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I absolutely adore giving gifts. I get so much joy from shopping at my favorite online stores for deals on gifts that I think my loved ones will treasure forever. But, there’s always someone who just seems to have everything, and I struggle to think of a great gift. Finding your picky loved ones the perfect present can be tough, but the Amazon gift section comes through for me in a major way, especially when it comes to home goods.

From the most gorgeous mint blue air fryer to a dinner choosing die that’ll give you dinner inspo in one toss, check out my picks for Amazon gifts for the home that’ll be sure to please.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Salt and Spice Shakers That Are Everything Nice

For the friend who loves a little extra flavor in their dishes, try these adorable salt and spice shakers. Fill the adorable camel, rabbit, deer, and polar bear up with your favorite spices. I chose salt and pepper for the dining room table, and set my cooking must-haves near the kitchen range! Plus, I just love how much they look like little snow globes.

Hop On The Aromatherapy Train With A Chic Diffuser

Aromatherapy really helps me relax, and I'm so excited to gift this chic wood-grain diffuser to one of my friends who needs a little help relaxing. Just fill it up with tap water, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and fill your room with some relaxing scents. I love that the steam is cool, so there's no risk for burns, and the ergonomic shape is a beautiful addition to my living room.

A Bathtub Tray For Extra Bubble-Bath Bliss

This bathtub caddy is totally transformative. It's super-chic, super-sturdy, and fits all the goodies you need to have a great bath time (Wine glass! Books! Candles!) And, it's waterproof and slip-free, so your friend will never worry about their tray splashing down while they're relaxing. Plus, it comes with a little soap tray so you never have to suffer through a mushy bar of soap again.

Unleash Your Inner Painter With This Sweet Painting Kit

Do you have a friend who's looking for a new hobby but not sure where to start? Unleash your inner artist with this painting kit. It includes an easel, canvas panels, a bright assortment of acrylic colors, 12-tubes, 4 piece bristle brush set, and a painting palette. Your friend will be whipping up awesome art and feeling like Bob Ross in no time!

A Gorgeous Air Fryer To Make Delicious (And Healthier) Snacks

Who doesn't want an air fryer? I got this gorgeous air fryer as a gift, and I love how it helps me whip up healthy (ok, slightly healthier) snacks in no time at all. Fries? Check. Chicken wings? Check. It's just as tasty as deep-frying. I promise. Plus, I love the sweet aqua color. It adds a perfect pop of cute to every kitchen.

A Brownie Pan That Makes Every Slice A Corner Slice

My sister and I always fight over who gets the corner slice of the brownie and I'm so excited to get her this pan that makes sure that every slice is an edge slice. Yup, you get the chewy crunchy bit on every brownie. It's non-stick so the brownies just pop out, and it comes with a perfect little spatula to help spoon the mix in.

Display Your Wine Stylishly With This Cat Wine Holder

My best friend loves wine nights, and I'm so excited to buy her this adorable cat wine holder that looks like a cat is giving your favorite bottle of red a huge hug. She'll love the artisan look, and the environmental painting technology makes sure the paint won't peel or rust. Here's a hint from the comments: dress up the cat wine holder for some festive flair.

A Super Cute Bulldog Speaker

These bulldog speakers are such a cute addition to any music lover's accessories tool kit. I mean, look! The music plays out of the sunglasses! It's just too cute. I love that the speaker connects easily with BlueTooth, so your loved one can blast their favorite tunes (or audiobooks) to make holiday parties JUST that much more fun.

Pick Up A New Hobby With A Ukulele

The ukulele is an easy instrument to pick up, and your musically inclined friends will love this cute, clear ukulele that can let them churn out tunes in no time. It's water-resistant so you can take it to the beach or play love tunes in the rain, and light-weight so you can jam out on-the-go. And, the reviews love its sound quality, too!

A Chic Flower Vase

This beautiful vase makes such a gorgeous addition to any home and lets you create lovely flower arrangements. It's simple and elegant--what's not to love? If you're not the biggest fan of the green and blue colors, check out the over nine shades that this gorgeous vase comes in to find the right fit for you. And, if you've got no more flowers to arrange, you can use it for pens or brushes.

An Tablet Stand That Lets You Stay Comfy In Bed

iPad accessories make the best gifts. I mean, who doesn't love to settle down for the night with a tablet and put on their favorite show? This spidery tablet stand lets you stay comfy in bed. With four adjustable, stretchy legs built to stand strong on uneven surfaces, it is the perfect nighttime companion. One reviewer attached a cutting board to the top and uses it as a laptop stand. Crafty!

A Wine Aerator, Stopper, Pourer, and Chiller All-in-One

Wine lovers will absolutely adore this four-in-one tool that chills your wine perfectly, aerates to improve taste, AND can act as a bottle stopper and pourer. This gadget uses freezing gel to cool down room-temp reds and maintain chilled whites. You'll get the perfect pour every time.

A Pixar Slow Cooker That'll Add Some Fun To Dinner

Slow cookers are essential to my kitchen. Ever since I discovered a slow cooker, I've been obsessed. You can use this awesome kitchen tool to make stews, casseroles, punch, and caramel fondue--just to name a few. This one takes the cake with a pattern of Pixar characters around the edge. Your Disney-obsessed friend will absolutely adore it. Try to find your favorite character!

A Custom, Engraved Recipe Holder

If you're looking for a gift for that one friend who seems to have just about everything, check out this custom engraved chopping board and recipe holder that can be customized with your friend's last name. I mean, what can be more special than reading your family recipes on this board? Made of genuine bamboo, your friend can pass this pressie down along with family recipes.

Dinner Is So Much Easier With These Foodie Dice

So many of my friends are super-busy after work and don't have enough time to research healthy meals every night. I'm so excited to gift them these fun foodie bice that will make dinner-time prep a snap. Here's how it works--roll every primary dice (protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herb, bonus ingredient), and four seasonal veggie dice to get some mealtime inspo.

This Easy and Fun Yard Game Everyone Can Love

My sister is always looking for fun ways to use her backyard, and I'm super excited to gift her this fun yard pong game. And, unlike the classic table beer pong, everyone in the family will love pitching in to play this fun outdoor activity. The buckets are made out of high-quality, durable plastic that won't go flying away in the wind. They're perfect for my sister's next BBQ, game-night, or kids' party.

Make Your Own Holiday Cocktails With This Gin Kit

I absolutely LOVE gin and have been dropping subtle hints that I want this fun gin-making kit for a while now. This handy kit transforms any vodka into your very own, super special homemade gin--ideal for making craft cocktails. The reviews say it's super and produces gin that's tasty and ready for easy-sipping. Can someone get this for me, please?

Make Once In A Lifetime Gift With This DIY Hand Casting Kit

Have you seen those beautiful plaster molds of two people holding hands? I think they're so touching, and I'm looking forward to getting the newlyweds in my life this DIY hand casting kit. The reviews guarantee that it's super easy to make--just check the instruction video! And, I love just how detailed the cast is able to get. I mean, check out all those fine lines!

A Personalized Puzzle Of A Special Place

I always love getting my family and friends super personalized gifts, and this customizable puzzle of a special place is a perfect fit. Just give the seller a place that your friend loves, and get a 400-piece puzzle with a detailed map that shows roads, contour lines, transport infrastructure, water features, vegetation, and notable buildings. And, the home-shaped centerpiece to complete your puzzle is beyond adorable. Unfortunately, this item is temporarily unavailable but we found this Satellite Puzzle which we know you will also love.

An Adorable Honey Pot With A Silicone Dipper

This adorable honey pot with a silicone dipper is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Its gorgeous dijon color is so stunning, and the reviews love how durable it is. Hint: if your honey gets a bit hard, pop it in the oven for a few minutes to warm it back up. The silicone dipper will make it easy to drizzle your favorite food with delicious honey. And, considering how gorgeous this Le Creuset honey pot is, your loved one might want to drizzle honey on just about everything.

Get Cozy With This Set of Hot Chocolate Dippers

The cozy season is (almost) upon us, and I can't wait to give my boyfriend (the #1 chocolate lover in my life) this set of hot chocolate dippers. I've tried them before, and I love the rich flavor, and watching these magic treats dissolve in my milk. With four dark chocolate dippers, four milk chocolate dippers, and four white chocolate dippers, my boyfriend is able to try out each flavor to find his favorite. And, I'll get a sip, too.

A Gorgeous Stoneware Mug With A Little Pouch For Your Tea Bag

Ditch the saucer with this gorgeous stoneware mug that includes a little side pouch to store your tea bag once you're done steeping. I'm so excited to give this gorgeous and super useful mug to the tea lovers in my life for the holiday season. Plus, it's dishwasher safe and microwave safe! How can someone say no to this perfect, handmade mug?

No Kitchen Is Complete With This Set Of Measuring Cups and Mixing Bowls

Somehow I feel like I never have enough mixing bowls or measuring cups. So, I'm putting this 18-piece set of nesting doll kitchen bowls and measuring cups on my got-to-have list for the next gift-giving season. They stack together so neatly (I mean, look at how satisfying that image is?) and are a perfect space saver for apartment living.

An Octopus Teapot They've Probably Never Seen Before

OK, I pretty much guarantee that one friend who seems to have absolutely everything DOESN'T HAVE this amazing octopus teapot from the Amazon gift section. It's amazingly detailed, so beautiful, and definitely an unforgettable gift. Is your pal not a fan of octopi? No worries. Check out the other variations on this masterpiece of a teapot. My favorite is the alligator, but the whale comes in close second. Check them out to find yours.

A Picnic Basket To Make Some Great Outdoor Memories

One of my recent hobbies is stepping out with my friends for a park picnic. Your loved ones will love this gorgeous picnic basket that's got everything they'll need for an afternoon adventure in the park. It includes utensils, plates, wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers, a bottle opener, and napkins. And, there's enough space for your food, too.

The Comfiest Sweatshirt/ Blanket EVER

That one friend who's always chilly will *so* appreciate this beyond cozy sweatshirt/blanket combo. I know because I'm the friend that's always chilly. Made with comfy sherpa and microfibre, it's the best of both worlds. Like a blanket, you can curl your legs under to keep warm while watching TV. And, like a sweatshirt, you can get up still make yourself a snack without sacrificing the warmth. Amazing.

This Creepy/ Cute Candle For The Friend That Loves Everything Spooky

My sister is a huge fan of everything spooky ad scary, and one of my friends told me about these fun gifts that make a great alternative to scented candles. I think she'll be so excited to light this pyro-pet candle up and watch the cute kitty burn down to its metal skeleton. The geometric shape is so fun, and I love that there's no scent.

A Gadget To Whip Up Fruity Soft-Serve In Minutes

This fruity soft-serve gadget will let you whip up delicious fruity desserts to help you get in your servings of fresh fruit. Just insert frozen fruit into the machine, push down the plunger, and, in minutes, you can enjoy tasty desserts. Your loved one will adore it, and, at $46, it won't break the bank. It's so amazing, I might just have to get one for myself.

A Popcorn Maker and Bowl That Every Star Wars Lover Will Love

My nieces are the biggest Star Wars nuts I know (I mean, who can blame them?) and this popcorn maker will let them pop up their own popcorn and eat it in their very own death star machine. They'll be feeling like Rey in no time at all. And, I will officially be their favorite aunt. Plus, my sister will love that it uses the hot-air method--no oil needed--so it's a much healthier snack.

A Classic And Chic S'Well Water Bottle

S'well makes such stylish ad high-quality water bottles. They're designed to keep beverages cold for up to 36 hours or hot for up to 18 hours, and the copper-wall layer will make sure there's no condensation to chill your hands. The wood-grain is a fantastic, neutral choice, but check out the other patterns to find the right one.

Your Next Outdoor Event Is SO Much Easier With This Tailgating Table

For the friend that hosts the best backyard BBQs, cookouts, game nights, and get-togethers, try this tailgating table that makes all your food and drinks easily accessible. There's an insulated cooler, four cup holders, and a food basket to make it easy to snacking. And, it's foldable so it stores easily and is ready to travel with you to your next event or tailgating opportunity.

A Tea Tumbler And Infuser To Take Your Tea On The Go

My tea-loving mom will love this tumbler and infuser that make it easy to take her tea with her when she's on-the-go. No need to wait for her chamomile to steep--simply load the loose leaf tea into the infuser, fill it up with hot water, and she's ready to sip away. The infuser is double-walled, so it won't leak at all. The flat lid keeps it stable even when it's upside-down.

Stay Cozy All Winter Long With This Stylish Blanket

Who doesn't love a cozy blanket? That's right--NO ONE. Blankets are my go-to gift for friends whose interests are tough to pin down, and work great for white elephant gifts (given, of course, that there's a high price point). I was so excited to see this blanket in the Amazon gift section. I love the geometric design, and the reviews say it's nice and soft, too!

Never Lose Your Phone Again With This Tile Gadget

I'm always losing my phone. And, conveniently, setting it on Do Not Disturb so my boyfriend's calls are entirely unhelpful. I'm so excited to gift my friends these awesome Tile gadgets. Clip a Tile on anything likely to be lost (keys, phones, wallets), hold onto one yourself, and press the button on your Tile when you need to find your things! Your friends will thank you.

These Gardening Cans That Are Practically Art

These gardening cans are practically pieces of modern art. Seriously! Look at how beautiful that curve of the spout is? Look at how chic that green color is? If you've got a friend who loves gardening (or who's trying to grow a green thumb), this will bring a huge smile to their face when they bring it out to water their flowers. And, you can get one to match.

A Gravity-Defying Whiskey Glass

These gravity-defying whiskey glasses are so sculptural, so amazing, and totally deserve a place in your favorite whiskey drinker's cabinet. The shape makes sure you get the full aroma of your whiskey and scotch bevy, and the reviewers love the quality. And, as one reviewer does, you can fool your guest into thinking the glass is tipping over. So that's something.

Monogramed Tumblers and Whiskey Stones That Chill Without Diluting (And Just Look Really Cool)

Have you heard about how amazing whisky stones are? Unlike ice cubes that can dilute the flavor of your drink, whisky stones keep everything chilled without sacrificing the flavor you pay so much for. And, these pretty stones come with a set of two monogrammed tumblers. What more can you ask from a gift?