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37 Household Cleaning Gadgets That Actually Get the Job Done

The birds are chirping and the thaw is on and that can only mean one thing: Spring is right around the corner. With it comes April showers, May flowers … and loads of spring cleaning. (I know that’s not a part of the rhyme, but bear with me.) I know nobody really loves cleaning — O.K., except maybe my mom — but there is something supremely satisfying about throwing open the windows, wiping down the baseboards and deep cleaning the carpet. Ahhh, can’t you smell the lemony fresh scent already?

But, seriously. The secret to enjoying — alright, semi-enjoying — cleaning is being equipped with the right tools The best sprays, towels, vacuums, mops and more that make a chore feel a little less like a chore, things like a conditioner that “feeds” your wood and keeps it looking new, a fur remover broom to tame your best friend’s shedding and even a brush attachment for your cordless drill to put the kibosh on tile and grout grime. Grab this gear and get ready for cleaner days ahead!

Editorial Note: We review everything independently. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission.

How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Protect With This Wood Conditioner?

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Mind your beeswax in this wood polish and conditioner that “feeds” the wood in your furniture and helps keep it from drying and fading. Use it on everything from your kitchen cabinets to grandma’s antiques to enhance the beauty of your wood. One reviewer said, “This stuff works like magic,” while another said it beautifully restored the wood floors in her 100-year-old home.


This Pumice Stone Isn’t For Your Feet

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I’d never heard of using a pumice stone to remove stubborn toilet rings until I came across the Pumie toilet bowl ring remover. (I have previously used a pumice stone on my feet, but I digress.) This eco-friendly cleaning option helps eliminate mineral deposits, rust, stains, and scale from toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers. It even has an attached handle so. you don’t have to get too “up close and personal” with your potty.


Clean the Tops And Bottoms of Your Blinds With One Swipe

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Cleaning blinds is arguably my least favorite cleaning-type task of all time. Why don’t they make self-cleaning blinds? Blinds are usually flimsy and won’t hold still, but they collect a lot of dust and grime. Sigh. This handy blind cleaner can be used with or without cleaning sprays, relying on its top-and-bottom design and microfiber sleeves to make quick work of this grueling task.

Tidy Your Floors Fur Real

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Man’s best friend adds a lot to your household: Love, companionship, fur … everywhere. Get rid of one of those things (the fur, duh) with this FURemover pet hair broom. Made of 100 percent natural rubber that actually attracts pet hair to itself, you can use this tool on the carpet, rugs, tile, windows, and more. The telescoping handle lets you reach even the most unreachable places.

Drill Down On Nasty Shower Grime

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This brush attachment fits securely on your existing handheld drill to give you all the power, both physically and metaphorically; you need to get the cleanest shower and tub possible. And, you don’t get just one attachment, but three, so you’re able to eradicate the bad guy (mold and grime) from every last nook and cranny.

Erase Your Way To A Clean Space

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One of the simplest and least expensive items on my list is also one of my favorites. Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers have a perpetual spot in my home. Why? Because they can “magically erase” (thus the name) dirt from just about anywhere. I’ve successfully used them in the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom and even to refresh and whiten the soles of my tennis shoes. Multipurpose find? Check.

You Don’t Have to Baby This Shark

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If you ask your friends on social media what their favorite mop or vacuum is, a good portion of them will probably come up with a Shark product. This steam mop is a cult favorite for sure, thanks to its cleaning prowess with just water and its ability to tackle the toughest jobs. Its pads are washable, which means you can reuse them time and again, and its compact size won’t occupy a ton of space in your home.

Make Toilet Cleaning Fun Again

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Of all the chores I used to do as a kid, cleaning toilets ranked near the top of my “absolutely loathe” category. And, to be honest, I don’t think much more of it as an adult — or didn’t, until I came across the Clorox ToiletWand. Contained in one unit with pre-filled scrub sponges, you can get a good lather in your bowl without having to reach for any other helpers. When you’re finished cleaning, simply eject the sponge into the trash. Clean and sanitary!

Carpet Stains Are No Match For This Spot Remover

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Carpet cleaning feels like a neverending task, especially if you have kids or pets. I found out about this spot remover on social media, and boy, am I glad I did. It doesn’t come in slick packaging or with some grandiose marketing plan, but there’s no need because — quite simply — it works. It’s no-frills, but it does come in a large 32-oz. size and works to safely removes tough spots and stains from colorfast carpet, rugs, upholstery, and clothing. If you’re looking for a surefire win, this is it.

Show Your Electronics Some Love With This Cleaning Pen

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If you’re anything like me, your electronic devices take all the abuse and get very little care in return. (I’m talking to you, keyboard that I pound on 10 hours a day.) Computers need love, too! This electronic cleaning brush from OXO gets into all the nooks and crannies of your keyboard, smartphone, camera, or any number of other devices to remove dust and debris, even from hard-to-reach places.

This Dustpan and Brush Set Will Come In Handy

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It’s another product from OXO, and I swear I’m not getting kickbacks from them. I just genuinely love every product I’ve tried with their name on it. This is a mighty little dustpan and brush set that I promise looks nothing like the dustpans our moms and grandmas used to have. It is perfectly compact and slim, which means you can stash it anywhere, making it a great addition to a kitchen, craft room, or even car.

Un-Gunk Your Stovetop With This Cleaning Kit

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Raise your hand if you have a ceramic stovetop! Now, raise your hand if you hate your ceramic stovetop! Hand still up? That’s what I thought. Let just one pan bubble over and you’ve got a mess that will take an act of God to correct. This cooktop cleaning kit is worth an investment and works on smooth cooktop ranges like glass, ceramic, induction, radiant, and halogen. You get a brush, cleaning solution, and scraper all in one.

You’ll Love These Dish-Cleaning Gloves

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I never really thought about wearing gloves to wash dishes, pots, and pans until I encountered these silicone dishwashing gloves with built-in scrubbies. You can all but eliminate cumbersome handled brushes and sponges that are prone to smelling mildewy after their first use. And, their use extends beyond the kitchen; you’ll find them a great helper in the gardens, bathroom, or even the office.

Keep It Old School With This Mop and Bucket System

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I get it: Your grandma probably used an old-school mop and bucket, and if it’s good enough for grandma, it’s good enough for you, right? Fine. This EasyWring system from O-Cedar is a definite upgrade from the gray mop and bucket of your grandma’s days. The brush is made of microfiber bristles, so it is super absorbent, and the bucket allows you to wring the mop out without using your hands. You also get two refill brushes — score!

This Handheld Vac Tackles The Most Devilish Jobs

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This is one of those purchases that makes you think, “Do I really need that?” until you order it, use it and decide, “Yes, yes, I do.” It’s a handheld vacuum cleaner from Dirt Devil, which is just about the specialist in handheld vacs. I love having one of these around for a quick clean inside my car, to get along the baseboards in my house, and for any other task where pulling out the big-boy vacuum isn’t necessary. It’s a great buy for less than $30.

The Ultimate Leather Cleaner Will Keep Your Leather Shining

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I wasn’t sold on this product until I saw the before/after pictures of that Louis Vuitton handbag above and then I might have let a few expletives that I can’t include here fly out of my mouth. Just look at how beautifully restored that well-loved handbag is! Don’t save this leather cleaner just for your purses; you can also use it on your couch, jackets, car interior, and other leather goods.

Let An Angry Mom Clean Your Microwave

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She’s not just any mom — she’s an Angry Mom, and she’s here to steam clean your microwave. Seriously, take off her hair (which is kind of fun to do in itself) and fill her full of a water-and-vinegar solution. Then, pop her in your microwave and turn the microwave on. The liquid will heat and the steam will release out of the top of Angry Mom’s head (just like what happened with your mom the last time you made her mad).

This Goop Sends Dust Packing

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You’ll never have more fun cleaning than with this dust cleaning gel, which I affectionately call “goop.” Rub it across your computer monitor, your smartphone screen, even the vents in your car to pick up those minuscule dust particles that are sometimes even too small to be seen with the naked eye. The gel even has a delightful lemon fragrance.

Your Disposal Will Foam At Its Mouth Over This Cleaner

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Did you ever make one of those volcanoes for a science fair project? A little bit of water, dish soap, and baking soda, and you could create an eruption that Mount Vesuvius would be proud of. This is sort of the adult version of that for your garbage disposal. Simply run a stream of hot water into your disposal, pop in one of these disposal care foaming tabs, and wait for that science fair magic to happen all over again.

Clean With Your Feet Using These Microfiber Slippers

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I’m not saying this is the lazy way of cleaning, but I’m not saying it’s not either. All I’m saying is, I pass no judgment if you choose to dust your floors while wearing these microfiber slippers. The microfiber “fingers” catch hair, dust, and dirt and are safe to use on all floor surfaces, including wood, tile, vinyl, and linoleum. When you’re finished, throw them in the washing machine and do the cleaning dance all over again.

A Bag Of Rags For Every Project

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​All this cleaning you’re going to do is going to require some wiping and swiping, and there’s not a better solution out there than this colossal pack of microfiber towels. For less than 20 bucks, you’ll get 50 microfiber cloths in various colors, so you can reserve one color for the kitchen, another for the garage, and a third, fourth and fifth for other around-the-house projects. They’re scratch-resistant, absorbent, and quick-drying, too.

Meet Your New Best (Bar Keepers) Friend

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No, you don’t have to have a bar at home to use this, but Bar Keepers Friend is another one of those miraculous cleaning products that’ll have you asking, “How did it do that?” It’s a bleach-free product that’s excellent for cleaning stainless steel, but that’s not all it can do. It also easily removes rust, tarnish, mineral deposits, and tough stains from most surfaces. You can even use it outdoors!

Stick It To Dirty Floors With This Stick Vac

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Some of us are stick vac gals, and some of us are haul-out-the-two-piece-Rainbow-deluxe-system gals. I’m the former; my mom is the latter. The commonality we share, despite our methods of operation, is a sparkling clean floor. This $30 Eureka stick vacuum isn’t on the same level as, say, a $1,500 Rainbow, but it still gets the job done. It weighs only four pounds and has additional tools onboard to simplify sweeping on the go.

You Must, You Must, You Must Remove The Rust

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Hard water or rust stains got you down? We’ve all been there. The rust stain remover from Iron Out will set you straight. It looks like it’s in a spray bottle (and it is), but what you get is actually a thicker gel that clings to stains to dissolve them away. This product is especially useful on vertical and hard-to-reach surfaces like showers, sinks, tubs, and toilets above the waterline.

Skip The Plumber and Buy Your Own Drain Snake

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I wish a drain snake sounded, or at least looked, a little more intimidating, but here we are. Despite its “giant stick” status, it serves a very important purpose: Clearing out your drains — from sinks to tubs to showers — that are clogged or draining slowly. Hey, if you’d rather pay a plumber to come out on Friday night to remove the hair, you’ve shed in the shower than spend $9 on this three-pack, who am I to stop you?

Put A Smiley Face In Your Sink

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You like food. Food belongs on a plate. Plates need to be cleaned. So, washing dishes is a foregone conclusion. But, wouldn’t it be a happier chore if you had this friendly lil’ fella staring back up at you from his sudsy kitchen sink spa? The Scrub Daddy is a “Shark Tank” alumni, having first been introduced on the popular TV program back in 2012. Almost a decade later, it’s still cleaning dishes and making people smile.

Get Cleaner Cups With Bottle Bright

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I never go very far without a drink container in my hand: A coffee cup, a water tumbler, my half-gallon water jug. Cleaning them, though, is a real pain, especially for liquids that are prone to staining their surroundings like coffee or water flavorings. Bottle Bright (another “Shark Tank” find) is a chlorine- and odor-free cleaning option that works just like those fizzy tabs you drop in water after being out too late the night before. Fill with water, plop one in, and — voila! — a clean cup with no scrubbing required.​

Give Your Phone A Good Cleaning With This Sanitizing Box

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Did you know that one of the germiest things you come in contact with daily might be right in the palm of your hand? I mean, like, right now as you’re reading this. Of course, I’m talking about your smartphone. One study suggested that our devices have more than 25,000 bacteria per square inch. Yuck. Give your smartphone a “bath” with this phone sanitizer. It’s designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses present on your phone.

Wash Your Windows Like A Pro

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You don’t have to be a professional to indulge in this 2-in-1 squeegee and microfiber scrubber for your windows, even though it says “professional” right in the description. No sir. The “professional” comes in with the professional cleaning power this 10-inch tool will give you. You can clean and wick the water away in one easy step, inside or out. Add a telescopic pole to get results in normally out-of-reach spots.

Let’s Dish About Kitchen Scrub Brushes

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I have pretty specific requirements for my kitchen scrub brushes. They have to have a nice, long handle, firm bristles, and, most importantly, they have to get the job done. This two-pack of scrub brushes is comfortable to hold and even has a bonus scraper edge for getting stuck-on foods, well, unstuck. Don’t need two in the kitchen? Fret not. You can dedicate one of these to a bathroom or even a garage.

Dust Bunnies Can Run, But They Cannot Hide

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One hundred full inches of dusting power? Where do I sign up? As you can see from the picture, there’s really nowhere this extendable duster can’t go, from baseboards right at your feet to above cabinets and ledges that typically don’t get any cleaning love. The extension pole gives you 100 inches of reach, while the microfiber duster bends and flexes easily to get into every crevice.

You Need A Baseboard Buddy

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Ever look at your baseboards and think, “Yeah, I should clean those,” and then forget for the next 48 years? Okay, yeah, me either, but I have been guilty of needing to clean them, not wanting to, and then doing a so-so job just to say that I finished it. The Baseboard Buddy might eliminate some of my bending and tugging since you can clean them easily without the wear and tear on your back and knees.

Wipe Out Your Cleaning With These Heavy-Duty Wipes

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Sometimes, when you’re cleaning, you just need a good cleaning wipe. Not a towel or a rag, but something you can use to clean up the ick and then toss it away. These heavy-duty cleaning wipes are just the ticket. They work to remove heavy stains others won’t like grease, tar, ink, paint, permanent marker, wax, scuffs, lipstick, nail polish, food and drinks, pet stains, and more.

Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Has Never Been Easier

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I bought these stainless steel appliance wipes on a whim and boy, was I pleasantly surprised. After a few years of using whatever cleaning solution was sitting under my sink and still not really getting that like-new shine on my appliances, I was desperate to try something new. These wipes easily remove fingerprints, streaks, and residue in a pH-neutral formula that quickly cleans, shines, and protects.

Remove Dust With A Flick Of Your Hand

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What if I told you that you could remove dust from your furniture and appliances with just the flick of your hand? No, it’s not some unknown magical power, but these microfiber dusting gloves. Buy these, and you can choose one, two, or three pairs (in case you want to put someone else in the house to work — hint, hint!). The dust is attracted to the surface, and because it’s just your hand, you can more easily maneuver in places that are ordinarily difficult to reach.

Get In The Groove — Literally

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​We all have those spaces and places that need to be cleaned that you just don’t have the right tool for — until now. Get in the groove — literally — with this handheld groove and gap cleaning tool. It’s just the right size to get in those dirty window tracks, sliding door cracks, and shower door gaps that often get overlooked. The ergonomic handle keeps your hand free and clear from the mess, too.

Clean The Thing That Cleans Your Clothes

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I know, it seems counterintuitive to have to clean the washing machine that cleans your clothes. It’s full of water when you use it, after all. That has to be enough, right? Wrong-o. Those cracks and crevices on top and frontloading washing machines can get full of gunk that, to be honest, makes your machine smell terrible. These tablets from Affresh will clean and yes — re-fresh — your laundry buddy.