryers, straightening irons, curling irons, and more!

This Ceramic Owl Holds Utensils (And Looks Good Doing It)

You know, you don’t have to use that scratched metal container that’s been sitting on your counter forever. Upgrade to something nicer! A lot nicer. Like this ceramic owl utensil holder, which brings just the right degree of whimsy and color to your kitchen counter. It measures 7 inches high and 5 inches wide, so it’s a good size for key items like spatulas, whisks, and your trusty wooden spoon.

This Wine Bottle Chiller Ensures the Perfect Temp

Your rosé can be the perfect temp all day with this easy-to-use wine bottle chiller. Just fill with water, freeze, then pop out the round ice cubes to fill up the holder and pop your bottle in. It’ll stay chilled for hours, and the chiller is easy to tote to picnics, the beach, BBQs, outdoor concerts, and more.

The Perfect Skinny Storage

Tell me I’m not alone: Small space, but you need more storage. Unfortunately, nothing quite fits … until now. This 10-tier narrow organizer fits perfectly against your wall for easy shoe storage, and can even be reduced in size by simply leaving off a tier or two.

This Seeding Square is Perfect for Spacing Vegetables

I appreciate any gadget that helps out in the garden! This Seeding Square takes the guesswork out of spacing by providing a template for planting seeds in a square foot of soil. It’s earning extremely high ratings from Amazon customers. Check out the user reviews for lots of handy tips!

These Gardening Gloves Are Made of Breathable Bamboo

I just threw out last year’s canvas gloves in favor of this new pair of Bamboo Gloves. I love them! They’re thin enough that I can feel what I’m doing (and operate the touchscreen of my phone), but they’re sturdy enough to protect my skin from dirt and scratches.

A Quicker Way To Avocado Toast

Nothing sounds quite as good as avocado toast in the morning unless, of course, it’s avocado toast that someone else prepares for you. If you don’t have that luxury, you definitely need this three-in-one avocado slicer from OXO. You can easily split, pit, and slice avocados with one gadget while your bread toasts. Hey, don’t forget the everything bagel seasoning! You’re welcome.

These Glass Food Storage Containers Come Highly Rated

I loathe meal planning, but I’m sure it would be less of an odious task if I had glass food storage containers as nice as these. I’d be much less tempted to order take-out if I had healthy, ready to go food already in the fridge. My husband can even use these for work lunches, so he’s less tempted to order out also!

This Olive Oil Sprayer Levels Up Your Kitchen Game

Want to kick your cooking to the next level? Try this olive oil sprayer which gives you just the right amount of oil when you spritz it on food. I love roasting veggies, but they often turn out way too oily. This is a much better tool to getting exactly the even application they need.

These Mixing Bowls With Lids are So Convenient

These mixing bowls with lids have all your kitchen and baking needs covered, hands down. “The best stainless steel bowls ever! Just flawless! The air-tight covers don’t even let liquids come out of it! After receiving my first bowl set, I bought three more sets to give as gifts! The colors are just beautiful! I highly recommend.” – April

This Mueller Fruit Basket Offers Modern Design at a Low Price

Big on design, small on price! Click through to see for yourself–I promise you won’t find a better-looking display bowl at this price point. Designed by Mueller, a popular Austrian company known for kitchen basics with modern aesthetics, this fruit basket is made of sturdy yet lightweight plastic in an open-weave design that allows airflow. It’s earning great reviews for both functionality and design; one satisfied customer writes, “The bowl came in a great size, and the white color on it is on the matte side – perfect as a centerpiece on our table. You can’t beat the price either! Really happy with this purchase.”

This Gadget Slices The Time It Takes To Slice Tomatoes In Half By Half

Slicing tomatoes, grapes, olives (and any other round, fiddly thing) gives me more grief than it should. It always feels slow and time-consuming, and I was honestly so over the effort it took to get a handful of grape tomatoes. This slicing gadget to batch chop is durable, easy, and can adjust in size to whatever you’re cutting. Plus, it can be used on bagels, chicken, and shrimp!

These Baking Mats Won’t Let Your Pastries Stick

Oven-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, these baking mats eliminate any need for sprays or parchment paper. They’re naturally non-stick, which means your baked goods easily slide off when they’re done cooking. And since they’re made from flexible silicone, you can even use them to roll out pastries.

No More Lukewarm Tea With This Cup Warmer

Have you ever gotten distracted after brewing your morning cup of coffee or tea? This cup warmer will make sure your beverage is nice and toasty, no matter when you finally get around to drinking it. The chic marble design adds a stylish touch to your kitchen counter, too!

Be Your Own Barista With This Frother

Who needs Starbucks when you can create your own coffeehouse drinks for a fraction of the price at home? This milk frother will help you get the right amount of foam for your cappuccinos, lattes, and more. One reviewer called it a “frothing miracle”: “Making my coffee is one thing, but to have frother make the foam I love while at home is amazing. … My coffee is better because of this one device.”