37 Inexpensive Gift Ideas When You Don’t Know What To Get Someone

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Some people can be so hard to buy for! My mom is tops on that list because she buys herself whatever she wants so it’s impossible to find gift ideas. But this year, I came up with a plan. I scouted out 37 inexpensive gift ideas when you don’t know what to get someone so I have it on hand in those tricky situations! 

Maybe you don’t know someone super well, like your dog walker, but you still want to get them a little something – this list is gonna be your friend. It’s filled with a mix of stuff anyone could use, and some more tailored toward certain kinds of people like foodies or outdoorsy types, so there’s sure to be the perfect gift here for whoever you have in mind. 

From cheese storage bags to magnetic knife stands to a selfie stick that’s also a tripod, here’s to snagging something they’ll love to receive!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Cheese Storage Bags Serve and Protect

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A gift fit for a foodie or just someone who really appreciates cheese, these cheese storage bags protect keep your precious dairy delight fresher longer by regulating humidity. Conveniently, they have a label where you can write the name of the cheese and date, and you can reuse the bags for the same type of cheese. Keep your Comté consumable and your Gruyère great with these handy little cheese saviors.

These Stylish William Painter Sunglasses are Always In Style

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These super-stylish William Painter The Level sunglasses that look great on everyone would make a smart gift. These are ideal for people who are rough on their sunglasses since they’re made from aerospace-grade titanium, which is lightweight but extremely durable. Plus, they fit like a dream thanks to the rear-weighted design that keeps them from sliding down your face!

Everyone Could Use a Splatter Screen

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Everyone needs a splatter screen (or three) in their lives to prevent oily or saucy messes whenever they cook. Handily, these ultra-fine mesh screens also work as fat drainers and pot strainers and come in small, medium, and large sizes to fit most pots and pans. Clean-up’s a breeze too since they’re dishwasher-safe!

This Sleek Magnetic Knife Block is a Modern Beauty

What a gorgeous way to store knives, those kitchen MVPs that everyone you know owns. This magnetic knife block is double-sided, so they can store up to 10 knives of various sizes! It has over 3,000 amazing reviews for being such a unique, compact storage option especially if you’re short on counter space.

These William Painter Oasis Sunglasses Come in Eight Color Combos

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Get the best optics with the lightest weight possible with the Japanese nylon polarized lenses on these William Painter Oasis sunglasses. Unlike standard polarized glass, these lenses incorporate the tint layers throughout the lens so it’ll never peel or fade. Available in eight color combos in a shape that looks great on anyone’s face, these are a smart buy.

Take Better Pics With This Selfie Stick Tripod

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Name a person out there who doesn’t use their phone as a camera…I’ll wait… This selfie stick doubles as a tripod to help anyone capture the best shots ever thanks to the included wireless remote. It works with more than phones, too – GoPros, action cams, small DSLRs, and point and shoot cameras are all compatible!

This Stick-On Phone Wallet Works for Any Smartphone

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Carrying a separate wallet is a drag when you just need your cards, ID, and some cash. This phone wallet sticks to the back of any smartphone to keep your necessities handy all in one place! Thoughtfully, there’s also an added finger strap to help you hold it more securely.

This Mini Puzzle Set Will Keep Them Busy

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These cool mini puzzles of the earth, moon, and sun are highly-detailed and beautiful, plus they’ll keep anyone happily busy for hours! They’re so satisfying to put together since the pieces are made on a premium board and cut precisely for a perfect fit. Each puzzle creates a 20-inch circle when complete which is also suitable for framing!

This Clip-On Reading Light Is a Thoughtful Gift

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This rechargeable clip-on reading light isn’t just for books, you can also use it on your laptop, desk, or bed. It has three light modes, amber for reading at night since it blocks blue light, a warm mode for any time, and natural mode which simulates daylight for when you need to focus. The five brightness modes help you get a custom lighting solution perfect for whatever task or hobby you’re working on.

These Stylish Sunglasses Have a Built-In Surprise

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Know an outdoorsy person who also enjoys a cold one? These cool sunglasses have a built-in bottle opener for convenience! With a military-grade coating and polarized lenses, these will stand up to years of wear.

This Beard Oil Keeps It So Smooth and Fresh

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If you’ve got a beard, this Hair Craft Co. beard oil is a must-have. It’s an unscented, all-natural blend of jojoba and argan oils for the softest beard ever that won’t irritate the skin. The oil also helps promote beard growth and restores natural moisture so you’ll get a stylish, healthy beard in no time flat.

This Pet Grooming Kit Is Pro-Level

If you’ve got a furry friend, you’re going to love this pro-level pet grooming kit. It has everything they need to spiff up their pal, from a clipper with four guide heads, a comb, two pairs of scissors, nail clippers, and a file. No need to worry about Fluffy stressing out either since the clipper is whisper-quiet.

This Wooden Knife Block Lets You Store a Ton

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With a generous fifteen slots, this acacia wood universal knife block holds all sizes of knives plus a favorite utensil or pair of scissors. It looks great on countertops and keeps knives in mint condition and out of harm’s way. The anti-skid feet just add to the safety!

This Cheese Storage Paper Makes Such a Difference

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This breathable polyethylene and wax-coated cheese storage paper create the ideal environment to keep cheese fresher longer. They regulate humidity to ward off the moisture that causes mold, or too much air that dries out the delicate cheese. Each of the 15 sheets of paper comes with a handy label that helps you remember what you’ve got stored inside!

This Massage Stick Soothes Aches and Pains

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A daily professional massage would be nice, but in reality, the closest I’m gonna get is this handy massage stick that eases aches and pains. It’s easy to use solo and can easily target hard-to-reach areas like your lower back or shoulders. It’s also a good idea to use after workouts to prevent stiffness and muscle knots.

This Sports Water Bottle Has a Built-In Mister

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This sports water bottle with a built-in mister is such an innovative idea. Now you can really cool down after a tough workout, or take a “camp shower” with ease. It has so many uses – rinse off sand and saltwater when you leave the beach, wash hands anywhere, clean your gear, and more!

This Magnetic Knife Block Saves So Much Space

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I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like clutter on my kitchen counters, and the knife storage was taking up way too much room. Enter this magnetic knife block that holds the essentials in a sleek, space-saving design. It’s so much easier to clean, too!

These Sophisticated Sunnies Create an Effortlessy Elegant Look

Sunglasses are such a statement maker and these sophisticated ones project casual elegance whenever you throw them on, even if you’re wearing sweats. They’re super lightweight but also durable, owing to the aerospace-grade titanium construction, and the polarized lenses won’t peel or fade since they’re premium Japanese nylon. Neutralize glare, reduce eye strain, and look darn good doing it!

This Spatty Daddy is Made for Handy People

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We know (and love) the Spatty Daddy tool for getting every last drop of condiments or makeup from their jars, but now they’ve come out with a new one for handy people! Use it to spread glue or smooth caulk, apply oil to tight spaces on cars, boats, and more, mix paint, plant seeds – basically, this little thing can do it all. You’ll get a two-pack of this famous tool that’s just right for fixing things up.

This Migraine Relief Hat Is a Life-Changer

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Migraines have to be one of the top worst chronic pain causers. This stretchy migraine relief hat helps ease this type of headache because it pairs cold therapy in the form of an expert-grade gel with compression. You can also use it to depuff eyes, relieve stress, and soothe sinus pain.

This Self-Cleaning Travel Washcloth Is Great for Adventurers

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Check out this self-cleaning travel washcloth that’s perfect for camping, hiking, RVing, long flights, post-workout, and any other adventure you can dream up! Since it stays odor-free, rinses completely clean, and dries in minutes you’ll always have a clean washcloth ready for the next mess. They come in a pack of two to share…or not!

These Wearable Ice Packs Soothe Injuries Fast

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You need to stay active for health reasons, but you keep getting injured doing so! Jump right back into the game with these wearable ice packs for knees and elbows that soothe injuries fast so you’re not left on the sidelines. They come in sizes from small to extra large for a custom fit.

This Microwave Popcorn Popper Will See a Lot of Use

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My friend swears by this silicone microwave popcorn popper to make the best popcorn with virtually no clean-up required! Now you can avoid the questionable chemicals and preservatives in bagged microwave popcorn and use your own kernels and add oil, salt, and flavorings for a perfectly popped bowl of up to 15 cups. The popper also collapses down for easy storage and is dishwasher-safe for convenience.

These Silicone Straws Come With a Carrying Case

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This pack of 10 bent-tip silicone straws conveniently come with their own carrying case and cleaning brush, making them easy to incorporate into your everyday life. They’re flexible and extra-long, so they’ll fit even 20-30 oz tumblers with ease, plus you can cut them if you need a shorter size. They’re kid-friendly and easier on your teeth than stainless!

This Meat Thermometer is Hyper-Accurate

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Since we all got food poisoning from undercooked chicken a few years back, we’ve been super vigilant about food safety. I just got my husband this best-selling meat thermometer that provides an ultra-fast, hyper-accurate readout in seconds. I love that the safe cooking temps are listed right on the face so you don’t have to go Googling!

This Cheese Storage Paper is Eco-Friendly

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If you want a plastic-free alternative to storing your cheese, try this eco-friendly cheese storage paper. It keeps cheese fresh for so much longer since it regulates humidity while letting the fromage breathe. This paper’s biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable so you can feel good about using it!

This Solar Lantern Is Not Just for Camping

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This USB-rechargeable, solar camping lantern is for so much more than the great outdoors! We use ours all the time for power outages that happen often in summer storms or Nor’easters, plus I carry one in the car for roadside emergencies. They’re also great space savers since they collapse down when not in use.

This Brown Sugar Body Scrub Is So Luxurious

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Similar to a much more expensive cult favorite, this brown sugar body scrub is building a solid fanbase in its own right! The all-natural scrub reduces the appearance of cellulite, exfoliates dry skin, and moisturizes while it works. Over 1,700 happy reviewers loved how silky smooth it made skin (even for sensitive types), and one woman was overjoyed she “smelled like a cookie”!

These Chalk Markers are So Fun

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Whether you’re writing on a chalkboard or your car windows, this set of 18 bright chalk markers is a joy to use! You can reverse the tips to be rounded or chiseled depending on what you’re drawing or writing, and they’re water-based and non-toxic so great for kids to use, too. These are a huge fan favorite, they’ve got over 11,200 glowing reviews right now!

These Useful Oil and Vinegar Dispensers are Gorgeous

I love infusing my own olive oils and vinegar at home, and these pretty glass oil and vinegar bottles are the perfect way to do so. They look amazing on the table during meals since they’re so well-crafted! The pouring spouts control just how much you want to dispense and prevent spills and messes, too.

This Sponge Holder is Genius

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I try to avoid sponges since I don’t like how they get stinky after a few uses, but that’s usually because I leave them in a puddle of water next to the sink! This sponge holder is a great way to keep sponges fresh and let them dry between uses. I love the subtle farmhouse theme that goes with any decor.

These Bamboo Gardening Gloves are Totally Breathable

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Sweaty hands in gardening gloves are gross, but you can prevent them by choosing a breathable fabric like these bamboo gardening gloves. They naturally absorb perspiration and keep hands cool in summer and warm in winter for all your outside chores. The rubber-coated palms and fingertips are touchscreen-friendly while keeping you safe!

This Phone Lanyard Fits All Smartphones

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Keep your smartphone handy all the time when you wear it around your neck on this universal silicone phone lanyard. It keeps your phone secure and accessible and comes with a ring holder for a better grip. I love using mine on days when my leggings or other athleisure-adjacent pants don’t have pockets.

This Running Belt Keeps Necessities On Hand

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It’s always a good idea to carry ID and some cash when you’re out and about, whether going for a jog or walking the dog. I often don’t, because carrying my wallet around is a pain and I want both hands free. This running belt makes it easy to be safer because it holds your necessities right around your waist and isn’t intrusive when you’re being active.

This Cocktail Box Has Everything Except the Booze

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My hubby is a big Old Fashioned drink fan, so I’m getting him this Cocktail Box that’ll let him mix two delicious adult beverages. It has everything except the booze, from cocktail stirrers to bitters to sugar cubes to a tiny cloth napkin. A classy gift for the cocktail lover, even if that happens to be yourself!

This Scratch-Off Travel Map Is Interactive Fun

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We’re a family that loves to travel, and now that the kids are old enough to remember trips we’ve got big plans. To help us keep track of where we’ve been and where we want to go, I got this scratch-off travel map to document our journeys. Each state features colorful illustrations that look great in a kids’ room or hangout space.

This Wrapping Paper Storage Bag Solves a Messy Problem

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Almost everyone you know owns wrapping paper, but they probably don’t own a wrapping paper storage bag! It’s so hard to corral those rogue rolls that love to rip, fall over, or unroll – this bag makes it easy to see your stash and keep it in order. It’s compact enough it can fit just about anywhere from a closet to under your bed.