37 Amazon Home Products You Probably Wish You Purchased Sooner

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It’s spring again, and we all know what that means: cleaning, tidying, and keeping one or two warm sweaters out because it will snow again in May. That’s just the way it is up here in the great, white North. Not only that, but with quarantine in place for another six weeks, some of these gadgets (e.g., milk frother for homemade lattes) will really come in handy.

As the clouds break, though, the opportunity to spruce up the home decor and refresh our spaces and our minds with some brighter colours arises. Here, we’ve collected some of our favourite home products that you can have shipped right to you. You’ve probably heard of most of them, yet may not own many at all. I swear, though, that once you’ve tried these out, you’ll wonder how you could have ever lived without them in the first place.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Food Processor Breathes Fresh Life into Your Kitchen

This food processor is super cute and works like a charm for cooking all my meals at home. With Covid-19 still running rampant in my region, I’m reluctant to get takeout or delivery too often. All that chopping and dicing adds up, though, and it can quickly become easier to order in instead. Therefore, I love how much time and energy having a food processor has saved me, making the initial investment well worth the cost.

This Handy Milk Frother to Create Your Own Latte Art

I’m a big coffee fan, and an even bigger latte and cappuccino stan. Of course, without a professional steamer, it can feel daunting and annoying to drink anything other than pitch-black coffee, dark like my soul. That’s why having one of these adjustable milk frothers has been so great. It’s easy to use and, more importantly, saves me from having to talk myself out of walking to Starbucks a third time this week.

This Awesome Bean and Spices Grinder for Fresh Espresso Every Morning

Any coffee aficionado knows that for the best brew, you have to grind your own beans. With so many fair trade coffee producers these days, the variety for whole beans is not an issue. I love this cute little grinder, that works equally well for spices as it does on coffee beans.

This Handheld Mixer Lets You Make the Fluffiest Cakes and Scrambled Eggs

I love cooking and baking for my friends and family, especially during these trying times. It’s amazing how easily you can put a smile on someone’s face with a small, homemade treat. For many years, I used a hand whisk and really worked my muscles. Recently, though, I decided to gift myself this electric mixer, which has made the entire process much, much easier. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you check it out.

This Cool Air Fryer Gets You Your Chips Fix Without Sacrificing Your Health

I love my french fries and chicken wings, but I really dislike ordering it in – especially if I have the craving multiple times a week (did I say ‘if’? I meant ‘when’). This air fryer was one of the best cooking investments I’ve made possibly in my whole life. Not only is it possible to save money on fried goodies, it uses less oil and reduces the negative impacts on your health by (I’m assuming) a large amount. Talk about worth.

This Satin Pillowcase Protects Your Skin and Hair While You Sleep

These satin pillowcases have truly had an impact on my life. The amount I toss and turn in my sleep is truly appalling, and my hair and skin certainly show it. Switching to satin/silk pillowcases have significantly reduced the amount of breakage and frizz, as well as keep everything well-hydrated by absorbing less moisture than cotton does. I highly recommend making the switch and seeing for yourselves the benefits.

These Command Strips Keeps All Your Hangings in Place

Moving around a lot means I don’t usually have the energy required to put wall hangings up the traditional way. That, and the last time I used a power tool, it looked like the walls had been shot at (true story). As such, these command strips have really come in handy. They’re super convenient, easy to use, and have awesome staying power due to the fact that they have 3M backings (you could say, they’re backed by 3M … I’ll see myself out).

This Diffuser and Essential Oils Set Will Add a Touch of Peace to Your Space

Since I started using aromatherapy, I can genuinely say that I would never go without it. Even without the therapeutic effects, the routine feels calming and I enjoy the scents. Being sensitive to fragrance also means that I can really only use natural scents. This diffuser and oils bundle was a gift from a friend, who knew I needed something to help me relax in the evenings. I love the lavender for soothing my senses, and I find scents like the orange oil are great for revitalizing and energy during the day.

This Curtain Rod Set Adds Sophistication to Your Window Dressings

After passing the age of 25, I can definitely say that my interest in window dressings has increased ten-fold, and with it, my desire to have beautiful windows. I stumbled across these stylish, modern-with-a-hint-of-rustic curtain rods on Amazon and immediately bought some to upgrade the set I had previously. They come in various finishes (my favourite is the brass) and have a kind of minimalist design that goes with just about any décor style.

This Echo Dot Speaker with Alexa Is the Tech Your Home is Missing

For anyone who hasn’t added an Echo Dot to their homes yet, respectfully, what the heck is going on with you? With quarantine still well underway (at least, here in Ontario), the least you can do for yourself is not have to manually set your alarm for the Zoom meeting you’re going to turn on, mute, and then sleep through. Seriously, though, I was perfectly fine without the Echo in my life.

These Floating Shelves Will Add Character to Your Walls

I have limited space in my room, so I had to get creative. I wanted to put shelves that didn’t appear to take up as much space and these were perfect for that purpose. These shelves hold up lightweight items such as my plant, camera, and a couple of my favourite books. They were also super easy to hang up (a single screw in the wall, as appears in the picture).

These Globe Lights Set the Mood for the Warmer Months Ahead

There’s a basic part of myself that awakens at the sight of string lights. These are no exception. Though I don’t have a patio, I did string these around my mirror, and they’ve added a really cute vibe to my room. I love the bigger bulbs, as well, which are a nice deviation from the smaller fairy lights.

This Handheld Steamer Gets Out Wrinkles Fast and Conveniently

Once you pass a certain age, you start to care about wrinkles in your clothing. It’s around the same time you stop buying stretchy rayon shirts that last two wash cycles max. And this is when you start to look at anti-wrinkle options. I picked up this handheld steamer, drawn to its ease of use and space-saving design. It’s made my cotton shirts look professionally laundered and feels way more grownup than hanging the garment in the washroom during a shower.

This Silicone-Handled Garlic Press Needs a Place in Your Kitchen

For years, I didn’t buy a garlic press because I didn’t want to admit that it would make my life easier. Weird, I know. But even if you don’t have the same strange hangup as I do, you’ll still benefit from having this in your arsenal of cooking weapons.

These Ice Cube Trays Make Your Fave Summer Cocktails Easy and Ace

One of the biggest annoyances when trying to make smoothies, cocktails, or really in the world, is trying to get ice out of the tray when it just won’t budget. Investing in these silicone easy-release ice cube trays was one of the best – and I mean the best – decisions I have ever made. The only downside is I might put way more ice than I actually need (which in the case of mojitos and bellinis, is actually impossible).

This Indoor Thermometer Keeps Track of Your Environment

I’m one of those people whose body just seems to never be able to self-regulate temperatures according to its surroundings. Add to that the erratic temps we Canadians face (um, excuse me snow-at-the-end-of-April??), and it just becomes a guessing game as to whether or not I need a sweater in July. This indoor thermometer has been really useful, in these cases, as it monitors conditions, making it easier to prevent colds, dry skin, allergies, etc. It also comes with different mounting options- tabletop, adhesive, and magnetic.

These Mesh Bags Give You Peace of Mind to Toss Your Delicates into the Laundry

Every time I bought new bras and underwear, I would make a promise to myself to care for them properly by handwashing. This promise always gets broken the next laundry day. To curb my overenthusiasm and keep my word to myself (because if I don’t have my word, what do I have? Certainly not well-kept delicates), I bought this set of mesh bags. They keep your delicates contained so that the harsh washer doesn’t ruin their, well, delicate threads.

This Magic Bullet Mini Blender Make Smoothies and Dinner Easier

As a smoothie lover and once-keen watcher of infomercials, I’m a huge fan of the Magic Bullet. Years later, this little beauty still holds up. Because I never use a recipe, I can truthfully attest to its capabilities of easily grinding down even the most overfilled receptacles of fruit and almond milk. It’s easy to clean too and, in a pinch, works well as a makeshift food processor.

This Touch Controlled Night Light with Timer Makes Bedtime Better

You don’t need to have a baby to use this touch-controlled night light, especially if you consider that kids will always be babies of sorts to their parents. This model offers a convenient timer and boosts brightness by 30% when outdoors, making it an excellent travel companion for family camping trips and backyard bonfires. It also features anti-blue lighting and a micro-USB, anti-topple base.

This Privacy Screen Lets You Enjoy Quality Time with Peace of Mind

This set of anti-UV, privacy stickers are just what you need for your bathroom, sunroom, and even large kitchen windows. I remember living in a sunny apartment facing the street below. While it featured lots of natural light, it also meant I had little privacy from prying eyes outside. These stickers saved me a lot of mental stress and were super easy to clean, too.

This Personal Steamer is an Easy Solution for Rice and Porridge

If you’ve never had a rice cooker, you are truly missing out on one of life’s greatest inventions. Not only can you start the dinner process early in the day, you can completely forget about it without fearing that you’ll burn the entire house to the ground. Not that that’s something I’ve done. Anyway, this model does all that, with added functions for porridge and cake, as well as a timer you can set 24 hours in advance.

This Mattress Protector is Essential in Keeping Your Bed

Even if you don’t have kids and/or pets, a mattress protector is always a sound investment. It, well, protects your mattresses from spills, bedbugs, crumbs from late night snacks that you promised you wouldn’t continue to eat in bed but always do anyway when the time comes. That can’t just be me, right?

These Reusable Sandwich Bags are a Great Sustainable Alternative for Snacks

Sandwich bags are really useful to have around for snacks, marinating, lunches, what have you. I always feel guilty using them, though, because of how much plastic is wasted when their purpose has been served. So, I decided to buy these reusable alternatives to save both the environment and my conscience in one go.

This Outdoor Area Rug Will Transform Your Porch Situation

Rugs are one of those home decor items that tie together an area in a way that nothing else is able to. It’s trickier when the area is outdoors, though. That’s where this stylish, all-weather design comes into play. Machine-woven for durability, these rugs are kid- and pet-friendly, and will survive even the wettest Canadian spring and summer rains.

This Chic Opaque Shower Curtain Gives Privacy Without Sacrificing Style

If you haven’t changed out your shower curtain in a while, you should definitely consider doing that, soon. Spring cleaning is the perfect time for it, as well, and this mildew-resistant option is an affordable and stylish way to go.

This Kitchen Scale Gives You Greater Control Over Recipes

Bakers, DIY maskers, pet owners who like to feed raw/dehydrated foods- you’ll all benefit from having one of these handy digital scales in your kitchen. This one is made of stainless steel, which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easily prevents cross-contamination. I use mine for all of the above tasks, and when I’m finished, I just wipe it clean with a rag and some all-purpose cleaner.

This Shower Head with Five Settings Will Elevate Your Bathing Experience

Who says you need to settle for the shower head that comes with your apartment unit or even house? Once you’ve used one of these bad boys with its five settings you can easily rotate between, you’ll completely forget about those default ones. This one comes with a massage setting and silicone jet nozzles that are self-cleaning. Talk about bliss.

These Stained Glass Stickers Adds a Touch of Elegance to Any Room

You don’t need to live in a literal cathedral to enjoy stain glassed beauty. These removable, peel n’ stick window films will add a beautiful, striking finish to your rooms. They have 3D finish that creates the rainbow effect (meaning it will be clear when inside the packaging), have anti-UV properties, and give optimal privacy without needing to sacrifice on the aesthetic front. They’re even easily removable, so if you don’t like it as much as you think on one window, you can easily move it to a different room. Great for someone like me, who needs to see something to really know whether or not I’ll like it.

These Solar-Powered Lanterns Add Environmentally Friendly Beauty to Your Garden

I love these cute solar-powered lanterns for my garden walkway. Each lantern comes with a single, rechargeable AA battery that, with 6 hours of charging from the sun, will last a full 6-8 hours when in use. They also come with an auto on/off function. This means that you need simply to turn it on to start receiving solar energy, and then it will light up automatically in the evening. Pretty cool (or should I say, warm? Haha. Listen, I make me laugh and that’s what matters).

These Throw Pillow Covers are Pleasantly Sophisticated

How sweet and chic are these throw pillow covers? The colours are very in, right now, especially for the springtime. They feature a breathable cotton and linen fabric and an invisible zipper. I found these to be a really simple way to elevate my living space, and I actually feel joy when I look at them and how they tie everything together.

These Vacuum Sealed Bags are Perfect for Storing Away Your Winter Gear

Now that the warmer months are threatening to come in, it’s finally time to put away all my winter gear. The issue, however, is that having so many roommates means that storage space is limited. Thus, I’ve found these vacuum-sealed bags to be really useful. They make it so that I can easily fit all of my winter jackets into the bottom of one storage container, with plenty of room left over for my various scarves, hats, and other accessories. Which, for someone who never leaves her house in the winter, is actually quite a lot.

This Meat Thermometer Means Your Steaks Will Always Come Out Perfectly

I got kind of into learning how to make perfect steaks and roasts over the course of this pandemic. The thing with that, though, is that every recipe will tell you to look for a certain temperature before taking your meat off of the heat. Kind of hard (read: impossible) to eyeball that without many years of experience. I decided to go with this one, for its easily decipherable digital display, which is extra useful when your dish is in the oven and you don’t want to put your face so close to the heat. In a pinch, you can also use it as a candy thermometer.

These Zebra Roller Blinds are a Great Minimalist Option for Your Guest Bed

These Zebra roller shades have been a fantastic addition to the guest and sunrooms in our home. They’re customizable to the specific requirements of your windows, with just a note to the seller. The blinds use dual fabric layers of mesh and opaque slats to control light, ventilation, and varying amounts of privacy as needed. And unlike with regular blinds, I love how stylish they look.

This Handheld Vac Makes Light Messes Easier to Deal With

Having a handheld vacuum has legitimately made my life so much easier. Between daily cleanings of the floors in my room to those few times a year I dare to look at the interior of my car, it’s made a huge difference in both efficiency and effectiveness. I no longer dread sweeping up dust bunnies from under my desk chair, for example, which in turn makes my space fresher and more pleasant.

This Artificial Foliage is Great for Crafts and Decorations

I really love scrapbooking and DIY crafts on a whim. I purchased this cute maple leaf foliage for some Thanksgiving decorations, that I’m excited to reuse when Canada Day comes around. I also have the ivy variant for my room, because my inner basic demands satiation.

These Thermal Curtains in Bright Spring Colours are So Effective


I find that blackout curtains are just as necessary in summer as they are in winter to keep the afternoon sun (and morning, and evening) out of my room. Because I’m also quite the night owl, these curtains are blessed for sleeping in and taking afternoon naps on those days when I have to get up and behave like a regular human on regular human hours. I love both the teal and baby pink variants for springtime, but there are also many other stylish colours to choose from.

This Slipcover is Exactly What You Need to Protect Your Upholstery

I live with seven animals. Seven. And three of them are cats. That means the furniture definitely needs some form of protection, and this removable, washable slipcover is perfect for the job. The material is naturally dyed, so that the colour doesn’t fade. It also comes with non-slip foam to keep separate cushions in place, providing a neat and clean look. It’s really saved our household time and hassle of vacuuming up animal hair every other day.