37 Ingenious Products That Make Life Easier | 22 Words

Every day, more and more products are available that will make you say “Why didn't I think of that?!" While you might not be able to retire early off of some brilliant idea, you can spend your way to an easier, simpler life. They say money can't buy you happiness, but it can definitely buy you the latest innovative gadgets. We found the best, coolest, most helpful products for your hard-earned dollars so you can start living your best life.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Genius Soap Holder

If you love bars of soap more than you love body wash, you're all too familiar with the struggle of keeping the bar intact. The conical design avoids keeping the soap in a pool of water and slowly turning into mush. You can install this gem without any tools and set it at a height that works for you!

These Anti-Slip Pads for Your Pooch

Tired of your best friend skittering around your home? Or maybe you just want to protect their paws from the brutal summer streets and sidewalks? These breathable adhesive pads can help. They're non-toxic, last up to a week, and can greatly improve your dog's quality of life.

This Waste-Minimizing Smart Funnel

You can finally get every last drop from just about any bottle imaginable. From your conditioner to your ketchup, this funnel can make liquid transfers a background task. It attaches to each bottle, so you can let gravity work its magic on thicker products while you attend to other things.

These Strain-Preventing Stylish Glasses

Blue-light-blocking glasses have gotten increasingly popular in the past few years to combat the restlessness fueled by our various screens. Unfortunately, most of these glasses have very noticeable yellow-orange tinting in the lens which isn't flattering on anyone (except, maybe, Brad Pitt). These affordable glasses have a barely-there tint that's still super effective at preventing eye strain and migraines from extended screen time.

This Soft Makeup Remover

Instead of going through countless wipes, pads, and makeup removers, you can just wipe your makeup off with a soft cloth. Really. Even waterproof makeup! We're pretty sure magic is stitched into this plush, machine-washable cloth because it can remove even the most beat face with just water. Just wash it when you get to “activate" the fibers and you're good to go!

These Colorful Closet Organizers

Even if you have a system for how you hang your clothes, there are times when things get a little mixed up. One shirt moves further over than it should and then suddenly it's pure chaos. Keep order and sanity with this rainbow dividers! This pack of 14 includes 46 labels filled with common clothing breakdowns and a few blank ones for special items like your festival outfits or collection of onesies.

This Hanger Stacker

Speaking of messy closets, there are two people in the world: people with too few hangers and people with far too many. If you're in the latter camp, you can finally organize the clutter without letting your hangers go. Breakup shopping sprees come at you fast and you need to have your hangers on hand, neatly stacked.

This Steering Wheel Cover

It's a hot summer's day. The only parking spot was in the sun. You come out of work or a movie or even a short supermarket run and your steering wheel is lava. Keep your fingers cool by snagging one of these steering wheel covers that also make it easier to keep a good grip on the wheel. There are several designs and colors to choose from so you can match your car's vibe.

This Carpet Shampoo

Whether it's pet accidents, kids being kids, or Wine Wednesday, sometimes bad things happen to good carpets. Tackle any tough stain with this eco-friendly carpet shampoo. It works in the shampoo reservoir for any major steam/water-based carpet cleaner to make stains a distant memory. The shampoo also deodorizes without using any chemicals you wouldn't want kids or pets hanging out on!

This Eyelash Perm Kit

Okay, this trend was originally met with skepticism, but people are seeing serious results. This perm kit lifts your eyelashes, admittedly in a tedious process, and lasts for up to a month. The kit also includes serums that can be used on your lashes or brows to stimulate growth. Not only do you get an immediate lift and curl, but you also get more lushes lashes over time! Each kit can be used up to 10 times, so you'll definitely get your money's worth.

This Microwave Cover

You can clean your microwave less often and use less waste in the process with this neat little cover. The top is perforated to keep your food from drying out and it also has a finger grip area for safe removal. When it's not in use, you can pop this dishwasher safe cover down so it's only 1 inch tall.

This Ironing Board Caddy

As a society, we seem to be moving further away from ironing, but some people (this writer included) enjoy a crisp outfit. But who has the space for an ironing board? If you have a door, you do! As notorious as they are for being slim, ironing boards are also infamous for sliding onto the floor in the middle of the night and giving you a heart attack. Save your heart (and hemlines) and invest in this over-the-door organizer that has a shelf for an iron as well as hooks for the board.

This Secret Screwdriver

Get your MacGyver on with this little multi-tool. At first glance, it's just a pen with ruled sides. On further inspection, you can spot the level and realize the top end works as a stylus. Unscrew the top, and you'll discover a screwdriver and flathead bit. This is a great casual tool for small home improvement projects, but it's also a cool find for professionals.

This Outlet Shelf

Get more out of your outlets instead of just boring ole electricity. This simple cover plate goes over your standard outlet and supports a little shelf. Charge your phone in the bathroom or give your smart speaker a special perch in the kitchen. The shelf holds up to 7 pounds of weight, so you can get creative and even use it to add a splash of décor.

This Cozy Cushion

Are you ready to make your desk chair or driver's seat more comfortable? This memory foam cushion provides tailbone support while also promoting healthy posture. In fact, your back will thank you more than anywhere else. The bottom is rubberized so you don't go sliding around and the cover is completely machine washable.

The Perfect Pedicure Slippers

Flip flops and open-toed slippers will never grace your nail salon again. These plush sandals separate all of your toes, so you can keep your pedicure fresh. You can also wear them regularly since the toe separation improves circulation and is great for your overall foot health.

This Expandable Trivet

This is the last trivet you'll need! This silicone trivet can handle your pots and expand to protect your counters from a casserole dish. The heat resistant material will be able to brave any dish that's fresh out of the oven and is dishwasher-safe. You can also contract it completely so it fits neatly in a drawer.

This Handbag Hook

Bars and restaurants are starting to catch on, but it's still hard to find a place for your bag when you're out and about. And depending on how long the strap is, you might end up dragging your purse on the floor! This hook pops onto the side of tables where it's anchored by the weight of your bag. It can hold up to 20 pounds of purse Narnia without issue and won't damage the table thanks to non-slip padding.

These Non-Slip Socks

These toe socks will make you feel like you're barefoot with all the benefits of a non-slip sock. Get access to all of your toes for better balance in your barre or yoga class and stop sliding around with the tractioned soles. A fitted heel keeps these ankle socks where they should be instead of slowly rolling to the balls of your feet!

This Perfect Snack Bowl

If you love pistachios, cherries, or any other snack that comes with built-in trash, get this bowl. It's actually a nesting set of two bowls where the outer bowl creates wide spouts. Shells and pits can be tossed in out of sight while your uneaten snacks rest in the smaller bowl. These dishwasher-safe bowls can also be used individually for all of your hosting needs.

This Wrist-Saving Jar Opener

Sometimes you try everything to get into a jar. A towel. Hot water. Creating an air pocket with a knife. Asking your friend that does CrossFit. But nothing works. This automatic jar opener wants to make this experience a thing of the past. It adjusts to fit a wide variety of jars and then makes quick work of unscrewing even the most stuck pickles.

This Air Fryer for Your Oven

Look, air fryers are cool and all, but they're pretty bulky kitchen appliances and we're all running out of outlets. This copper tray and pan set lets you turn your oven into an air fryer and looks good doing it. The ceramic coated basket allows hot air to hit every side of your food because it's elevated above the tray. You get the crispy, crunchy exterior we all love without tons of oil or a dry interior.

These Reusable Food Wraps

Forget about cling wrap and aluminum foil; this sustainable alternative is the future of short-term food storage. These cotton wraps are coated with natural ingredients, including beeswax, that allow them to adhere to themselves. The heat from your hands helps the process along and, honestly, makes you feel closer to your produce. You can hand wash each wrap with mild soap and reuse them until they lose their sticking power (up to a year!)

This Shaving Shelf

Shaving your legs is up there next to rocket science and brain surgery. It takes a lot of practice and skill to do it well every time and not make a glaring mistake along the way. This little shelf installs into a shower corner without any tools, but it's secure enough to balance your foot on. The grooved rest prevents you from sliding around too much and the top of the shelf includes a universal razor holder!

This Serious Snacker Bowl

If you love dipping fruits and veggies into dressings or peanut butter, but hate buying those premade packs all the time, get this container. Your healthy snack game will be elevated with three border compartments and a middle bowl for the dip of your choice. The lid includes an ice pack to keep your snacks cool on your commute or during a day at the beach. Just remember to remove the ice pack before you throw the container in the dishwasher!

These Unbreakable Wine Glasses

For outdoor drinking, actual glass glassware is a disaster waiting to happen. These stemless silicone wine glasses hold nearly a pint of liquid and won't shatter if you drop them. The flexible cups are also easy to carry without the worry of breaking them in transit. The glasses are dishwasher-friendly and, yes, the red wine stains won't stick!

This Hair Detangler

Okay, this looks really simple, but this will seriously change your life. This detangling brush is a stylist favorite and gets your hair in order in no time. The shape of the brush contours your hand and covers a smaller area to minimize snags. Plus, the bristles are the perfect balance of flexible and sturdy, so detangling isn't a painful process.

This On-the-Go Coffee Maker

Yes, your thermos can also be a French press. Once you're ready to press, the action creates a seal so that the coffee doesn't continue to get stronger. The double-walled thermos keeps your java hot for hours to come. In addition to coming in several colors, the mug also has a tea filter version that operates on similar principles but has a smaller filter chamber.

This Automatic Purse Light

There's always that beloved bag that, for whatever reason, has a black interior. See into the depths of your bag with this handy little light. It can be clipped to the inside of a bag and is motion-activated. It turns off after a few seconds to save the battery, but that's likely plenty of time to find your keys!

This Hair Clip Multi-Tool

If that pen screwdriver wasn't up your alley, you might like this misleading hair clip. Sure, it keeps your hair up, but it also works as a wrench, screwdriver, ruler, and even a serrated knife. Don't worry, the knife's design won't let it hurt you (or your hair) while you're wearing it.

This Super Tiny Umbrella

Seriously, how many umbrellas fit in the palm of your hand? Perfect for tight spaces like a glove compartment, small purse, or even a men's coat pocket, this umbrella can go where you go. It only opens manually, but you something had to give making something this small and functional!

This Travel Towel

If you live an active lifestyle, you know the importance of a great towel. In addition to being soft and fast-drying, this microfiber towel folds away to a very compact size. It comes with a carrying bag and a hanging loop for drying. With seven colors and sizes to choose from, there's a perfect version of this towel for your needs, whether you're an avid swimmer or just hitting the beach.

This Stylig Tool Rack

Holster your hot tools in a safe way with this compact stand. This metal holder includes two compartments that can fit your blow dryer, flat iron, and/or curling iron. The metal can handle the heat, so you can stow your tools there while you're styling without burning anything. With seven color finishes, you can find a holder that matches your bathroom and know it won't take up a ton of counter space.

This Lip Mask

Sometimes your lips fall to the wayside in your newly mandated Korean skincare routine, but there's a simple fix for that! Get your luscious lips back with this green tea mask. Simply apply it to chapped lips at night and wipe it off in the morning; all the dead skin will go with it! Unlike other masks, it's light enough for you to use it in the day as a lip balm. If you live in a very dry climate, it's a must-have!

This Brilliant Spray Mop

You may never buy disposable mop pads again! This spray mop has your traditional cleaning solution reservoir and surprises you with a flip-able cleaning surface. If one side of the pad is getting too grimy, you can flip it over without having to bend down. The swivel joint allows the mop to get to any dirt or spills and the scrubbing pad is completely machine washable.

These Cute Wool Dryer Balls

Those little plastic hedgehogs and cacti are adorable, but the plain wool dryer balls are more eco-friendly. Now, you don't have to choose! You get all the natural benefits of wool balls with the added benefit of this ridiculously cute penguin design. Help your clothes dry faster, reduce wrinkles, and kick static cling with some help from these little guys.

This Onion Chopper

Don't cry for me, America. The truth is you don't have to. Make quick, tearless work of chopping or dicing onions with this contained mandoline. Eleven different blades can handle a mix of foods, but you'll mostly appreciate those freshly cut onions going into a container instead of out in the open. Save your tears for Madonna's next attempt at an Oscar.