37 Home Upgrades for Holiday Hosting

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Hosting on the holidays is never simple – if it’s not angsty relatives causing issues, then it’s their overexcited children. With all of the pressure on you, it would be nice to have a bit of help in the form of a few new purchases to make things run more smoothly. Lucky for you, I have all the answers. Having scoured Amazon in search of what holiday hacks are out there, I am sure there are some home upgrades in here that everyone can get use out of.

Make your life a little easier over this holiday season by picking up some of the bits from this list – from this wrapping paper organizer for the gift giver to this splatter screen which is a cook’s best friend, there is something that will be sure to help everyone. Scroll on for a comprehensive list of what helping hand products Amazon has to offer this year.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and we may have additional affiliate relationships with some of the products featured here – as such, our company may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Get Your Grill Hosting Ready with This Scrubber

I dread to think what the state of my grill is currently, but this so-called scrubbing stone will work wonders on it. Plus, the handle means I don’t have to get my own hands anywhere near the muck!

And Make Sure You Never Run Out with This Pack of Twelve Refills!

Designed to fit on the previous product (although they can be used without the handle as well), these scourers can beat anything your grill has to throw at it. Made from recycled glass rather than pumice stone, this scrubber is an environmentally-friendly choice.

These Dishcloths Have So Many Uses

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These Swedish dishcloths are a number 1 bestseller on Amazon for good reason! They work fantastically for a myriad of uses, from washing dishes to cleaning windows. Reviewers love them because they are “so easy to clean” and “long-lasting.” Plus, they are made of all-natural cellulose, so when they do eventually wear out, they are compostable!

Make Sure to Get Enough You Time with This Bath Pillow

Now, this is a true luxury of a home upgrade! This bath pillow is designed to support your head and shoulders so that you can fully relax whilst you bathe. ‘But won’t it go all soggy?’ I hear you ask. Well, no – it is made with air mesh technology, which allows for constant airflow so that it is quick-drying and stays cool.

Get Your Fridge Prepared with These Organizers

Even at the best of times, my fridge is never as organized as it could be with these storage containers. These will come in so useful during the holiday season when you really need to maximize the space in your fridge whilst keeping it tidy enough so that your relatives don’t judge you!

Let Them Know What They Are in for with This Magnetic Menu

This chalkboard menu is magnetic, so it is perfect to stick to your fridge so the whole family knows what delicious meals they should be looking forward to. With a handy grocery list and notes section, it will also help you keep on top of things at the busiest time of the year!

Prepare for Their Arrival with This Shoe Organizer

If you are anything like me, then your shoes will live all over the place (and most likely all over your hallway.) Get sorted with this shoe organizer, so that by the time your guests arrive, it is only their shoes that need to find a home!

Clean Those Tight Spaces with This Scraper Tool

Now, this one must come with a warning – once you start cleaning all those usually unreachable spaces with this scraper tool, you will find that you can’t stop. However, as one reviewer writes, “it’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed till you got one.”

Save on Cleaning with This Splatter Screen

This is something you never knew you needed – this splatter screen prevents… well, splatters! Stop any spitting liquids from your dishes ruining your nice clean worktops when you use this over them when you leave them to cook.

I Am Sure Everyone Will Feel Better with This Odor Eliminator on Hand

We have all been in situations before where we would have given anything to have this poop spray to hand. Unlike regular air fresheners, this spray eliminates odors rather than merely masking them. Be kind to your relatives this Christmas and give them one less thing to worry about whilst in your home.

This Clip-on Strainer Is a Brilliant Space Saver

If there is a time of year when strainers really come into their own, it has to be the holidays. Between all the different vegetables that need cooking, it is a miracle that you have gotten through it before without this clip-on strainer. Its clever universal design means it will fit on most pans or bowls, whilst also saving you counter space.

This Earth Jigsaw Is Great for Getting the Family Together

We all know that the holidays can be a time of family tension, so deal with this in advance by picking up this 1000 piece Earth jigsaw. This fun puzzle will be sure keep any arguments at bay, and children entertained whilst you get busy cooking!

No One Can Make it Through the Holidays without a Meat Thermometer

Have you been battling through for years without a meat thermometer? Or, is your current one haggard and old? I think it’s time to invest in this instant-read meat thermometer. As one reviewer says: “For years I was using an old thermometer that I was not sure even worked. I was right! The first time using my new thermometer, I compared it with the old one and was surprised how easy it was to use, how clear it was to see and how efficient it was! What was I waiting for?”

Stock up on These Kitchen Towels

These kitchen towels come in a pack of fifteen, so there will be no fear of running out when these are about! Reviews say: “These kitchen towels are well made, sturdy, very absorbent, and lint-free so you can use them for sucking up heavy spills, drying misty pieces right out of the dishwasher, and blotting food.”

This Mineral Oil Has Over 20,000 5-Star Reviews

Pick up some of this food-grade mineral oil, so that you can make sure your cooking tools are up to scratch before you host for the holidays. Simply apply some of the oil with a rag (or even just your hand!), and watch how everything from your chopping boards to your refrigerator becomes basically brand new again.

Host on the Go with This Cocktail Box

This cocktail box will allow you to make your favorite drink wherever you are! Reviews say: “I’ve been able to use it to entertain and convince my guests I know what I’m doing when I’m really more of a ready-made cocktail kind of gal.”

Take the Stress out of the Prep with This Gift Wrap Organizer

This gift wrap organizer has space not only for your wrapping papers but also for any bags, tags, or other decorative bits that you may have. Not only will this save space in your home, but it will also save stress in the build-up to the big day.

Please the Millennials in Your Life with This Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Most people that I know love coffee, but everyone has different ways that they prefer to have it. This cold brew coffee maker is sure to be a hit amongst the younger cohorts of your guests.

These Cooking Tongs Will Keep Your Pans Like New

The holidays are the time of year when your pans go through the most trauma, thanks to the endless rotation of dishes that need cooking. However, these cooking tongs are covered in silicone, which means they won’t scratch the bottom of your pans. With over 9,000 customers rating this product 5-stars, waste no more time without them!

These Lollipops Are So Adorable

It’s all about the special touches during the holidays, and these themed lollipops certainly fit the bill. They come individually wrapped so they are perfect for giving out at your parties, or as a way to keep the kids quiet in the car!

Treat Your Relatives to These New Sheets

Don’t let your relatives sleep in those old sheets for yet another year – make this season the time you finally invest in these super-soft sheets. With a thread count of 1800, not even the fussiest of family members will be able to complain about these bad boys!

This Drinks Dispenser Is Perfect for Punch

This mason jar drinks dispenser holds up to a gallon of liquid, so it is a perfect pick for presenting your chosen beverages. Alternatively, follow the inspiration of reviewers and use it to jazz up your laundry room by using it for detergent!

This Floor Pillow Bed Is Great for When You Lack Seating

I can’t believe this floor pillow is only $34.99! Whether you need it for extra seating in place of buying an extra couch, or it’s for someone to sleep on, all you need to do is simply stuff some spare pillows into it, et voila! This also means it will be super easy to pack away once everyone has left.

Tidy up with This Knife Block

This knife block is much safer than regular ones as it will fit inside your drawers, making it exactly what you need when the family is all together. You won’t regret this purchase, with reviewers raving about how “well made” and “sturdy” it is.

These Suction Cup Hooks Make Decorating So Much Easier

This pack of 6 suction cup hooks will come in so handy over the holiday period – from hanging your wreath to putting up lights, they will make it all run a lot more smoothly! Plus, they don’t leave any permanent damage, and you can reuse them for a variety of uses throughout the year.

These Fake Plants Will Spruce up Any Space

It’s the little touches that really make the holidays everyone’s favorite season, so make some of your own by picking up this cute set of 3 fake topiary plants. If you haven’t already branched out into the world of artificial plants, now is the time – the reviews on these talk about how “the thickness and texture make them appear real.”

This Pizza Slice Has So Many Uses

This pizza cutter may look a little industrial when you first look at it, but it is a really fantastic gadget to have in your belt. It is not limited to just pizza, but also works great for pies, tray-bakes, or anything really! Reviewers also note how it is a great pick for those with dexterity issues, so it can also make a really thoughtful gift.

These Serving Trays Are Great for Hosting Parties

Make your food look even better when you serve it on one of these serving trays. These sustainably sourced acacia wood platters have been hand carved with a deep lip around the edge so that even the clumsiest of servers won’t manage to drop anything here!

Be the Best Family Member When You Whip out This Cocktail Kit

The holidays are nothing if not a cocktail season, so why leave it to the bartenders this year when you can make them on demand with your own DIY cocktail kit? After such a tough year, we think it’s exactly what you deserve!

Cozy up with This Sherpa Blanket

I don’t know about you, but most of the blankets in my home are unfit for use by anyone other than me. You just can’t beat the feeling of a brand new blanket, and this one, in particular, is hard to beat, with reviewers saying things like it is “so incredibly soft.”

This Seagrass Basket Will Come in So Handy

Christmas means a lot of mess, generally. Whether it is piles of used wrapping paper or gifted toys that are scattered over your living room floor, this basket will be a big help in eliminating the clutter.

Be the Hostess with the Mostest with These Drinking Jars

Serving any sort of beverage in one of these drinking jars will immediately win you bonus points when hosting this holiday season. With a stellar 4.8 rating on Amazon, these are some well-loved bottles – reviewers call them “sturdy, well made, and classic.”

What Is Christmas without These Candles?

If there is a time of year that was made for burning candles, then it was definitely the holiday season. Pick up this 3 pack of pillar candles to make sure you have enough stocks this year. Reviewers say: “Gorgeous! Definitely recommend and I’m a really tough critic on everything. They have a really beautiful glow when they burn.”

Prevent Fatigue with This Padded Mat

Standing on a hard kitchen floor for days on end during the holiday season doesn’t do anybody any favors. Pick up one of these anti-slip padded mats to reduce the stress on your feet, muscles, and joints, so that you can cook without any aches or pains.

Clean the Clutter Before Their Arrival with These Storage Boxes

These storage boxes are so handy for getting rid of anything you don’t want insight into during your holiday season hosting. Whether it’s kid stuff, pet stuff, or your stuff, shove it all in one of these bad boys and no one will ever know how much junk you actually own.

Refresh Your Guest Room with a New Bed Skirt

You won’t realize how much a bed skirt like this one can change the look of a room until you make the dive. Give your holiday guests a moment of delight when they enter into their room and find it has had a makeover without you having spent a huge budget!

Make it All a Lot Easier to Tidy with This Ornament Organizer

The holidays are the best time of the year, that is until they end. Make the clean-up run more smoothly with this ornament organizer, designed to fit up to sixty-four baubles. Trust me, spend the money now, and you will be very grateful next year when it’s time to do it all again!