37 Inexpensive Things to Add to Your Self-Care Routine | 22 Words

Self care is all about taking a little bit of time here and there to focus on your needs. When it comes to self care routines, it's important to include a variety of things, from health and wellness to beauty and pampering, allowing you to easily incorporate more self care into all aspects of your life.

For some self care means living more mindfully and taking care of their mental and physical health. For others it means indulging in things that feel good or are relaxing. And for others still it means incorporating products and gadgets into our beauty routine that make us feel pampered. For me, it's all about the balance of health, mental and emotional wellness, stress management, and fun beauty products.

I've collected 37 inexpensive and convenient things from Amazon that you can add to your self care routine.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

The Zombie Pack Might Temporarily Make You Look Like a Monster, But It's So Worth It

If you're looking to add a new face mask into your skin care regimen, look no further than the somewhat scary looking Zombie Pack. Selected Review:
I own a salon and have worked in them for 19 years and never in my life have I used or seen something so amazing. I have read all about the Hanacure facial but it is expensive and always on back order. This is the same thing AND IT WORKS... It sucked every thing out of my pores and shrinked them and all of the lines on my face are GONE. YES GONE. - Aja Rieger Cooke

Whatever Stress You're Carrying in Your Neck and Shoulders is no Match for This Aromatherapy Wrap

Place your Hot/Cold Deep Penetrating Herbal Aromatherapy Wrap in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then wrap yourself in the warm embrace of this stress and tension murdering delight. The world will melt away and all your muscles will relax as you are enveloped in lavender. You can try to keep your eyes open, but why bother? Sore joints or dealing with an injury? Place your wrap in the freezer for a few hours and then experience the deep soothing joy of this cold compress.

The 600 Needles on This Derma Roller Make the Skincare Products You Already Use Work Better

After washing your face, apply your favorite serum and then gently run the Derma Roller all over. The little needles don't puncture your skin, they just help your serum penetrate more deeply and stimulate your skin to be it's best self. Apply another layer of your serum or lotion after rolling and enjoy your smaller pores, clearer complexion, and bright, smooth skin.

People Are Going Nuts for This Hair Scalp Massager Brush

Apparently, working your shampoo into your scalp and hair with your fingertips is not as effective and doesn't feel nearly as good as doing it with this Hair Scalp Massager Brush. With over 1,300 rave reviews, people generally agree that this thing is awesome. Selected Review:
This thing is amazing! At first I thought, how is this going to be any different than my fingers? But this honestly is addicting and feels like a massage. - Rachel

The Dodow Sleep Aid Device is the Techy Solution to Insomnia

Self care can't really start until the fundamental basics are met. Anyone who struggles to fall asleep or stay asleep knows that sleep is one of those basic self care needs, and that without it everything else eventually falls apart. If you've tried everything and still struggle to slow your mind enough to fall asleep, the Dodow Sleep Aid Device might be the answer you're looking for. Simply time your breathing with the light and drift off...

People Swear by the Restorative and Relaxing Benefits of Laying on an Acupressure Mat and Pillow

Apparently, when your full body weight is resting on all those little plastic spikes, all the stress and tension melts away and your body feels oh so good. More than that, this Acupressure Mat and Pillow can relieve chronic pain, headaches, and sore muscles too. With over 2,700 reviews from happy customers, I'm dying to try it. It's definitely on my self care wish list.

Life is Complex, and a Healthy Dose of "Emotional Agility" is Necessary to Successfully Navigate it

In her book, "Emotional Agility", psychologist Susan David helps readers become less rigid in their thinking, more open to accepting and dealing with negative thoughts and emotions, and less emotionally reactive to stressors. Selected Review:
In my opinion EVERY person would benefit from reading this book. We all have inaccurate, negative self-talk that we habitually hang onto and so strongly believe...I refer to portions of this book almost daily, to remind me how to better act and react to people and life. - Kindle Customer

Whether You Go For Focus, Calming, Energy, or One of the Other Available Blends, These Essential Oil Roll-Ons Deliver in a Super Convenient Package

These handy Essential Oil Roll-Ons come in a variety of helpful blends, all with there-when-you-need-it convenience and portability. Selected Review:
I suffer from migraines, this item helps me get though some days with less medication. I have recommended it to friends and they feel the same way! I have a bottle of this in my purse and one by my bed at all times! - J. Doldo

These Stress Less Cards Provide 50 Easy Exercises to Help You Stress Less

Pick a card, any card, and do the simple, straightforward exercise described, and before you know it, you'll be feeling less stressed and anxious. These Stress Less Cards will help you control your mind's automatic stress response, reduce anxiety, and feel more relaxed. With 50 different proven exercises pulled from from neuro-linguistic programming and mindfulness meditation techniques, these handy cards are the answer to your stress on the go. Each of these exercises can be done anywhere without drawing any weird attention.

If You Anxiously Pick at Your Nails and Cuticles, This Cuticle Oil Can Help

Part of good self care is treating yourself to little niceties, like this extremely popular, amazing smelling Cuticle Oil. Selected Review:
This product is amazing, let me tell you why. First off, there is a dropper, helps to control how much oil you put on your nails. Secondly, the smell of this oil is WONDERFUL. Thirdly, it works wonders for my cuticles; making them look hydrated and photo ready. This is a great buy and I will have to get it again, once my huge bottle runs out. - Haylee

This Car Vent Diffuser Allows You to Keep Your Favorite Essential Oils With You When You're on the Go

How clever is this Car Vent Diffuser? Simply dampen the felt pad with your favorite essential oil, clip it onto your car vent, and you've got your own diffuser with you everywhere you drive. A little bit of lavender might help your sweary road rage; or perhaps you need some invigorating citrus to help wake you up for your morning commute? Maybe what you need is a calming blend for the boy scouts carpool?

Users Love This Argan Oil Hair Mask

Find out what 4,500 Amazon reviewers already know about this apparently amazing Argan Oil Hair Mask. Selected Review:
Love! I've been using this conditioner for years - it's a fantastic product... Dryness, damage, and tangling are constant problems for me... I have tried a myriad of products - including many "sell your kidneys" expensive salon products. So few conditioners really deliver for my hair type. The Arvazallia line provides the best value out of every conditioner I've tried. Great bang for the buck... Great product! - Courtney Cameron

The Impressive List of Natural, Healing Ingredients is What Sets HoneySkin Apart From Other Lotions and Creams

Manuka honey, hemp seed oil, aloe, blue-green algae... the list goes on. Many of nature's most soothing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and otherwise skin enhancing ingredients have been blended into HoneySkin, creating a rich body cream that is unlike any other. Not only is it a great daily moisturizer, but HoneySkin can also help relieve skin conditions ranging from rosacea to shingles!

You Don't Have to be Dying to Benefit From The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning

As the name implies, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning is about ridding yourself and your home of all the stuff one accumulates in a lifetime that doesn't really matter, so that when the inevitable comes, your family isn't burdened with all of your excess clutter. But, it doesn't have to happen when you're close to death, and it certainly doesn't have to be morbid. This book helps guide you through the process of deciding what stays and what goes, and ultimately leading you to a clutter free life which is freeing and satisfying.

Get Your Neck, Shoulders, and Back in Order With This Cervical Pillow

The gentle traction that this Cervical Pillow provides effectively pulls your head away from your shoulders, helping release all that stored tension and realigning your spine. Selected Review:
Product has been amazing. I use this for about 15-20 minutes every night before bed. After the first night I used, the next day was the best my neck and back have felt in months. - Derek Marin

You Deserve Some Luxurious Pampering With These 24K Gold Eye Treatment Masks

Infused with gold, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and grape seed extract, these 24K Gold Eye Treatment Masks provide instant brightening and firmness. Selected Review:
First, my husband made fun of me wearing it while I was doing bedtime routine with my baby, and then after I removed them - he was like, "Wow, you look younger" You can definitely see immediate effect, I still have to experience long term effect, but either way it totally worth to try and costs next to nothing comparing to brand named similar products - seattle745

Improve Your Posture and Say Goodbye to Back Pain With This Posture Corrector

Unless your mom or grandma is following you around and reminding you to stand up straight, chances are you spend a good portion of your day slouching. (Did you just sit up straighter?) No need to take Grandma along with you if you have one of these chiropractor designed Back Posture Correctors. Made of flexible neoprene, this corrector is comfortable for all day wear and highly adjustable.

These Natural Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags Are Like Little Pouches of Odor Slaying Magic

Harness the power of charcoal to tackle even the smelliest odors and areas of your house. The bamboo charcoal in these Air Purifying Bags neutralizes odors and removes harmful pollutants, allergens, and moisture from the air, preventing mold, mildew, and bacteria that thrive in humid environments. Gym shoes, litter boxes, teenagers, and damp basements are no match for these handy, all natural, chemical free deodorizers. This five pack will absorb and eliminate odors, making your entire house nose friendly.

This Faux Fur Throw Blanket Might Be the Softest and Coziest Thing You've Ever Felt

You know who deserves to relax, tucked in with the softest blanket you've ever felt? You do. This faux fur throw blanket feels like decadent luxury, but only costs about $30, and it is definitely the softest, coziest blanket ever. Selected Review:
I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO IS ALWAYS COLD AND I LOVE THIS BLANKET VERY THICK! VERY WARM! VERY SHERPA-EY! this blanket is vastly superior compared to other furry blankets on amazon and cost less... this blanket is incredible and affordable! im very picky and LOVE this blanket. - matt

Take Your Exfoliation to the Next Level With a Dry Body Brush

No need for expensive spa treatments to make your skin soft, clear, and radiant. Not only does this Dry Body Brush Set leave your skin sloughed and baby smooth, but it also is supposed to help with immune function by stimulating your lymphatic system to release toxins. So it's healthy pampering! Selected Review:
The whole process has a reinvigorating and a relaxing effect on me and my skin seems to be brighter and softer. I’ll continue using this set as it is a perfect opportunity to create a “me moment" and reinvigorate myself. - Amazon Customer

Kick Insomnia to the Curb By Soaking in a Bath With Magnesium Bath Flakes

Did you know that magnesium helps regulate your energy, cardiovascular function, and cellular reproduction while also ensuring your have strong teeth and bones, radiant skin, and balanced hormone levels? You can take a supplement, but these Magnesium Bath Flakes are an effective and calming way for your body to absorb magnesium. Soaking in a warm magnesium bath will relieve stress, ease sore muscles and joint pain, and help with cramps, restless leg syndrome, and headaches!

This Popular and Great Smelling Charcoal Soap is Perfect For Pampering Yourself

By now you've seen activated charcoal everywhere, right? From body cleansers to toothpaste, it's all about activated charcoal. Have you tried it yet? If you're curious, this Charcoal Soap is a crowd pleaser and a great place to start. This organic, artisanal soap will detoxify your skin. It's gentle enough to use on your face, but you'll want to use it all over. With moisturizing shea butter and a calming lemongrass and lavender scent, your skin will be clear and soft after use.

Give Yourself the Gift of Relaxation With This Spa Bath Pillow

Is there anything more quintessentially self-care-ish than taking a bath? A bath means that you're carving out time for yourself; it's an unnecessary nicety that costs nothing, isn't fattening, and only has positive effects. This Spa Bath Pillow has a lot of hype, and it apparently lives up to all of it. Over 2,000 happy customers vouch for this spa pillow's strong tub grip, and oh-so-soft comfort and neck support. You deserve a home spa day.

These Chesapeake Bay Candles Look as Beautiful as They Smell

Turn your home into a relaxing spa-like retreat simply by lighting a Chesapeake Bay Candle. With so many amazing scents to choose from, you might find yourself with a collection. And that's perfectly fine. Selected Review:
I bought the Mind and Body, Balance + Harmony (water lily Pear) candle and it smells amazing! Its not too strong where it overpowers everything but it is strong enough that you smell it and it gives off such a nice enjoyable smell! I will be buying again for sure. - Gabor Ambruzs

The Five Minute Journal Will Make You Happier

Want to be happier? The Five Minute Journal uses proven psychology to help you focus on what's good in your life, rather than what's bad. It's a super simple but highly effective concept to increase happiness. No need to dedicate yourself to long and arduous journaling if that's not your thing. With just a few minutes every day, this little journal will help you cultivate gratitude and recognize all the positive things in your life, even on your toughest days.

If You Have a Back, You Should Probably Get Yourself The Back Buddy Trigger Point Therapy & Deep Tissue Massager

In its well over 4,000 reviews, happy customers describe The Back Buddy as "transformative," "a miracle," and "a godsend." Selected Review:
This. Changed. My. Life. I am literally writing this using the Back Buddy. I'm typing with two hands, and have it perched directly on a trigger point as I'm watching Netflix... I'm picky with my back, it's caused me more issues than anything. It's truly that good. I've never in my life found any medication or product that provides this type of relief. - Ally

Biotin Shampoo Can Reverse Thinning Hair

Biotin has long been hailed for its hair growth properties, but did you know that you could get the benefits of biotin in a shampoo instead of a supplement? If you have thinning hair, or have noticed your hairline receding, Biotin Shampoo could reverse those effects. With over 4,500 rave reviews and some pretty impressive before and after pictures, biotin shampoo should be your first step in staving off thinning hair.

Natural Vitality Calm Can Help With Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, and Even Constipation

Magnesium is an essential mineral that many people don't think about. In addition to helping your muscles, nervous system, and heart function, it has stress reducing benefits. And I mean literal, physical, cellular level stress reduction. Who doesn't need that? Natural Vitality Calm is an easy way to add magnesium into your diet. Mix a little in water and within a few minutes you'll feel the calming effects.

This Plush Gel Bed Pillow Might Just be the One Pillow to Rule Them All

Selected Review:
These are the BEST PILLOWS I HAVE EVER BOUGHT!!!!! My husband like a medium firm in his pillow while I lean more towards a softer pillow. These pillows are both, I know that sounds strange....he loves them and I love them. They are not too soft or too firm. If you are up in the air as to what pillows to buy, GET THESE!!!! - R. Heffernan

Letters to My Future Self is a Fun and Unique Way to Live More Mindfully

If you ever feel like life is rushing by, and you don't take the time to stop, assess, and appreciate things, then Letters to My Future Self might be just what you're looking for. Each letter has a unique prompt like "Where I want to go," "It was an extraordinary day," and "I promise to myself." Taking the time to write your future self a letter, will help you be more mindful in your life and remind you of your goals and values.

SPF 30 Makeup Primer is the Easiest Way to Make Sure You Protect Your Skin Every Day

Sunscreen is the perfect self-care link between health and vanity. Prevent cancer and wrinkles, age spots, and other unwanted signs of aging by wearing sunscreen every day. Yes, even on cloudy days. Want to make it super easy? Just replace your regular primer with this SPF 30 Makeup Primer. That way you will be covered no matter what. Of course, on beach days you'll apply more than just your primer, but this is a great way to ensure you get the daily coverage that you need. Take care of yourself!

This Deep Cleansing Oil Washes Away Dirt, Oil, and All Your Make Up in One Easy Step

Selected Review:
I have been using DHC Cleansing Oil for more than 2 years now and absolutely LOVE it! One of the reasons I love this cleansing oil is that I no longer need any eye make up remover... It removes every bit of make up without exception... I really don't want to try anything else as this is my holy grail of face cleansers. - Educ8NC

You Don't Need to Spend a Fortune to Get the Benefits of Genuine Snail Cream

This is one of those scared to try it/want to try it things. This Snail Cream contains 80% snail secretions filtrate. Gah! That's gross, right? Or is it amazing? Apparently, snail slime is better than anything else at moisturizing, reducing wrinkles, and improving skin's elasticity. I mean, surely women wouldn't be coating themselves in snail slime if it didn't work miracles, right? If you're curious about snail creams, this is an affordable option with great reviews.

Get Your Lotion on All Your Hard to Reach Areas With This Lotion Applicator

Unless you're double jointed or freakily flexible, there are areas of your body you can't reach. This Lotion Applicator can though! Selected Review:
I suffer from chronic dry skin and have always had issues getting moisturizer on the tough to reach areas of my back. The constant itching in the winter can be maddening. I just finished using this product for the first time and it's incredible. I was able to reach everywhere I needed and cleanup was simple and fast. I just wish I would have found this device sooner! - Sean Riley

This Copper Tongue Scraper Might Seem Weird at First, But You'll Love it After Using it Once

I've got some upsetting news for you: your tongue is gross. Everyone's is. That's why everyone should use a tongue scraper. Selected Review:
I had no idea I needed this until I used it. OMG. All I can say is (a) I'm really glad that stuff isn't on my tongue anymore; and (b) yep, you've got that stuff, too. So you really, really want to add a tongue scraper to your daily dental regimen. You'll feel a lot better just knowing that gunk isn't in your mouth anymore. Just get this! - The_Chief

Acupressure Massage Rings Relieve Tired Hands and Fingers

These Acupressure Massage Rings apply pressure along your fingers as you roll them up and down. They're great for climbers, those with arthritis or otherwise achy fingers and hands, and for those who need a little extra sensory stimulation. Selected Review:
I used to wake up in the morning with stiff aching fingers due to arthritis and my fingers would hurt so bad from typing, but not anymore. I've been using these rings for about 2 weeks everyday, whenever I have a chance, roll it on each finger up and down like a massage. - islandgirl

For the Best Lips of Your Life, You Need a Lip Brush

I don't know about you, but I tend to ignore my lips entirely when it comes to my skincare regimen. And because of that, they're often dry and less than gorgeous. It turns out, with a little TLC, even my lips can be pout perfect. With one side full of small, exfoliating bristles and the other with bigger, massaging bristles, this Lip Brush helps your lips look fuller and smoother than ever.